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to just response was. i. will never gain political. reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of my house starts. on d w. more bad news for boeing as a southwest plane is forced to make an emergency landing in orlando florida regulators and politicians in washington have a closer look at why the grounding of the fleet took so long and if u.s. testing procedures. also global trade is not a threat is rarely before we'll talk trade tariffs and raise it with the c.e.o.
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of the world's largest chorus. druggy is set to leave the top job of the central europe the european central bank and who's going to be the next chief guardian of the euro. this is a business first welcome after two crashes of seven three seven max eight planes and other near misses putting plane make a boeing under additional pressure southwest airlines boeing seven hundred seven made safe emergency landing tuesday in orlando florida after experiencing an engine problem with no passengers on board meanwhile hundreds of boeing seven three seven . remain grounded around the world in washington politicians are looking into how the forty planes got certified to fly and how boeing is planning to fix the issue. under normal circumstances an emergency landing like this one would not get much
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attention an engine overheated shortly after takeoff the pilot returned to orlando florida and landed safely but the plane was a boeing seven three seven max eight one of hundreds that are grounded a southwest plane was headed for the carry a storage facility in california it did not carry any passengers the incident is likely to ruin a pivotal day for boeing as the company tries to rebuild public trust is about to brief two hundred pilots on changes to software is signed to prevent a mid-flight stall meanwhile a senate panel in washington plans to question the acting head of the federal aviation administration about how thorough really the seven three seven max is automated flight control system test it and what will be done to assure that any fixes work. it's not enough to get this software certified i want to know the training on the new software on the fix and how it impacts the entire system of the
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aircraft. is going to be conducted on another that's going to be more than one pilot described it a one hour session and i had to get this training. software problems on the boeing seven three seven max eight plane and the pilots inability to react possibly due to lack of training are the main areas of focus for investigations into what cost the crashes. the number of container ships cruising the seven seas is declining that's the latest reading on the container shipping index currently down three point one percent on the month before it is widely regarded as a bellwether for the global economy showing a global trend much earlier than other indicative figures. in many chinese ports like here in hong kong fewer and fewer containers are being loaded the trade war between china and the us has not been good for business but the decline in container shipping appears to be a worldwide trend the industry is particularly vulnerable to economic slowdowns the
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iowa sells container through put index is considered a bellwether. in february it fell to its lowest level since june twenty eighth seen that's a slide of three point one percent from the previous month that's a sure sign of a weakening global economy given that ninety percent of all goods are transported via container ships. no wonder then that exporters are decidedly gloomy that's according to a survey of export focused businesses by germany's efore institute for economic research especially can make is and metal product manufacturers have lamented the drop in contracts confidence among germany's exporters as fall into a six and a half year low. now that all is not good news in the air of the man i'm talking to next that's up of these the c.e.o. of germany's dodge a post d.h.l. the world's biggest international court to up with thank you for joining us if you
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look at global trade right now are you worried so you know what happened is that we had a relatively soft start seen into the year we are still assuming that we will see a solid growth from free to free and a half percent uncertainty is never good for business but i'm not as skeptical as some people are still i still believe that we will see a continuation of the grove of last years maybe not at the same level as previous years what do you see as the biggest challenge in global politics right now for your business. i think you know of the biggest challenge is always uncertainty because uncertainty you know means that people delay decisions consumers delay decisions companies did a decision and we see that we see that in the u.k. to a certain extent we see that as well in china and it might happen that expansion of capacity will limit growth in the second half because you know we have seen that customers have delayed decision to invest because they don't know which is best
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place to invest and that is probably the biggest risk for any business uncertainty is never good effort we need to surgeons on the trade from us to china or and what happens with the u.k. because certainty is usually better than uncertainty. globalization has become an ugly word and certain circles right now do you think your company is nearly half a million employees are winners or losers of globalization. so first of all all people are winners of globalization be a few exceptions if you look into history you know globalization has really drive well of on the planet significantly less people live in poverty than ever before so globalization is good for most of the people who live on the planet we measure that as well that all of the years are connection this index and it shows the most inclusive country which we got to grow which we all look for are the most connected one the countries which are most open to information exchange keppra do flow trade
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fall in people who know many of them actually in europe it's a great example to demonstrate how great europe is and home much well that has created for our region but also for all the parts of the world talk about europe let's come back to the home continent here. there's another issue that's troubling everyone here and that's a break that how will that impact your company's business. so we don't know the full impact what we have done in the last twelve months or so we have prepared for any scenario we have hired people to be prepared for more customs from sissy's you know this is something we are used to uncertainty that happens you know they had reassure cloud of the atlantic we were well prepared and despite that nobody expected that we have an organization which is very flexible and responsive to challenges i think we need a decision the problem is that nobody knows what the decision will be but then we will deal with the decision somehow when our focus will be to serve our customers in the best possible way to help them to get their business moving talking of
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europe we've got european elections coming up in may how important do you think they will be i think it's a very important moment in time on you know as a as a european i feel very proud of what we have achieved in the last seventy years europe is a great model i think and therefore all of our internal people are free hundred thousand employees are all tell them all the time please go voting it's your right and it's important that we steer that in the right direction europe needs some reforms but the only way to get there is by participating in the n.b.a. election and i motivate everybody i need to say go voting it's your right for home your vote but the more people go voting for more fundamental improvements we will see because then the parliament will have a backing from the citizens round up of their c.e.o. of germany's dutch oppose d.h.l. thank you very much for joining us thank you. every year around four
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hundred central bankers chief economists market participants and academics from europe north america and asia descend on frankfurt for a special conference it's called the e.c.b. and it's watches and this year will be the last time that mario druggy gives the opening address head of the european central bank he's been in the post for eight years and his time ends and october its successor won't have an easy ride for. mario draghi has been in the firing line since the very first day he took the reins at the e.c.b. . he was the governor of the bank of italy and named president of the european central bank in november of twenty eleven it was the height of the european debt crisis to calm markets he made a statement that made him famous. the z b is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. the bank began
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lowering interest rates giving borrowers easier access to credit in march of twenty sixteen they finally hit zero never before has it been this cheap to go into debt critics accuse drug use policies of destroying savings protests like this one in april of twenty fifteen showed druggy was held personally responsible. to help deeply indebted member states like greece he began buying their sovereign bonds in an unprecedented fashion over a period of four years the e.c.b. snapped up thirty to eighty billion euros worth of them every month and that stretched the european central bank itself to its limits the big question now is what to do when the next crisis strikes druggy successor will have little wiggle room the next time an e.u. member needs bailing out. my colleague financial correspondent is that conference i'm sure everybody there is asking who's going to be the next
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leader of the zombie yeah exactly that seems to be the one million a us dollar question at the moment and my are you dragging his by the way still speaking now at the moment one of his first sentences was exactly that yeah in a few months in october this year he is sad to leave and we have to remember and to put this into perspective that he has been extremely controversial we have to remember that during the financial crisis here in europe he decided to have interest rates here in the euro zone at his record low level of only zero percent because of that he has some fans mostly in southern europe but there are also a lot of people for example here in germany where been criticizing him and who have been asking for a long time you know to change this monetary policy so there are a couple of names now in the discussion yes vitamin he is the head of the german
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central bank for example then on the other hand we are hearing sometimes names from the former had of the finnish central bank all the current boss of the french central bank so yeah we don't know and it's going to be very interesting what's going to be decided down here very briefly can we expect any major changes in policy then what it is certain i mean we have to remember europe is in this situation right now my own dragon was just speaking about that if you moments ago where he sees europe in this difficult situation but there has to be somebody you know who changes the monetary policy so lots of work certainly to do so and they're coping frankfurt's thank you. and that's it from danielle and me and the business. thank you very much for the for.
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more live news from africa and the world join us on facebook at g.w. for. africa. president obama at the end of the london patriotic front to include the rebel army and in the
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one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when all in the room there was and when i was given you in the tell me to reinforce it in. the news but does that mean he was not floating in a. controversial meter to success is beyond question. time. and the london tragedy starts people fish on t w. welcome to the world of arts and culture with me robin merrill we're featuring maxime who said to be the best crossover pin asst in the world also coming up. fifty years ago john lennon and yoko ono shared their bed with the world's press to
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promote world peace did they succeed we'll find out. and the swedish artists jew and their weird i'm on the full stop motion videos. the croatian musician. started playing the piano when he was eight a new after just a few lessons that he wanted to become a professional pianist meanwhile with his extraordinary technique he's been called the fastest period nest in the world and he's really made a name for himself especially in asia as a crossover artist with new interpretations of classical music that appeal to a younger audience. recognize this piece of music it's the well known in the home of the mountain king by norwegian composer.


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