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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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and there. are now. why do clashes between fans and police seem to be an increasingly frequent occurrence kweisi gatherings of fans often look like military mushes. and what's other police supposed to do. kick off reporters dave and shawn mendes to get his story to the police. getting him to follow through on what i hope find my feeble little flick the fall of. the funds which plots that we tend to look to so far this kind of event but isn't football ultimately supposed to be
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a game surely there are more important questions. about a problem that's the suv and that's. probably that's what makes the top goalie. who's the best rising star how about frankfurt's heaven. let's see just how good he is in all opening reports on kick off like. loaded with cheap logitech. real policy from the youngster. avon will be the. young easy going to have time to hit from the off in his new european league of choice. the driver's side slowly the business leader closely the full coming here of advice got by endorsements and other big clubs aside. evan indy cuz putting his defensive
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wits against the best of them to impressive effect for frankfurt's nineteen year old preseason signing has been quite a step up from the french second division. typical for the whole rhythm of the games different here to france and elsewhere but those of you up and down the pitch all the time and most of what's most of it. not that he's had any problem adapting the first big highlights on match day six because man who can first pick a guy it's no fun for us it was a few of the big guys with my first photos so it's normally something. goal that helps kickstart frankfurt season after a full games without a win they went on a run of seven without losing the teenage french center back is proving an old head on young shoulders with his astute positional play and the team best quota of interceptions february's in this league a rookie of the month and he's only looking ahead. by the doodoo question
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as it seems we're all trying to move him from even higher up the tables if you must step up with us in as far as playing for france goes for them one of the more i could only keep performing well before muslims pushing myself to the limit this is a much more. heaven and frankfurt's instant high flyer in his debut bundesliga season. from new boys to living legends oliver kahn of germany amplifying fame gives us the lowdown on what makes for great keep us. posted by what. the pundits leader is home to a raft of world class custodians who have helped redefine the goalkeeper's craft in recent years who better to give us a few insights than all of us. card three time world keeper of the year
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a time when is a good champion and one pair of expert analytical ice. is melting and bad so bright is it best to push the ball away when can you catch it and how quickly do you decide he is a con alice's. and he's a senior citizen this demonstrates the advantage of catching the bull face time don't waste time on the ground taking the plaudits get up quickly and target your throw out and they can see it's only useful if your teammate can receive the ball in the direction of the opposite goal and move it on from there and i say what i like. to. run by dr murray's to this amount of annoying this is a typical for. marker voices in full flight gets of his shots and model saves it but the outstanding thing he does time and time again is get straight back on his
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feet and seek out a teammate in space or to start the swift counterattack. thinking i'm the answer like. no you just want to. get your take on some of us and here we have young so much showing how quickly you can turn things around with an accurate throw out this if i know how you see here how difficult it is for him to catch the ball well and if he doesn't feel he could well end up in the net and anybody gets his hands on it and then throws it out into the pocket of his teammates on time is the entrances either like it seems to have or even louth just between us and that is that gets you straight back on the front porch on and stayed out the talk of. the self this is tricky you can easily go wrong. in life where some people might think manuel neuer is being it has its interior why does he choose to push it around the person with. the ball. bending unpredictably to get that step by rather
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than one risk trying to get a hold of it from flop it's often safe it's a power it's a way to scientists even side it's a lot on conceiving at corners so certainly better than having it end up in that. jam so maybe says this is a world class reflex save from young's all muscle flex we have a nice angle on it here is essentially a header from the five or six meters ouch that is nice gets about catching the keepers got a fraction of a second to stick out his hand and he's able to turn the ball over the ball so the on somebody once open about how he survived when he left and he's. going to carry the better option well basically you always want to catch the ball if possible back then is with me he is not looking as option might be to choose if it's a difficult goal you know you only have a short time to react what's inside somebody's thank you. so much faction of the
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pitch some countries are seeing an increase in trouble between police and fire all reporters dave i'm told many people on both sides of the divide. german football lives off of the reputation of its fans and for many germany is a football supporters coward i mean why is germany seeing more and more scenes that looks like this. or this. and this. football fans and police seem to be a constant conflict and we keep hearing that the situation is getting worse is it true is that all hot air whether it's hyped up or not if you don't like something is really going wrong i'm told is that's to say it misses the point it's i own translation. that's often enough reason.
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children whole swath of cuts in place so we've been trying to follow the stuff that's meet tom. we've been talking to fans lawyers experts and police officers all over germany to try and get to the bottom of this. the ongoing tensions between supporters and police isn't limited to one club one region or even just to the. how the supporters recently had a run in with police before second division match in the feathers off in hamburg listen to their site of that story. late last year hundreds of supporters. were on their way to no way a match never made it into the ground off the wall of the. cigarette in the train the group ended up being held in a police power. train station police officers insisted they had been provoked
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beforehand by some fans on the train as usual there are two sides to a story german football supporters or even sleep well you scale it wasnt fun projects i believe way to missions except subs up and down the country which are bets off assistance and support if any signs have to find themselves the. sunk all these fan project and its legal aid set up the brown. have had plenty of work to do since the incident beautiful. we heard their account of events from eyewitnesses one of whom preferred not to show his face when speaking with us. present movie i'm shocked. that. i'm like of others as if i could want to punch you in also showing up with your logic because in. seconds from gong.
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traffic. officers say they want to vote by supporters every waisting started they certainly escalated quickly and the police ended up drawing from pretty drastic measures it's my number. of years and i'm buying. one first. and not hard as it does the fence in. the fence in. my head of. buzzin one hundred. and four of. us and under false martha tod say it isn't. for defense. of coffins and won't. finish.
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designs. thank me such. a decision comes the case. of public opinion the example of the power the frenzied bill of felt illustrates another important aspect of this issue the media narrative that follows through friends inevitably overblown coverage after any incident you wouldn't blame any people reading the newspaper the day after thinking that riots exploded throughout the streets a bill of god or not i was fired. that's who can i put cyber fish to. the condition of. media coverage of police operations is a subject out from the berlin school of economics and law as studied in detail. in germany there. in the case of football and violence always when the when when when the media the public. well the media. you see.
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football fans using pyrotechnics fireworks and police officers with. you know a lot of countries around the world the situation for much friends in germany is actually fairly enviable you certainly never in danger of going to ground and having a molotov cocktail. in november. what i caught him doing i act. like. still it's clear that not everything is rosy the sensationalism of the public discourse can make it hard to keep sight of what's really going on so instead we got a firsthand look i had to check the fans lawyers. and i joined the police for a day to get better impression of their work do rowdy supporters force their hands
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where does the police presence provoke fans we'd have to find them first to find out. take a look around last night because we're in completely the wrong but. fortunately we got picked up by the police and made a slightly better job of our second attempts to get things going. on among. taken on how over today in a pretty brutal relegation six point to the bottom line is the. good thing that at the moment where you know the local police i which is essentially a riot police unit are about to start their day in town they've been caught enough to allow us to accompany them throughout the day and get a bit of an impression of one operation looks like disney could match has to be punished and i'm here on the inside of things to get their side of the picture almost typical. ended with didn't have major issues with the police it's
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a different story for the ultras we spoke with the lawyer representing stood guard for her insight. this is complex and we can push them to sidestep and it's i should this new defense to do reduces the standard he says for steven as a momentous c d's detroit's a one c. r. treatise mine i'm told is does decide mr supported site on fans lester is. the police have also noticed certain hostilities though they named different recent vintage being pulled from the. public through. the like option off pockets of the bottom of the news we could put him on train good. enough if not all. the folks on the street the specifics of this would be so innocent. but what are police doing to improve their rocky relationship with the fans is that a concern are they more focused on the day to day operations of their job.
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or to come if it's possible to sort it out sometimes awful thought as we can see in this office looking at this. to a trickle charge us stop taking what i feel see the suspicious if. if the idea is to make fans feel safer it doesn't seem very effective and it doesn't help that many fans feel unfairly categorized by police from the off doesn't it know what's fair or not shouldn't be male so in this uncool fields. only give out divides of what the answer. is going to be moving is an issue of going for offense when phoned so far in my view but i didn't in the years when i called. computer know if you had been. systems of syntax in the fun appointed sigh air from the us which i don't pursue i've been on the property i'm fair. the month of
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a hundred by year spirit so they must have done masters not to miss our fans out of us also wagner moments of out in the sky and not going to name all the police's way of looking at things is slightly different day essentially told us that if you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to be worried about. things put them up on the most trusted man doggedly but i put it so i would consider those who insist the mafia has the rule of law for what is good for the pulitzer for you to think you can do a couple also and what i. call fun to see on my sleeve of a little list of all that i put something who. should discard verses hanover is a non-christian with a noticeably small tinge of away fans on days like this the police have fairly little to do. this is what i get off of missing of all people the bush meat gossip throughout the country you know. but they still have to be ready for anything so
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they try robo cop style protective gear that makes a pretty fierce impression. like votes movies and so does some of the socialist including me you know she toast i think i should i say it's like. getting these fish like you said. but others are less keen on becoming accustomed to the side of armored militarized police on the streets for many fans it's an unnecessary and intimidating escalation of the atmosphere does it is the second man much fairly strong he has essentially toity for and not dominated mesoblast of our full time speed of us will sit on top of it in the police i as a recluse or just polyp or com bust people decide to beaten had just come back to us on the. park and the woman put it say over what she had felt in its logic ten look to so far it's called the event in the end instead understood move. to
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him to put insistence my. mind i'm president. and even. before that so it's going to i see that those who knew this was exposed was looking to move it was not. going to have to and. the police also acknowledge that their outfit sends a message to fans but they maintain the need for caution when it comes to football . the most i'm told is have a little fresh talk soon constituencies hard to like doesn't believe it's not true they have seen this coming up this one was on their own but the state just. isn't good at this if i feel like you should if you. do though sure
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look you're going to do with college student i'm talking street. the president spoke minutes wise police have reached the nerve the percent over last year went heavily on the anti-terrorism units from closing sorry to see i'm in charge peaceful my. local police started a new level of violence in football for the decision to bring the heavy hitters. off. according to the police's own officer sports operations criminal proceedings for incidents at football matches in the top two divisions have trended down words in the last five years. but when people talk about violence in football they're often talking about something else entirely. we
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always talk about violence and. technique in the stadium actually normally there are no. better no problem last season far more fans were injured by police pepper sprayed by fire the police response is often more dangerous than pyro itself. for example the match. against. firework stadium and the police immediately went into the way sector so normally in germany it's clear the police. shouldn't went into their way sort of because that means trouble and that means a risk for. involved. because it's. the c.c. . it's. the
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police. for years they've specialized search and colleagues because it's closer to fancy across the country. the police have. special officers. they spend their whole time on looking what is happening and football germany so they full called. germany much as we kept hearing from the police every morning that specialized seed friend called the program has its problems it have but we heard the concerns of the front which. wasn't.
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this one saddens. us. from hamburg to stuttgart a communications breakdown between fans and police has only heighten the attention . to a lot of sort of people sit and talk and. talk about dissatisfied with their fans some it's the truth. and toys from one pass yet since. it is from the pundits i was just going on that's about. all of this new legislation in several states has seen the scope for security surveillance measures expanded and handed the police controversial preventative powers. area in north rhine-westphalia have already passed laws allowing the police to use body cameras and tap phones the
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move sparked protests among many fan groups who felt targeted. the meaning of police powers in germany has encountered fairly serious resistance from organized vocal supporters and that's not going away to many mind best buy on on it's not on the science and i said you have to smell muslim muslims. not understand saxton's but. even then that is a cellphone just this year for quite some. time sometimes for whom much is research provides a useful testing ground for the police to try out new tactics like when a new armored division was recently established in north rhine-westphalia. ok that's necessary for counterterrorism and it's necessary for. political demonstrations the first. then you really for the working was
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a football match. the statistics may not point to an increase in violent confrontation in the last few years but the rhetorical climate has fostered ongoing tensions between police and football supporters. the fact that it's vibrant the fan culture is german football's biggest asset makes a deescalation of those tensions all the more imperative. still things are different from state to state and from match to match as we saw in stuttgart it's perfectly possible to get things right and in the end both parties want the same feat. that's a pretty decent thing to pick up you could see with. the recent us as you just did mention. increased
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a significant shock which. followed him but france and it also part. of some of those you know i was highly significant come on like my little. gun equal sign on doesn't touch anything tug of war valves in the open pretty tired talk think even ish of. none of. them humvees. fifteen minutes who does i'm going into punch being tugged that's going to pause it .
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it's one of germany's most popular travel destinations big names for the city on the danube is experiencing at tourism. one and trax is interested this unesco world heritage site our host nicole flourish looks around tries local specialties and is impressed it's going to be and journey for two thousand years of history. on the field and. the work groundbreaking
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their ability gives them power they go their own way admirable and indescribably from an arena a promise which should in. the story exceptional artists move one thing in common they've all come out on top. in thirty minutes w. . africa bureau. ball coming president obama. kind of the rwandan patriotic front into tiny the rebel army and of the one nine hundred ninety four genocide was in the room full in the old days they wasn't doing to us given you in. so i would need to reinforce that in most of the news but goes up and he
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was not floating in no to. a controversial leader or successor is beyond question. time. and wanted tragedy starts a bullshit long t.w. . and. i'm standing above the jag over on the shores.


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