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oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh respects. this is deja vu news asia coming up on the program when assassination plots and secret reign see the light of day we look at two shadowy incidents involving north korea that could have been lifted right foremost by novel also coming up. thailand's chaotic election leaves voters confused and angry you'll see how young people's hopes for political change are turning into frustration and. can jakarta's new subway use congestion in the traffic choked indonesian capital we'll
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speak to a public transport consultant trying to end the gridlock. i'm melissa chan welcome to the program it's good to have you with us we start out in malaysia where the sole remaining suspect charged in the murder of the north korean leader's half brother may soon be out of jail drunk kwong from vietnam has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and could be released as early as next month the other suspect was released in march both have been arrested for the two thousand and seventeen kuala lumpur airport killing of kim jong nam with a deadly v. x. nerve agent the women say they thought they were part of a prank t.v. show it's a suspected that kim's death was a political assassination planned by north korean agents. as if
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that episode wasn't strange enough there's been a nother cloak and dagger incident involving north korea here in europe you may remember that break in it happened last month at the north korean embassy in the dread well over the weekend north korea finally responded calling it quote a grave terror attack a group of armed men had charged into the building and tied up the staff spanish authorities have issued arrest warrants for members of the mysterious french human rights group called free choice and also known as charlie civil defense it claims to have shared information from the raid with the f.b.i. the group posted this video to you tube reportedly from inside the embassy it shows a man destroying portraits of the kim family. joining me now is oliver hotham managing editor of n.k. news dot org oliver this is such a strange story what is going on here well you know it's difficult to say
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when we first heard about this news it was just the u.s. the u.k. summit with kicking off and annoy and it really seemed quite unusual quite unprecedented there's never really been something like this happen as a north korean embassy anywhere in the world and then slowly information becomes trickle out we began to hear from the spanish authorities that they had identified a socially an underground human rights organization as you said called civil defense and another organization came out and took responsibility and then we've had the north koreans now coming out and response calling it a terrorist attack but still a lot of the details remain sketchy you know the spanish authorities have said that members of the most creative sistar were beaten up and gagged that one of them was put under pressure to defect but as yet we haven't really heard all that much from the group itself or from its legal representation in the us either. this seems to
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be a pretty dark turn in as far as human rights groups are concerned and the north koreans of course calling it a terrorist organization is it a terrorist organization i mean of course that depends on who you ask koreans are going to be inclined to describe it as a terrorist organization i think from their point of view they've insisted that they committed no acts of violence they've insisted that everything they've done has been legitimate in the context of their or i guess political struggle against the if the north korean government you know it's a quintessential story about you know one of the terrorists is another man's freedom fighter i suppose and the north koreans of course believe that the united states has had some kind of role regardless of whether that's true or not that's what they believe so i'm sure and imagine that it's going to have some kind of impact on the talks between the two sides well the fact that in their statement on sunday the north koreans said that they were aware of reports that the f.b.i. had been involved somehow this that they were aware of links between what they
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described as the and to the coke a group and the u.s. authorities but they also said that they they didn't come out and straight say that they believe the united states was involved in the fact the north koreans haven't said that already suggests that there is still a willingness on the part of the north koreans to engage in dialogue with the u.s. i think we're where we maybe two years ago when we saw a similar incident we saw the north koreans accuse the u.s. of a century plus an assassination attempt against kim jong il and we would have seen the north koreans as a fuse the americans of committing hostile acts. say all cards are on the table i'll ever have them thank you. confusion it still surrounds the outcome of last week's election in thailand the first since a two thousand and fourteen coup over the weekend protesters accused of election commission of cheating after a series of counting errors final results won't be ready until may ninth meanwhile parties supporting and opposing the military junta are both claiming the right to
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form a government and heartache spoke with young voters disillusioned with the system. twice a month when you won't see what i walked in not to honk in the take to you tube with their popular political parody show shallow news in-depth whole topic this week of course was the elections on family but there's another type of ghost the type they don't even want in hell it's called the popular vote ghost. the program is as popular as ever says when you want what i want especially with young viewers i'm glad that younger generation of kids right now. starting to notice what is going on and so i'm just doing my best i'm trying to do my best to like show them that if we're going on for soul many years so many decades.
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so if you want change you guys need to step up. there was hope that with this election things might change in thailand but that hope now seems to be turning into frustration. that we basically we began to generations the new generation is we have the fourth quarter of basically sick sad and wasted it was that into nothingness about i'm answering questions as well as the uncertainty of the thai politics i some say patience among thailand's younger people is wearing thin a situation that can jurors up sinister memories this is the site of one of the darkest chapters in modern tie history some forty three years ago around one hundred students were shot and beaten to death on this very field at bangkok's thomas at university. they were among the thousands who had taken to the streets to protest because they were unhappy with the direction in which the country was
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headed a sentiment that's not at all unlike the one spreading among young people in thailand today. at this bar across town the patrons are trying to take things with a pinch of salt. when on election night the election commission said they couldn't continue to count the votes because they didn't have a calculator co owner of the house the one offered free drinks to anyone who stopped by to donate one his form of protest. we are educated people so we know what is right what is wrong but i think this is wrong so you are wrong this cannot happen to make up for it if you sad about my generation and then like i don't want to have kids because they are the ones those are growing up in this. kind of thing. it is the young who will eventually be responsible for thailand's future but it seems that more and more of them are giving up on their country.
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if you've ever visited jakarta you will know it has some of the worst traffic jams in the world while the government has finally opens the city's first subway line it's one small but significant step in alleviating some of the transportation gridlock. indonesian president djoko we doto was among those taking the inaugural ride on the country's first subway opening jakarta's north south line he called it the beginning of a new civilization. it's a project long in the making planning started in the one nine hundred eighty s. but construction only got underway in october twenty third teen which otoh was the veneer of jakarta it's just one part of a major transport overhaul slowly taking shape in indonesia. the government hopes that by improving public transport it can persuade commuters to ditch their cars
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today maybe i am very happy we used to have to go abroad to see a match or a system but now our city has one to one degree and under. this transport system will definitely help solve our traffic jam problem. journeys will be faster than the much of and. this is the problem the metros designed to ease gridlock traffic congestion plagues greater jakarta which is home to about thirty million people short commutes can take hours and thus has a high price the government says the jobs cost the city four billion euros every year vehicle emissions are also the biggest contributor to cars as deadly air pollution. changing the car culture won't happen overnight but officials hope that by offering low ticket prices and free rides for passengers they can entice to
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carton's to give the subway a try. joining me now is yoga i do win an art show from the institute for transportation and development policy as the report mentioned this has been in the works since the one nine hundred eighty s. it will be another thirty years before we see the next re-align will it. now i want the second face of the mets roar of the marquee it's got an under way so it will be under construction i think the next month. and the government both national and the city government they also get involved with not or you know agencies to just you know to to plan for not even matters of the metro so i mean we'll probably see you know the mix. maybe until twenty thirty then we will still have the construction of the metro but i think all of the face will be completed by you know at the latest is twenty nine twenty thirty well that's
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certainly good news and i wonder how much pressure this new line really well ease in terms of improving jakarta's famous traffic jams. oh i have to say probably not all men marry life's fairy fairy marginal the issue is that the the metro the. newly built metro only opened for sixteen kilometer you know out of this six hundred sixty kilometers square off. the area so just so you know just to give a comparison in addition to the metro this is the city actually already have about one hundred twenty kilometer off the commuter rail which offers not only the city but also kind of like the greater area of jakarta and it also have the two hundred twenty kilometer off the bus rapid transit network so you know it's very marginal in terms of the coverage but it gives some hope at least now. you know that some
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people can say look we have already a metro so i think the biggest task is like you know just to actually have people using a lot just you know you have got it i do thank you. that's all for now we'll see you next time i. used to curious. do it yourself or. you're a. school. teacher you know that seventy seven percent i think are younger than sixty. that's me it's me you. get to know what time the voice is what. the seventy seven percent talk about the
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issue. from quality to flash from closing. time this is where. local to the seventy seven percent. people six g.w. . genes in cybersecurity and fishel intelligence is german chancellor angela merkel opens the biggest industrial technology fair and she leaves the door open for one way saying no one should be excluded per se from providing technology for mobile infrastructure in western nations. that the world no i didn't interrupt you for a third and final bit where companies are showcasing their lasers to get you to buy . intelligence. and in south korea you tube becomes
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a career launchpad for more and more young people choosing instant fame the steady employment. business asia. has all of that in a moment but first for the first time in four months china's manufacturing sector unexpectedly return to growth in march the markets china manufacturing purchasing managers' index rose slightly above the neutral fifty point my response to being put down to improved output and new orders to progress in trade talks with the us nevertheless most forecasts expect the economy to remain under pressure in the coming months. now let's go straight to our financial correspondent in frankfurt to know how did that go down on the markets today. markets are rallying on news about strong chinese p.m.i. invest.


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