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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is. a grieving nation remembers the victims of the new zealand mass shooting. representing those countries around the world are there to fifty people gunned down during friday prayers two weeks ago. conditions in mozambique half a million people are homeless and
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a cholera outbreak is getting worse. the british parliament today. it's a last ditch effort to arrange the country's orderly withdrawal from the e.u. . also in this half hour from t.v. star to political powerhouse a ukrainian comedian who plays a blue collar president. is leading in the presidential polls. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a national memorial service has been held in christ church new zealand to remember the fifty people killed in two mosque attacks two weeks ago thousands stood in silence as the names of the victims were read out. new zealand prime minister just
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. attended the ceremony joined by representatives of governments from around the world she spoke out against the muslim immigrant hate that motivated the alleged killer event took place near the door mosque where the majority of victims were shot to death during friday prayers on march fifteenth. here's what some of those attending said after the service there's a very visible. pushback on racism and i think that is what we hope will continue as we need to live in a peaceful and. hopefully we can take. this. place and. i'm grateful to be here until it's one of these people's lives yeah there is only one message peace peace to new zealand and all of what. it is a message. from the we learn that the hate is so small. and obvious so much
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big i think we've become a more inclusive society. that's. me. thinking chieveley. in the words anyone who's differences. or correspondent samantha early is in christ church and joins us now from there some mental and emotional memorial service people from around the world were there tell us more about. this well we're at the world is just a very close that we have no moral civis with how tens of thousands of people and frankly as you see the standing and the silence is the names of the victims were read out of the civil was very somber and quite focused as well on these ilands this is safe with a lot of representation from the indigenous community as well which has felt quite a special affinity with the muslim community in the past two weeks. we've been
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hearing some emotional statements from the survivors of this attack let's listen to one of them who says he has forgiven his attacker. brought me here to go on to some so putting in his life. some traumatic thing happened to him and he could not process where he's going to construct. this why i don't support is that only a child but i did the same time i can not deny the fact that he's my human. e.g. human being is my brother he's my sister this is my you see and this is what i love has taught me. an extraordinary expression of human compassion there from one of the survivors but despite their best efforts to cope things in christ church and in new zealand as
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a whole will never really be the same after this well they. know it's a one of the major media organizations here touch with the coverage of this the end of our innocence and that is really what it feels like quite a lot of people it's really you must remember we are not used to seeing the place on the streets and normally our police are on but we've been on high security it's a little fitz who wakes and a lot of people as well for his nightly a christian a their own motivations there are prejudiced is that they might have had and really talking about what needs to be done on an individual level as well as a community level to really address crisis and hatred and say in a five year. beyond memorial services how is new zealand coming to terms with the aftermath of this attack.
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well today's memorial about exactly two weeks and the shootings it was really seemed to be marking a turning point between the initial response and the ongoing recovery and made the challenge and some of the things we can be expected to hear more about in the few weeks are calls for every just air of high crimes and new zealand speaking to hear more about. accountability for social media companies for destructive content and also be looking closely to having a royal commission of inquiry actually into what could have been done much still torricelli's sysiphus says. investigate is how possibly this attack might have been able to have been prevented all these things are going to be looked at very hard over the past few weeks so some next steps there samantha thank you very much. early there in christ church new zealand. now to britain where parliament will
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today hold a vote on parts of prime minister teresa mayes briggs's planned the same day the u.k. was originally scheduled to leave the e.u. . withdrawal plan has already twice been rejected by british lawmakers the paralysis over brags it could push the u.k. to leave without a deal and that's a prospect that few in britain or anywhere else want to see. friday was supposed to be briggs the day before a deadline extension agreed last week march twenty ninth was the date that the u.k. was meant to break off from the european union instead the british parliament will vote for a third time on the brags that deal negotiated by prime minister to resign may with a deal on the twenty second at this time she is asking parliament to vote just on the withdrawal agreement not the future relationship with the e.u. it's a split many members of parliament have already rejected on principle. just the prime
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minister is trying to do is do something that she did not do on the fourteenth of january and that is separate. from the political declaration for the future arrangements when you cannot separate them because otherwise you move into a blindfold breaks on the base and. there's no way out of it once you've signed it and gone into it may says she will resign there for deal goes through but there's a slim chance of that with the opposition labor party as well as many of may's conservative allies saying they won't support it do you think it's ok. that lawmakers intend to continue voting on alternative plans on monday but the path forward is unclear the u.k. will crash out of the e.u. on april twelfth if it does not approve may's deal or somehow secure another extension from that you. mean while the other european member states are preparing for a no deal bragg's it. france's euro tunnel has spent fifteen million euros on new
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infrastructure the company operates the tunnel between the u.k. and france without a deal this can become the site of a chaotic checkpoint in just under two weeks. the british parliament has voted firmly against crashing out of the u. a large majority of the british people are also against that scenario which is becoming increasingly likely by the day. rival protests have kept a regular presence at the house of commons with people on both sides be wilderness by the gridlock gripping their government. let's cross over to our correspondent in london today was the day the u.k. was scheduled to leave the e.u. at its own request we have to remember can you explain in a nutshell why that's not happening. but terry polman finds it very very difficult to say goodbye and as you have explained they have already
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rejected the deal the reason may and the european union have agreed on and they all objection is visa mase own party members and p.c.m. paula meant they think that in the future that the u.k. will be tied to closely to the european union so this is why some of her conservative m.p.'s all still motivating with her all say it's about the future of northern ireland the northern irish party is know to not voting with her who are actually have allies in government and then the labor party they've got their own reasons and they want to also influence the form that breaks it takes they're hoping for a general election so people just have their very entrenched opinion as far as bracks it is concerned now this is been going around in circles for a while and here we are again the u.k. parliament voting once again on a break that deal they've already rejected any chance that it will pass this time. no it. it really doesn't look like to reason may is going to have the numbers this
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time around we've already had that do you key the northern irish small party ally. and will not vote for of course things can change everything is movable you know there can be surprises ahead but as it stands now it doesn't look very very likely now people have so many different and fearne views on the under siege of this country we've caught up with never do that get the chairman of the german foreign affairs committee to ask him what he thinks should be the way forward of course it's not up to me as a german politician and parliamentarian to give advice is what could be a good way my view has always been clear i consider breaks it a disaster and even more so given the do political developments and upheaval unraveling so europe has to stay and stick together and not fall apart in order to
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remain relevant and apart from that given the paralysis of the institutions and the system i would say you have there is only one one approach to recall. and come to a conclusion and this means to give it back to the people who started this process what took the decision but now or nearly three years later it's much clearer what bracks it really means and they should say do you really want that what you know no it is about all do you prefer to rethink and to remain is there maybe every german wish that in the end it will not happen. i have been a settlement which it's not only a german wish. because we well you the british membership in the european union we know the valuable contribution of britain to the european union perhaps germany
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even more than others do so our wishes clear but i will respect is also clear it's up to the british people or britain to this country to decide about its own future . so this is was not about the let's get i had to say i know fiercely and it shows that the european union is looking at this what's going on here in parliament with great great interest so not just people here all around me are sort of fixated on on what's going to happen in parliament but it really is the whole european union absolutely assuming they're get the parliament rejects the brakes that deal again today for the third time where do we go from here. well we know that m.p.'s are hoping to have another second round of the so-called indicative aids which is their way of trying to form a consensus to whittle down an option that they can get behind having disagreed
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with to reason may's deal time and again of course reason me is also trying to get a deal three one more time so if she pauses that that would lay the groundwork for the u.k.'s exit for the european union but if she doesn't then the m.p.'s are hoping to take charge in a way and instruct the government what to do if that happens they would most likely have to ask for another extension from the european union and if there is no agreement whatsoever then the twelfth of april is bret's a day so there is really not much time here in london to come to some form of contribution to some form of. and. that we're seeing here right now all european eyes on london again today. there in london thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the government of german chancellor angela merkel has extended an embargo on weapons
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exports to saudi arabia by six months the band started last october following the murder of saudi journalist amal. the move has faced opposition from conservatives within the german government and the e.u. partners because of impacts joint defense projects. the death toll from a massive fire that tore through a high rise building in the bangladeshi capital dhaka has risen to twenty five a day after the blaze firefighters are combing through the charred shell of the building and police say they're investigating allegations that the building lacked adequate fire safety features. venezuela's main opposition leader and self declared interim president. has been barred from public office for fifteen years the country's general cited irregularities in his finance it's wide open as dismissed and he accuses incumbent nicolas maduro of rigging last year's election and has the
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backing of the u.s. and dozens of other countries. brazil's president. has attended a ceremony marking the anniversary of the coup that resulted in twenty one years of military rule and the deaths of hundreds of people families of the victims earlier criticized the far right leaders decision to reinstate the commemorations of the coup which had been abolished by former leader dilma rousseff. you're watching still to come other countries have done it elect a t.v. star into the highest office in the land and now ukraine might follow suit in elections this weekend. it's been two weeks since cycling and it dies smashed into mozambique's coast more than seven hundred people have been reported dead so far making one of the most
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devastating storms in the southern hemisphere now and help break of waterborne diseases threatens to aggravate the already dire conditions facing the millions who survive aid organizations are warning about the dangers of a cholera epidemic the government announced that the number of cases has now risen to almost one hundred forty. nation campaign is currently being rolled out in the affected areas. thousands of people in the mozambique and province of many were left homeless due to cyclon. there'd be forced to live at the site of the road. all the houses of collapsed everything we had just gone we have no way to live with our children so we decided to campaign the emergency shelters are overflowing. forty thousand people need help in the province of money alone the second worst hit area of mozambique. and those who have fled
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their homes face hunger unless they can pay inflated prices authorities have condemned anyone trying to turn the tragedy into a business opportunity and called on people to help each other. that we call on all mozambique and show solidarity to one another this cannot be a moment where fellow country men take advantage of each other worsening the suffering of our people here in the province. so we're asking traders in exactly what we asked of their colleagues in q mile susan and across the entire province. but let's unite and be sensitive towards the situation our fellow citizens are in. their suffering they have lost everything and they need to help. the people here have little choice but to wait until further help arrives.
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a turkish court has dismissed a case against investigative journalist n d w contributor paley. was being sued for defamation by the turkish minister after reporting allegations concerning the politician to offshore tax havens her investigation was made possible by leaked documents known as the paradise papers and court case was dismissed for exceeding turkish statute of limitation walls. pending cat is used to court appearances by now. she's been through two criminal trials how husband and father by have side. right side court on thursday the family was relieved. with this event of course i'm happy about this verdict but it's bittersweet earlier this year the same judge sentenced me to more than thirteen months in jail when today's verdict was
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announced the judge said unfortunately i have to drop the charges and she looked at mr lawyers apologetically. that says a lot about the current state of the judiciary in this country that is us and the talks here on the. don't cares encounter with the turkish justice system began after she joined the international network of journalists investigating the so-called paradise papers. leaked documents detailing the use of tax havens feith thousands of individuals and companies. in care found alleged ties to turkish finance minister by iraq and his brother and to the family of four much turkish prime minister. wen homecare published her findings in turkish newspaper chum her yet both politicians sued her
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for defamation the case has now been dropped on a technicality but in the year in case you care could still be facing more than thirteen months in prison. a journalist has never been sentenced to prison for publishing about the paradise papers anywhere in the world . this only happens in turkey instead elsewhere the authorities have actually taken some action against these tax havens. the case has once again raised questions about media freedoms in taki. is determined to continue reporting as she awaits the results of her appeal. ukraine goes to the polls on sunday to choose a new president the first national vote since two thousand and fourteen when the mind on revolution forced pro russian leader victory on a coach from power here's the three main contenders in sunday's we've got the
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incumbent petro poroshenko he's pro european but he's been criticized for failing to implement reforms and fight corruption another familiar face yulia tymoshenko she's a two time prime minister she's also pro europe and was part of the two thousand and four orange revolution against corruption the person who could turn ukrainian politics upside down is this man blogger mia zelinsky bold so them ski he's a comedian and actor famous for playing the president in a popular t.v. show and according to opinion polls he's got a good chance of becoming president for real. good morning mr president he's. an ordinary man taken by surprise catapulted into the top job by
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a string of coincidences that's the story of the ukrainian city servant of the people now its lead balloon team is alinsky is poised to become ukraine's president the second time. this time it could be the real polls consistently put him ahead of both incumbent president petro poroshenko and ex prime minister yulia timoshenko and there's the rub where both his closest rivals have been at the forefront of ukrainian politics for decades as a blank page he's never previously been involved in politics let alone held elected office but in a country struggling with massive corruption and a seemingly. flick in the east many are desperate for fresh faces but. for president i'm challenging the elites on their own turf that's why they're tearing into me calling me a clown yes i'm a clown. i'm proud of that. selenski is a candidate unlike any other and he's refusing to play by the normal rules of
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campaigning there are no rallies and very few interviews selenski is running a campaign that's almost all online and he's using social media to talk to his potential supporters directly his central message transparency breaking with the kind of politics that has made ukraine one of europe's most corrupt and poorest nations selenski calls it becoming president but staying a normal guy he says he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep on the really big questions he says he'll let the people decide in referendums. but easy enough to donald trump and it. will. be the next show business outsider to shake up his country's politics. creating a really popular political myth in ukraine the theory goes that only an outsider can defeat the existing political system but on his own i doubt he'll succeed.
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but how much of an outsider is really his critics argue that in reality he's anything but launching a campaign calling him a puppet of the oligarch. whose channels have made selenski famous. as one of ukraine's richest men and an arch enemy of president petro poroshenko selenski denies there's anything untoward about their relationship but the questions remain in servant of the people. of president protocol out of the window much to the delight of the crowd. within weeks his enemies begin to sabotage his plans preparing for his impeachment. he would do in real life is anything but clear but for now it looks likely that ukrainians could well soon. unfold this time on the political stage and without a script. the zookeepers in sydney are calling it
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a wonderful success for the future of an endangered species as three rare sumatran tiger cubs made their public debut at the tour. the two female cubs and one male were born at the zoo in january as part of a regional breeding program tigers are classified as critically endangered with as few as three hundred fifty remaining in the wild their natural habitat has been devastated by the illegal wildlife trade and clearing for palm oil plantation. business and. this was supposed to be bragg's that day the day that the u.k. left the e.u. european businesses are still scrambling to prepare for business is also european governments the new border checkpoints asked to be put in place but. also going to look at the. trade deals that need to be negotiated to understand that there's
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a lot still to be worked out on that huge implications and nobody really knows what's going to. just what it might mean european business is preparing.
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catching out carol off must is the head of russia. in the last minute. california. selling itself a one hundred russian believe and has president take. that mission to abolish the separation of church. say from russia in forty five minutes.
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cut. cut cut cut. cut. china also today. tomorrow to d.w. . a city in ruins morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population last month spot you played the city center in tulsa seven team president to church's response was. during. the cold. of. the reconquest turned into tragedy is not the
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kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of i.r.s. starts april eleventh on g.w. . bracing for briggs it's who will be left to trade with britain and the u.k. creches out of europe and also precious out of forty free trade agreements coffee in place of the only eight small new deals in place right now britain's economy could be left in splendid isolation.


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