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let me think. this is it really was life for a girl in britain walks a high wire in search of a solution to his political crisis the government tells lawmakers to expect a fresh briggs it vote tomorrow but it's hemmed in by parliamentary rules and an ultimatum from the european council can it satisfy both and earn another extension to the country's e.u.
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would drawl dates also coming up police in malta arrest five migrants for hijacking a tanker ship the men seize control of the vessel after it rescued over one hundred people from the waters off libya. plus iceland's budget airline wow air seizes operations stranding thousands of passengers in europe and north america and in the women's champions league german side walls were came up against defending champions new york will have the highlights of a six goal thriller. thank you so much for your company everyone well we start off with a struggle for consensus in britain which is prolonging uncertainty there the british government is hoping to hold another vote on prime minister to.
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controversial breaks a deal tomorrow but reports say may will be asking parliament to vote only on the divorce aspect of the deal and not the part governing the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. or the governments of representative in parliament andrea let's some said parliament first needs to get the go ahead for the vote from the speaker by splitting the vote they hope to secure the support of more opposition m.p.'s the government must pass the word draw agreement to earn a nother deadline extension from brussels. well at today's developments at westminster follow an attempt by lawmakers on wednesday to test support for alternatives to the government's we're drawl plan well not a single proposal could muster a majority in the commons but the most popular plant was for a referendum to confirm any deal passed by parliament and that's in line with the policy of britain's third party the liberal democrats as m.p.
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vera whop house told nickel reese britain has seen its deepest political crisis in decades breck's it is going on and going on we don't have a solution we don't see any unity who do you blame for this whole chaos but first of all the referendum result was very very close look at that nearly half the people actually wanted to stay in the european union yet this government doesn't seem to reflect that it all has always gone in one direction that is ultimately about a very clean break with the european union and within her own party that the prime minister cannot find unity about what they want and what are you hopes i have been campaigning for a people's vote i believe particularly because the vote was so close and because the leaves is split within itself we need to test it and put it back to the people so i vote for anything that actually attaches a people's vote to the proposition so if it's teresa mayes deal against
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a people's vote i'm fine if it is no way plus whatever but combined with the people's vote i'm fine i just want to put whatever we decide in parliament back to the people. the role of democrats of their own hobhouse they're making the case for a people's vote to. the state you know to charlotte she's standing by in london outside westminster where do things stand right now. well as you said theresa may is determined to get her deals through parliament tomorrow for another vote for a third time this time to extend that deadline for the u.k. to leave the european union until may twenty second in an orderly fashion and she made that ultimate sacrifice yesterday telling her conservative party that she is going to step down for the next step of the negotiations if they are going to approve that deal and some tory rebels fell in line with that strategy they said
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they are going to vote for the deal amongst them for example boris johnson the former foreign minister he said he's going to vote for that deal now after he's been bashing it for a month the problem is that the numbers still don't add up in her favor though the northern irish do you hear her ally is saying they are not going to back the deal to resign they would also need some labor support for her deal to pass so it's very unclear at this point and the speaker of the house john bercow said he's not going to allow the vote if then no substantial changes to the deal so the government is working on that at this hour so show it i mean is there a way out of this deadlock because as you've just been reporting theresa may try to sweeten the deal by promising to step down if lawmakers through or deal but what if there won't even be a third vote. exactly that is the problem so the default option and still that the u.k. is leaving the european union on april twelfth without a deal and that is
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a huge fear here in this country yesterday parliament voted down eight options and they were all rejected so there's no clear path forward and a no deal brecht's that of course could have chaotic consequences for the country and the people one lawmaker saying today though that this is the most likely option today if there is no way out of the deadlock and at the moment it looks very unclear how a way forward could look like ponce reporting thank you. malta's armed forces have taken control of a tanker that was hijacked by migrants rescued at sea turkish vessel arrives at a maltese port with military personnel on board five people were handcuffed and scored off the vessel about one hundred migrants and refugees who had been rescued in the seas off libya some of them took control of the ship when it was ordered to were turned to libya and forced it to head toward europe instead to discuss the latest baton borghese senior journalist for the times of malta in the capital of
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alaska thank you so much for taking out the time to speak to us what's going to happen to the people on the boat do we know what their current situation is. well we know that five five of those are one hundred eight were handcuffed and arrested there in police custody and whether they'll be charged and tried them or that are more. proceedings will be tape made to extradite them back presumably to libya it is yet to be seen although i would imagine they'll be tried in a multis court. the other one hundred one hundred three or so. we've been told have started designing proceedings and they're there as i don't know applications will be processed as usual what are you hearing about what exactly happened on that ship. it's still it's still not entirely clear at this stage that
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the movie supports this morning. we haven't really right now they're still processing those people on board what we do know is that some point yesterday because of the ship's captain the l.a. police captain who was taking the migrants he had rescued back to tripoli. when they were six miles around six miles off the libyan coast that ship feared sunny sunday veered north he sent out a message saying he was under an attack from from his rescue crew passengers and then it started very north and eventually look he was became clear it was coming towards malta the ship went cited for many hours. and resume communications when it was. just outside maltese waters when no army patrol boat approached. had never seen a peace or is a peaceful one there wasn't doesn't seem to have been any violence involved. so it
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does seem like these people are just desperate to get to her even at the expense of any kind of criminals right now this of course comes off the back of the european rescue mission is sophia which has been halted as you know there's this indicate possibly that refugees will use more or just people trying to make it to europe will try to use more desperate means to make it to the e.u. . well i think i think if the more the more doors you close the more people will try to find a window so to speak. sophia was officially ended yesterday but it's worth noting. the last official severe rescue mission dates back to i think it was july so and it's peaks of peacekeepers especially twenty sixteen so it's been tapering off for
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a long while yes there was just the official so to speak. that there's not no more rescue missions but we are closing all the taps so to speak there are no more human rescue missions n.g.o.s ships are constantly being stopped by bureaucratic measures and so on it's least because it's of course more doing the bare minimum so i would imagine that you will see increasingly desperate attempts. what i want what i wonder is how this will. offer commercial ships in the region who which all vessels have an obligation under international law to rescue people in distress but i imagine they'll be made quite a few commercial liners saying you can't you won't be subjected to. very very dire options there that might become actually reality in the near future betar borger senior journalist for the times of
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a mall to involve let us sir thank you. what are you up to speed now as some of the other stories making news around the world. the number of fatalities from a suspected terror attack in the dutch city of interest has risen to four seventy four year old man has died of the injuries he sustained during the shooting in a tram ten days ago a turkish border man has been charged on suspicion of murder with terrorist intent . in the somali capital mogadishu at least fifteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack near a hotel and restaurants was no immediate claim of responsibility but the explosion took place in an area targeted by islamist militants in the past over a dozen people were injured. the death toll from a massive fire in a high rise office building in the bangladeshi capital dhaka has risen to nineteen officials said several people died after jumping from the nineteen story building as he tried to escape the blaze dozens of reported injured firefighting units are
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searching the structure for those who may have been trapped inside. of the estimated three million venezuelans you fled the crisis gripping their country hundreds of thousands have been sheltering in neighboring colombia but the capital has a housing deficit approaching a quarter of a million homes venezuelans often undocumented are rarely allowed to rent apartments so they're turning to colombian landlords some of whom are trying to profit from the desperation others are just simply trying to help. in this three story building owned by a colombian family in southern bogota houses ten venezuelan migrants they eat breakfast together on a quiet sunday morning. these people are among the two hundred thousand migrants who have come to the city in recent years since the city council provides few shelters the migrants only choice is to rent shared rooms with two or three other
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people most of the holy month we sleep here in the living room and it's a little uncomfortable sometimes since we need privacy but other than that it's good or landlady nogueira lives on the houses upper floor the colombian national decided to rent her rooms to venezuelan migrants in part to earn some extra cash. moved by their situation the quality of life they had in that moment they have no place to sleep some people would not rent to them or me and. she tries to create a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of space to talk and laugh with her tenants and she even goes a step further. sometimes they call me their mom so i scold them when they do things wrong or when they don't go to work or pay the utilities i'm looking out for them. despite strict rules for cleanliness and order there's also sympathy for the migrants tough financial situation especially when bills are due.
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sometimes we are late with payments so we simply tell her look mrs no such and such is happening i don't have the full amount give me a few days and i will pay you and she understands. the positive example of the family it is a particular situation thousands of as well as have a very hard time finding lodging and it makes them easy targets for those taking advantage of their situation by offering far less decent housing for higher prices . is a real estate association explains how landlords are making money housing venezuelans in rundown buildings. many property owners have made a business out of renting or receiving payments making people pay a daily fee to spend a single night in a tenement. the so-called.
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pain dailies only offer a bed tenants have no guarantees and risk getting kicked out at any moment nineteen year old luis works as a barber he barely earns enough each day to pay for his. semi this is like something for prisoners three bunk beds mean six people you don't have the privacy you want and you can never leave your valuables here. then is whalen migrants are at the mercy of fate if they don't encounter helpful colombians they risk being exploited and can only hope to someday be able to afford a place they can truly call home. you're watching the news there's still plenty more to come one of the world's fastest shrinking glaciers bucks the trend and begins advancing climate scientists give the news. and there were goals goods and glory in the women's champions league clash between rules work and
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. but who came out on top in a rerun of last season's final stay tuned to find out. first though isis budget carrier wow air has halted operations and canceled all flights after attempts to find a buyer failed wow specialize in low cost of connections between europe and north america with his space in the icelandic capital reykjavik while the airline's closure could deal a heavy blow to the country's booming tourist industry and meanwhile thousands of passengers are stranded on both sides of the atlantic. about four thousand passengers are stranded at well is various destinations after the company ceased operations and canceled all flights. cancelled we need to try to get something else and we were supposed to fly to frankfurt when we came here they were saying the flight got canceled and you would have received some kind of e-mail communication and nobody received any don't even communication the collapse of the
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troubled airline comes after a buyout talks with rival icelandair fell apart earlier this week up till first day morning where air had transported more than a third of people who visited iceland in a tourist boom which had revived the island's economy in the years following the global financial crisis well air founded in two thousand and eleven exploited iceland's like cation in the middle of the north atlantic to offer a low cost service between europe and north america last year the no frills airline carried some three and a half million passengers however it had flown into financial trouble in recent years due to heightened competition and rising fuel prices and had been searching for an investor for months. well joining me now is my colleagues an album allow for business good to see you what sort of options are there now left for stranded while passengers well if you look on the wow air website there are actually a series of recommendations most notably that passengers should look if other
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airlines are offering so-called rescue fares so those are discounting fares that are either to get you home or where you wanted to go in the first place so other airlines like iceland airways air already saying they're going to do this but of course this is going to come as cold comfort to passengers who would argue waited hours at the airport only to be told that their flights are canceled here are your bags and whiz airs also being criticized for having sold the tickets till the last minute they were still selling tickets this morning so suffice to say it didn't have to be done this way and none of it has worked out as hoped right. now it's a single least well the ten this is the tenth european low cost carrier to go under in the past two years where is it all go wrong well the european passenger aviation market has gotten really competitive in the last years and the toll has really been set by the giants of the budget airline industry you know them easy jet ryan airways air and as these airlines try to undercut each other the price of the margins are squeezed and it becomes
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a really hard to make money itself was offering fifty dollars for a one way transatlantic flight that's crazy if you really think about it so price competition has gotten so fierce in europe that the european airlines are projected to see a slide in profits this year which is contrast which is in contrast to the rest of the world of law is saying that's available airline profits are actually expected to surge and twenty nineteen so european airlines are going to be an outlier and price is a big part of. everything comes out of prize to now them allow reporting thank you as always. the chemical giant monsanto has repeatedly denied that its weed killer round up causes cancer and as challenge scientific studies to the contrary but a court now in california has ruled it's a major health risk awarding a plaintive who sued the company a total of eighty million dollars in compensation well it's not the first time that monsanto has lost a major claim involving the chemical or lawsuits looks set to follow. the victory
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for edwin hart a man who has cancer he took on one of the most powerful agro chemical companies in the world and one the jury said round up was defective and the company deceptive. today the jury sent a message loud and clear. that company should no longer put products on the market for anyone to. without being truthful without testing their product and without warning if it causes cancer the jurors said monsanto had been negligent by not using reasonable care in warning hardiman about its products potential risks last year record and san francisco also found in favor of a groundskeeper who said roundup had given him non hodgkins lymphoma yet now this is the second case where the jury is shamefully help that round up causes cancer and one thing to do and they are need to take note of that and they need to change
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their business model and their business practices by robot monsanto in mid twenty eight thousand for sixty three billion dollars it continues to insist the herbicide is safe when used as directed but with share prices sliding almost forty percent since the acquisition the purchase came at a higher than expected cost we've just annoyed we know today that because of the american securities laws by a couldn't look into the charges against monsanto's or into its books it was buying a black box and the risk in buying an unknown entity is being shown right now is it really as you say he has got it hundreds of studies have shown that the active ingredient in roundup lifeless eight is safe while many others have found it a health risk after two years of fierce debate the e.u. decided in twenty seventeen to renew the weed killers license for use in the block for another five years but no bio faces more than eleven thousand lawsuits involving round up in the us alone. well now to a discovery that left environmental scientists pleasantly surprised for a change
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a new nasa study has found that in eastern greenland a major glacier that used to be one of the fast the shrinking ice and snow masses on earth is expanding all or climate researchers have welcomed the news but they warn the trend is only temporary this was glacier samak twenty fifteen when these images were captured the glacier had been retreating three kilometers per year and thinning by forty meters annually since two thousand and twelve leading scientists to ring alarm bells but a recent study by nasa shows that the glacier has begun to expand again at about the same rate. between twenty six you know twenty seven. from two. separate. airborne missions we fall near the front of the glacier barri up to thirty meters now it's almost two hundred feet and one year. between
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twenty and twenty thousand the same thing again scientists are looking closely at what's happening in greenland there's enough ice sheet here to make global sea levels rise by seven meters the latest finding a glacier salmon slot came as good news but the authors of the study and other scientists agree this changing trend is temporary. they believe a natural cyclical cooling up north atlantic waters likely caused the glacier to stop shrinking for now. what the measurements in the fiord where this classic is demonstrated is that when the castle was retreating the waters were quite warm and they were beaten fed by warm waters from the ocean and when the glass here was started to thicken that was no longer that most of the said the oceans on woman is just the transfer of heat from the ocean to the face of the glass and start too little too late that's the researchers message there's no sign
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that global warming is slowing down instead they say what's happening in samara is worrying proof that the speed of change in ocean temperatures can affect greenland biggest glaciers. their worst kept secret in european football is out there going to are so sure has been appointed as the permanent coach of men's tester united on a three year deal on the norwegian was named interim coach back in december after the firing of a jos a marine ewen united have been in fine form since is an initial appointment including a remarkable comeback win over what he says i'm a in the champions league however they have lost their last two games. to the women's champions league now where two of europe's top clubs met in the second leg of their quarter finals tie germany's foes were coasted defending champions young with the french club already holding a two one lead. the minutes into the match and wolfsburg hopes of
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a comeback were head by goalkeeper ahmed chilled underestimated jennifer mush on the street kick. the german national player put leon ahead. later in the half another mistake this time in the midfield. a desperate show followed in the area and the referee awarded the clear penalty. twenty the nod had no trouble converting it was two nil meaning what spirit needed four goals at that point to reach the semifinals just after the break they got the first base or denmark forward from there the haka. a couple of minutes later how to level the scores at two all in all spurred work dreaming big but their chances of progression evaporated on the hour mark usually less a man made it three two on the night that some air later added another for a six three aggregate wim defending champions leon move into the semifinals. you're
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watching you haven't you still to come. two weeks after the cyclon each day hit movies and be equal take a look at the situation in munich a promise that people have had to set up house on the streets. and you'd have a news. afghan has the first pictures of the emotional homecoming of kenyan priest of peter to bashing the math and physics teacher who has just received this year's global teacher prize. all right before i go let me show you know some footage of a hair raising incident in a southern turkey c.c.t.v. camera captured these images that you're about to see of three men battling gusty winds she would keep hold of a large parasol before one of them was lifted away alpha's feet while a local market worker whose horse it over three meters into the air as he explained after jumping to safety he escaped luckily with
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a minor ankle jury let's see that again in slow motion. just terrifying out there but luckily everybody is ok you're watching do you have your news of next to all the day's biggest stories from africa on where her aachen are growing hope to see you get at the top of the hour.
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you know that seventy seven percent topic are younger than six o'clock. and. you know the clock keeps time low voices. the seventy seven percent talk about the issue. from politics to fashion
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from housing to good stuff this is what. welcome to the seventy seven percent. of people six d. w. . so far no just couldn't get this song out of his head. the college just began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the biography. i only seen nothing else. and would like to believe the cliche believe. me among. my living. people made it by their culture that he
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stayed. only a promise to a son was the son only of the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. you realize how strange. artificial little which really connected to life i was. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts first on t.w. . this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes two weeks inside killed it dies smashed into an effort at the top so the picture there is it was empty tossed still suffer in neighboring zimbabwe too many people has lost everything stupid. been tough for so many instead of the host.
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