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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2019 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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a city in ruins. a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . as fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seven team president to churches response was. oh my goodness. me look over. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not
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the kind of freedom that we want. how did not become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the science of fire starts april eleventh on d w. welcomes in the bundesliga on d w must a twenty seven was brought to a close by four teams three of them deep in the relegation battle the other fighting for europe this is what we have coming up for you. frank i have been in blistering form since the mid-season break and they're on course for another campaign in europe although the real deal will be discussing the champions league ambitions. but after saturday's switch at the top of the table we'll be taking a closer look at. it's mighty clash between first place dortmund and second place
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by munich who has the upper hand ahead of classic. mechanic line welcome to the show we have plenty to talk about some because one simply isn't enough i've dropped in to all these to talk about the last day's top stories to my left he said reports of a cannot good to have you back nice to be here and to my right all over moody my psychic thank you for having having you here as well. let's get down to business though and starts our coverage and how the reds bottom of the table after nuremberg went on saturday and they face an uphill battle to survive the drop on sunday they face shaka aside his boosting the future is also in the balance as one step closer to top flight survival. who would hold their nerve in this relegation battle. returned to the shelter bench has seen a predictable focus on defensive stubbornness to the did a low hendrik vitae and a sniff of go well beyond. alexander nubile to the rescue for shelter.
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as expected this wasn't the finest spectacle but shell to show just a bit more quality and took the lead on thirty nine minutes. one nil with his first goal for the royal blues he did well to kill benyamin stumm billy's cross and hung over gave him the freedom of the penalty box to pick his spots. kind of a press more after the break but we're ultimately toothless. kiss the bar. couldn't find a way past nubile. one no the final score relegation looms ever closer for hung over take a step towards safety. and in sunday's match frank hosted a hapless got side have won just once since the break and i'm desperately fighting relegation fry at frankfurt on the other hand are in fine form they've won their last four games on the trot something they haven't done since the beginning of the
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twenty twelve thirteen season they make it five. the frankfurt faithful were hoping to see the home side continue their run and leap frog lot back in the standings and the hosts duly set the tone from the opening whistle would look to you a bit shooting just wide after a mere three minutes play it. looked up held out to the break but still it constitutes forty fifth minute finish from an acute angle get frankfurt the advantage. to double of his towering sunny home an incredible pass from on to a real bitch just after the hour mark for his fifth goal of the season. with five minutes left in regular time jamie to cost a third yo bitch for an entire hour to finish up his own three nil frankfurt you bitches sixteen league goals have been tied for second this corn chart. victory sees frankfurt move to fourth place with their best run in years putting them in
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champions league contention. and that's exactly what we'll talk about to start with you on the clock just one of two teams who have not lost a single game since the start of the year they've now put themselves back in the champions in places for the first time since matched a twelfth are they there to stay it's incredible i mean did you expect frankfurt to be up there after twenty seven days i certainly did not especially when you look at how their season started they had a pretty rough start there were already rumors of whether the right guy is cetera et cetera and now they're there and who else should end up in fourth place. i don't see that happening at the moment and the next one is already seven points behind it which is that so out of those three it's definitely going to be frankfurt. you've been keeping a keen eye and a keen eye on for this season what has actually driven them back into the top four well you know i'm not surprised to see them go on a bit of a surge at this stage of the season they came through a rough patch of fixtures where they managed to get through without losing against
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the likes of leipzig brain and your team a lot. it of course dortmund all these games back to back they came out of those games unbeaten now they've had some gentle fixtures as be said and. five wins on the bounce the front three of course gets a lot of praise for rightly so you know that and they've been sensational but it really has been an all round effort the likes of me to costa i think is at a very good season and today of course the hero. who has been sensational in is our right is really picked up from his poor form of hamburg his best ever season for goals and assists but of course the man you can look out mention by only just a minute ago he has a coach he's done a brilliant job of getting all these players taking along very nicely so they actually mentioned as well as they're the ones who have you know very expense of being a champion in places what's going on with you today kings team well they've just hit one of their spells haven't they where suddenly nothing works it started on much they twenty one when they played hats of holland and got hammered three nil
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big surprise in that one since then it's just all gone downhill the confidence seems to have drained out of them completely the four that again they were in second place they were ten points clear of frank and now as we know they've been overtaken by the one win in that time in the bundesliga for defeats in seven games not a good one a spell and so the defense has completely crumbled as resort again three goals against a sort of conceded and certainly was the defense that mike's able the sporting director had a problem with in not catastrophic opening spell yesterday let's hear what he had to say. if you make simple mistakes in defense and build up play that lead to counter attacks and don't want to defend with full commitment in the bundesliga you'll be three nil down after sixteen minutes. both talking about the defensive frailties is that the only problem at the club at the moment earlier as all the money they were they were tasting the title moralists and nothing nothing has stayed like that for like like for five six weeks now if they fix their problems
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defensively it's definitely a strong team they have great forwards they have really good attacking players but i mean if you're not stable in the back. what shall happen i mean this it's just nothing i think it's nothing that you can solve right now because what you mentioned it's the confidence thing and they that's what they completely at the moment they've got to fix it because this brings our talk about mashed a twenty seven to an end i'd like to have a look at the table they have it at the top when it pops up dortmund first two points ahead of by munich those two will lock horns next saturday in a potential title decider front foot as we just poke the crypt into the champs the places in the bottom half six points clear of the relegation zone and there's bad news for nuremberg and no team is ever avoid relegation from the been this league it with fewer than one thousand points at this stage of the season. that is match day twenty seven in the books let's look ahead to next weekend only. saw just had
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a bind do they have the confidence going into that clash of mine isn't that the perfect match up that we are facing right now for next week and i want to head to points of munich just how to draw in five book has to attack in order to regain the lead which is perfect for gautam and i mean hello what else can you expect from that it's going to be a fantastic match and to answer the question yes they are confident they even didn't let michael boyce play because his wife nothing to take away from that decision it's great but it shows how strong they feel about it and they can in the past when they lost their games it was always because marco voice was injured or you wasn't playing well mostly was injured now they can even afford to let him go to the hospital to be with his wife or daughter to be close to his wife so perfect so he's going to be he's going to come back even stronger he's going to be a father and i think that's that's definitely one key to that much. as he says
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michael rose will be back for this huge classic of a game this is probably the biggest one we've had in so many seasons definitely i think most of us ago very tired of that moniker that classic because it rang hollow so many times in recent seasons you get to this stage by and for the second time in the season and they would be ten twenty points between them no semblance of a title race whatsoever this year as you said nick when we look at the table there it could decide the title the outcome of this match dortmund ahead on points by enough time advantage i can't wait to see who comes out until as this game is so important both of you what you think going to happen with this we're going to be to start with you well in order to have a tight race till the end of the season i hope for a thrilling three three. but i think it's going to win it ok ali i'm going to go with a tight don't mean when he won both of you have a title what is your. as well ok we're going to move on we're going to stick by him now let's rewind a couple of years by munich one of the earliest ever title match the twenty seven
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so like today back in two thousand and fourteen there was no stopping this team back then and now fast forward to today ali it's a completely different picture is the focus on this season at all or are they looking beyond that now well i think certainly if you look at it to the team they have a hell of a lot of work still to do in this camp by but we know with the signing of lucas ananda's that behind the scenes behind a very much already looking to next season and of course as the tweet that we're about to see on the screen tells us as well and is not even the first piece of business the buy and have done for this summer there is benjamin have a fellow world cup winner of course with. two young high quality defenders that by and have brought in already for next season's update that aging defense they have and look at those price tags to over one hundred million euros on the two of them and that is a massive out lie and the team of got plenty on their plates for this season it
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just shows you that heinous and ruben to get there a step ahead of the of the competition ali spending i mean is one hundred fifteen million euros is a lot of money especially eighteen million on a player who's already got a dodgy knee i mean this is a huge gamble for by munich is it not is it think so if i could find a dodgy me i wouldn't spend one hundred eighty million euros on myself here absolutely right but if it doesn't work out if he has to finish his career i mean he's only twenty three but if that should happen i do have an insurance for that it's not the money the question is how do you fill that gap actually in the team if you count on a player and you don't have it of course it's nice to get the money back in some way from the insurance but the worst thing that can happen is that they don't have a somebody else who could fill in that gap that their presence their planning with him on the other hand what you just mentioned the money yes it is a lot of money but it's still not as much my. nationally it's a lot of money but internationally. it's a good average price i mean it's hard to say but that's the truth and compare that
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to those fourteen million that buying munich spent seven years ago on a player like how the name how the mighty nets that was the highest the highest paid player or the highest some they have ever paid for in the bonus league got forty million so that paid off as well so i'm i'm sure it's a lot of money yes but for buying unique standards they can afford that they just want they don't want to spend hundred fifty hundred eighty that's not their their policy and for that i think it's definitely a good deal for you to be talking about this of course more as the weeks go along i like to thank both my guests are economic and all of the moody all you'll be joining me again next week for so much the twenty eight's band so until then that's all from us here in berlin thank you and goodbye. cut. the waste at full speed.
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