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this is. from berlin tonight a controversial internet copyright law all european lawmakers say it's time to move the internet into the twenty first century there were protests ahead of the vote in the european parliament today critics worry that the changes could lead to censorship but supporters say it's time for online platforms to compensate the owners of content more fair also coming out unfit to rule president faces fresh calls to step aside this time from the country's powerful army chief
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will get updates on the situation from. plus europe and china making a push to reduce trade tensions in paris the top leaders telling the chinese president xi jinping they want a balanced relationship chinese charm offensive be enough to overcome europe's chinese suspicions. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with sweeping changes in the european union that could have a big impact on the continent that you see online the european parliament in strasbourg today voted by a narrow margin to approve controversial legislation to overhaul copyright walls the heart of the law is the much debated article thirteen its proponents claim that it will help copyright holders protect their intellectual property the content that
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they own but opponents fear it could lead to a restriction in online freedom. for years i mean a tense argument came to a head in strasburg on tuesday when the european parliament debated copyright reform german lawmaker axel foster negotiated the deal on behalf of the parliament thank you. star this is about the rule of law it's all one we're talking about is protecting a fundamental right it's about property and about the right to intellectual property and finally it's about fair payment for content creators it's up to us to save european cultural products and not to hand them over to tech monopolies for them to plunder. was. the aim of this reform is to require those who profit from content shared on the internet to obtain permission to do so and if necessary to pay the originators.
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of people like musician alexander dommage who currently find it almost impossible to benefit when their creative work is uploaded to the internet. this is about a fundamental right to creators who want to live from their efforts composers photographers whatever have a right to share in the commercial exploitation of their work that means to receive payment. but critics fear the change will make the internet less free and lead to de facto censorship as legitimate content is mistakenly kept offline they also worry that small platforms will struggle to chase down all the licenses to use content. tens of thousands of people across europe have demonstrated against the plans many feel strongly regulation of the internet should be as light as possible although others say the protests were part of
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a managed campaign by big corporations like google. with european elections just weeks away the issue of copyright on the internet has become intensely controversial. opponents of the reform say the change means content will be checked by automatic filters rather than human beings. what the politicians expect algorithms to be able to do is to tell the difference between a copyright infringement and satire as long as artificial intelligence does not develop a sense of humor this is something that's going to remain impossible i think we should not trust the block black box of an algorithm to tell us what we can and cannot post online. in the end the stress parliament voted in favor of the full package of copyright reforms by three hundred forty eight votes to two hundred seventy four. a year member states must now formally approved the legislation before it can take effect. and there are protests against this new law taking place
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tonight across germany also in austria. chief political correspondent well in the grange she is at one of those demonstrations here in berlin alexanderplatz good evening to you melinda so talk to me about why people are so concerned. well first of all i was at the demonstration there were at least two hundred people assembled here at alexanderplatz in the heart of prelim but in fact they have now marched off in the direction of the brandenburg gate leaving me here mostly alone not quite as we'll see in just a moment but basically people are very concerned not least here in berlin which is home to many creative people many startups many artists and there is a worry that this new law both will limit the ability particularly of young struggling artists to put content online and also in that way could in
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a way almost become a sensor on freedom of expression and i have actually asked one of tonight's demonstrators to stay with me here so that she can tell us a little bit about why she's here so jessica perhaps to say why you came out this evening because today the e.u. parliament have decided to agree to the new copyright directive we need a new copyright directive it's clear but some points in was directive aren't in favor of really small artists and we are afraid that they aren't able to publish any more online now some people are saying that this issue is so important to young people that it actually could help them get it get them to the polls when the holds elections at the end of may do you think that's right yeah i think so especially with the hashtag city which is really trending like for a couple of weeks now because some seaview members haven't really smart on the
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internet and have procreated people they have made a lot of anger and the people are disappointed and they want to change they want to have people that have one to have politicians which. he just hear them because i found a lot of pilots. missions they have spoken to me and even so i have made a list of six pages to explain to them which is problematic and i have agreed to that they have decided to put the directive thank you very very much for speaking with us this evening jessica and now you may return to protesting. that's all here from that alexander that's in berlin back to the studio are the chief political correspondent of the green there here in berlin melinda thank you are going to explore a little bit more both sides of this issue and to do that i'm sure the big table to my right carl announcement from our social media desk and to my far right warner
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poll the tube is a colleague and a composer gentleman welcome one let me ask you we just told the young woman there she's against this this wall the legislation you or a musician you're someone who stands to benefit from this tell me why well you know i mean for years we've seen these big companies like facebook like you to google pretty much read roughshod over our rights you know they've been using lots and lots of creative content and they've been paying remarkably little for it so they're not paying you for what you create you know i mean other just a little example i mean facebook pays twenty times less per stream than spotify you know i mean there's there's nothing coming over there earning tons of money and demand that facebook pay you more well who will do this is what's going to happen now we have the chance actually our representatives can license to make a new licensing deal with them and they're going to be forced to pay something in the bridge what they're calling the value gap you know. people are still worried there despite what warner says makes sense it sounds reasonable but still people or
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are terrified by the street you see a big protest movement you know and they're not asking for free music or free movies you know we're beyond that and i think they would share a lot of concerns about making sure that artists get paid but the concerns here are one this is a sweeping directive this is very broad it's not just music we're talking about movies images text this covers a lot of. ground it's also very vague though how are companies supposed to enforce this how are they supposed to detect copyrighted content from the billions of pieces of content to get uploaded every day what they say is the only practical way of doing that is creating what's called an upload filter automatic system that filters through the content as it's being uploaded it detects a copyrighted material and it blocks it so what if it makes a mistake we have technology that does that it's very imperfect no one likes it right now there can be false positives people can use this for their own purposes and it could detect legal uses of copyrighted material let's say you have a news broadcast a commentary a remix of a song those could get caught up in this filter and block and that's what they're
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referring to when it comes to freedom of speech and this could affect that ok and they're going to be relying on or visual intelligence to do the children what i think is interesting is here we have protesters saying you know what about it makes mistakes but when it comes to cars that drive themselves that rely on everyone says that's the future there will be no mistakes so what are these arguments do they have been the village or the well you know the upload filters the big companies been using approach it was for quite awhile now and yeah sure there's certain things there are false positives but. they're going to improve as well and then i mean maybe they're also going to have to include a few people in the in this whole incident yeah i mean sure there's lots of data it's good there's going to have to be automated processes but maybe they discount have to work harder to come by and what about your money warner i mean are you actually looking forward to being paid a fair price for your music love to be paid a fair price for a music unfortunately that's going to take about twenty four months for the
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countries to pass this bill i guess a late check is better than that all right one hole in corona as in the both of you gentlemen thank you ladies. are going to get it now the army chief in that country has demanded the president be declared unfit to rule the army is calling for the start of a constitutional process that would put a caretaker leader in place abilities but if leka the president has been in power for two decades and is now in failing health a jury has seen weeks of peaceful mass protests calling for the president to resign . or it looks like the military is going to get involved with this is this a political powder keg i want to talk about that now with arabic spot year to get your name right there. i mean talk to me a little bit about the head of the army now saying he wants the president out
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because the president is unfit is this a benign move or is this something that we should be worried about i think he has no choice in the shift of on the left is a lot of what he was invested from. in this position and he tried in the beginning of the protests to threaten the people recall of the civil war and i'm. drawn to the civil war in syria and also to iraq and egypt but the people of syria didn't get threatened they invested the streets for ten days there were almost twenty millions of them calling for the situation else would think on the all stuff the whole regime so these protests have done the job but it appears that the army chief may be able to do the job he is invoking an article in the constitution that says if the president is too old or is not in good
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health in that president can be removed it sounds like he is abiding by the wall allowing the rule. well of wall to steer this can we trust him well indeed apparently his interest in protecting the constitution of agenda but what we have on the other side is that the klan of beautifully violated the constitution many days ago when they said that they will. and you're late to the elections and prolong his office for many other years until a new constitution will be approved so i think this is only another to do when to gain time and to find other solutions. basically doing to make sure that there's peace and to remove lot of leakage but then what happens i know that beautifully get had said that he was not going to run for office again but he had delayed
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elections because he said he wanted a constitutional new constitution to be written right yes so what is that new constitution going to achieve is it going to be something that the military likes more i mean who's who's going to benefit from this new constitution no one knows that there's no plan now or time plan no material plan to how they will get this transition period that's why people. don't don't. have any faith and there's a big mistrust between the population and the regime and that's why they're calling for an office of the whole regime yes or no way to know exactly how the situation is going to end that is for sure ok but you're i mean from our arabic thank you very much we appreciate your insights thank you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the european parliament has voted to end the practice of changing the clocks between winter and summer by the
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year twenty twenty one this is important it follows a poll in which millions of europeans and said that they wanted to stop the by annual timeshift each member state will now decide which it wants to keep regular time or daylight savings time nasa has canceled the first all female space walk due to a lack of available space suits in the right sockets astronaut christina call seen here on the left was going to be joined by her colleague and mclean but has only one medium sized suit is available a male astronaut will now join call on the space walk on friday. fire in jordan years of campaigning for the government to provide better protection for women threatened by domestic abuse is beginning to bear fruit under the country's crime prevention wall it has become common practice to jail women at risk of abuse supposedly for their own protection but last year the government finally opened
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a secret shelter and as d.w. found out it's giving vulnerable women hope of starting new lives in safety. it's been years since i last saw her husband but the abuse she suffered at his hand is still fresh in her mind. when the beating got really bad i would run away to the neighbors my husband suspected i was having an affair with my neighbor so he beat me again and strangled me. authorities feared minutes husband might kill her in the name of family honor so they put her in prison. the forty two year old mother of eight was incarcerated for seven months under georgians crime prevention law which has long been used to indefinitely jail women consider to be at risk of so-called honor killings supposedly for their own protection. a jailed me with women facing the death sentence women convicted of drug crimes were the ones on death row are hard to feel is the whole. lawyers were
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able to get more out of prison after her husband left the country but the circumstances of her release are extremely rare. a woman is usually told that someone must come and bail her out in guarantee her safety usually a brother or a father her son or her husband and that's difficult because these are often the same people who were threatening her they had to do all. it is estimated that hundreds of women have been jailed under the pretext of protection with some spending over a decade in prison but after years of campaigning things are finally starting to change. according to the government cases like more out won't have to spend any more time in prison for their own protection and twenty eight in the jordanian ministry for social development opened this home known as the purpose of it is to house women whose lives are under threat by members of their family today we're being given
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a rare look into the home and the lives of its residents. the shelter subject around the clock protection and surveillance its location is kept secret. and is one of the first to be transferred from jail to the shelter after spending almost six years in prison. for safety reasons we cannot give details about the twenty six year old story only that her life is under threat from multiple members of her family. when i arrived here for two days i could not believe that i could just go out on the balcony and see people the world and life had been almost six years and i had not seen the sign and i had not seen people. shelter director director does that insists this is not just a place for the women to eat and sleep here they also receive psychological counseling legal aid and vocational training with the aim of reintegrating them into society children up to the age of six can remain with their mothers
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recorded for ted and and when a woman comes to us she's entering an unfamiliar situation and then we let her know that being here is voluntary one of her choices and our first task is to comfort her help and once that happens working with her becomes much easier. since its opening twenty women have been transferred from prison to the shelter around twelve still remain in prison but the ministry intends to gradually move them here as well three of the women transferred from prison have left the shelter after they were deemed to no longer be in danger if a woman wants to leave beforehand she's informed of the risks and cannot be held against her will. michael left to one day be able to leave and find a suitable place to live i do not want to be threatened anywhere who had. the opening of the shelter has been hailed as a major step forward but activists say the law which allowed for these women to be held in the first place must be repealed to guarantee this never happens again.
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chinese president xi jinping is in paris for talks with the european union after other meetings in some of the continent's major capital his host france's mineral micron along with the e.u. called younger and germany's chancellor angela merkel are trying to find a common approach to china's rapid economic expansion which has led to aggressive investment here in europe and the takeover of numerous companies by chinese competitors president xi is on a charm offensive despite all of this and he came bearing gifts. an order for three hundred airplanes it's a game changer for airbus giving the trance european aircraft maker a leg up in its never ending rivalry with us competitor boeing china's jinping signed the deal during his visit with french president in. a move that seems to have caught e.u. policymakers a little off guard. mccomb together with german chancellor angela merkel and
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commission president. is cautious about china's multi-billion year old belt and rote initiative also called the new silk road project it's aimed at bringing china closer to other partners internationally and making it a stronger force in global trade and paris the europeans made a strong appeal to china to cooperate. in this in the us is we have to have trust in multilateral cooperation and the fact that everyone wins multilateral cooperation does not work if one partner when it is another partner is lost we have seen that before and that's why i'm a firm believer and can. vincent it's worth fighting for it through with the tough it through kim. she responded that the e.u. and china should advance together despite this trust that has recently hidden that progress that includes business with chinese telecom equipment maker who away which
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has been accused of being in beijing's pocket the u.s. has banned the take giant from its domestic infrastructure projects the e.u. is also currently discussing whether or not to allow the chinese company to help build its new five g. networks. in paris the european leaders and she set the stage for the upcoming china summit but the real work will happen behind closed doors over the course of the next few weeks. and want all twenty eight members to assume a common stance on china it won't be easy to push through as some member states are eager to strike deals with the asian superpower last week italy became the first member state to become an official partner in the new silk road project when it science deals worth over seven billion dollars including partnerships between china and the ports of tree and gain. well with sales of its i phones and i pads declining apple is changing course trying to reinvent itself as
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a media company with the launch of a new t.v. and movie streaming service the belated jump into the content business will see apple take on the big ones such as netflix and amazon. we partner with a was the usual big show dark theater music and a modestly clad c.e.o. but the stars of apple's latest product launch were not sleeker phones or larger tablets but real stars. hollywood royalty like steven spielberg and oprah winfrey they have signed on to produce exclusive content for apple t.v. plus the company's new offering a subscription based streaming service and a challenge to netflix amazon and other media platforms apple is facing a crowded field and by no means certain success and many people are going to be willing to add another streaming service apple is going to have
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a lot of work cut out for him that again apple has a lot of cash to throw at the new service and that makes some analysts optimistic. i've never seen this much star power in one place at a tech advance so that was a first and again these were a listers these were some of the top three steel were j.j. abrams oprah winfrey i mean they were here to basically commit to an apple platform and that kind of commitment says a lot about them believing that apple is significant in the future. and then there's apple news plus also subscription based offering users access to newspapers and magazines for under ten dollars a month. not to forget apple arcade to satisfy the growing gaming community and a new credit card backed by goldman sachs and master card for apple it's a new focus on what makes money when the market for hardware is saturated content
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and services. isis forces now in football england won five one against a montenegro in their euro two thousand and twenty qualifier last night but the game was spoiled by racist chanting from home fans aimed at england's black players european football's governing body has launched disciplinary proceedings against montenegro one of the abused players was right stirling who happened to score a standout goal and tweeted that it was the best way to silence the haters and yes i mean racist he tweeted his goal celebration was aimed at the montenegro kral. besides sterling england players danny rose and callum hudson were on the field for england and within easy hearing distance of these so-called monkey chants meant to be racially abusive towards black players you know the thing discrimination should be anyway you know as it will equal yes if
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a game and enjoy the moment when you hear it stuff from the funds it's not right it's unacceptable and hopefully you wait for the appropriate because obviously when i was livid at me and rosie heard it was a monkey stuff so i was enjoying the game as well and to his stuff like us never right i said to go have a song entirely it was so that i would win so we stay that way then go back oh. well the man who stabbed wimbledon tennis champion petra in her home was today sentenced to eight years in prison by a check court. was convicted of causing serious bodily harm in the attack which occurred during a robbery attempt back in twenty sixteen tendons and nerves in the toe of his left hand her playing hand were damaged but she managed to return to the court after about six months and is now very close to reclaiming the world number one ranking good for her. you're watching news of
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next kick off and a behind the scenes look at this nigga club. back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day.
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