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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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w. . lui . odd. this is live from berlin fears of a cholera epidemic in mozambique hundreds of people contract the country just to the east following a devastating side the last numbers of people displaced at risk relief what has a warning office seconds just last hour also coming up. thousands of palestinians marked the anniversary of the weekly gaza protest but the event turns deadly with four palestinians killed and more than three hundred injured in clashes with israeli forces. and people in ukraine prepared to go to the polls to elect
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a new president will they all for a familiar face old take a chance on a new combat look at what issues types wait sunday's results. i'm christine wonderwall come to the program. in mozambique the number of cholera cases has risen dramatically from five to nearly three hundred in just two days the world health organization is warning of a second disaster if cholera spreads among survivors of the deadly cyclone that hit two weeks ago the water borne disease causes acute diarrhea that can kill within al was if not it now hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the cycle and that hit mozambique malawi and one of the worst affected areas is the city of on
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the indian ocean. and many settlements such as here in beirut the flooding hasn't completely receded and many people are waiting for help nothing's been done for us there's no aid even though i live here alone with my children. every extra day in the mud increases the risk of severe diarrhea or even of cholera outbreaks in rural districts the situation is even worse large areas of land are still under water we visit a small clinic in the village of nine go or what the storm left of it there is only one doctor who treats one hundred fifty patients a day testing them for malaria another looming danger he would be powerless against a cholera outbreak. yes the numbers are increasing we can't do much we hand out chlorine tablets to disinfect the drinking water and we tell people to wash for it before eating it and especially to wash their hands.
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and by rote anyone with diarrhea is being treated as though they had cholera the world health organization plans to provide one hundred thousand vaccine doses next week but fear of cholera is not the only concern many locals have lost everything their hoses and huts were destroyed as was their harvest. even though it's been more than two weeks people are still suffering the after effects of the cycle so far there has been no cholera epidemic nevertheless it will be months before things are back to normal. it's to the middle east now and tens of thousands of palestinians rallied in the gaza strip today to mark one year since the start of weekly protests there how to demand the right to return to israel and and to israel's blockade of the gaza strip but like those weekly perseus today's event turned deadly with full palestinians killed in clashes with israeli forces not hundreds more people were injured. palestinian
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protesters throw rocks in return the israeli army deploys tear gas and live ammunition to prevent the crowds of demonstrators from approaching the barrier between israel and gaza. israel estimates forty thousand palestinians gathered at the border there calling for the right to enter israel and an end to the blockade on gaza which stops imports and exports causing poverty and hardship. generally only not get help by now we came today to emphasize and prove to the world that we have rights and we can't give up or forget our rights that can't be forced upon us but the padlock. protests were peaceful today when a peaceful young protester was killed we did not retaliate we want to confront them in a small way throwing stones to teach them a lesson and deliver our message that we want our stolen rights returned so we can
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go back to palestine. the protests march to anniversaries it's a year since the start of the great much of return rallies which call for palestinian refugees and their descendants to be allowed to return to their former homes in israel and it's the forty third land day commemorating the death of six arab israelis killed during protests in one nine hundred seventy six against israel's expropriation of palestinian land gaza hamas leadership says the protests at the border will continue. our correspondents tanya kramer is in jerusalem i asked her how the clashes might influence israel's general elections in ten days time. well i think that's why all eyes were effect today on that day of protests because it came after a week off really heightened tensions between israel and hamas it started a week ago when a rocket was launched from gaza into central israel it landed. small village north
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of tel aviv in a family home people were injured there and prime minister netanyahu was in washington at the time he cut short his visit there was a lot of pressure as israel always will respond to rocket try is what we tell you today and there was more rocket fire coming out of gaza as well but with the help of egypt's mitigation there has been there had been a tense calm of the past couple of days and of course now the question was what will happen today and how this will play out there has been a lot of pressure also prime minister netanyahu for a very tough response so whatever happens and the situation remains tense and also volatile whatever happens here on the ground and gaza has dominated the election campaign this week at least will of course also dominate the remaining election and up to the elections happen on paper nine. pope francis has arrived in the moroccan capital rough patch for
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a visit aimed at furthering dialogue between the religions process was invited to morocco by king on it during the two day trip the pontiff will meet muslim leaders and sit a greater mass all the country's minority catholic community interfaith dialogue is a priority for once. i don't have news martin jack joins me now in studio for more on pope francis's visit to robots that have you here martin so it's the clips second visit at. a muslim country in as many months what was his message in rough patch. decision has been pretty consistent i mean forging ahead we have more integrated. essentially transcultural an ecumenical conversations with muslim leaders and muslim clerics including sort of figures with in the few logical community a few slum both in the middle east and north africa and farther more i think pointing out you know the question essentially of migration problems which very
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often are related to this from countries i mean i've seen in the case of syria and in the case of northern africa it's not something that can simply be resolved by force actually requires a joint political solution so i think that this obsession that has been actually very consistent throughout the element which he's a matter of fact in many muslim countries christian communities in a very precarious situation which means incidentally that for this pope it's become a very high priority item in every agenda that he when he visits it's countries but not in the pope is going to meet with migrants and pasta. and understanding how americans react to that shway thing generally speaking morocco is sort of a showcase country for you know for the vatican essentially because it's a country that has a very long history of factually pretty strong integration minority communities christian communities i mean the jewish community action of standing community
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which has a very long tradition of integration i think that is trying to show us a bit of an example at the very same time it's true that this one of the bottlenecks to europe particularly in the spanish road so there is a sense you know there is enough we do not political will actually can become an important sort of an important example for how to deal with migration agents right . religious affairs and this. there will. now to some of the other stories making news around the world bush is in slovakia oscillating a new head of state in the second round of the country's presidential election the randall pits environmental activist susanna which will marry against european commission vice president. gore won forty percent in the first round she could become the first woman to hold a largely ceremonial office. and cities all over the world all switching off the lights in the landmark structures for earth hour it's to raise awareness about
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climate change in sydney the iconic opera house went dark and in hong kong dozens of companies elimination all day i rise because. the rolling stones op was phoning a tour of north america while seeing the mick jagger received medical treatment the seventy five year old treated regrets to fans and said he would be back on stage as soon as he can a spokesperson did not elaborate on the singer's condition. on sunday the people of ukraine will elect a new president in a vote closely watched in the west and in russia the last time ukrainians went to the polls in twenty fourteen the country was in freefall russia had just an x. to the crimea region and conflict between government forces and pro russian separatists at birkenau in the country's east five years on the economy takes a look at the issue on voters' minds. eye more than ten
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thousand people have lost their lives since war broke out in eastern ukraine back in twenty fourteen millions have been forced to leave their homes as the shooting continues political attempts to end the conflict remain stuck in no man's land but the fact the fighting didn't spread further and that ukraine's army was able to regroup essential to president petro poroshenko as campaign his message to voters is clear only he can keep ukraine safe and stand up to russia. but five years of war have also left their mark on ukrainians pockets in europe second poorest nation real incomes are still lower than they were before the war as household bills have skyrocketed. over three million ukrainians have left the country in search of work it's these people pensioners and those on low income struggling to get by the ex prime minister yulia timoshenko is trying to reach her she promises to cut household bills in health as soon as she's elected and do more
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to ensure ukrainians can find work at home both president poroshenko and at the prime minister to machine code have been around for decades and many ukrainians especially younger voters are hungry for change. one person who seems to fit the bill is actor and comedian polygamous alinsky the forty one year old may have no previous political experience but he has played the president before and the hit series servant of the people of the sitcom tells the story of a school teacher whose rant about the state of the country is caught on video by one of his pupils the video goes viral and the teacher suddenly finds himself catapulted to the top job. good morning mr president. mixing footage from the sitcom with his campaign ads zelinsky is now trying to convince ukrainians that he's the outside of the country needs to shake up its corrupt politics his motto become president but stay ordinary guy his critics argue that in reality he's no outsider launching a campaign calling him
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a puppet of the oligarch. a sworn enemy of president petro poroshenko its color scheme who put zelinsky on television in the first place and on whose channel he announced his surprise run for the presidency selenski denies this anything untoward about his relations with the businessman. for now the polls put zelinsky in first place far ahead of his rivals but questions remain come election day will ukrainians really take the job and vote for someone whose only experience of politics so far has been with a t.v. script in his hand. australia could become the first country in the world to jail social media executives who fail to quickly remove violent content the new proposal comes amid growing anger over the role facebook paid in the christchurch massacre two weeks fifty people died in the attack it's the gunman and straighten citizen all cost lives on the side has admitted that it must be more that.
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some sports now and in formula one ferrari is shelled secure the first all of his career after finishing top off qualifying for the bahrain grand prix the want to ask dr. to take whole gemini's sebastian vettel came second to clinch a ferrari front row while defending champion lewis hamilton could only manage the in his mis eighty's and teammate championship leader that starts in fourth on sunday. and happy birthday to the caked crusader caught today and onscreen superhero back mansions eighty today he made his debut in detective comics in one nine hundred fifty nine since then he moved on to his own t.v. series followed by a decades long career in the futures multiplex has have made the dog superhero over the years and even non-human actually has a foot on the back when it's enough for everyone to have
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a favorite. and you're watching live from berlin up next shift looks at how often additional intelligence impacts life in the digital age see you next. to. the african. all coming president to. an end of the wrong and patriotic front to include tanya the rebel army and to the one nine hundred ninety four genocide was in the room in the room there was and when did you hear.


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