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w. . this is g w news live from berlin tonight the price of a cancer causing weed killer of course in the u.s. orders monsanto to paint eighteen million dollars in damages the plaintiff a retired groundskeeper who said that the. calls for his cancer monsanto could face a flood of similar claims from around the world also coming up tonight a third try for teresa mayes breaks it plans british lawmakers get said to vote friday on a deal that they've already rejected twice if they say no again
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a delay to the start of breaks it could be in jeopardy and police in malls are arrested five migrants for hijacking it's what's next for the men who seized control of the vessel after more than a hundred people from the waters off the coast of libya. i'm brink off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world well we begin tonight with news about monsanto the chemical giant has repeatedly denied that its weed killer round up calls us cancer challenging scientific studies that claim it does but a court in california has now ruled that the chemical is a major health risk it's awarding the plaintiffs who sued the company a total of eighty million dollars in compensation it's not the first time that
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months has lost a major claim involving the weed killer more lawsuits look set to fall. victory for edwin hart a man who has cancer he took on one of the most powerful agro chemical companies in the world and one the jury said round up was defective and the company deceptive. today the jury sent a message loud and clear. that company should no longer products on the market for anyone to buy without being truthful without testing their product and without warning if it causes cancer the jurors said monsanto had been negligent by not using reasonable care in borning hardiman about its products potential risks last year a court in san francisco also found in favor of a groundskeeper who said roundup had given him non hodgkins lymphoma. and this is the second case where the jury is emotionally help that round up causes cancer and
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monsanto and they are need to take note of that and they need to change their business model and their business practice by robot monsanto in mid twenty eighteen for sixty three billion dollars it continues to insist the herbicide is safe when used as directed but with share prices sliding almost forty percent since the acquisition the purchase came at a higher than expected cost you just annoyed we know today that because of the american securities laws by a couldn't look into the charges against monsanto's or into its books it was buying a black box and the risk in buying an unknown entity is being shown right now is really due to his god it hundreds of studies have shown that the active ingredient in roundup life is safe is safe while many others have found it a health risk after two years of fierce debate the e.u. decided in twenty seventeen to renew the weed killers license for use in the block for another five years but no bio faces more than eleven thousand lawsuits
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involving round up in the us alone. well here in europe they're saying that in britain maybe the third time will be the charm of the british government is set to hold a third vote on prime minister teresa mayes controversial breaks it deal tomorrow this time around parliament will be asked to approve or reject only the divorce aspect of the deal and not the part governing the u.k.'s future relationship with the european union lawmakers have to approve both parts of the agreement is to be ratified but the government is hoping to avoid another heavy defeat by separating the elements this way. now the speaker of the house of commons john bercow ruled that the government could table the motion after previously blocking the move let's hear part of what he said earlier today. i am pleased to report to the house that the government's motion for tomorrow's debate complies with the test set out. when
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people today should have a skewed may on page three hundred ninety seven missions which of the same will substantially will be asked to approve or reject only the divorce aspect of the deal and not the part governing the u.k.'s future relationship with the european union lawmakers have to approve both parts of the agreement is to be ratified but the government is hoping to avoid another heavy defeat by separating the elements this way. now the speaker of the house of commons john bercow ruled that the government could table the motion after previously blocking the move let's hear part of what he said earlier today. i am pleased to report to the house that the government's motion for tomorrow's debate complies with the test sets out to people today should have a skewed may on page three hundred ninety seven missions which of the same will substantially the same must not be put to the house more than once in
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a parliamentary session. in short the motion is new substantially different and in conformity with the requirements of my ruling of the eighteenth of march reiterated on the twenty fifth and twenty seventh of march are listening to our correspondent. so we just heard there from the speaker he has agreed to a fresh vote tomorrow a third try with teresa mayes plan what is so different. about this plan that's being submitted tomorrow for a vote it. was a clever move from teresa mayes government because essentially what they did or the big question was how do you change a deal when the other side has basically said to the european union that they are not going to be any changes anymore you can't do it unilaterally so the government here has separated the withdrawal agreement so the act of the divorce the divorce
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papers so to say from the political declarations so from the way forward is the intention is how you want the future relationships to be and they have by the deal is now substantially different and can be voted on tomorrow and pot them and. bring up a good point i mean is the european union going to even recognize this if it's not the deal that they negotiated with and what about to resume may she has offered to resign if the deal is passed is that the way out of the deadlock. well terry some a is determined to get this deal through and she is rallying votes this minute as we speak basically she has offered in front of her conservatives yesterday to resign for any future negotiations at that point if good deal gets through and some tory rebels have already said that they are now on board with her deal that they are going to support it and vote yes for example boris johnson
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who has really smashed a deal for months and months but the question is are others going to come onboard because that is definitely not enough and for example the northern irish do you peter ally they have already said that they are not going to support the deal and most of the labor m.p.'s won't won't support it either so it really looks very unlikely at this point that she is going to get that was drawled agreement through parliament tomorrow and then what happens if this deal is rejected the third time. well the default option is still that the u.k. leaves the european union without a deal on april twelfth the so-called brics a day chaotic breck said i mean the u.k. could potentially ask for a longer extension so this could go on for months and months but they are trying to find a way forward but at the moment m.p.'s here are worried that a no deal scenario becomes more and more likely we've been hearing members of parliament worrying about that today and an internal cabinet report showed exactly
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how unprepared the u.k. would be for such a chaotic scenario so a lot of uncertainty still for brits abroad for europeans in great britain and frankly for the people in the u.k. so at the moment everything is still very very unpredictable here you have we're also hearing that european union leaders are also bracing for. with no deal show other parts of the story for us tonight in london a lot to thank you. and it's not only britain's future that's in the balance tomorrow teresa mayes future is well she has offered to resign if parliament passes for brits a plan parliamentary drama that is tailor made for a thespian and the british press there to look and exhausted prime minister promises i'm off now back my deal british newspapers heralded theresa may swan song but despite her offered to resign a majority vote for her deal in parliament is unlikely the lobbying in westminster
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continues well the prime minister has said that the house will stop and no deal breaks it and i think she's right so when you look at the alternatives to the withdrawal agreement none of them are as good as the agreement we have in front of us and i hope there's more people think the conclude that they need to vote for it . may has lost another battle the northern irish do you whose votes she needs publicly rejected her deal wednesday because of its irish border solution. the backstop in that withdrawal agreement makes it impossible for us to sign up to the withdrawal of grandmother knew you know what i regret that because we wanted to get the daily work for the whole of the united kingdom and then that worked for northern ireland. thursday the british government announced another bragg's a vote in parliament on friday. we recognise that any motion
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brought forward tomorrow will need to be compliant with the speaker is willing and that discussion is ongoing. house speaker john bercow had previously ruled out a further vote on the same resignation agreement now britain seeks yet another extension to its easy you withdrawal date. high drama some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world hundreds of protesters took to the streets of the algerian capital again today to demand the president's resignation on tuesday after weeks of demonstrations the army called for president. to be declared unfit to rule but protesters oppose the military's plan to retain the current constitution there urging and overthrow of the entire ruling elite the number of fatalities from a suspected terror attack in the dutch city of has risen to four a seventy four year old man has died of the injuries he sustained during the shooting in a ten days ago a turkish border has been charged on suspicion of murder with terrorist intent in
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the somali capital mogadishu at least fifteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the restaurant there was no immediate claim of responsibility but the explosion took place in an area targeted by islamist militants in the past over a dozen people were injured boeing has delivered a software upgrade for a seven thirty seven max passenger jet that's meant to prevent failures of the aircraft's stole system the jets have been grounded around the world following the deadly ethiopian airlines crash earlier this month boeing says the timing of the upgrade was not related to that crash. you're watching news still to come a turkish court dismisses a case against a journalist. she's been battling lawsuits after reporting on senior politicians to tax havens is coming up in
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a few months. malta's armed forces have taken control of a tanker that was hijacked by migrants who were rescued in the mediterranean the turkish vessel has arrived at the maltese poor with military personnel on board five people were handcuffed. off the books about one hundred migrants and refugees have been rescued in the seas off the coast of libya some of them took control of the ship when it was ordered to return to libya and they forced it to head towards europe instead. the arrival of the turkish tanker in malta maltese armed forces with the help of speed boots and a helicopter had brought it under control on the open sea for hours migrant hijackers had been at the helm. the crew rescued around one hundred migrants and refugees among them twelve children off the libyan coast after
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the ship was apparently ordered to return to libya some of those rescued then took command and forced the crew instead to head towards europe. italy's interior minister material salvini views it as an act of piracy. this is about criminal people trafficking criminal because they hijacked those who had previously saved them who had taken them for the ways. but refugee organizations called for sympathy for the migrants citing the near total absence from the mediterranean of rescue ships. by the fact that in these moments since there is not enough. ships at sea with a good season if there are more departure we will see more. police arrested five migrants while the remainder were brought to a reception center it's unclear whether they will remain in multan. and joining me now from malta is richard brenner he's with mission lifeline that's
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a european in providing civil rescue operations for refugees in the mediterranean its ship was grounded by authorities about nine months ago it's good to have you on the program richard tell me do we know just based on what you've learned in your experience what is going to happen to these migrants these refugees who are on board that tanker. hello what i've seen is quite a similar situation like we had in the head last year when we came into the harbor there were a lot of cars from the detentions and bringing taking to. board that it is quite a big that's happening there are a lot of policemen standing on the morning station and. five presents the broken hand counts as well. it's quite the normal situation that happened here they were approached into a detention center. what brought identification
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as well and this is what you saw here at the moment today richard what are you hearing about what actually happened on board this tanker and we've got reports telling us that people panicked when they heard that they were going to be returned to libya. this is quite enormous situation we had last year when we met with the new can coastguard all the people on our boat was frightening as well as well i think when they heard that they have to go back to the stage and gauge situation it makes something like a panic on the board and i think this would be the best argument through it to say ok we go not to the crew and we go back we go direction and this means what happened now they can't do much else and this doesn't bode very well for organizations that are trying to rescue migrants does that mean what's happened to
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the work for example that you're in go does what's happened to you since this crackdown began. yeah i will go to see since nine months now and they now and it's quite a very. depressing situation for us we have perfect the equip for doing rescues and. so-called new coast guard who has spent. if that the case is not reachable and this is not a good situation and we are here. as well as other organizations and cannot do anything in the moment one of balance vessels operating in the mediterranean when they hear reports of migrants being rescued who then turn on the ships personnel and basically hijack the ship what do you think that's going to do to the general mood in the environment regarding rescuing migrants from north africa.
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i do the situation is really crazy in the moment very unstable country it is specially the so-called coast guard so there's no manual that you can follow as well as the crew on board of a commercial vessel and this makes everything very complicated as well i think the crew now decided to say that it's not a safe port and that's why they go north. it sounds like the dangers are certainly not decreasing there in the mediterranean that's for sure richard britta joining us tonight from valetta in malta richard we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you. thank you a turkish court has dismissed a case against investigative journalist and you contributor paid. who was being sued for defamation by the turkish finance minister after reporting on allegations connecting the politician to offshore tax havens or investigation was made possible
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by leaked documents known as the paradise papers. case was dismissed for exceeding turkish statute of limitations law. pending. she's been through two criminal trials her husband and father by her side. outside court on thursday the family was relieved. with this even though of course i'm happy about this verdict but it's bittersweet earlier this year the same judge sentenced me to more than thirteen months in jail when today's verdict was announced the judge said unfortunately i have to drop the charges and she looked at mr lawyers apologetically. that says a lot about the current state of the judiciary in this country it is us and the talk here on the. one cares encounter with the turkish justice system they can after she joined the international network of journalists investigating the
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so-called paradise paper's. leaks documents detailing the use of tax havens feith thousands of individuals and companies. in care find alleged ties to turkish finance minister. and his brother and to the family of four much turkish prime minister. wen homecare published her findings in turkish newspaper cham her yet both politicians sued her for defamation. the case has now been dropped on a technicality but in the year in case still be facing more than thirteen months in prison now on this subject. a journalist has never been sentenced to prison for publishing about the paradise papers anywhere in the world. this only happens in
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turkey instead elsewhere the authorities have actually taken some action against these tax havens. and other than that it's a lot of. the cases once again raised questions about media freedoms in taki. cat is determined to continue reporting as she awaits the results of her appeal. or venezuela have stripped the self-proclaimed president one. of his elected office and barred him from holding public office for the next fifteen years the country's all the general justified the decision by siding irregularities in finances quite has dismissed. this is the latest twist in the country's political crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of venezuelans fleeing to neighboring colombia. this three story building owned by a colombian family in southern bogota houses ten venezuelan migrants they eat
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breakfast together on a quiet sunday morning. these people are among the two hundred thousand migrants who have come to the city in recent years since the city council provides few shelters the migrants only choice is to rent shared rooms with two or three other people for the holy month we sleep here in the living room and it's a little uncomfortable sometimes since we need privacy but other than that it's good. her landlady nogueira lives on the house's upper floor the colombian national decided to rent her rooms to venezuelan migrants in part to earn some extra cash. moved by their situation the quality of life they had in that moment they have no place to sleep as some people would not rent to them i mean. she tries to create a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of space to talk and laugh with her tenants and she even goes
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a step further. sometimes they call me their mom so i scold them when they do things wrong or when they don't go to work or pay the utilities i'm looking out for them. despite strict rules for cleanliness and order there's also sympathy for the migrants tough financial situation especially when bills are due. sometimes we are late with payments so we simply tell her look mrs no such and such is happening i don't have the full amount give me a few days and i will pay you and she understands. the positive example of the no good our family is a particular situation thousands of as well as have a very hard time finding lodging and it makes them easy targets for those taking advantage of their situation by offering far less decent housing for higher prices andras martina is a real estate association explains how landlords are making money housing venezuelan's in rundown buildings. many property owners have made
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a business out of renting or receiving payments making people pay a daily fee to spend a single night in a tenement. the so-called. pain daley's only offer a bed tenants have no guarantees and risk getting kicked out at any moment nineteen year old luis works as a barber he barely earns enough each day to pay for his. to me this is like something for prisoners three bunk beds that mean six people you don't have the privacy you want and you can never leave your valuables here. then israel and migrants are at the mercy of fate if they don't and counter helpful colombians they risk being exploited and can only hope to someday be able to afford a place they can truly come home. and now
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a story we promise will not give you high blood pressure researchers in israel say that they have discovered the world's longest salt cave in mount set up near the dead sea an international expedition led by the hebrew university of jerusalem spent two years mapping the cave which is known as the model and cave now the cave that was thought to be the longest until now is on the iranian island of question. breakdancing has been given a provisional green light to be included in the twenty twenty four olympics in paris yes. critics argue the pursuit is not strictly a sport and that judging well jean lee is too subjective but its proponents say they're ready to delve the world into change mine. breakdancing is part of a new generation of sports the international olympic committee has recommended adding into the program for paris twenty twenty fall breakdancing hopes to join
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skateboarding sport climbing and surfing which have already been approved for the tokyo games next year. who clearly in line with. the. the because of the contribute to make the program of the games more. more useful more. traditionally breakdancing is not a sport but china's coach at the two thousand and eighteen youth games believes a recognition is vital. to getting no sport programme belongs to the olympics without the support of a big platform for any grass roots culture will become more and more new or maybe even vanish. the final decision will come next year but breakdancing already looks set to turn the olympics upside down in twenty twenty fall. fears remind of the top
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stories that we're following for you the british government says it will put a fresh sit motion to a vote by lawmakers tomorrow but it's a bid to fulfil an ultimatum from the european union and earn another short extension to the start of break sit in police in malta have arrested five min alleged to have hijacked a tanker ship after it rescued them and other migrants from the waters off. the coast of libya. are before i go let me show you some footage of a hero raising incident in southern turkey a c.c.t.v. camera capturing these images of three men battling gusty winds to keep hold of a large parasol before one of them was lifted took a look right off his feet the local market worker was hoisted over three meters into the air as he explained after he jumped to safety he escaped with a minor ankle injury we're going to see that again now in slow motion and then
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after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day and i promise to keep you on the ground.
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what's the connection between brett powell and the european union he knows not to do w correspondent and avid baker can stretch this book in line with the rules set by the team. cuts mean no. smoking recipes for success a strategy that could make a difference. baking bread on d.w.
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. a city in ruins. morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when finance fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was told. by the tourism will never again football game of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not liberation at all this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the circle i mean was sitting as a result of. an exclusive report from
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a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of i.a.s. starts april eleventh on d w. the european union and the united states are where we of growing chinese influence around the world but the chinese threat is not reserved to exports inside the country dangerous and disturbing things are happening but there the west is noticeably silent tonight exclusive look at making problems go away china's forced disappearances i'm bring in berlin this is the day.


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