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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2019 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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this is t w news live from berlin it was the day press it was supposed to happen new chaos and uncertainty as for just lawmakers project as does the deal to leave the e.u. thousands of supporters filled the streets for what was planned as a celebration instead they're calling it a betrayal as parliament votes down teresa mayes be strong for a third time also coming up years of an epidemic as hundreds of people contract cholera a wing mozambique's devastating cycle with vast numbers displaced families workers
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are warning of a second disaster. i'm called asman thanks for joining us british lawmakers have dealt prime minister to resign may another big blow on the day britain was supposed to leave the e.u. the british parliament rejected the withdrawal deal she negotiated with brussels for the third time now britain could crash out of the e.u. without a deal on april twelfth. to the right two hundred eighty six the nose for the left three hundred forty four so the neighbors have it the know whose have it on the wall once again a vote in parliament and once again a defeat for the government for the third time prime minister teresa mayes breaks that plan failed found regret mr speaker. i feel we are reaching the limits of this
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process in this house this house. this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no brick sit on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone unless something changes britain is now set to leave the e.u. on april twelfth may could request a new vote an extension or even cancel breaks it or call any referendum but it's uncertain how long she will remain prime minister leading conservatives are already positioning themselves to replace her and the opposition also wants her to leave. the house has been clear this deal now has to change the has to be an alternative found and if the prime minister can't accept that then she must go not at an indeterminate date in the future but now the e.u. had anticipated may's defeat and will hold
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a special summit on april tenth just two days before britain may now have to leave the union. to. be moody. has become more likely. scenario. to you twenty seven is no. that would actually be good news for these people breaks it supporters were poised to celebrate their departure from the e.u. on friday. but now it's doubtful they'll get what they want we have a vote we'll have a democratic vote it needs to count we want to die we want this law too great to get us out soon as possible and that by going to trial you have to go you know i fear. no deal new election. a second referendum no breaks it in fact
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anything is still possible the british parliament has once again voted and once again still nothing is clear. so what does this mean for bright said let's try to get some clarity now charlotte of oughts is in london for us good morning to you the u.k. was supposed to be waking up today the day after bracks its newly exited from the e.u. instead we have no clarity on how or even if it will happen first off how are people there reacting to that. well the mood is quite sumber this morning and london you just saw those relief supporters they were protesting here on the streets yesterday demanding an exit from the european union immediately no matter at what cost say even want to leave without a deal and then you have those pro europeans that also came out yesterday that are hoping now that the momentum is finally there for
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a second referendum or for even no breaks it at all and then there are those that are quite tired of this political infighting that's been going on over the past three years since the referendum and they just want the country to get on with it no matter how it is just get on with it speaking of getting on with the theresa may's deal has now been defeated three times is it dead or could she get on with it could we see the prime minister bringing this deal to m.p.'s for yet another attempt. well there seems to be still some life and until recently has proven incredibly incredibly resilient in this whole process so she might want to try to bring it back in front of parliament for a fourth time indeed after three times to feed which would be quite incredible and it doesn't look like she will get the numbers and that the majority will vote for her deal and then we're looking at two options one option would be that the u.k. indeed leaves the european union on april twelfth and without
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a deal at all it could have catastrophic consequences for the country the people the economy or goes back to brussels and asks for another extension for a longer extension where the u.k. would have to indicate and find some clear path forward which could be a second referendum for example or remaining in the customs union now if nothing changes before april twelfth what about the possibility that the u.k. would actually be forced to participate in e.u. parliamentary elections. well a lot of people wouldn't like that here especially those hardline us in the tory party but i think the more pressing issue is about this whole no deal scenario because european leaders and also leaders here in the u.k. have now come out and said this scenario looks more and more likely on monday parliament is going to vote on a series of alternatives here whether to for example remain in
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a customs union all hold a second referendum but if the deadlock is not solved if there is no majority found then we're looking at a no deal scenario on april twelfth because it's up to european leaders really to grant that extension to the u.k. so it could be two very very nerve wracking weeks coming up here in the u.k. all right charles for us in london thank you very much. now let's get you up to date on some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump is threatening to close the southern border with mexico next week trump suggested he would shut the border to trade and keep it closed if mexico doesn't stop migrants from central america heading towards the u.s. mexico's foreign minister said his country is a great neighbor and doesn't bow to pressure. u.s. attorney general william barr has told congress he'll release a redacted version of special counsel robert bowler's report by mid april
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investigation found no collusion between the trump campaign and russia so far barr has only released a short summary democrats want to see all documents related to the report. polls have opened in the second round of slovakia's presidential election the runoff hits the environmental activist susana. against european commission vice president. up over one forty percent in the first round and she could become the first woman to fill the largely ceremonial post. allison health officials say israeli troops killed one man in gaza in clashes as demonstrations got underway thousands are marking are marching to mark one year since weekly march of return oh tessa began allison the start of the protests demand a return to areas in what is now israel. in mozambique the number of cholera cases has risen dramatically from just five to more than two hundred
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seventy in just two days the world health organization is warning of a second disaster if cholera spreads among survivors of the deadly cyclone that hit two weeks ago the water borne disease causes acute diarrhea and can kill within hours if not treated hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the cycle on that hit mozambique alawi and zimbabwe one of the worst affected areas is the city of they were up on the indian ocean. in many settlements such as here in beirut the flooding hasn't completely receded and many people are waiting for help nothing's been done for us there's no aid even though i live here alone with my children. every extra day in the mud increases the risk of severe diarrhea or even of cholera outbreaks in rural districts the situation is even worse large areas of land are still under water we visit a small clinic in the village of one go or what the storm left of it there is only one doctor who treats one hundred fifty patients
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a day testing them for malaria another looming danger he would be powerless against a cholera outbreak. yes the numbers are increasing we can't do much we hand out chlorine tablets to disinfect the drinking water and we tell people to wash for it before eating it and especially to wash their hands so if. anyone with diarrhea is being treated as though they had cholera the world health organization plans to provide one hundred thousand vaccine doses next week but fear of cholera is not the only concern many locals have lost everything their houses and huts were destroyed as was their harvest. even though it's been more than two weeks people are still suffering the after effects of the cycle so far there has been no cholera epidemic nevertheless it will be months before things are back to normal. but the red cross has reached an agreement with the government
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of venezuela to send humanitarian aid to the stricken country the organization says the deliveries will arrive in the next two weeks and help more than half a million people around sixty countries recognize opposition leader as venezuela's interim president and he's repeatedly tried to bring aid into the country but he's been blocked each time by forces loyal to sitting president nicolas maduro i was divided politics on the streets of caracas my angry and i'm certain who's actually in charge supporters of president nicolas maduro accuse the u.s. and others of meddling in their countries a fat as i feelings towards majorities main rival why am i clear my you're not coming this way one woman shouts i but quite zero is on the march he's getting support from key international allies
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since declaring himself leader in january putting pressure on the jury with promises of a people's uprising by we have to prepare ourselves house to house to carry the message of humanitarian aid of the freedom operation we're not asking for patience here we've lost our patience what we're asking is to organize ourselves for the future where it will do. you manage tarion aid is desperately needed venezuela shattered economy has led to widespread shortages in food and medicine. in february maturer blocks who i doze own attempts to bring aid convoys into the country china which backs majeure i ascend to shipments of age now the red cross is also poised to help. and we think that in fifteen days we would be able to start providing the aid we've committed ourselves to you
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know say most of them when we deal is already actually this doesn't resolve the problems in venezuela a new one should assume this is a complete solution. go down. adding to the problems of blackouts this the third in a months probably caused by and they corrected infrastructure but majority blame sabotage by quite in the u.s. another example of a country whose people simply being left in the dark. sports now and in fighting knights bundesliga match top six hopefuls often time and leverkusen faced off in a crucial clash ahead of this weekend's action the two teams scored a goal each in the first half the shock belford ill up first netting the opener after just ten minutes to get off the beat they were close and quickly equalize though through their top score kevan ola that was just seven minutes later but in the second half it was a different story hoffenheim toke over scoring three more including another
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gorgeous strike from bell for bill it ended in a four one off i'm win and that blows the race for the ball just because top six wide open. in the world rally championship welsh driver elfin evans leads the tour of corsica after the first day of racing evans won three of friday's six stages to take a strong lead into the weekend's action and he's now four and a half seconds ahead of his closest challenger toyota driver on tanakh is tony and is the leader in the overall championship stands. and finally a big happy birthday to. the caped crusader cartoon an on screen superhero batman turns eighty today he made his debut in detective comics all a back in one thousand and thirty nine since then he moved on to his own t.v. series by a decades long career in movie theaters multiple actors played the dark superhero over the years and even non-human actors have put on the black wings enough for
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everyone to have favorites. you're watching news live from berlin there's more of the top of the hour coming up next though it is night groups i'm from aspen thanks for watching. it's all happening good job with coming. during link to news from africa the world to your link to exception these stories and discussions continue and welcome to the day of news and recruiting program tonight from one jimmy from the news it is easy town i would say d. deputed comes to.


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