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possible. look here on this side of love really the time to search the unknown place and fight for the troops out of luck. time to overcome boundaries. and connect the world. the few times for the t w d w s coming up ahead. for minds. welcome sick lobel three thousand today we visited a school in la just starting where child brides are defying tradition and learning to lead independent lives. we go to the u.s.
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where their love of guns is often passed down from the parents to children. and we head to south africa where a local pastor wants to end gang warfare in the townships of cape town. apartheid may have been abolished twenty five years ago but life remains extremely tough for south africa's black majority millions live in poverty and unemployment is the harsh reality for almost sixty percent of young people a hotbed for violence and crime. recent crime statistics registered twenty thousand murders a year the equivalent of fifty six a day in the townships of cape town's cape flats region not far from popular tourist areas and life there is dominated by violence. there are many young men with few opportunities in life and a lot of weapons in some districts the death rate is akin to that of.
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all. it's been likened to a war zone with seventy fatalities a month every month. dozens of gangs fighting for supremacy and territory and the poverty stricken townships of capetown most importantly for control of the narcotics market. still meth and heroin have become a serious and deadly business. the cape flats area has one of the highest homicide rates on the planet it lies in the shadow of table mountain and is just a few miles away from the city's downtown area. among the victims cardo andrews. he was shot dead because he refused to
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join the local gang his son levi was only five when it happened. and will be down the line long supply los alamos and the. like it was. me that they wanted to kill him with. the guys who were corny but the fun but you know i could understand because he was. and mean when you see. that thing happen to me. i maybe find up as a gang member i mean. cardew andrews mother insists his murder a could have been prevented in other parts of the world he might have been able to ask the police for help but here say locals the authorities gave up the fight for law and order years ago. but there is a team dedicated to taking up that fight led by local pastor craven angle. they've
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installed microphones and cameras in the hanover park and manenberg neighborhoods enabling them to see and hear whenever there's a shooting they typically occur around three times a day. this will instead of waiting for the police the group prefers hitting the streets themselves they have their own approach and strategy. these things somebody could be one but it is going to come up again is good for kids in prison to get it mowed as violent outside so we're doing business not really helping at shooting scenes members of the organization trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution today the streets are quiet the pastor has worked out a temporary cease fire between rival gangs in the area. the pastor is a respected figure as are his team most of whom have criminal records themselves like wilfred mckay he did his first stint in jail in aged twelve and acquired this first gun when he was fourteen he specialized in armed robbery until he decided to
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turn his life around. that was my main thought i want to be a daddy for my child that was now ready for change and offers i realize i can be all through the day before this industry thing that may be good for somebody else or so it's just with the cease fire in place people feel safe to go outside again including children many of them had grown too scared to go to school today the pastor and his team have arranged a very important meeting. he said invited one of the local gang bosses to his home a man calls himself the lord and tells us he has no problem being filmed he's eager to emphasize his good relations with the pastor but the police he says don't get much respect here. and then he expresses an opinion you wouldn't expect a hardened criminal to hold. some call it if you did. some
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company they killed the people but they only put you in the cave for that india will be something like that the people who kill someone. suddenly the police pull up outside but the self-proclaimed lord sees no reason to call off the meeting. ok . maybe he knew that they'd drive off again just a few minutes later. the local people have been calling on the police to finally clamp down on gang violence levi and his grandmother are taking part in an anti gang warfare demonstration that takes them right through downtown cape town. and here the police are present in numbers they prefer it if the protesters had stayed in their own neighborhood but the police forces reportedly understaffed
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leading some to suggest deploying other means of control army person standing on on on on something and looking over at a crowd and the crowd can see this a man standing and watching the because he is watching it gives to the public a sense of comfort it gives to them a sense of safety. the kind of safety that some locals can only find here in an isolated spot just outside the city this complex is home to men who want to leave their gangs. they were all in their teens when they turned to crime some have committed murder many of their crimes went unpunished. you know one of them is willing to talk to us bunch of ana williams doesn't like discussing the details of his past or whether or not he personally ever killed anyone i knew. i wasn't afraid of the police. some of them are gay members too so you can kill
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someone today i'm. back out of jail tomorrow my mother live know what local gym water. is a lot of it's hard to say whether he can be believed or not but what is clear is that no and the others are afraid of the men running the gangs they once belonged to at the safe distance they can learn gardening skills and in some cases how to read and write. until recently the project was supported by the city authorities but that funding has now been withdrawn that prompted levi's grandmother to try and help in her own way she runs her own soup kitchen for poor neighbors aided by donations from a businessman. and her hope is that it will help reduce hardship and take back the streets. for the first time that they were in the queue and i found to wife was fishing for them and she just looked and she's not that guy and i just showed her go on go on you know and i think that was the day at the insidiously it
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was tough but we had to move past that. we have to do it to be living the community restore living the community they still potable you know. we have to do it. a second chance for people from the neighborhood who might have a murderous past a second chance for the likes of trayvon a williams he believes the gang war will never truly end but it's a war he no longer wants to be a part of. the. eight hundred fifty seven million firearms that's how many are in civilian hands worldwide almost half of these weapons are in the us americans are the most heavily armed citizens in the way. the right to bear arms is laid down in the us constitution so it's highly. controversial too in six thousand and seventeen nearly
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forty thousand people in the u.s. were killed by guns two thirds of them suicides. there are around one hundred twenty one firearms for every one hundred americans forty three percent of u.s. households own a gun including many families with children. this is not a toy it's a small caliber rifle designed especially for children nine year old connor is using it for training his sister cheyanne is already a great shot. down there single father loves guns. and was my first wage was on my fifth birthday and sheer on line first day i got this one. i first met the family last year at the annual meeting of the
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national rifle association the children have been n.r.a. members since birth i saw her sitting on my lap when she was five. just to get acclimated to the sound. afraid of it and then quizzing the safety rules. these days cheyanne has sponsors and is on the women's competitive shooting circuit. she's fourteen years old similar in age to the thousands of high school students who've been calling for greater gun controls in the u.s. . cheyanne shows me her collection of guns including an empty a ar fifteen a semiautomatic rifle. during last year's school shooting in florida seventeen people were killed with a gun like this one cheyanne believes the solution is to arm teachers they need to have the proper training and. i think it's important for a teacher have a gun. because it will hope. potentially save lives in an emergency
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she would be prepared to use her guns i'm not going to let somebody come in. and hurt my family and i have these firearms to protect me and myself me and my family. but she tells me her main reason for keeping the rifles is to take part in competitions i'm amazed by the arsenal of weapons stored in her bedroom south carolina does not require owners to lock up their firearms the family moved to the state in part because of its liberal gun laws. the children clean their guns in preparation for a competition the next day. their father says it's important to him that his children are able to defend themselves when you are in the country in a relatively rural area the aren't police response time when i'm a one poll seventy nine minutes to an area like this it could be even longer. i
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don't think it's such a badge a nation of new think about what someone with ill intent could do to two children in seven to nine minutes dad says he never leaves the house without this handgun i notice that like many gun supporters in the us he sees danger lurking everywhere we go the next morning we head to the firing range cheyanne and connor are competing in a training turn and i meet seven year old sophia who's come along with her father tom . hey sophia what are you doing here and here k compete against a huge think and do you help your dad over you what are you doing. i'm going to be here i'm going to help daddy put a bullet in the magazine but one teacher the discipline of shooting focus you know this is a task that's very repetitive it's hard for a young person to focus on but she's learned that before but it's a good rule of go inside the organizers. go over the safety rules several times as
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the competitors are using live bullets. each ping means a successful head sophia's parents see shooting as a hobby for the whole family it's their constitutional right to bear arms they tell me something everyone here holds dear i ask people here if they'd agree to a ban on automatic rifles no way they say what about banning guns for the mentally ill who decides when someone's ill they ask. now it's cheyennes turn she hits the target every time she wants to become a chef later or join the military. for me it's a whole different world as a european it definitely crosses a line but for people here the subject of gun control crosses a line. we've grown up with guns they say they're part of the american way of life a way of life that's being passed on from one generation to the next. so.
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today in global ideas we ask whether compensation schemes can help balance out environmental damage no reports yet home unvisited a pipeline citing northern colombia the construction work is destroying vast areas of tropical forest the gas company behind it is now helping save national park from deforestation. this processing plant on colombia's caribbean coast puts out ninety seven million cubic meters of natural gas per day. its operator. is the country's second largest supplier. one of our objectives as a corporation is to connect the whole of columbia up to the power grid. you know
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when we are there for ensuring that energy sources in this case natural gas can be supplied to energy facilities throughout the country you know in the here about ice . that means new pipelines in twenty fifteen probably goshawk to cordele through the tropical rain forest here twenty five meters wide and one hundred ninety two kilometers long cutting down thousands of trees and devastating natural habitats. john prescott and all from the united nations development program negotiated a deal with the cost provider. probably gas was to compensate for the environmental damage with funding for new projects aimed at protecting biodiversity and ecosystems elsewhere in the country. compensation is
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a good instrument even if it turns out to be the very last option if we can no longer avoid reduce or mitigate environmental damage. they can be part of the solution and a developing country like colombia where the infrastructure is growing continuously with new roads new electricity grids new gas pipelines new dams and new ports going up that all impact on biodiversity the country still has fifty percent of its native forests but a high proportion of its population also lives in poverty. expanding infrastructure in colombia has already had a major impact. tropical rainforests harboring unique ecosystems one stretched over forty percent of the country. now they cover just four percent. the tiny loss colorado's wildlife sanctuary is home to two and a half thousand plant species many of them endemic. but the conservation area
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is just a thousand hectares in size and still shrinking. we have one of the most biodiverse countries in the world we're losing it very fast also right now due to a different station and so being able to work hands on with communities is something that that i'm really thankful for. this is one of the communities benefiting from the compensation. and her n.-g. o. work together with the farmers of san juan been a promo saying oh. for years their lives and livelihoods were disrupted by armed conflict between right wing paramilitaries and left wing insurgent groups the peace process in colombia has allowed many farmers to return. the idea is for the farmers to live and work in a more sustainable fashion and minimise environmental damage from deforestation farming and livestock breeding. we've been working with the national park system
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we've been working with other n.g.o.s but we haven't worked with the private sector and it's. it's something new for everyone not just for us but for the community as well we've been having very deep discussions with the community as far as how much should we compensate what what is compensation and how do those resources from the private sector end up in the hands of the community. the money does not go directly to the farmers instead they're provided with uniforms and tools and invited to take part in workshops. instead of monocultures they now plant native varieties of fruit and vegetables such as youngs which they sell in the capital. meanwhile the rainforest is being renewed in other locations the farmers now see the importance of the environment for their own livelihoods. it is
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important to have these forested areas because they provide us with water medicinal plants. and oxygen. entire ecosystem that has a direct impact on our standard of living. our health and physical development of people here. in colombia every single year in colombia we lose forests covering an area the size of our capital bogota. for john boehner r.-oh the compensation scheme is just the beginning. columbia's precious rainforests ought to be preserved everyone here will have to do their. compensation helps companies think about the impact their actions have on the
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natural environment and makes them realize they have a responsibility that the same time local communities are assuming more obligations it's not just about receiving donations it's about greater awareness of both their rights and their responsibilities towards the environment. there are few events more defining them being forced into marriage as a young child brides often give birth to very young age which usually means cutting their own education. there are around six hundred fifty million women and girls well white who were married off before they turned eighteen. a third of them before they were fifteen. the u.n. estimates that more than a quarter of women in india will be under eighteen when they marry one boarding
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school offers child brides a brighter future. doc who is twenty thirty years ago she was married off like all the young women here she was a child bride. these days that will help the others improve their reading and writing skills. the girls don't live with their husbands but at the very institution the station branches down its mission is to educate and empower girls from local villages doc who has been here for several years. the girls attend classes and also receive daily meals uniforms books and computer training. the boarding school the crips them to lead a self-determined life. when. i was beautifully dressed and was walked around a fire as part of the marriage ritual. my parents married me after the very early
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age because of societal pressure but you shouldn't get married at that age they reckon it was time i've come to understand what marriage actually means. even though child marriages are legal in india approximately one point five million girls a year get married here before they turn eighteen. first across remind the young women of what they've been through it's common for the child marriages to take place as part of another family celebration as a way of saving money despite being outlawed child marriage is widely accepted in rural areas. at the very institute young women are given an opportunity to improve their prospects. completing secondary education significantly boost their chances of getting a job later but crucially it gives the girls self-confidence and an understanding that they can be self-reliant. if his girls are all set
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to become doctors engineers police officers teachers. whatever they do they will be self-reliant they can do any work that comes their way but. don't let girls can do all the work that boys can now is we've even left the boys behind with a. doctor who is visiting her parents in the village she grew up and she hasn't seen a husband since the wedding thirteen years ago. in la just on it can be years before newlyweds live together the parents decide when that happens. stop his mother regrets marrying off her daughter she says the groom is a good for nothing. all it was the letter gone when her husband is not a good choice for her well. i feel bad for my daughter i feel sorry for her. gown what can i do to save her. i love my daughter so much. and i'm worried that
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she'll spend her life with an alcoholic husband that they were lucky to get into. but up his father has not written off her husband still here except that it's important for his daughter to get an education. my daughter should complete her studies first before going to her husband her studies are more important than anything else. lunchtime. is now unrolled at a college and not just a comparatively conservative truckle state this is a significant achievement given her background. double hope she is a role model for other girls. parish area but. when i get a job i will teach a literate girls who are married as children to read and write down because they were married they didn't get an education but i'm. optimistic about her future then the means heroine in hindi thanks to the boarding school not up who has
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a chance to be the heroine of her own life. that's all from us this time we're back next week and we're always happy to hear from you so write to us at global three thousand d.w. dot com or vajrayana new facebook page d w. see you next time take care.
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the food. eco africa. maybe airs on costa wants a sustainable if you shop. based business casual ski bikes the drama on solar energy it's a promising concept bikes are affordable and fun to ride and even use find ranges
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the trophy. in thirteen double. trucks. the result of the market. the momentum of the more. your business magazine. made in germany in ninety minutes on t.w. . i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but most end up in with the time and the budget and i think deep into the general culture of. nudity we'll take this drama down to you because it's all that who they know i'm right so join me to meet the gem of a new gulf coast what's the connection between bread but home and the european
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union he knows good old montanus d.w. correspondent and avid baker john stripes this book in line with the rules set up by the new team. swimming recipes for success the strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d. w. . bush says heat in ruins are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last finance fighters occupied the city center seventeen president to tear his response was told. by hitler it will never again look the game of. the reconquest
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turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a gateway to islam is terror until now the same story comes under more sitting as the universal and exclusive reports from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of yes starts it really live on t w. the arab. algeria's army chief has called for president abdelaziz bouteflika to be declared unfit to rule put a freak has been in power for two decades and is now in failing health the army's announcement comes after weeks of peaceful mass protests calling for the president's resignation. the. british lawmakers
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have set out details of their plan to consider other bricks and options it's part of efforts to reach a consensus on the way for.


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