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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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because we can't stay on venezuela i know. that because like global news that matters d.w. made for mines. this is italy news live from berlin china's worsening practice of disappearing is dissidents. feels like you've been locked up in hell if you need to a hotel i mean you're completely cut off from the world conducting unit you don't know anything and you're terrified that our correspondent meets a human rights lawyer who was found in china secret detention system. also coming
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up british lawmakers get set for another crucial drags it bodes well this time on only one half of the controversial deal negotiated with brussels although says the country seeks another extension to its e.u. would draw all day. and police in miles arrest five migrants for hijacking a tanker ship the men seize control of the vessel after rescued over one hundred people from waters off libya. hello and welcome my arm away a lot her rock we begin this broadcast in china where a recent spate of high profile disappearance cases there have attracted international attention being disappeared as people in china call it seems to be a common practice all dissidents are. often held at secret detention facilities and
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usually only handed over to the judiciary system after confession has been extracted. bellinger met a human rights lawyer who disappeared for six months before he was jailed for subversion here's his story. detention room is like a cooling chamber with a metal door escape from this room is impossible to go forward thomas. was one of two hundred human rights lawyers chinese authorities rounded up in july two thousand and fifteen. killer torturers in the everything inside is wrapped in soft material the walls the table it so you can't kill yourself. i didn't see daylight for half a year on a bright light is on twenty four hours a day you don't know if it's day or night. it feels like you've been locked up in hell. you're completely cut off from the
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world and. you don't know anything and you're terrified. at all to her condition forgotten can. see any was called to the administration of his apartment complex he didn't suspect anything. there several plainclothes police were waiting they blindfolded him and shoved him into a car. with his wife and children were wondering why you didn't come back then later that day twenty police officers came to search their apartment. could be a headhunter who needs and i was absolutely terrified nobody told me he came to taint the police searched the heist but refused to give any information or. force disappearances have become increasingly common in the head of into. former
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canadian diplomat an exiled writer a canadian businessman activist and a photographer a lawyer. and a billionaire just a few of those who disappeared in the last two years. the facilities are all from inside military compounds they are secret but activists have tried to find some detainees are not in the judicial systems database sienese wife and his mother herself a lawyer they did everything to track him down and without success. called to god if you want i talk to you on how she was even more terrified and i was she kept asking where have they taken my son. been she said young you might never come back could listen to her twenty two days after my husband disappeared she suddenly
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die huge on heart. then certainty is intentional thirty's use the sites to extort confession. to guards a presence of around the clock. the register every movement you make. they observe you go to find your weak spot and find out what you're most scared of the nation you are. they don't allow you to change positions when you sleep. and they deprive you of your slightest freedoms . you have to ask even if you want to drink water that's when. they make you sit on a wooden block for sixteen hours until you can't feel your limbs anymore. you can't
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even go to the toilet because your d'oeuvres seem dead. the whole detention facility is designed for you to understand that you are under their control. if they want you to live you will live if they want to die you will die if they want you to suffer you will suffer if they want you to be happy and you'll be happy. we're known for six months later he was transferred to a regular detention center and jailed for two years after his release he wrote to detailed account of the secret detention. even had his license to practice law but he is still refusing to keep quiet. next we shift our attention to the u.k. where the british government is set to hold a third vote on prime minister teresa mayes a controversial briggs a deal tomorrow on this term or else parents will be asked to approve only the
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divorce aspect of the deal and not the part governing the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. lawmakers have to approve both parts of the agreement has to be ratified but the government is hoping to avoid another heavy defeat by separating the elements in this way in this way while the speaker of the house of commons ruled that the government could table the motion after previously blocking the move this year where john bercow i had to say a little earlier. i am pleased to report to the house that the government's motion for tomorrow's debate complies with the test set out to the polls additional bearskin may on page three hundred ninety seven but motions which are the same or substantially the same must not be put to the house more than once in a problem increase or. in short the motion is new substantially
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different and in conformity with the requirements of my ruling of the eighteenth of march reiterated on the twenty fifth and twenty seventh of march the speaker there speaking moments ago let's get you more on these new developments with our correspondent in london charlotte parts ok show that we just heard the speaker it greets you for a chetry first breaks that vote tomorrow what can we expect. for parliament is going to hold a vote tomorrow on that withdrawal agreement so the divorce pod off the deal and this is the time they'll be voting on its theresa may the prime minister determined to get the numbers this time and she's trying to rally m.p.'s behind closed doors tonight to to get the numbers in the end so yesterday she made the ultimate sacrifice she offered her consent. the party that she will step down for the next process off the negotiations when it is about the political future and
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she said she was going to step down if they vote for her deal tomorrow so she was able to get some of the tory rebels on her side for example boris johnson who has smashed the deal over the past few months but there are still questions if the numbers can add up in her favor tomorrow because she does not have the northern irish do you on board yet and also she would need some labor votes and what we've been hearing today from m.p.'s is everything but sure that this deal will make it through tomorrow well exactly i mean is this the silver bullet is this the way out of this did log because as you've been reporting theresa may try to sweeten the deal by promising to step down if lawmakers through her agreement but what happens if her deal falls through. well the default option is still that the u.k. leaves the european union on april twelfth without a deal so one thing that could happen is that lawmakers are trying to ask for a long extension a really long one and then they are trying to find
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a way forward in the next month or so but the other thing is that it could come to a no deal scenario and lawmakers here today a field full of that and they've been saying that could be the most likely scenario we've been hearing from the business community that they angry that they are angry about the uncertainty and worried about this no deal scenario and an internal cabinet report also shows that the u.k. is terribly unprepared for this chaotic way it could come to so the hope here is that there is some way out of the deadlock but it just doesn't seem that there is at the moment hard to be continued charlotte ponce reporting from london thank you . all right like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the number of fatalities from a suspected terror attack in the dutch city of international has risen to four a seventy four year old man has died of his injuries that he sustained during the shooting in a tram ten days ago a turkish born man has been charged on suspicion of murder or terrorist intent. in
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the somali capital mogadishu at least fifteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack near a hotel and restaurants was no immediate claim of responsibility but the explosion took place in an area targeted by islamist militants in the past over a dozen people were injured. the death toll from a massive fire in a high rise office building in the bangladeshi capital dhaka has risen to nineteen officials says several people died after jumping from the main team story building as day try to escape the blaze will dozens are reported injured fire fighting units are still searching the structure for those who may have been trapped inside. mt as armed forces have taken control of a tanker that was hijacked by migrants rescued at sea the turkish vessel has arrived at a multi-sport with military personnel on board five people were handcuffed and
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escorted off the vessel about one hundred migrants and refugees and been rescued in the seas off libya some of them took control of the ship when it was ordered to were turned to that country and forced it to head toward europe instead. the arrival of the turkish tanker and multiple multis armed forces with the help of speed boats on the helicopter had brought it under control on the open sea. for hours migrant hijackers had been at the helm. of. the tankers crew rescued around one hundred migrants and refugees among them twelve children off the libyan coast. after the ship was apparently ordered to return to libya some of those rescued then took command and forced the crew instead to head towards europe. italy's interior minister material salvini views it as an act of piracy. this is about criminal organized people trafficking criminal
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because they hijacked those who had previously saved them who had taken them for polkas to ways. they cared. but refugee organizations called for sympathy for the migrants citing the near total absence from the mediterranean of rescue ships you're quite worried by the fact that in this moment since there is not enough presence of rescue ships at sea with a good season if there are more departure we will see more that's police arrested five migrants while the remainder were brought to reception center it's unclear whether they will remain in multan. isis budget carrier wow air has halted operations in canceled all flights after attempts to find a buyer failed wow specializes in low cost connections between europe and north america with this base in the icelandic capital of reykjavik well the airline's closure good deal a heavy blow to the country's booming tourist industry well meanwhile thousands of
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passengers are stranded on both sides of the atlantic. about four thousand passengers are stranded at well as various destinations after the company ceased operations and canceled all flights. canceled yesterday to try to get something else and we were supposed to fly to frankfurt when we came here they were saying the flight got canceled and you would have received some kind of e-mail communication and nobody received any got a few minutes communication the collapse of the troubled airline comes out the buyout talks with rival icelandair fell a particular year this week up till first day morning where our air had transported more than a third of people who visited iceland in a tourist boom which had revived the island's economy in the years following the global financial crisis well air founded in two thousand and eleven exploited iceland's location in the middle of the north atlantic to offer a low cost service between europe and north america last year the no frills airline carried some three and
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a half million passengers however it had flown into financial trouble in recent years due to heightened competition and rising fuel prices and had been searching for an investor for months. you're watching news still to come. gardner is awarded millions of dollars in damages after claiming that round out the week killer cost his cancer. that's story and all the day's business news coming up right after i leave the rock i'm fine thank you for spending this part of your day with us. he called the same journey to learn german i looked in the. why not learn with him d w z learning course because fake. african. president the long. end of the world.


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