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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey's president suffers a blow in local elections the main opposition party has gained control of the capital ankara and looks set to take istanbul as well what does this mean for president obama and for the future of the country we'll get the latest also coming up. it's no laughing matter comedian a lot of mir's a lansky wins the first round of voting in ukraine's presidential election he's
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come in well ahead of incumbent president petro poroshenko and. look at the. disaster for ferrari's charlotte clare he loses engine power in the closing laps allowing lewis hamilton to win the first race of the season. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us it is being called a severe setback for turkey's president tired of everyone his party has lost control of the capital ankara in local elections and is also facing defeat in istanbul these elections are seen as a referendum on his leadership with many voters saying they're unhappy with the way he's handling the country's economic downturn. it's an unfamiliar position for red chip tayyip erdogan won in local elections seen as
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a test if you support voters delivered the turkish president he's worst night ever at the ballot box during his ruling laid across the country over a roll and economic downturn and high inflation and unemployment left vulnerable was seven dollars it there is i believe the only reason we couldn't get the results we wanted in some cities is that we couldn't express ourselves enough to our nation . and we failed to win their hearts so you never envisioned old moment oligarchs. k.p. is set to lose the capital ankara to the main opposition c.h.p. and possibly even east done bull too with the result too close to coal both groups have claimed victory in turkey's largest city. according to the results we won the elections in istanbul.
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i say it loud and clear i know we want all of you. after voting in dozens of men is municipal councils and other local officials turks of different political leanings processing the election results. we're happy at last let's put it this way we haven't been happy for so long that. this is a victory for people who have been aggrieved this is a victory for kurds and democracy for us people across the world and in turkey have one. i'm obviously sad about ankara it was a surprise i was in accra last week for a meeting but i think the people of ankara will understand their mistake and come back to the a k p. photo one in the losing control of ankara
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after twenty five years is a significant setback during this election is over the race for istanbul isn't with no side ready to admit defeat they're winning is down bullies likely to become a major battleground over the next days or even weeks ahead. let's go straight to us to correspondent standing by for us good morning. just how damaging are these results for. well first of all it's really been a sleepless night for many here it is simple because these local elections have turned out to be much more exciting than expected in some here already call it a historic vote and that's because you mentioned that president edwin in his ruling a k party it suffered a severe setback in the main cities that a third since they came to power. seventeen years ago they lost control of the
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capital and cross and they were not able to secure a definite result here in istanbul that's according to unofficial results by the state run news agency on a don't know we have to wait for official results of course but it's simple is stumble with its fifteen million people an economic hub is really considered to be the biggest prize in these elections there is a saying in turkish politics whoever wins istanbul wins that turkey and as we speak the results here for the city remain disputed with both and the main opposition c.h.p. claiming a victory so actually we have not expected such a result the main opposition party is now saying it looks like there has been some voter date how many palatial going on so it really remains to be see what happens today this is definitely going to be a very interesting day. being contested what have been the
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reaction. well you know when you talk to two voters here in istanbul of course it depends to two who you're talking to supporters of the a k p claim that there are kind of that one the city and opposition voters say if there was no major money palatial and the opposition won the city but let me come back to your original question what does this all mean for president add on of course he rose to power here in istanbul as mayor of istanbul in the one nine hundred ninety so this city is very important to him and he has been campaigning really really hard giving several speeches every day and considering that the media reporting the media coverage is overwhelmingly in favor of him and his party this really is a serious setback the analysts we've talked to ahead of the elections told us that if the opposition really manages to win and istanbul this would be
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a political earthquake for istanbul a four add one and a clear sign that he and his party are no longer invincible ok a lot of people are pointing to the economy is suffering a lot in turkey right now. has been really good over the past few weeks what kind of role did these issues play in this vote. well many people here say that has been one of the main issues here the economy many voters told us that their personal economic situation worsened in the past year you know you have to know the a.k.p. once rose to power on a platform of economic growth and rising living standards for millions of pious poor tugs but now turkey is in the midst of a recession inflation is a twenty percent so everything up from that still goes to you know cooking utensils
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but much more expensive gear joblessness is add a nine year high so this really has been an important issue for many voters and actually we heard president add one speak yesterday and he was unusually self critical saying that he would now focus on strengthening the economy by implementing a number of reforms of course that remains to be seen what he's going to do next but yes the economy was a main issue. for us in istanbul where we are still waiting for the final results in local elections in turkey thanks very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour british lawmakers are set to meet again on monday seek a way forward on the country's brax of process. after they've rejected prime minister teresa mayes proposed breck's a deal for the third time on friday. meanwhile some six million people have signed an online petition calling for the bricks of process to be scrapped. a malaysian
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judge has sentenced a vietnamese woman to three years and four months in prison over the killing of the north korean leader's half brother kim jong il died in two thousand and seventeen after being smeared with a nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport they pleaded guilty to one charge of causing harm indonesian kohak used was acquitted last month. media reports in algeria indicate that the embattled president abilities beautifully may step down this week on sunday he named a caretaker government headed by the country's current prime minister beautifully has faced weeks of protests demanding an end to his twenty year rule. one of russia's richest women natalya flavor was killed along with two all there's one small plane crashed near the german city of frankfurt was cohen or of the private russian airline seven it's not yet know what caused that crash.
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it's to ukraine's presidential elections now where a t.v. comedy star has opened a commanding lead in the first round with over half of all ballots are counted a lot of mayors lenski leads with at least thirty percent of the vote the forty one year old is the star of a popular comedy show and topped opinion polls prior to the vote he has never held political office incumbent president that's apportioned goes currently in six second place with seventeen percent of the vote a former prime minister yulia timoshenko is said to be knocked out of the running in third place. in a moment i'll be talking with an expert on ukraine but first let's take a closer look at it and unlikely contender with a strong chance of becoming the country's next president. you know diem is alinsky the comedian candid joking at the ballot box asking if he can cast more than one vote for the camera. so then ski comes to the candidacy by way of
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a hit ukrainian t.v. show called servant of the people where he plays an outsider elevated to the presidency so does playing a president on t.v. teach you how to do it in real life. supporters and analysts have different views. i don't know if there is such a person as the protagonist in the series but i'd like to believe in that. overt zelinsky is new he is not part of the system he's against the system and there are demands for change in this country. zelinsky may not be entirely outside the system many say he's in the pocket of an oligarch who owns the t.v. channels alaska's program appears on and who opposes present president petro poroshenko. people don't support celebs can they just want to shoulder at.
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poroshenko is the president ukrainians have now the chocolate billionaire who rode his confectionery fortune to the presidency in the last election to many he represents everything that is wrong about ukraine now corruption and low living standards he made his name as a pro european anti russian candidate and he's sticking to it. the bracelet this we have pos the test for our european ways and it means everything we do to head in the european direction is absolutely right. the other major alternative is yulia tymoshenko she's got experience as a former prime minister and instant name recognition as a heroine of the country's pro western movement but she spent years in jail on one person for her say were politically motivated charges. so an outsider comedienne and table tennis player who may not be an outsider versus the status quo
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president versus a compromised freedom fighter from the past no matter what the result ukrainians can't say they didn't have a choice. for the latest we're joined now by given his your cranium political scientists and member of the nestor group welcome thanks for being with us this morning. is a lenski is a russian speaker he says he wants to bring the nation together that's what he ran on to heal ethnic divisions is that would won him support and could he be the man to do that well there is no division such as we usually talk about in public discourse the main division in ukraine is not about language it's not about religion the main division in ukraine right now is about the way the country's going to be developing and what has happened over the last five years ukraine has made a choice and it's a european choice it's a european path of development as
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a result the war started with russia supported. separatists and creamier was annexed so selenski has no opportunity it's not possible for him to bring the nation together the nation is together. he can do is he can soften the course he can actually what he can do is he can bring ukraine back to the point when ukraine either is undecided or the country is not moving steadily steadily in european direction ok you're saying there's no i think divisions but there is definitely an ethnic division in the east of the country were ukrainians ukrainian national armies fighting separatists russian speakers could selenski pave the way for some kind of agreement to end this fighting which is claiming lives still every day i believe that we have a stereotype here. you know i travel to the east very very often i see what's going on with my own eyes we have russian speakers on both sides of the conflict the
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conflict is not about the ethnic division the conflict about ukrainians are trying to decide for themselves where they want to go and russia which does not want to let it happen is actually supporting the insurgency so is the lenski in this case basically means that ukraine would not be as eager to move in the european direction it will actually become much softer in that but it's not about divisions ok there's a lot of criticism about selenski of course including that he's in the pocket of the oligarch igor. is that the case is that a fair charge well i think this is i think it's substantial i think this is something that has substance. has been promoted because. for many years and he basically represents the interests that coincide with his interests. basically the only oligarch that suffered defeat from. tried to
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free. the state system of his influence. he was basically. forced to leave their positions one hugh where he had opened stuart money from public companies also his biggest bank the bank that was too big to fail was nationalized and that would be why even he had backed selenski i think he's trying to make a comeback political comeback inside the country ok through his lenski what about corruption pershing go only as polling seventeen percent right now over half the votes are counted this was a vote against the corruption of president poroshenko worth of i would say that it is a voice vote fatigue for many ukrainians. a lot of ukrainians are tired of ever changing situation they're tired of reforms they're tired of pain that reforms causes some of the votes are actually against bush i'm going against his polishes and against his mistakes and against corruption in the his surrounding. i would say
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that devotes that are against bush on coal are against bush uncle for many different reasons ok briefly if you could with go trailing as he is what are the chances that selenski will actually win the second round the runoff you see the advantage of ukraine is that ukraine is probably except for the baltics the only possibly of country were actually you never know the results of the election i give it a fifty fifty you haven't libicki of the nestor group thanks very much for being with us thank you for inviting me on other news day pope francis a celebrated mass for thousands of catholics on the final day of his trip to morocco the part of call for dialogue between christians and muslims and for respect for the rights of migrants rocco's a transit country of course for many migrants trying to reach europe the pontiff met some of them on sunday. the pope chose a simple setting to meet several dozen migrants in the offices of
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a catholic charity that provides aid and assistance to migrants and the pope repeated a central theme of his visit to morocco. to us you are not the marginalized you are at the center of the church is heart francis condemned the treatment of millions of migrants and challenge the international community to do more to provide refuge saying no one should be indifferent to suffering. is another major theme was interfaith dialogue after francis was welcomed by king mohammed the sixth both leaders affirm the importance of jerusalem as the holy city of the three major monotheistic religions this comes amid rising tensions between muslims and israeli security forces but the high point for the catholic faithful was the final mass in a stadium in robot the vatican says it was the biggest mass ever celebrated in morocco only about twenty three thousand catholics live in the country many
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themselves migrants. kenya is due to bad imports of cars more than five years old starting this summer currently cars up to eat years old are allowed into that country the government hopes the move will boost automake there but many consumers fear it will only drive up prices. there are still lots of elderly cars on kenya's roads on the outskirts of nairobi used car dealers still offer foreign models over seven years old but that will change the summer when the government moves the age limit for imported secondhand vehicles from eight to five years a nightmare for dealers. it means that most of the vehicles that getting in position to it will be expensive and at the same time duty will be costly for us so it means every which will be present we are setting out. six hundred thousand to shoot
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a million plus analysts predict that the ban will have positive effects on the local economy and on domestic car production. this technical college in nairobi trains hundreds of car mechanics and automotive engineers. rogers gets why the ban will be hard on local dealers but he sees positive economic effects in the long term. of course they were to move big day before it's quite difficult here for imports we're now dealing with local manufacturing industries but now if you look at the bigger picture. as much to actually benefit as a country where they're looking to get jobs if we would have maybe locally local i think you would need a country if you have both of these to the doctor to get opportunity to walk there . still he says the locally manufactured cars are much too expensive the
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automotive expert would like to see the government do more to support companies and subsidize production. what you need to upgrade in a portable because it would be going to productive to locally produced by you that which would basically take expensive and they want to do that for the country have to look at the electricity electric electricity tidy as opposed to look at if you do with the labor support for it and look at it with the lights in the city and all about regulation that would put of people probably actually setting up a thing because of that country. but once these students have finished their technical training they're likely to find jobs in the domestic automotive sector by contrast the opportunities for used car dealers are looking bad even. assembled because. they are also expensive and you know the consumer is about something affordable. so come summer kenya's roads may feature far fewer used cars
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and more new models if the customers can afford them. all sweetness poised to become a cashless society within the next few years with sweets for and cards to cash the central bank plans to take things one step further along a digital currency the following a two year pilot project the goal is to introduce the new digital cash by twenty twenty one. here on the streets of stock takes a while to find someone who still carries cash the swedish currency the crania is disappearing at least in physical form. i'm going to hospitality sector and cash the krona isn't around anymore from time to return it but it's again that against the clock i think it's great that we don't have to carry cash anymore and that everything functions digitally. shopping in sweden today usually requires payment
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by coddle smart phone app signs warn that physical currency is no longer accepted among the biggest winners of the shift to cash payments other private banks who control the infrastructure now sweden central bank is planning to enter the field with its own official digital currency. so one possibility is a kind of digital coin instead of cash in the physical form it would function entirely digitally something that consumers and companies could download via an app the other option would be a digital account with the central bank where customers can store prepaid credit and also download it. after much planning the idea is about to become a reality this year the central bank will launch a two year trial software companies like this one in stockholm will operate the pilot system at its core will be a crypto currency that is both secure and easy to use. looking i think of
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it functions like a normal after a loose transfer money over to make online payments but you don't have to enter any credit card information instead you simply click a button to confirm the cryptosystem collects and very far has all the data. being anonymous payments using sweden's new eco now also being tested for some mostly older people who still prefer old fashioned money the change is too fast here in malmo one community group is trying to help them understand the digital world. is simpler and more convenient it's terrible that the banks don't want it anymore a real catastrophe. for the bank honestly but they figure it's easy to make a mistake way typing what happens then i think it's really unsafe. a complete shift away from cash isn't part of the central bank's plan in case it's needed during emergencies for those here in malmo cash remains
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a clever idea. we have some but this league of football now in frankfurt have made it five league wins in a row now they overpowered stuttgart to move into fourth place. the frankfurt faithful were hoping to see the home side continue their run and leap frog lot back in the standings and the hosts duly set the tone from the opening whistle would look at you a bit shooting just wired after a mere three minutes play it. looked up held out to the break but philip cost of forty fifth minute finish from an acute angle gave frankfurt the advantage. and cost it's doubled his tally just after the hour mark with its fifth of the season citing home an incredible pass from anterior which. with five minutes left in regular time journey to cost a third yo bitch for an entire hour to finish up his own three no frankfurt here which is sixteen league goals have been tied for second in the scoring charts. the
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decreases frankfurt moved to fourth in their five straight wins is their best ever run in a single season. some formula one racing now lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix his first victory of the new season but the reigning world champion was given a real scare by a twenty one year old ferrari driver who came within a few laps of victory. for the charlotte broke the lap record in bahrain to secure his first pole and he looked like topping nut with a maiden grand prix when until a faulty engine saw his chances sputter wrote with just a few laps to go. looking behind him was lewis hamilton the briton to full advantage of misfortune to ease home and first with teammate. making it a mercedes one to the clear to make do with third. you know i'm sure is
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a devastating result for him obviously because he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes and ultimately i still gave it everything in the race and i pushed as hard as i could a first win of the season for a clearly grateful hamilton but a warning shot from his young money rival that will keep the briton on his toes as he seeks a sixth championship. i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being with us .
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the for. us junction in space. wherever they go leave trash. face it causes a hassle to. have to stop you know clean up the danger is key. to. tomorrow today
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next on the list. a city in rooms. maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. and the christian population. when the finance fighters are to hug the city center two thousand and seventeen president to churches response was little. by little it will never again will hold. the reconquest turned into tragedy. the british have all of this is not the kind of freedom that we want
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. how did we become a deep way to islamist terror. until now a sorry cunt i mean was sitting as a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on t.w. . hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on t w coming up. we'll find out how chicken feathers can be turned into bio plastic. investigate the fruits of an alliance between.


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