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on climate change i want to be a company see you next hour. the be. the be the be. the first day of school and the. first claim. gore's grand moment arrives joint direct attack on her journey to. interest you turn. around and around getting returns home. to know that seventy seven percent.
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are younger than sixty. guts me and me. and you know what it's time old boy says. the subsidy seven percent speech obama the issue. is where to cut. the seventy seven percent starts april sixth on d w. he fine and sort out our auto mechanics by trade now we've got four months to bring it back to life and get it looking like you know you know what. their favorite pursuit is restoring vintage cars they find twenty of them in their mother's home country in croatia. the two brothers have
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a workshop near stock cart. two brothers with cars in their hearts and engines on their minds. stock up a little coffee. for the lawyers of the weather forecast isn't that good but we're going anyway. meaning. it's seven am and the brothers are setting off on their winter journey south twelve hundred kilometers across the alps. ability up ahead you see the slovenian border after that comes the croatian border . good now wearing a correlation. to
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a clean slate on the longest you guys love you or their friend has the same interests and a junkyard that's where they're headed once you know maybe. they're going to be able to anyone can join in and have a bite to eat that's no problem at all. you know. when you're going to look up the next morning there in rogosin it's a near split the brothers are looking for an old car they can restore for an upcoming vintage car show. they make this trip four times a year in search of rough automotive dine. it's. plan isn't for us to keep doing this for twenty years maybe another ten and then we'll be channeling my p.r. now. they put into the island of rocks.
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their destination lies in an almost grove a very special junkyard not every clunker is fit to be restored. a peek under the hood is a glimpse of automotive history. you know their friend has some real treasures here . including this i used to like you basically he does the same thing we do except that he thresher lies in expensive luxury cars he doesn't sell them we take a different approach vintage cars are for everyone. even and sot on want their vintage cars to be street worthy not just as an investment or a shiny bauble for the garage. at first glance they seem to have plenty to choose from. for the growth of the car. business movement this is really the finest junk out in the world what's good is that nothing happens to the cause they don't rust this
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badly from the air they can stand here forever that the oldest in us because. we grew up on the sofa and so many beautiful cars here fiat's beetles vogels everything. that city that fifty five but one in particular catches their eye and they take a closer look obsolete and locked because there's all these were real cause. we had room to think of this it was not too bad. i don't think the antennas are much. the brothers inspect the body the interior and the engine in detail it looks like it would take a lot of work to get it in shape. it. was no more your. thoughts about what do we do than shift bosses you're also boss with you i'll take the risk i'll go for it. when i do something they work out
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a price with i'm to the junk dealer. funny but how did they get the clunker untangled from the rest of the junk. and has he used to this particular political problem he quickly makes ready for the open that. he lifts the junk away from the hidden gems. of the old like to feel love. for you i. love. you.
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it's a kind of heavy metal playground it can even be fun. let live. to open have to keep an eye on it the hook is in all the way in i hope you lift. no rust. look here it's got a hold. everything is still original and unwell that. now we've got four months to get its way it looks like new hope it all works out. we profess club to. this group lawyers. if it all goes well we'll have some money left over. but if you
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figure in the hours under the bottom line you don't earn a thing so that it's all for the love of old cars and seeing them back on the streets in the shop when they've got a spare moment rather than stand around will work on these cars to fill the down time. they tracked down old cars in croatia and bring them to germany where for example the opel cadette was a sort of nine hundred seventy s. cult car. even and so on are qualified autumn mechanics but cars like these have little to do with today's mechatronics. paths a trip back to germany takes them another twelve hundred and fifty kilometers back across the alps but this time hauling a heavy load. they. live
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there and they arrive safely infielder stocked with a cadet. they have four months to live in touch car fare hike all of that's enough isn't it i'll push can you get in. right. now quite. a. bit. more you're not reaching you know you i think somebody must have lived in it. now even has to rely on his talent for tracking down original parts and sort on the tinkerer has a lot of work to do with. the fictional select is not that that. people . we'll see what we can use. them else on those notes and starting with the nose will remove the grill to expose the metal and get busy for the sending end of life . as a restored vintage car it can fetch
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a good price what are the brothers think of electric cars. we definitely want to drive again he calls but do you want to drive one who found the old. with out now i don't like this i like the internal combustion engines much better than with model even we need cars on the road or we still get the particulates. the tires cause the particulates when you break. it's not just the combustion engine mobile. and you don't hear the electric drive and i'm not into that you have to hear an engine what's nice about vintage cars is that the historical you can always drive them. not much time remains till the vantage carfare the white cat has to be finished by then. theo. could. could.
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feel. the junk heap is gradually transformed into a gem for connoisseurs. which was that it has to be thorny polished so it really shines as smooth as a baby's bottom when you didn't have to think about the best way to work the linkage since i've got to carburetors here and have to extend the linkage and bring it over here to the exact center so you can give it more gas. that's it you've got great ideas thank goodness i've got you and uncovered the. bones yeah with just two days to go we get some real stress when we see the cars aren't finished yet. i'll because you can't help that we'll stay through the night if need be. i'll also gulf on the other hand it doesn't help to get all worked up. well i don't want to how to tackle it right.
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then we should now the reynolds finished and the oakley pretty much is to feel. even unsought on are taking five for stuart cars to the fair but will they be able to sell any as a reward for their stress and effort. the brothers are regulars at the fair bringing newly restored cars every year. and at last the old bangers hear. the drives really well it joins other treasures on the floor the restorers are in their elementary year and the debt it's
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attracting lots of looks and attention. even and zones vintage cars stand out among all the luxury and classic cars. i don't think that it's hard to have kids it says a young man seven of them the color schemes rady nice. it's a cocoa and in fantastic condition. although most of us sold a couple of cars already know and all read and think the us was on and i'm all for the end of the rainbow was the best kind and there wasn't even another one here. you had lots of enquiries about the opal cadet that nobody scrap to get if not you'll stay with us i'm alive thought. i.
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i. it's a long running dispute spain's government wants to rebuild francisco franco's remains the former dictator's mausoleum is to be a place a pilgrimage known. for some it's a struggle. for others it's an overdue step in the right direction. country divided then as now spain scars of the past next on d.w. . junction in space. wherever they go soon means leave trusts. in space it poses a hazard to the moon and have to stop the new clean up the danger is clear.
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to you today in sixty minutes. what secrets lie behind the smallest. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage three sixty get the. the value. is a memorial that houses the tomb of the spanish dictator francisco franco the site has become a shrine for a nationalist and right wing is. what it's a fascist monument a metaphor for the division of our country and
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a disgrace for spain and for europe. with all this was. spain now plans to move frank.


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