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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2019 12:45am-1:00am CET

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baking bread series the eastern european origins of the humble bagels. cristo and his partner jack lord have for decades created some of the most spectacular outdoor sculptures or wrappings of buildings around the world john told they passed away ten years ago but had already been involved in christos most recent project on a lake in northern italy in twenty sixteen all their temporary and disappear after a few weeks so the documentary walking on water about the floating piers is all we have to remember that installation christo was in berlin on tuesday evening for the premiere. eighty three years old and completely undaunted the artist christo travelled across the globe to the german premiere of the documentary walking on water. the film shows how he made it possible for more than one million people
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to do just that his installation the floating piers on lake is zero in northern italy was the most visited art event of two thousand and sixteen. just as they would. walk. no rails but plenty of obstacles. in. the film shows the bumpy ride of getting the project ready in time with christos temper constantly in full flare tantrums it seems are essential to the artist's process. then you know if. the dogs all the dogs and all really that's the way he functions he likes this neurotic and edgy because he keeps him going and like for example he
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doesn't like to eat during the day because when you're a little bit hungry you're more edgy and they're not all pink probably before terrifying is the moment when things need to be hopping right away. is the part of the making you know it's not because i'm impatient because i can turn my finger writing something to write you know. floating piers was christos first major solo project since his romantic and artistic partner john clode died in two thousand and nine together they wrapped the australian coast back in one nine hundred sixty nine over the next decades they arrested a curtain over this colorado valley and gave germany's parliament building but i stuck a new look and it was together the couple developed the concept for floating peers back in the one nine hundred seventy s. a gigantic undertaking for an installation lasting just sixteen days. no eternity
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relative in this part of who stayed where the. president cannot be removed in the mind of the people and the people if whatever. christers next work a tower out of four hundred and ten thousand barrels this time it's meant to be a permanent structure in the middle of the desert. and i will never forget a wrapping of the rhine stock it was an incredible party here in berlin thank you crystal now i always thought bagels were american but as our europe correspondent. is about to tell us bagels originate from poland he'll also enlighten us almost state of polish politics and if that wasn't enough he's going to show us how to make a classic bagel in our series baking bread. there is nothing like whole made bread especially if you're not at home let's say. in new york.
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immigrant polish jews from krakow introduced a taste of home that defines new york's identity the bagel. shop for a shanika. the krikorian bagel dates back to before the fourteenth century. here make them out of plain flour water most powder sold and least dissolve the mold powder in water and now you can also do what polish people are really good at blending in working hard. and polish people have been doing that across the e.u. membership of the european union has brought not just billions in e.u. funds to poland but also drops even it's up for the country's former prime minister
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donald tusk heading up the european council means having a lot on your plate to make racial crisis. the still resolved a land mass of the eurozone. lasting tensions and if the ukraine breaks you. this is our daily bread. bread that can be stale dry land. and to suppose what he's talking about i worked as bread fellow for divide the dough into three equal pieces like the separation of powers judiciary legislative executive in poland the executive part that's the government has been trying to control the justice part that's the courts. here's the problem if one party
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becomes too big and influential by. saying the rule of law that's a recipe for the liberal democracy and it baking bad bagels the e.u. doesn't like the taste of that we feel a strong strong feeling of solidarity with the polish people who deserve like all europeans to have an independent judiciary to have full separation of powers in their country so don't just eyeball this make sure all three parts are equal so always use scales. form nine long rolls and wrap them around your fingers just imagine your euros last kaczynski the de facto leader of poland and this is the justice system. the e.u. leaders hope they can still cool the route overnight in the fridge otherwise the e.u. will get into hot water with warsaw let your bagels float for thirty seconds on each
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side. and then sprinkle them with the sesame seeds or poppy seeds. to. take as two hundred forty celsius for about fifteen minutes if you were planning on selling these off our crack of skin no think again there are rules in the news for everything just like with champagne or parma ham. new legislation dictates that these bagels can only be produced in one place. krakow. there are literally old maid. and all the rest a baking bread are on our website or d.w.
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dot com slash culture now you don't. often hear the phrase i'm going clubbing tonight with my helps the cold however musician lena does just that she's determined to bring the precocious of the piano kicking and screaming into the twenty first century performing music from a rock to hip hop. does playing an instrument that's been obsolete for the last two hundred years automatically make you old fashioned you know all about a dozen things out. she claims the hopes of a stringed keyboard instrument that was widely used in pa rock music then in the late eighteenth century the piano took center stage and relegated the harpsichord to the history books today it's generally only used to play only music.
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at the miller club in munich the on some bold continuum is warming up founded the group in twenty fifteen they perform an eclectic mix of the rock classical and hip hop on historical instruments. worse than lives is merely a foreigner was smart enough. the night it. rained light is still something still changed nice to love again to have them as a class we look for ten years that make him different and present it in another way then. i thought that always sounds very similar maybe too similar for lights out to visit so images but when you take a piece of paper and lay it across the harpsichord you get a sound that's very dry and mutates because it's damp and. then it sounds like you
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make a tempest tempest like this. can tie a fellow musicians are all virtuous sounds on their historical instruments but they want to break out. to the small early music scene without betraying us. at the comp the continuum on sambal experiments with spoken word sounds and music dating from the seventeenth century to the present. to. using a milk from far on the catona children's toys as percussion instruments and a piece of paper to play a glissando on the opposite called strings. so
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that music must fulfill just one criterion it must move the listeners. in spite of the wonderful sounds that makes anyone compose his music for harpsichord these days and in album things start to shine and she aims to change that she believes historical instruments deserve to have a future. before we go a fantastic new museum is opened in the gulf state of qatar shaped like a desert rose crystal it was designed by the renowned french architect and new vet the same and who designed the louvre in abu dhabi no expense spared for
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instance the entrance includes over one hundred fountains sculptures along a nine hundred meter look who. will have moral maps from our in the next edition of. our thanks for watching and goodbye from the.
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center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. trial of conflict separatist leaders over their failed independence fate has laid some stuff divisions in spanish society my guess is we here in madrid is sprains foreign minister use it around how does he answer the charge that the trials are fundamentally unfair. conflicts so for the. kerio off moscow is the head of russian orthodox church. in the land. can afford. to send. example one hundred million russian believes and has president putin spectators. mission to abolish the separation of church and. safe russia in seventy five.
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nico is in germany to learn german english cynical why not learn with him d w z e learning course because fake. it is time to take one step further and face the lots of. time to search the. fight for the truth. to overcome barriers and connect the world it's time for dublin. coming up ahead of. africa. coming president the long. end of the rwandan patriotic front in qahtani the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when little or no rules there was and when the us
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continue to follow me to reinforce it i'm close and i knew this but does that mean he was not floating in a group. a controversial leader whose success is beyond question. in kentucky. and london tragedy starts cable for long t.w. . british lawmakers have voted against all eight possible alternatives to prime minister teresa mayes breck's a dale motions on a second breakfast referendum and commit in britain to staying in a customs union attracted the highest number of votes but both were narrowly defeated it comes as may said she will step down if.


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