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this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes adding value to africa's resources most of goddess cocoa is exported rule we meet the women making dollars from the beans. but if you do time when you think donna who are you the girl of the chocolate never comes to mind fifty seven chocolate is changing back to britain saying that you're gonna became a free nation the makers want to revive the can do spirit of that independence year . and two years off to kenya and now the world's toughest bans on single use plastic bags the alternative that was introduced is now also being outlawed our correspondent in nairobi has that story. i'm christine window while come to news africa i'm glad your change in gaza is
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a giant when it comes to cocoa production the west african country exports off the being a second only to neighboring ivory coast in fact gonna its faults cocoa beans with about two billion u.s. john is a gift but it is a net importer of chocolate spending up to eight million dollars a year on the sweet stuff now that's according to what rather that starting to change as going to see is a new generation of autism chocolate produces springing up there taking every souls that ghana has in abundance and adding value to the raw material. kwesi a would is an expert when it comes to cocoa farming but he's not that fond of chocolate he's rather have a plate of fries to eat these really wild preferred food rewards one who did it will work. through one yes sir you are strong
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well for a dog that is. through our worst food in the capital accra the start up companies trying to change that view they hope and inspired and the ins was excited creations like you discussed chocolate. this moment in that very helpful for us to experiment and that's how we end up developing a lot of our flavor to it but to this pot that and then we have. people who pay for our i pad product but i had my chocolate produce she is small for luxury product that was so mainly in the capital goes straight to export to sister set up the company about three years ago and then they faced many challenges ranging from constant power outages to corrupt officials who made life difficult for the small company. but they're determined to keep on with alexy chocolate and not just leave the field to the big multinational food companies. it
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takes a lot of it and go instead definitely run a chocolate business karen and death to represent using our resources at home to actually produce the finished good care. so fifty seven chocolate is really putting the gloss on gun us cool cool now that's just a commons gun as cocoa from us to become chocoholics. and i'm happy to welcome to date ebony s. africa kimberly addison you saw in the report she is the co-founder of fifty seven chocolates and she's coming to us from accra in ghana hi kimberly's so as we saw in our report fair we have a cocoa farmer who's not so keen on chocolates variant ghana and so i wanted what market is more important to you would it be the export market or the domestic market well it is actually both i would say both are equally important because the truth is we have to start locally in order. globally so right
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now as we do so and we're actually tackling both market so we're tackling our iraqi piece here in terms of ritual create more awareness and create a greater desire for consumption of chocolate here in ghana and then equally target is a global. consumer of consumable and so we're definitely also tackling the global market as well because it's a huge market out there and in the in europe and in the. in asia we have clients all over the world so it's definitely local and global. local and global but how did you come to the idea of making artists know chocolates and gotta know what was the inspiration. well the inspiration actually came to us when he fourteen my sister and i and one thing is we were actually living in geneva
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switzerland at the time and we all know that switzerland is very much known for its chocolate and ghana known for its cocoa and you happen to be visiting when i stood still and largest factory. and it was for the first time that most of donna's cocoa is actually brought to switzerland and processed there and we actually found out for the latter part of last year that these that increase that ironically of ghana scoble actually gets sent to switzerland and so we couldn't comprehend why ghana had the resources it was not making a finished product out of it and so that's what inspired us we wanted to add value to a local resource right here at home because the truth is there is value in cocoa but there's more value in adding. in making it into chocolate and making it into a finished goods so that's what we're trying to do here the name of your company fifty seven chocolate references that you have a gun a became an independent nation what were you trying to evoke. so i was trying to
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blow the best spirit behind independence so it's named nine hundred fifty seven chocolate after independence nine hundred fifty seven however it's more so not about being freed from colonial power but it's about this very palace behind in the pendant and that's one of many clock showing was one of creating what a lot of people don't know was shortly after independence the right had a lot of thriving industries that are no longer in existence today we have made a proper thing in factories we had ten industries he actually has a thriving dairy industry which is no longer in existence today and somewhere between one nine hundred fifty s. that is and now the leaderships of producing and consuming made in gonna go to heavily importing things and filth now we import tomatoes we import chocolate we import right the important lot of seeing and so we want to and then we are talking seven who want to imply reawaken people the fact that if we want to go down and
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felt as a nation we have to manufacture we have to create and can still live in the only great fright came right out colleagues on the africa team was kind enough to bring back a box of your chocolate we have. dropped chocolate with c. salt and i wonder what your favorite is so i love i love the diet talk and see you thought so it's sort of depends on my mood i. got to talk with you thought it was actually one of my favorites and then i would say the next my next neighbor would actually be. known for the almonds and feast off the column the nominator insults i think thought that basically a little chuckle and really bring that into think later if the as and the box is empty i will tell you that can be at the same co-founder of fifty seven chocolates coming to us from a crowd gonna. in twenty seventeen kenya announced the world's toughest ban on single use plastic bags for bidding their imports manufacture and
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useful commercial and private purposes since then non woven bag stephan a popular alternative for most businesses but now even these have been outlawed kenya's national environment management to avoid the ses they are just as bad as ordinary plastic bags this is nairobi river a symbol of kenya's struggle to fight pollution in two thousand and seventeen the government banned single use plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment they were replaced with non woven poly proposal and bags which are supposed to be reusable but from the looks of this riverbank it seems these bags do more harm than good you know as of a few and they're not moving back into the market but when they came into the market the one that instead of strength was too high they were they had this that i think next and they were large enough and they were costing. i don't entirety on
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fifty initiatives so they were usable. and at the time we were not worried that. the national environment management authority says that since the bad the market has been flooded with standard non woven poly proposed and bags that can only be used once. and people have often thrown them away improperly the environment authorities felt forced to act the national environmental management authority has banned the importation and manufacture of these non woven bags and are now looking for alternatives that don't pose a threat to the environment. many kenyans support the latest bad news in that the new bags are just like other plastic bags they pollute the environment for. some environmentalists feel that the government should not just pos regulations but also improve waste management from where i sit i think that party could do a little better in terms of planning and what we need to think about these long
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term management of this kind of material and how they are going to be disposed of. in the event that they're not useful anymore. to the economy. kenya still lags behind in waste management with recycling aid the done by private companies or informally by people who work at dump sites. but still no alternative to the non woven bags perhaps this latest ban will force kenyans to be more aware of the impact they have on the environment south sudan has been enduring a wave of fighting with millions of people displaced from their homes now a so-called peace tournament sponsored by the un mission in the south of the country has inspired hope among the population it's yet another example of football bridging differences and bringing people together. when the whistle
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blows people in the town of ye can put their troubles to one size football players here taking part in the usa peace tournament a two week long competition sponsored by the united nations mission in south sudan . organizers hope the people who have come together here on and off the pitch will take inspiration from the event when you have this guy you know. yeah i think oh well that is up to. your chairs and us think it was all over the board must let us you know only the wealthy groom in their forty's. yeah a river state has been the scene of violence between government and rebel groups in recent years in the light of such suffering football seems trivial but players at the a peace tournament say it can be
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a symbol of hope. it's meaning that you have this in among all of us in the playoffs and the people. that devote implies the good did this sort of there's also among ups of these and. it's the second tournament of its kind the u.n. mission has organized in south sudan in their bid to demonstrate the unifying power of sports. and we'll leave it there for city that is it for now from africa you can catch one all stories on our website and facebook page now staying on soccer and because we now know who's qualified for the africa cup of nations zimbabwe being among them we leave you today with pictures of people embracing the beautiful game until next time.
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here's what's coming up for the book honestly you have plenty to talk about here on the job you know it's time to take a look a little bit means for the title of course. the bundesliga every weekend here on w. my first vice takeover also sewing machine. i come from women are almost by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write them by psychosis and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me miss them and. finally they gave up and mention buying young lives like that but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than rising.


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