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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2019 9:15am-10:01am CET

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it's to give off a hi i'm quick lead leverkusen quickly equalized through their top score the cabin poland just seven minutes later but the second half it was a different story hoffenheim took over they scored three more including another gorgeous strike from the bill this one ended in a four one hoffenheim win and that's the race for the bonus league is top six why oh. i'm called aspen thanks for watching coming up next is night groups stay tuned for that. i. hope. here's what's coming up for the book is when you have plenty to talk about here want to delve you know it's fun to take a look at what about me or the table of course. the bundesliga every
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weekend here on w. hello and good evening welcome to house shrinker and welcome to a new episode off night groups tonight we have two and mazing female artists in the house with extraordinary voice one stomp the charts in the ninety's with her songs for example with this year damn i wish i was show love and our second cast won the first music german television contest the voice of germany so in the hollows are some of the hawkins and i think women. from the surface of the music and at home with. the. grooves covering all the moms with that song. what is your shirt pocket.
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thank. you i ok thank you jack you just the dollar and percent this rights through the teeth to all found after all yeah does a sweet guy actually uses that you don't bounce the congress and influence among other suspects mcconnachie have been born some of the games will be hard to. not like this quite with this with the windows so clean and the nature and the snow and the people all these people here they're not asking for drinks are just here just to listen to us yeah very nice muscles and so much i told. you about god this you may have people call yes i have official cause it's unity in but i never played no i don't think music i mean i listen to them but i never want to play this transition up on a level. neighbors do always complain yes yeah i don't know why it is isn't that weird. have you how do you have a horse me good of course
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a privilege does he share the help me monkfish reaction i got jessica was judicious in the country as we hear goes at this music bomb damage on salim often stamping in to has shown in the annoyance of her you're fired if you haven't here and. on given your chips my commands imo nice. guy and i don't think. it's let's talk on the simple solution that's really yeah yeah as i. remember some didn't our garden guy just this minute you know i'm zach so one way and all we got to play right beside q so feet be harkens.
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back. to. the. car. but again. you know but this.
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man. stay right where you come. trainers have done some to elude to the mood of the speed with the end of the real one enemy they have to tell you what i want you to do which is john as you can be cool to see so close is a place we can do it so run the cars when arrival times is a little bit crazed out of that of stuff just listening tastes. to.
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go from this to. see. just. stupid you just to do. this. to say. goodbye. to. shoot to. the food. food. food. food. food. food.
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to. thank. you thank you. thank you they. will come that is against my interest to have it be so if you did call him. and legible question was ok so i grew up in manhattan new york city and i grew up listening to a lot of the actual cuban music in central park and of course of billie holiday and my father this and issue of the london billie holiday and the jailing of the rolling stones and then i think my mother this isn't the classical music and i don't think i have a judge to music and i don't think i ever thought this is. and that's that i just took it all in and when i came to running my songs it just all came out in a certain way yeah i don't think it's rap technically i think it's more like
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beatnik poetry down on my route. their reps from dean in wagner will represent also because just because of come about dynamo time i asked him right this to happen a question guns on them my mother is a writer she's actually still working on our bill as i must endorse paul had decided on a model and then as i don't have to go to states. i mean you know it's done that way really it was just sort of war and it wasn't like you know those times were different parents didn't hover over their children i visit we went out and did my own thing with my african drums and my african drum teacher and they were sort of surprises and what is she doing and i remember when they each time i would play new interview they'd say what is sophie doing and then when they came out with a record what is she doing there was so small like that to let them do is pull from us. bus rail from bolton supply well it's i'm
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a very hard worker and i love you know this i love every time i can talk about the work and sing and play and get better as a musician all i ever wanted to do was keep getting better and i think that what was hard it was the world of the record companies and it's not that they were bad it's that i didn't understand how hard you had to fight and you know what my biggest problem was i didn't surround myself with people who would fight for me and i expected everyone to be friendly and to do the right ridiculous and to confronted by i have to and i'm interested still hard to correct i didn't have a manager for the first many singles i did have a minister doesn't your mom orrible i don't know i just i just i trusted people worse off than touched well you know. i wouldn't say that i'm disappointed as a person i think i learn from my amazing mistakes and i just trying to do things in a better way that suits me because i am a bit of a rebel you know i am a bit of
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a i was used to feign from my place and stuff so maybe it was kind of good it kept me working but now i feel very comfortable picking choosing people around me so if we do this and muti instrumentalist bositis yes i meant percussion it was i was broke i was drums yeah i said to my aunt i need to play african drums and that was the beginning i had never played any music before that i was fourteen years old yeah never. seen. before in the non-secure and of course you're actually in this. place we'll hear the way out of practice are you ready is going to be allowed . to.
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the major event long photograph which will be so. yes. thank you. thank you thank you thank you yes i do i did flavor for bryan ferry i was i wore a dress and i played vive i your project this too are you a musician ok so then you'll appreciate this i organise traded all the parts on vibraphone and marimba ok because i was of the river player i went to the land school of music for the question so i orchestrated all of his parts all of the melody line. and i came in with my vibraphone in my room and he didn't know what to make of me i came in a dress and he said she looks a bit like maggie thatcher ok i said why yes so that tells you what era it was and
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so he i played many many were souls and i thought i was in the band and then one day he came to me personally and was very kind and he said you know i just need i need a real cuban percussionist is not really what i need but thank you so much and i said oh man but then i went home and that's when i wrote damn i wish i was your lover ok yes oh yeah it's good to be fired yeah yeah you just left his office. and oh yeah just yes also if you're. on a false it's only you guessed it. was . i be the man shook. hands mentioned
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how for sure the outside sun don't shine deflect me can i ve had the voice of jimmy in germany in the ass and stuff who have on and on top. of you need be tough on i mean you know who just up on the talking hot. instead of them if. you. could just as you just do not is a shortage of asked that such a high put in the metro nothing hot or to have to so does. so. yeah i know now good morning so the hyped up to find my skull and stuff and i have to stand by the bosses need to sit in the banks i guess that's was a musical think about not one of the fighting was inherently bad means who first is going back and. you know you have a. fine for inviting him. nationals
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have gotten and you and i know we're going to want to because you now move up to hang in there wasn't anything casting ok and then this is home to most of us money . so this combined and i was ever i saw. you know big light ok i. was i think from my. house and i moved it and i'm like the norm to look for a dish when given your song on the phone now somebody has got to post i do i.v. stuff to hits one of a ton fans. in rough gets you to dimia. via phone and said i think when it's a hit and miss them song. do you like what you see. you
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. do you. feel. most. players love.
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feel. a. bit. employer leaves her for. her. place. i. play field.
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player. play. playfield. see. her. thank. you thank you. thank you thank you for. what teeth shows on blunt force as i'm gonna have to adjust my belief happiness to god for his lack of flesh and damns if i think the important thing that come to train i mean when i'd still like father for a nice guy i love a nice long grandma i wonder if you believe the noise sticked and animals seek. you mention until. there's a vista guest michelin's on the us for me i'm supplying about if you think it's
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finished i ask my turn so when they. give us some filet on the most yeah thanks guys you walk with us come on buddy oh ya it's out on the in dust new york for the this will let you know you had yes i mean it's where my soul the longest but i do have to go away like for instance walking around for then because i was here for the show i would you know talk to a shopkeeper and you know one thing would lead to another and for instance i hugged one of the women that i bought so there. an older woman haas her name barbara angle in this wonderful story and i hugged her because she was so generous and so kind and i just felt her spirit and then she said a hug now the day is saved and i said now the day is saved and i thought and you know don't still that but i thought that is a great all these things is that we walk around and it whether you're in school it's we get our inspiration or we don't know where it comes from so you just have
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to keep moving so yes new york is where my soul belongs central park in particular but i have to travel to have to be open enough to hear these great things that people say and to have things come out of me like hugging a total stranger. z.-a see have this couple issues yes an extreme fisted albans trending towards relief just lets them out of travelodge it's going that is good that this is let up on. her. to help us what's going on free hax keep it's actually have an amazing thing for right beside you you know because we're going to release the single when they finish it and i thought you know that would be a really beautiful because you're in marketing kevin who's right beside you you're right beside me now but on the subway just any person you know could be a homeless person right on the street that i would and then i thought you know if it was people always take selfies of themself what about me taking a selfie with a total stranger and that would be
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a lovely thing to encourage you know first my fans but then who is right beside you right now just take a picture of you two together maybe we'll talk i think the whole thing about the world is we're connected in this way but we have to connect in this way and we have to push ourselves because it will get you so used to connecting like on our computers we have to push ourselves to hug each other and we all need to be hugged up. that's the. dish and this conversation is that long and i would sort of be. via misty is going home for long. who informed you and song oh just so clearly oh yeah sure yeah it was on a cushion on my own hill and it's. oh goody that's perfect you cut off. and now you may hurt yourself i told why we owe this thing to sophie b. hawkins with hunger for love.
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ever. wrap them around. or who want. kids.
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is a. good . call. out soon. as. soon as she. live. hey. do. you. see a. jazz.
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blues. band. called the house. that this is beautiful and much to hear loft i love i know mother from law off your dear leader fella yes sierra hell yeah good to come in and bomb
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and it's a good on good. album even so i mashed that's all in a new york some bias yes yes to d.c. and new york. well what's so special for be about new york is that i feel young in new york i feel fresh in new york i feel not judged. i feel that an artist can be any age and do any project and there's always somebody who's willing to say yes that's a good idea you can think of the most outlandish theater piece you know and there's always somebody willing to work with you will listen and think they think it might be sadly good as opposed to say for instance l.a. where you have to be a certain you know in the old year and then it's yeah yeah i fresher that yeah and also i still feel very good in berlin i have to say i know. you go. yes there is there is i felt very free and i think the freedom is really good and
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that's what once was. you know i. come this far enough and seen. amount of money argument can have as a son has leverage because that is fine with me should be added to the information once my. private and contact him and i couldn't stand for nine months at least this. time but you have to fund new york sometimes on the level head noise plus you have to play it was a meeting to don this this is not. meant to be a follow central park you have to go that's one of the most beautiful places on earth and i think stay away from it you know if you stay away from the credit places and now of course brooklyn is the new manhattan so you go to brooklyn and if you go around red hook with the water to keep you cool if it's hot you just got to be near the water i would go to live you should go to brooklyn you have broken the
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inside also feel free to inside brooklyn and that may not fasten less of a place so much rockaway beach from and. to queens. you haven't come. had so much before and i think their future my conscience lessons this is planned. for michelle and prospect park. because i park in brooklyn. and some polish dancer bush putting in the embassy officials here. to some try and bust in the mice is omens to stop david hicks told leader get disbelief in god to make you look. good but perry's. some here decent sponsors tolls and. some of these even if you know new york. also have a vital part of the exciting new york new york. mayor you know all this ng about its kind medley good stuff about this is also good for the iron man everything
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about it so i have to i don't song new york of it but it's. valid and a carton of it probably out of your head off and keyes yes. she was the guy. you want it. seems like i am. coming.
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from the. genes i. think you come here to live every. yeah.
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you're. right stockists time yes i am in my house shrink in lieu of all thank you denzel i may get to at is that you team fish for a more years off want women women girls light as new hats marched past one from courts using yeah. you and i let you finish one side. and she pop yeah. the suspect is a few team fish as i would as i am really a team player and the horror and even though when i get on stage i love to be and have fun but in my life of i'm completely a team player as a mother i'm just really it's what makes me such
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a passionate mother is i'm so about the team and i go behind the scenes a much more comfortable writing could you could invent mt mom i could do was she was our yeah yeah who had a son you are about to undergo patnaik you. have been there to take fish flowers that know him i desired this is the gaba that would. produce a feast and i think that yeah i always criticize and i think i take it really well yeah. and i can hear everything and because it includes about their kids to not although there's a clip yes in a way i look for criticism i would you say almost. since the star mask. well you have because i think as a as a human and as an artist you need to be critiqued and i don't feel criticism is you know if you ask the question going way back about when you become famous i think people needlessly criticize you they try to tear you down and because they're so threatened or whatever but now when you can reach your past that point criticism is
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so healthy and so gracious showing that we want people to help us and it's not criticism it's feedback and from kind of. does feel. fit and most ok. the minimal mystify let's not only couldn't that i might and i sort of had this i divided our daughter and them in hard and. very pressing cousins i can present interactions i can buy snippets of his critique isn't pleasant to stand in to see this person money. that i was slandered vegs my mom for one thing and my family for this is just it's very shocking all to us that you want to deny a small dump less involved with your daughter and i you know sophie and song i wish i was your lover. and. often a man called claptrap as a pity to hear. that.
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you got to spank and get your benefits because i'm good value on from them i wish i was your lover in dad i have two girls your mate and i'm more in our own small forklift as i know than the sound that my little motown sophie b. hawkins. play such a. loser as muslims lose. the
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b.g. mughal love. love love. love . love. love love love love love. love. love. love. love. sloopy accused lucy you libs. like you do so closely mossad little love what is used to bloom. absolutely a lovely. lovely.
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lovely. lovely. lovely lovely a list love. love love love love love love. love.
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if you. thank. god for these go seek to. be the toughest go out. but i might if i was for. what no i wanted when i was coach eck in which is where i was discovered i was also acting because i wanted to be a better songwriter and i wanted to reach into the deep experience of humanity but i didn't have it because i was so young so i took acting classes and i was in plays and that was the goal was to make me a better writer i'm not sure it made me a better writer but i did realize that acting is a part of my soul and i think it's the hardest thing to do if you i would play jazz joplin for many many many months and it was it almost killed me it was so difficult
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every night to do those emotional thing right jens joplin that released. him i'm limits of the semester thing i had to say i had to kill myself on stage or when i was really her and in a way it was that was so fulfilling because i really feel that she came through me and her friends jealous job and friends would come to the show and they would give me her jewelry ok her teachers and everything they thought i really embodied her but on the other hand i remember talking to janice and said you know you're really bringing me to the brink here. yeah. in new york to get us a look at all began as a dine out fall. the shits about who it was we were leaving. bargain fires money when it's national or owned and how do you find out when one could send the other and get enough to bring her and in fact no mind guns an option that until one. job someone was.
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contacted can do. you mind. if i showed up on the music stand if you mean dr fenton to martin let me. ask a matter of a darvish brought in the whole course now. come you torn down myself. posit my time as the young man of minutes before that meeting with him shall be. fought on the. things that i. know i'm just fed you light i shall spittle missing. the ownership of your dinner. and the time for that's and my if it's light in my feet it's ups and so bush well funded. and far. topped the sea i hear that a lot of fish taken conflict like this and he was unconscious presently up and.
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taken out for saying that of the most a man had a friend of. mine the woman singing to do my work when this thing in this in human animals as in one minute and then all findings that in our phones and then present canvassing in you to harlem and on a to z. two hundred and i also. hope. you guys mind vanishing the hydrogen you good it was the analysts are saying that's the news so much was. think maybe stiffness assumptions are investing. water for you have need to move on. total ultramodern once at russell hadn't i far flung me yet yeah your mom wants on stapley so gras indian view owns oft of poppea bun if you haven't here and i'll excess while. back you to get a version has that you must let me stand on my this spot is x.
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a for me goddess this nation is known as to step in if the psyche is not to this as time passed and if she had not as i've used the tsunami thing but she said to assumption defeat the sense one shot for my yoke i'm all here but. it's just got a good this is corruptive. i was offered as also was very nice about their good sasha and then cornish always tried out for hits he off to be not young now we got to listen to our last song for tonight but everyone is involved the rough gets the sophie i the r.t. ends and you behind the camera i want to see your dance so let's listen to you got me enjoy.
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good. food food. food. food food. food. food.
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the i'm . told. the mother. mother. mother. mother. just slowly. slowly.
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slowly. lucky. lucky. lucky lucky.
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think. that it's announcing and so. glitzy. or before. it could hardly get. more comfortable. than twenty million teen summer fishing. for a season as it is colorful on. film. city
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in ruins morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. structures to put the city center in tulsa seventeen president to church's response was told. it will never look over. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from
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a destroyed city. in the sights of fire starts april eleventh on d w. this is d w news live from berlin it was the day brad said it was supposed to happen and said new chaos and uncertainty as british lawmakers were checks another deal to beat the e.u. thousands of thieves supporters filled the streets planned as a celebration instead they're calling it a betrayal as far as the folks down teresa mayes was for a third time also coming up millions of algerians are calkins bourse with their
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weekly demands for fresh elections.


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