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welcome to in good shape coming up this week. the common cold can getting a chill make you more likely to get sick. office fitness integrating regular movement into your workday. and new study results with the right regimen diabetes can be healed and here's dr kirsten they could start how healthy are we germans and where do or health risks lie this is what a huge study likes to find out called the gnc study or narcos study the germans are being interviewed they are examined and they are biometrically measured. and this is why i'm going to meet professor to be. he's the head of the german
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national study center. center in berlin welcome to in good shape. we want to investigate. the views of the program to the future. and your aim of the study is to identify the risk factors of major chronic diseases like hypertension catarrh vascular diseases diabetes those diseases are dangerous but in many cases they are preventable. the number of adults with diabetes has almost doubled since one thousand eighty to over eighty percent of the global population now a recent study has shown that intensive weight management can lead to remission of type two diabetes. this is
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a milestone discovery it's shown that diabetes is curable it's no longer something to be endured for life. overweight participants drank shakes and soups for a few months consuming less than nine hundred calories a day and exercising they receive counseling along the way. remission of the diabetes varied with weight loss of those who maintained a loss of up to seven kilograms. seven percent were able to go off their diabetes meds. among test subjects who lost fifteen kilograms or more eighty six percent were able to stop taking their medication nearly all of them. this study marks a revolution in diabetes therapy doctors and patients need to rethink taking tablets and injecting insulin one's entire life is no longer inevitable it's not
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simply fade the chicks are. still doesn't need insulin anymore now that he has lost a lot of weight. he used to eat too much food. and the wrong kinds. of fast food at the drive and i did a couple of burgers and i'd be off again. to look at putting on weight until he developed type two diabetes hoped with a high for the main risk factors for type two diabetes are fat deposits on the organs and the abdomen the more fat the more insulin the body needs and the more insulin the bigger the fat deposits acol it's a vicious circle one that for many patients turns dangerous even deadly it has to be broken or. the body turns carbohydrates into the simple sugar glucose which enters the blood the pancreas produces the hormone insulin which lowers blood sugar levels as it shifts glucose into neighboring cells but when confronted with
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too much glucose cells can grow resistant to insulin the pancreas struggles to create more and more of it but eventually fails leading to an insulin deficiency. glucose is no longer taken out from the blood by the sound insulin injections and then necessary to bring down the glucose levels in the blood. of us got higher of patients weight the less effectively the insulin works that means if i don't get my weight down significantly the insulin my body produces works less well and even if i inject insulin that doesn't work very well that means it becomes even easier to gain even more weight. still fun cabbage changed the way he eats and lost twenty. kilograms. that allowed him to reduce his diabetes meds significantly. but vanek lauzon was also putting on more and more weight.
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this is what she looked like two years ago she developed diabetes and her doctor prescribed medication that drove her to get her weight under control. and i was totally determined from one day to the next shortly before christmas no excuses i started to exercise and to completely change the way i eat. instead of pills she went in for nutrition counseling and daily exercise. within the first year the van lost eighteen kilos. if you don't you'll be sort of soon after significant weight loss the patient has almost normal blood sugar and hemoglobin values without any medication anybody come in to the to the p.c. if given a close unmaintained so wait she might not have to take diabetes meds ever again she succeeded in regulating her blood glucose by changing the way she lives any
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drug free. i gave the professor to be a special he's the head of one of the eighteen german national call centers called machall thanks for having me today and i say go into your already examine me where it's not that easy because of course your current handgrip depends on several different factors but in fact in the narcos study we examined the maximum strength and it is known from other research areas that particularly for elderly persons groups ranks as an important risk factors and in the narco study we know investigate what extent hand grip strength a sort of a risk factor for disease and persons in middle aged and younger person so we recruit the participants in the a tranche of twenty to sixty nine years of the narcos study but why did you test the head grip strength and not the strength of the experts that's what we're interested in is to the strengths of the muscle in general and not on
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a population level the hand grip strength shows a very high correlation with the over of muscle strength so that the prime reason so you could test me now yes you can actually do that i have one hundred strengths measurement here so so what we do i will give you this device ok and you would take it in your right hand normally we do it three times on each hand and you press a device as strong as you can not quickly about smoothly and then as strong as you can and then you just really that case where you go to and then i said right now press not. ok so we have forty one point seven kilograms right nearly forty two kilograms out that's great isn't it so that's good i mean that's actually what we want to know so
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we want to know what to what extent this is no associated with the risk of disease we don't know those yet exactly what we know from the narco study if that's the average hand grip strength of this forty eight kilograms in men and thirty kilograms forty one thousand exactly so i mean the way of rich you're slightly below average i.q. my right hand is to be low average right but you don't actually know what it means that are below average but this is what you want to find out exactly right so let's all want to know all that for its own and one example is. that we want to investigate for example to what extent it's associated with risk of type two diabetes type two diabetes depends on insulin sensitivity sawhorse sensitive your body is screwed up take and that depends on the muscle and here we actually measure the function of the muscle so that's the one question when i think of diabetes actually i don't think about of strength but i think of bioelectrical impedance
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measurements and you've got a device there exactly real for wonder what i see that measures body weight but also the body composition of the modified mass. so i don't know if i want to jump on this but i should of course have been the. normally you're on this analyzer nique it or at least in underwear but i will say this site so i'm fully in armor what you think so what we measure here is body weight and from body weight and height recalculates the body mass index your body mass index is twenty four point two so you're in the normal range all the interest for the rest of us ok so why do you do these it's. not just all about the b.m.i. because you also measuring the fat and the muscle tissue here so we know of the theory of the body fat is not just analogy of storage depot part of the body fat is
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also and the crime of going to create hormones for example and these hormones. maybe you maybe you risky for disease development and therefore we want to measure fat as exactly as possible with one thing we are three hundred sort of body fat composition so what is the proportion of fat in your body and then further all of the also interested in your body fat distribution because we know that people with the same b.m.i. have different disease risk repairmen on where our body fat a stroke a to go for through created in the belly region viscera fat is more dangerous than fat incidence of catania of reagents right and can even improve promote some diseases like like diabetes etc die readers but also other. diseases and certain types of cancer. detecting diseases early or the risk factor of the disease is very important in medicine take committees for instance. rheumatism is a blanket term that refers to
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a range of disorders that cause inflammation and discomfort and restrict movement these conditions can affect the joints spine bones muscles and tendons and in some cases even organs also in mind the biggest factor they all have in common is that in all of them the immune system is attacking the patient's body. i knew it was not of external causes or rare like where you have an infection and in particular pathogen is to blame and we can treat that infection in rheumatic diseases the immune system perceives structures within the body to be alien and therefore triggers an inflammatory or indian reaction here sunil's least the most common form of rheumatism is north riders where the lining of joints is inflamed generally on. both sides of the body it commonly affects the hands and fingers the condition is painful and limits movement and in the long run can destroy the joints.
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another form of rheumatism is known as ankle osing spondylitis which generally affects the spine because as inflammation and the tendons where they attach to bone the entire back bone can be affected it can even cause the vertebrae to fuse. rheumatic diseases can affect young people too none can be cured completely but treatments can at least slow down or even stop further development. side is time is of the essence once a joint is destroyed we can't simply rebuild it. but the sooner we see the patient the better we'll be able to treat them and that also raises the chances of their being able to have a symptom free life later with the help of medication even if you weren't one. in many cases rheumatism is diagnosed too late in germany it typically takes a year for doctors to identify arthritis and to refer the patient to a specialist and within that time the inflammatory process may well have progressed
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quickly causing irrevocable damage to joints. the risk of contracting rheumatism is one of the targets even off your studies so what you're looking for you do physical examinations of the palms of the off the fingers the joints of of fingers of the hand and. to see whether there are there's a dysfunction or the swelling of the joints we ought to examine the knees and also the the hip joints and then in the in addition we all saw. biological samples especially both part of the san both of these samples are stored in the center of a bio bag and part of his. lap and we do routine laboratory measurements in this country for example also measure inflammatory markers such as people and this could then be indicative of off remark diseases but you actually
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do is you take samples of your participants like blood edge of put it into this kind of box with a little tubes in here and then you start it for plenty of years exactly so there is a very standardized procedure we collect blood samples from the president and then we have piping a robot every store of these samples into a little tube which is this year exactly. the amos later on once we know which people have developed certain diseases to retrieve the blood samples from the bio bank and to do all analysis for example of a fleck inflammatory markers to see whether these biomarkers are predictive of certain diseases such as room which we've got so it's a bit like a time machine where you can show that in time and see if the effect or is where they're in the past of the patients exactly i mean that's exactly the purpose of the of the of the narcos study to see rich which factors are associated with the disease and and richard which are who could then be used as rick's risk factors
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also in a clinical setting you know to only take blood samples are the samples you do kind of enter rice skin and c c g's trays and so on what if you find some disease or if you're just looking for risk factors i mean the first thing is that it's important to note of that we are not doing a screening investigations but of course if we see that the data are in. no way a normal that there should be should be some kind of intervention some kind of treatment then we would inform the participant and recommend to go to the general practitioner that's a drone professional checks where there needs to be some some intervention to be done when you expect first results so we are completing the baseline examination the year's awards two hundred thousand participants will be rolled into the study and we expect the first results from part of these participants by the end of this
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year early next year we could have your question from surely from one that could address and she would like to know to what extent can the findings here and of of this german study can be transferred to the rest of the world yes of course it depends on the on the ethnic background of the population sautoy in chile the there is a mixture of the background of course. at the front and that's auto among the aims of the narcos are you to investigate this of course this can not only be done in the narc or in isolation but collaboration with other courtside youth worldwide to see that rather there are dream environment interactions and other words rather. risk that is associated with some vironment effect us defers among different ethnic backgrounds and that's exactly the question the last question for us which are thanks so much for having me today and if you've got any questions don't hesitate just french me anyway. on an upcoming show we'll be looking at blood it's
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a pleasure body with nutrients and can flag many diseases will also examine therapies that make use of the patient's own blood are they medically sound send your questions to in good shape d.w. dot com just write blood in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. sitting in the office for a long time it's not healthy you know that so you should in corporate activity in a regular basis into your workday but it's not as easy as it sounds. like many people in the modern world claudia has a typical office job she sits at a desk for eight hours or more every day and that can have major consequences for her health. the longer she said the less her muscles and organs are supplied with blood and the greater her risk of developing back pain or cardiovascular disease.
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we need to change the way we work but how. sports instructor misha and occupational physician do schools or are working with cloudy on the problem today with. gordon or in the two of them have put together a plan for the office that encourages more movement. every half hour they schedule a show. brake to move around every hour a break for the eyes twice a day they plan a bigger break for activity and also a fitness unit for the brain. can cloudy if it that all into her workday. nine o'clock. claudia sits down at her desk. she's just hitting her stride with the morning workload when the first break is announced. time fresh will bring a. closer you wouldn't normally take a break just yet but the instructor tells her it's time to move around. among
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recommends activities like walking around while on the phone doing need bandz standing on one leg or doing an exercise he calls the pain pump and you're forced to move more if trash cans and printers aren't right next to your desk so it's not sitting puts a lot of strain on the enter vertebral desk so movement of the workplace is extremely important and preventing spine problems if you do nothing your body will be the worse for it but you can prevent that by moving more at work that's for. after five minutes cloudy is back at work but less than half an hour later. i break time. constantly staring at screens is bad for your eyes so cloudy is now supposed to exercise them but quickly switching her gaze from distant objects to close ones and then back again she should also remember to blink regularly. things in the past that if you don't blink your eyes quickly begin
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to feel swallow and they would actually become inflamed if you didn't open and close them regularly opening and closing the noose the film that coats the. which prevents problems and pain. when the clock strikes eleven claudia's running a little behind. big move membrane. that means it's time for claudia to walk briskly climb the stairs for around twenty minutes. but that eats up her lunch break not an ideal solution workplaces need common areas just for movement. the morning is almost over cloudy is still behind with her work. brain training. yagi entering time to exercise your brain if we want to do something different that doesn't involve working on the p.c.
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i brought along two balls for the training. mental exercises meant to reduce stress and activate both hemispheres of the brain today's program includes juggling and movements to improve coordination so it also gets cloudy up and moving. many me if i move around and stimulate both halves of my brain and process new impressions and then i can achieve higher levels of performance in the long term. but to get there every day working life in the white collar world has to change and employers need to begin encouraging their staff to move more jury breaks. and exercise outside the workplace is of course also important doctors recommend at least three hours of cardio a week that might not always be easy to manage. but it's worth every minute while it's quite cold today i hope that i don't care it's a cold don't worry you're not catching
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a cold because your feet are cold. rise and shine when it's time to leave home on a cold morning getting ready takes longer than in the summer after all if you're not dressed warmly enough you might soon come down with something statistics show that catching a cold is more likely during the chilly or months of the year so can getting cold make you sick. back in eight hundred seventy eight pioneering researcher louis pastor believed he proven that the cold makes you sick he deliberately exposed chickens to anthrax which the birds would normally be immune to. after pastor dunked them an ice cold water however test animals died from it. the researcher deduced that the human immune system could likewise become less effective against pathogens in cold conditions. over the subsequent decades numerous studies were performed to try to prove the theory sometimes using pretty bizarre
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methods in one thousand nine hundred fifty a british researcher had test subjects wearing wet swimming trunks stand in a drafty corridor until they complained of feeling rather poorly. next the participants had to walk around in what socks for several hours finally they were infected with a cold virus but a problem arose the control group who'd remained wrapped up nice and warm got sick just as frequently as the test subjects so much for cast iron proof. more recently in two thousand and five british researchers had test subjects place their feet in ice cold water for twenty minutes the control group put their feet in an empty basin so who would be more likely to catch a cold over the next few days. lo and behold the coldfoot group fell sick slightly more often the problem this time though was the number of test subjects
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the researchers themselves acknowledge that there were too few to provide hard statistical proof. some researchers believe what's key is the way in which the body tries to protect itself from the cold it's priority is to conserve enough heat for the brain and internal organs. to snuff it and when it gets colder the body does this by constricting the blood vessels in the body's peripheral areas that's why your nose hands and feet get cold first it also affects the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and the blood vessels in the lungs also contract but if i mean the reduced blood flow means fewer than in cells are able to circulate to future protects the mucous membranes from the viruses that trigger a cold i might mistake a function. so cold temperatures might make it more difficult for the immune system to defend itself against invaders but that's just one of
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a range of competing theories. some scientists claim that the dry air and heated rooms makes the new case membranes more sensitive . so extra layers won't protect you against viruses as such but they do keep your extremities warm and your immune system taking over at least that's the theory and generations of parents would doubtless agree. that's it for today let's see what next week and until then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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their work and groundbreaking their ability gives them power they go their own way admirable and indescribably from a marina abramovic shit in. the street exceptional artists with one thing in common with the old come out on top of.
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the old. the old the sounds of song on a gruesome. the boys of germany winner id queen of. the land and songwriter sophie b. hawkins. but. the song love the. forty five minutes. where i come from will have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to be shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and their problems are all was the same for doing the social inequality a lack of the for. the them of the friends and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans and the humans and see the why the fools who can't
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decide to put their trust in us. my name is james harrison i work a day. welcome to alex twenty one today with three remarkable women. the revolution three done so change three movement. has redefined our concept of space of the human body she's one of germany's most versatile and best known choreographer at. the. photograph.


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