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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin algerian president bush's clique of faces pressure calls to step aside demands that the ailing president be declared unfit to rule coming from the army cheap and the key coalition partner after weeks of protests will the move bring an end to the nation's political crisis also coming up turkish president wretch of type out of one's ruling party prepares to be tested in local elections this content is widespread with many turks feeling the pinch of the country's economic recession. and builders in belarus stumble across
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a mass grave of jews shot by nazis during world war two the discovery has sparked a fight between historians and city officials for we'll tell you why. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us algeria's political crisis is coming to a head with the country's army chief and now the leader of the ruling coalition party are indeed demanding the ailing president be declared unfit to rule president up those seas beautifully has been in power for two decades during which his critics say he's led a corrupt regime and for do the country's wealth algerians have protested for weeks in an effort to force him to step down. pushing forward algerians seize the momentum and renew. their demands for political change. students teachers
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and workers again called for an immediate end to the administration that has ruled algeria for twenty years. they were spurred on by a declaration by the country's army chief general. who in front of his troops declared the ailing president abdelaziz bouteflika too ill to serve. the general wants to trigger an article of the constitution that could bring down the president he said the move would respect the demands of the algerian people and ensure the continuity of the state. if parliament approved the request the senate president would take charge until new elections can be held a presidential vote was for april but in february the eighty two year old beautifully announced his intention to run for a fifth term before withdrawing his bid and postponing elections indefinitely.
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as announcement came as a welcome news to many. this is a brave decision and it's the first step on a path toward democracy a path that is still long we appreciate this step and we are waiting other steps the movement will continue until the realization of a democratic republic the second republic. it's a good step for the algerian people but we won't stop here we'll keep up the movement and we will keep watching what happens until we reach our aim which is the change of government they all have to go. protests continue the president's fate may now be in the hands of parliament which is likely to soon vote at the military's request. turkey is gearing up for key local elections on sunday fifty seven million voters across the country will choose mayors councillors and local chiefs known as move timers with the turkish economy
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in trouble the election presents a stiff challenge for the a.k. party of president wretch of type out on the polls on sunday are being seen as a referendum on add on's rule our turkey correspondent julie hahn went to meet a local politician with a very familiar name. they did. this tea house in the town of go to commune istanbul is more crowded than usual. because today that edge of our is making a companion visit so long that it or it was not in the room this regift bad honest twenty years old in the political newcomer in turkey's local elections he wants to become a mukta and neighborhood chief he's not related to the turkish president but the name he says has helped him with his career choices somewhat in the mood of the audience people often don't believe me it's for us to ask if i'm joking on the net i get it you know then i show them my id card it's an honor for me to have the same
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name as our president on this because i'm a he's the respected and beloved leader of our country so you're lumbered what about people say they will vote for me. both because of my personality and my name . i believe this name will help me six yards more donovan in a new to. add to his namesake the president is also complaining hard. he's making several speeches a day at dryly. even though he's not up for election. and one is hoping his own personal popularity will help make the difference because after a decade and a half in power his ruling party is facing losses. to hit that out of there that's mainly because of the worsening economic situation last year's currency crisis sent annual inflation soaring to about twenty percent and sept growth unemployment is on the rise. not just here in istanbul
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people are now queuing for subsidized vegetables in state run markets solid growth and rising living standards have driven the president the electoral success in the past sixteen years but now turkey is in the midst of a recession and many voters say. they're frustrated about the economy polls suggest this could erode support for add ons ruling a thai party especially in the largest cities in the capital ankara and here in istanbul. losing them would be a symbolic blow says journalist is most simas both cities have been under a.k.p. control throughout and once time in power water for its own kind of a stumble if that opposition wins istanbul ankara we may begin to discuss the possibility of snap elections here in turkey. istanbul is strongly associated with the first he was elected as municipal mayor here then he became mayor of istanbul. after that prime minister and then president. it is a k.p.s.
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defeated in istanbul and it will be a political earthquake for everyone. on them when i get. back to the tea house where the young rajah type ad one is trying to win some votes he also he has many complains about the economy is just the young people don't have jobs it's become very hard for shop owners nothing is good here anymore nothing yet the young out one says he wants to tackle these problems at least in his neighborhood but he can't be sure of victory as he's facing two challenges much is at stake in the local elections from both the edge of town. now some of the other stories making news around the state around the world today starting with brags it you counsel present has called on the european parliament to be open to a potential long regs that extension toast told e.u.
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lawmakers the bloc can't turn its back on the six million u.k. citizens who signed a petition asking their government to stop britain's divorce from the e.u. . reports say the e.u. is set to scale down its anti migrant trafficking operation sophia in the mediterranean rescue missions at sea will be suspended although air surveillance will continue the decision is aimed resulting in dispute with italy rome threaten to stop the entire mission unless rescued migrants were taken to other countries. and health officials in mozambique say there are now five confirmed cases of cholera in the wake of cycle own die thousands of others are suffering from acute diarrhea that's as the country struggles to rebuild after the cyc loan which hit nearly two weeks ago. well to bill rose sunday discoveries that has shocked people in the city of brest during construction work on an apartment
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complex builders unearthed a mass grave with the remains of over a thousand jews killed by the nazis during world war two work was halted and the remains have now been examined yet controversy lingers over what should happen next the city wants to get on with the apartment building but not everyone agrees the w's emily sherwin reports. bones jewelry and even shoes the past is pushing into the light. this is the site of a mass grave of jews shot by the nazis it was found during construction work in the center of breast during the german occupation in the second world war the area was a jewish ghetto tens of thousands were executed in and around breasts during the time the site is currently closed off to the public including to local historian every lover for she has been petitioning to stop the building work and argues that should be a memorial park here and not an apartment complex. it's
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a musical shouldn't be able to live on the spot of a mass execution half of the population of the city was killed within several days here half of the people can you imagine the boy emotion that pain continues to exist and will not give us peace until we learn to respect history and what happened here. covering a consensus of opinion from which to preserve sure a special battalion of the belorussian army has been in charge of the excavations. most of these young soldiers are doing their military service here in total they have found the remains of over eleven hundred bodies which will be repaired at a local cemetery and right next to this mass grave the building work for a modern apartment complex will now continue its a lucrative project one square meter is selling for nearly twice the average market price and breast the city authorities say the foundations of the building won't
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touch the mass graves and it will be marked with a memorial plaque. at the an apartment complex is the right thing for this spot it's what the city needs a well tended to area in the center they used to be unsightly houses here when it should be tidy and beautiful this isn't the first time that builders a fan bones during construction and historical center but not everyone impressed agrees that should be apartments on the mass graves. it will be time to build houses there should be a memorial instead. of the world here we have to find a civilized way to solve this problem after all every city in europe is built on people's bones. audrina is determined to see the site of the mass grave with her own eyes the forward becomes a landscape courtyard and the quaintance of her as it directs the from her window she says the building project shows that the bella russian authorities are insensitive and haven't learned any lessons from the past the russian authorities
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have been criticised the fool for building on jewish cemeteries as recently as twenty seventeen. in this country the authorities only respect the memory of the soviet protectors of the breast fortress for example of soldiers who fought unequally to tell a tarion country with weapons in their hands that they respect. the russian. the construction company had told us the apartment complex would be a gated community nice to see all thirty's insists the grounds will be open to the public. and only sure when reporting there now german football fans were disappointed earlier this month when by in munich dortmund and shaka all crashed out of the champions league but there are still two german teams left in the women's champions league including for sport they host defending champions league in their quarter final second leg tonight it may be
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a repeat of last year's final but resources are still nothing compared to the men's game wolfsburg suffered a tight two one defeat in the first leg in leo but the next round is still up for grabs the team has top international talent with five german national team players joined by did mark spend a lot harder in a european championship runner up and by eva pay your the wolves polish gold score . i'm grateful and happy to be able to coach a team like this when they're great players they challenge me to their joy and ambition are infectious in the maggots in two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen wolfsburg won the champions league however their success doesn't mean their facilities are on par with their male counterparts who have never won the champions league the women train in separate facilities from them in the distance to the changing room is long with only containers for holding their clothes but it's not just it won't work there's
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a lot of catching up to do in the women's business league as a whole until that day though fans of the successful wolfsburg women hope to celebrate the one team in the city challenging for the champions league. the u.s. space agency is facing criticism for cancelling what would have been the first all female space walk a lack of available space suits in the right size astronaut christina call seen here on the left was going to be rejoined by her colleague and mclean but as only one medium sized suit is ready a male astronaut will now join call on the space walk on friday according to nasa mccain only learned during her first spacewalk last week that a medium sized suit fits her best and a new suit could not be configured in time. you're watching g.w. news coming to you live from berlin the next up close up the w.'s current affairs
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documentary show you don't forget you can always get all this news and information around the clock on our web site that's it. still will be with you at the top of the next hour meanwhile you find all are stories thanks for being with us. here's what's coming up on the booklet is plenty to hear that it's time to take a look at what all that means for the table of course.


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