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w. . this is the w.'s line from british lawmakers deal another blow to the governments of brecht's plans m.p.'s reject the prime minister's withdrawal deal for a time so instead of leaving the e.u. today britain will leave from the twelfth of april unless theresa may can convince brussels it's worth giving the u.k. an extension also on the program. claims about iran's take to the streets with their weekly demands for fresh elections for the country's any president to step down after two decades in power.
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i'm still girl welcome to the program today should have been the day britain left the european union instead it's the day that british lawmakers dealt the prime minister's plans another blow despite two previous defeats theresa may was trying to get parliament to approve the withdrawal deal she agreed with brussels and to get an extension of the deadline for departure sadly for her it wasn't time lucky. to the right two hundred eighty six the no use for the left three hundred forty four so the numbers have it then no use having. once again a vote in parliament and once again a defeat for the government for the third time prime minister teresa mayes breaks that plan fails mr speaker i fear we are. the limits of this process in this house
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this house. this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no bret's it on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone now on april twelfth there will be a withdrawal without a deal unless making negotiate a further postponement with the e.u. but it's uncertain how long they will remain prime minister leading conservatives are already positioning themselves to replace her and the opposition also wants her to leave me to employ the hungry this is speaker of the house has been clear this deal now has to change the has to be an alternative found and if the prime minister card to accept that then she must go not to as an indeterminate date in the future but now but the age you had anticipated may's defeat and will hold
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a special summit on april tenth just two days before britain may now have to exit the union war but let. the food will be. become more likely. it would move. to you twenty seven is no. that would actually be good news for these people the bracks its supporters were poised to celebrate their departure from the e.u. today but now it's doubtful they'll get what they want. we have they will have a democratic vote it needs to count we want to break through to die we want this law to agree to get us out soon as possible and that by going to trial you have to go you know for you know deal new elections that's. can referendum. in fact
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anything is still possible the british parliament has once again voted and once again still nothing is clear. you're making some little bit clearer with. masses in brussels welcome both. there were plenty of protestors for the games to parliament today how are people feeling about what happened. today was a day where the u.k. was supposed to leave the european union so a lot of the protesters out here have come to celebrate the day and now turning into protesters they are saying that they angry about the situation that they wanted the u.k. to exit the european union today that it has been delayed now that they are mad about that and they amat with the political process in general so those are those protesters others have come here to demand
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a second referendum and to stay in the european union so tensions and emotions here in london really running high today so now the apollo has dismissed this deal for the third time is the deal now dead. well potentially and then the emphasis is really on potentially to reset make could try to bring it back for a fourth time in front of parliament but judging from the comments that we've heard today from members of parliament they are really fed up with it they don't want to vote on it again there is no majority she lost by fifty eight votes that's quite a lot of people that she would have to convince other way so i think it's unlikely that we're seeing any development there and then the question is what comes next and two options remain one is that the u.k. leaves by default on april twelfth creches out of the european union with potentially disastrous consequences or some. he goes back to brussels and asks for
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a longer extension that parliament sits down finds a way forward that could possibly be a new referendum new elections to change the parliamentary arithmetic and move things forward but that would mean a long extension and that would mean that the u.k. would have to take part in the european elections something that many people here don't want to have buses and brussels how is the reaction to this defeat so that. all the expectations are just as chartered has just pointed out indicate us a way forward until the tenth of april when we will have a summit that is the best search that comes from brussels to the u.k. clearly there is frustration here that the deal that the u.k. and the e.u. hammered out over a period of two years it has not passed a third time and that the scenario that process really hopes to avoid a no deal bret's it has become all the more likely. a show that mentioned we are
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just weeks away from a european parliament elections if to rescind may gets another extension will the u.k. have to take part and how is that likely to affect campaign. well the u.k. would have to take part indeed if they do want an extension that offer is still on the table that they could get a long extension but that would mean they'd have to participate in the european election will it be inconvenient for the european parliament which has already calculated how the seats of british i mean peace can be distributed through the twenty seven countries remaining yes of course that would be the case about the lesser evil of course is that they do participate heartbreaks at a no deal a disorderly brax it can be avoided. if this disorder brett sit ins on the twelfth of april how long will it be before brits start to see
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a difference and what will the items is. when one could top conservative put it the u.k. will be in a state of emergency and i think that as the brits will notice it right away and immediately so they're going to be issues at the border basically you are going to have a hot border between northern ireland and ireland something the e.u. and the u.k. have been trying to avoid while they negotiated this deal the u.k. is going to run short of food supplies and medication supplies we could see food rotting at the border and lorries piling up that are bringing that food it could be transport issues so a number of issues really that immediately affect people's life here so. we know that in the u.k. is going to bring this whole business back to parliaments and. voting in the meantime what is possible to do this process of sort of sit and wait for something to happen. well the contingency planning is in full swing now that the you presumes
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that no deal breaks it is the most likely scenario and that means they look into all sorts of directions how do enterprises prepare custom controls over over the past year new customs officers have been recruited in cali which is the border point close to the british border or so the next point of access to the continent so all sorts of preparations also legal preparations are in full swing but the e.u. has made it very clear what happens in a no deal breck's it is they will will make a unilateral proposals to the u.k. for instance on citizen rights but they won't come close to anything like a deal which the which the u.k. could negotiate so it will only be emergency preparations that are taking place and not a soft breck's it's that could be prepared because the only deal is on that that is on the table is the deal that just has been rejected
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a third time. masses in brussels posts in london thank you both. always chaos over breakfast is dented britain's reputation for sober pragmatism but another national trait house by the chaos of the british sense of humor however dark has inspired some compelling satire as brits try to stay sane but the turmoil at westminster. the house of commons was a benny hill chase on acid running through a salvador dali painting in a spaceship on his way to infinity it was a kind of death defying window shattering shaping never to be surpassed lunacy. the image drawn by tom pak writing in the independent newspaper. now to reason may has lost so many votes on bret's it it looks like they're stuck. i'm an indian and i can tell you that brits take forever to leave i'm irish and i
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can confirm this is true. but in your case it's literally forever. and some people do seem to think this movement but it's running way out of control. rex it is like half the country run by accident and now they feel like they have to get off even stop. people on both sides think it's chaos even matter. what ching briggs it clear to on twitter is like being in a group with your mates at one thirty seven on a saturday morning waiting for a cab gone missing and joel is eating a kebab over the ben. and the view from europe they see it something like this. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump is threatening to close the southern border with mexico next week and he suggested he was shocked the border to trade and keep it closed to
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mexico doesn't stop migrants from central america heading towards the u.s. foreign minister says his country is a great neighbor and doesn't bow to threats germany's unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level for thirty years as a work in the in europe's biggest economy extends its run only four point nine percent of the workforce was unemployed in march that's according to the federal labor agency. point two percentage points from last month. the fair world is mourning veteran french filmmaker who has died at the age of ninety a key figure in new wave cinema in the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's turned to making documentaries later in life such as faces places a film. was showcased at this year's festival. now millions of people have taken to algeria streets demanding the president's resignation the weekly protests are against a two year old. who's been in power for twenty years demonstrators filled city
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squares chanting slogans against the government it's the biggest protest since unrest broke out six weeks ago. the demonstrators started gathering in the early hours on friday veterans of the country's civil war young men and women packing the square outside the capital's main post office a place that's become the epicenter of the protest movement that demands the removal of the country's political elite. admin know. people are present and united in peaceful demonstrations calling for this clan to leave we do not want them they must leave and if a don't we will judge them one by one. as well who was here i don't know if you had that search mission at your home can be gets a bit difficult but we will get there slowly and god willing they will all go.
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which is not much it's an out of the these are also the first protest since the chief of the army called for the application of a constitutional article and declared beautifully and fit to rule. that's led to other beautifully calling for his removal. for demonstrators suspect that's just a ploy to enable the current regime to stay in power. i came out today to say no to article one hundred two we are against renewing the regime we want a real democratic country. article one hundred into this for president which ensures that the government remains as it is. so for the six friday in a row algeria's turn out in force to demand change and the removal of a president who's been in power for two decades might only be the start. i was orange plastic and more than a. bit of a nuisance in france novelty phones the brain washing up on the otherwise picturesque prison he chose for more than thirty years much to the consternation of
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cleanup volunteers now the riddle has been solved beachcombers of trace the source of the problems with stranded fake contain the stuff in a cave but it still pot be buried and hard to reach so this may not be the last we have seen the cops encounter physics news with jenelle did with is that next good. to me. not everyone who loves books has to go same. thing to dump you literature list one hundred german must reads. welcome to the new jerome x. you tube channel.


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