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d.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin a major blow for turkey's president following local elections the main opposition party claims victory in the country's three biggest cities including the capital on the bush is widely seen as a to stop president richard type i don't want to talk to larijani will get the laces from all parts punditry in istanbul and we all follow it and that the election for you in the ukraine way comedian and political mob is told to me it is it means he has won the first round of voting in the country's presidential vote
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pacing when to head off incumbent patrols are shameful. i'm christine little while come to the program turkish voters have president bush type it once ruling. a significant blow in local elections the main opposition party has claimed victory in all three of the country's biggest cities including the capital was supposed to send a braves with almost all the votes counted thirty one tonight said it was clear that his party has failed to convince bush's in his cities and promised to focus on a news economic program the election was widely seen as a test offer to one's popularity during a period of economic recession. joining us now from the.
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story and the president. may have lost. all the opposition has also won the capital is this an. era. well i think that's getting ahead of ourselves if history is shown one thing present one is a political survivor and the fight although it has to be said that this is shaping up to be his worst night for elections he has suffered a major defeat it is now and will be a narrow defeat. to the prospect of being defeated saying we may have lost now the the situation is still very much in the balance only a few thousand votes between the ruling a.k.p. candide up in new york and the opposition c.h.p. now it appears the voting has the counting has now been suspended with over one hundred thousand votes still to be counted most of them believed to be coming from
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the stronghold of the c.h.p. it does appear that although they do appear to be facing the prospect of losing istanbul this is turkey's most important city by far its its culture. and its financial capital and in many ways a political capital with the adage if you control istanbul you control turkey. looking like he's facing up to the reality he may have lost his beloved city which political career has to be said there's still no formal acceptance and there are peace of both sides are ready to meet the feet. right on that note. i want to. results where. the electoral process. well indeed there are numerous folks all across the country which are very wafer thin victories or defeats for the ruling a.k.p. party they've suffered many defeats all across the country so there are many contentious votes but top of the list will be given the fact that the the margin of
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victory difference between the two sides is so small and so many outstanding votes this is going to be the major battleground in the coming days and possibly even weeks ahead right dorian we also heard from the president that they would be no other elections in the next for the hoff. well turkey has gone through a very prolonged electoral cycle we've had earlier lectures we've had a referendum now we've had these local elections the next presidential in general elections on schedule for another four and a half years but given the fact that one doesn't have a full absolute majority in parliament the setbacks the major economic and diplomatic challenges ahead many people expect that he could be forced to go to the polls early the next four half years right dorian jones in istanbul on that election in turkey thank you and. now to some of the other stories making news around the world algeria is a battle president abdelaziz has named
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a caretaker government headed by the country's current prime minister has faced weeks of protests demanding an end to his twenty year role. is keeping his post as defense minister despite repeatedly calling for to step down. one of russia's richest women that's had a has died along with two of his when this small plane crash near the german city of frank was the private russian and seven it's not yet know what caused the accident. in ukraine the first round of presidential elections it's of polls show a clear lead for comedian. with just over thirty percent of the vote now incumbent president petro poroshenko the country since twenty fourteen trails significantly behind since he is a political novice but after today's results the funnyman says he's serious about winning in the runoff three weeks from now. the comedian
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candid joking at the ballot box asking if he can cast more than one vote for the camera. so then ski comes to the can deceive by way of a hit ukrainian t.v. show called servant of the people where he plays an outsider elevated to the presidency. so does playing a president on t.v. teach you how to do it in real life. supporters and analysts have different views. i don't know if there is such a person as the protagonist in the series but i'd like to believe in that. selenski is new he is not part of the system he's against the system and there are demands for change in this country. zelinsky may not be entirely outside the system many say he's in the pocket of an oligarch who owns the t.v.
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channels alinsky program appears on and who opposes present president petro poroshenko. people don't support selenski they just want to show. poroshenko is the president ukrainians have now the chocolate billionaire who rode his confectionery fortune to the presidency in the last election to many he represents everything that is wrong about ukraine now corruption and low living standards he made his name as a pro european anti russian candidate though and he's sticking to it. the british with this we have passed the test for all european ways and it means everything we do to head in the european direction is absolutely right the other major alternative is yulia tymoshenko she's got experience as a former prime minister and instant name recognition as a heroine of the country's pro western movement but she spent years in jail on what
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her supporters say were politically motivated charges. so an outsider comedian and table tennis player who may not be an outsider versus the status quo president versus a compromised freedom fighter from the past no matter what the result ukrainians can't say they didn't have a choice. connie is on the events in him what jimmy isn't in school has been telling supporters and the price. poker scene well he's come out with some fighting talk against the incumbent petro poroshenko reminding people here of recent corruption scandals in pershing because in a most circle he refuted pushing his allegations that he is a puppet of the ego of the only got ego problem or ski and this had come off. pretty loud intervention for shinku just a few hours ago where he said to morrow first of april is april fool's day but they said she ukrainians he said should get
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a grip and decide who to vote for to protect the interest of the country stand up to russia and basically say that only he had the experience and the know how to do that. ok to that so the incumbent president petro poroshenko is trading him and former prime minister yulia timoshenko is denouncing the exit polls so what happens next. so the count goes all in all and we really only expect in the conclusive results by tomorrow afternoon or early evening there is suggestion that new exit polls show a smaller gap between petro poroshenko and you that i'm sure for second place that's crucial because the top two candidates will go through to the second round she has you detention goes called on a supporters to turn out big numbers for the counts to make sure that every ballot is counted so this tension this. lack of clarity of where we go on will continue till tomorrow but it does seem as if such a pushing to the incumbent the president will go into
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a second round with him is that it's. ok nick so we put that they've been. about sixteen hundred complaints about electoral violations what's going on there. well christian there have been lots and lots and lots of observers out into ukrainian observers but also international observers and they have been very active in telling the authorities about things they think all going well most of these complaints has he said or of a technical nature so this is situations where they haven't had enough ballots so people have been in the list because they were registered in their place of origin rather the place they happened to be now they have been small a number of complaints about illegal campaigning campaigning isn't allowed for two days before the election or cases where candidates have to finance transport for their voters to get to the polling stations we've had very little in the way of complaints about fake voters or people voting several times so for now it seems like no one is doubting the overall legitimacy of this vote all right to have a nice correspondent economy joining us from here thank you. so was the
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saudi government involved in hacking the phone of the world's richest men chief bases that's the allegation that's been made by the amazon c.e.o. as security advisor gavin de becker he's been investigating how a u.s. tabloids the national enquirer got access to intimate texts and photos from phone with more on this story i'm joined by deja news alex forrest wising alex so this reads like an international thriller remind us again of the background here when it was back in january that this whole story made headlines off to lete text messages between jeff bezos and lauren sanchez who's a u.s. t.v. anchor. published in the national enquirer now that is a tabloid a u.s. top lloyd and they claim that the two were having an affair even though they were married now back in february of accuse the newspaper's owner of trying to blackmail
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him after threatening to publish more intimate photos and less he said the paper's reporting on him was not politically motivated or he refused to do that ok and if so what has bezos a security adviser saved this weekend where gavin de becker who's worked for the amazon no no for more than twenty years has written a piece in another on another u.s. website the daily beast and he claims that his own investigation proves that the saudi arabian government had gained access to bases over his phone of but he asked that he's on shore to want to grieve any the parent company of the national enquirer american media inc was aware of the details but what he does say is that both he and bezos demaio hasta say publicly that the original story had not relied on electronic eavesdropping or on hucking and again both men refused to do that so why would the saudis be interested in what's on chief basis for. well
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this is where it really does become a bit of a spy thriller because jeff bezos not only owns amazon but he also owns the washington post and who work for the washington post but the sound journalist come out and you will remember that almost six months ago he was murdered in the sunday consulate in turkey and now the washington post covered that story extensively and did d.w. a bit they made that many reports linking this sound crown prince mohammed bin stalin to the killing now sanjay arabia has always denied that there was any link a bit american officials have said that mystical shop she is murder would have needed prints mohammed's support for that to happen now so far there's been no comment from either the saudi authorities or from the national in inquiry about gavin de becker says he has handed in all the information that he has gathered in his investigation to u.s. federal officials so we'll see what happens next in something sure you will have
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the next story idea alex forrest white thriller of a story thank you. in formula one lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix to claim his first victory of the season but he enjoyed a big slice of luck along the way missy a.d.'s driver took advantage in the dying stages when engine trouble denied there are east charlotte clear a first ever formula one victory now reigning champion have alton finished ahead of teammate valtteri bottas in second with the clear in third place. it watching the news will leave you now with some images off. cities around the wall turned off the lights on famous landmarks and a whole fall go bill action on climate change of christine one and then the company .
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city in ruins morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population i. think you played the city center in two thousand and seven team president to church's response was. putting the. book.


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