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this is g.w. news. tonight the end of an error in algeria thinks to public protests and the military the country's embattled president abdelaziz bouteflika resigns after weeks of demonstrations for many he's the only leader they've ever known so once next for them in the country we'll get the latest from algiers also coming up
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a last ditch effort to break the deadlock from the british prime minister to resubmit. this is a decisive moment in the story of these islands. national unity to goodness the national interest after all the cabinet meeting made. further extension to brag said from brussels and she offers to work with the opposition to find agreement on departure from the european union and smiles and selfies as a decades long feud is laid to rest greek prime minister alexis tsipras pays a first historic visit to his counterpart in the newly renamed north macedonia. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all. around the world welcome it has been
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a day of turmoil in algeria but it has ended with the resignation of president abdullah is he's beautiful hours earlier the head of the army called on him to quit immediately the eighty two year old has been in office for twenty years after weeks of protests that just kept getting bigger. said yesterday that he would quit before his term ends on april twenty eighth but today as thousands of students once more hit the streets of the capital they were calling not just for beautifully his removal but for that of the entire political elite who went to poland journalist i mean it in algiers. can you hear me. yet thinking you know what more can you tell as i mean first of all can you confirm these reports that president of leak it has indeed resigned yes it's now official i'm going to look at me no longer the president though. he has just resigned within and
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over these twenty years. they've and this man came only two hours after the army chief in iraq said laughing again because if you get to leave in egypt leave the power and then use it currently revolted by i'm going into mainstream media but not on the public media what if you could not another is there an earthquake nation by him and then it was announced the prison really defined by the president office what if you can not given a speech in the stroke of being two thousand and thirteen and what do we know about what will happen next we know that the elections have been postponed will they be held as scheduled and we know that there was also talk about reforming the constitution do we know what's going to happen. well according to the article one hundred and two of the constitution if you like me that the head of the of the
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house i've been that have been cut down then we will take over our far interior very you know the traditional tell you that when that is no longer than one nine hundred eighty and during the transition period there will be triggers notion and action she find. who would really take over identity because he got. journalist. with the latest on this announcement from algiers that the president of had to resign thank you for tonight and into britain's breaks in turmoil seems no closer but prime minister to resign may says she has a plan may says that she will ask the european union for another delay her statement came after a marathon seven hour meeting with her cabinet ministers and seems to put pressure on opposition leader jeremy corbett britain will crash out of the european union in
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ten days if no progress is made on how it is supposed to depart here is the british prime minister theresa may just a few hours ago fleeting with a deal is the best solution so we will need a further extension of article fifty one that is as short as possible and which ends when we pass a deal and we need to be clear. on the extension is for to ensure we leave in a timely and or to meet way this debate this division cannot go on much longer it is pushing members of parliament and everyone else under immense pressure and she's doing damage to our politics despite the best efforts of m.p.'s the process that the house of commons has tried to lead has not come up with an answer. so today i am taking action to break the logjam i'm offering to sit down with the
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leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal any plan would have to agree the current withdrawal agreement it has already been negotiated with the twenty seven other members and the e.u. has repeatedly said that it cannot and will not be reopened. are the stories may they're saying she's going to cross the political divide and cross the english channel to save bricks at all to sort this out tonight i'm joined here in the studio by our bricks and analyst alex forrest whiting and in london our correspondent there must be going to start with you the prime minister today saying that she wants to extend her hand to the opposition labor party the leader jeremy corbyn to work together to push brakes it forward what has jeremy corbin said to that offer. well he said that he was happy to meet with series
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a may and sit down with that there would be no conditions attached to it however we do know that he's also being ruined by all this in his polity as to how much he really wants to how the series a may to get have breaks it over the line so far the labor party could say well this is a tory bragg's it and it's not how it drags it but now at the eleventh hour its reason may is extending our hand many of said she should have done it a long time ago she should have really shy to build a consensus and parliament at the beginning of the gregson process not to find out that at the end of it that had he of actually negotiated with the european union is really not backed by parliament that's the reason there was a bridge that impasse and she has no other choice but to to make some moves that she hasn't tried before and this is what she's come up with the labor have said that they will sit down and we work with her yeah i know over the our plan and labor seems to be willing to work with her so that's positive and you know alex
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when you've got things aligning up in the right just the right order and it looks like it's going to work boris johnson he has to chime in and he's not impressed by what rhys mays do we know as far as johnson the former foreign secretary who desperately desperately wants to wheeze a maze job not happy with her tonight surprise surprise boris johnson obviously very. happy he says for the u.k. to leave the e.u. without a deal he's on that side of the party launch a group of them where they also would be happy with that so he's speaking out for them saying not happy with what she said particularly not happy that she's dealing with jeremy corbyn and neither are other members of the european research group. that group of brics it is so what she's done she's been previously reaching out to these people desperately trying to get the own board to support her deal it hasn't worked and finally it to paris she's reaching out across to others to those who of
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war in favor of a soft for exit to see if they can help instead yeah and the bigger it is not just the wars johnson who's made wants to pull out the dagger right now i mean there are a number of conservatives who want to get rid of to resume a how long do you think this will be able to stand this pressure. well she has been on the pressure for really considerable time she has failed time and again to get her deal through palm and even loyal colleagues in the parliament have said that she really needs to go on the other hand we all know that time is short and somehow a conclusion must be reached because most m.p.'s and also the prime minister from all we know don't want the u.k. to leave the european union in just over a week's time and have no plan in place we had the national security advisor there was a report that has been leaked he said it's dangerous for the u.k.
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to leave without a deal lets alone all the economic implications we've heard from business week and that she that the prime minister really needs to get wrecked together so people are putting their hopes in half and there is really not a lot of time to go for a lengthy lengthy process and find another prime minister really not at the moment i think that seems to be the consensus here in london at the moment do you know what about this report that says a new deal breakers would be dangerous for the nation you know that there has been leaked people who have been advocating a new deal of such as boards johnson could they be held to account after this is over i mean it would be almost somewhat but they're trying to work against the interests of the country. well i mean they would say that there was this so-called project fear already during the referendum and
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that it was sad that when the u.k. . to go out to form for braggs it that there would be immediate repercussions and that hasn't happened so they there are lots of bricks it here's who still think that it will be manageable and they. i trust the advice from experts but it's of course those who are taking this seriously they would say well if this really happens if no do it happens that it is going to be. somehow a catastrophe for the u.k. and they say you haven't prevented that will be house a cow that we know that susan may at least at this stage she she really doesn't wrong did she seems to be one of those who's listening to this advice that she's getting all right our correspondent because most in london and here in the studio are bricks analyst alex forrest writing to you both thank you the saga continues
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well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world senegal's president matthew sole has been sworn in for a second term presidents all won the vote in late february with fifty eight percent of the vote he became the front runner after two prominent opposition figures were excluded from the race over convictions for misuse of public funds it's a lot of people accused of helping organize the deadly twenty seventeen attack on the st petersburg metro have gone on trial the bombing left fifteen people dead a small group of believed to be linked to al qaida claimed responsibility the only woman suspect on trial says that the russian security service planted a grenade and explosives at her home. in germany have sent a diplomatic protest to brunei over new islamic laws that will introduce death by stoning as punishment for homosexual acts and adultery the foreign office said it had appealed to brunei to quote it here to existing international human rights
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obligations the walls in the country are due to take effect tomorrow. for your watching v.w. news still to come the islamic state with women from the west of we meet one mother desperate to return to germany with her son but can she convince authorities that she's not a security threat to her home country. that's coming up in just a moment but now to the united states president trump says that he is happy to see an increase in nato member spending but he adds he still wants to see some countries such as germany spend more on defense he made the comments while meeting today with the nato secretary general shelton baer. visiting washington for bents to commemorate nato seventieth anniversary they're not paying what they should be paying it paying close to one percent and is supposed to be paying two percent then
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the united states over the years got to a point where it's paid four point three percent which is very unfair and the u.s. g.d.p. especially under me because the g.d.p. is going up so much because it's one point three of a much larger g.d.p. so we're paying for a big proportion of nato which basically is protecting europe so we're protecting europe are that they're saying that the u.s. is paying to protect europe or how much are nato members really spending as of twenty eighteen just five countries are at or above two percent of g.d.p. let's see if we can show that to you twenty fourteen the u.s. is way out in front. spending three point five percent on defense unfortunately i've just my producer just told me that our graphics are not working so i'll go through another four countries oh here we go we're getting it here we go another four countries are close to that you've got the u.s.
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greece estonia and latvia those are the countries that are spending at two percent or more another four countries are close to that let's see if we can pull that up in left poland lithuania and romania the two percent benchmark is required either by national law or political agreement the if you see right here and these are the countries where the spinny is not as it should be we're talking about nineteen members of nato that they have a ways to go for example germany and canada defense spending there's less than one point two five percent last place luxembourg has committed you see right there just zero point five five percent of its budget to defense staff and spending levels they have been a major bone of contention for the u.s. president ever since he took office straining times with nato especially now as the alliance marks seventy years since its founding. you get is
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rarely has a u.s. president had such an antagonistic relationship with nato trumps criticism of the n.i. and span on the campaign trail as he vowed to put america first by the time he took office he condemns nato as opes elite. many countries are not paying their fair share that means we are protecting them and they're getting all sorts of military protection and other things and they're ripping off the united states and they're ripping you off i don't care i don't want to do that either they pay up including for past deficiencies or they have to get out and if it breaks up nato it breaks up the. champs comments caused consternation among allies and diplomats at last year's nato summit trump reportedly said behind closed doors that the u.s. would go it alone if other member states failed to raise that defense spending very few countries have met the self-imposed target of two percent of g.d.p.
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by twenty twenty four most still far below that including germany even with a plan to raise this year the country will still be spending just one point five percent on defense it's been a bone of contention at every meeting between chancellor angela merkel and donald trump. the only consequence didn't think u.s. president demand something we've been discussing for months a change in the burden sharing. and we have made clear i have it personally in me clear as have others that we are on the right track and that this is in our own interests and will make us all stronger. because of. the humbled but patience is wearing thin and not just in washington seventy years after it was founded nato must now find its way through a new era of uncertainty as the anniversary approaches more voices within nato a calling for a strategic rethink and for member states to step up their commitment.
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from norman is in washington on the story force alexandra. there you are ok we're having some i think we've got a bug in the computer tonight alexander so let's make the best of it let's talk about what's going on there behind you at the white house the u.s. president praising the growth of defense spending by nato members does he want that spending to go even higher. yes that's for sure that what he's stressed repeatedly in the past but today i have to say it was a very relaxed atmosphere when the stoltenberg arrived here he had about thirty minutes in the oval office with presidents and they came together with their delegations expanded by let's roll meeting of for an hour
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a couple of minutes and talk about all of the alliance its strengths and the challenges allying had and it was quite a difference to what we saw in the pasta when we heard from president trump he was still talking about what he calls of his portion a share of the you asked paying on the fans is contributing a but he also praised nato as a very strong alliance and said that progress has been made there his leadership and he also praised mr altenburg for his leadership. also assured the president today that we will see more defense spending increases but germany has not met the two percent goal and the president has been very critical of germany do you think he's going to believe those assurances from bear. no i don't think so i asked president if he's going to talk about germany with nato
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secretary general and he told me yes because he still believes that of course germany is not paying enough not paying its share and so now here we have to say not only officials in the white house but also official at the state department and even experts are sort of disappointed that germany according to new projections probably wants needs its target of spending one point five percent of g.d.p. on defense and that is something that is being criticized. here because experts even say that it is difficult to believe or to be credible as a vocal defender of malta i love to read them some think that germany is trying to do if this country is not spending more on the defense yeah that's a very good point and we know that there are members of the german chancellor's own
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party who say that they are proud they are spending more on social services and not on the defense but we also have to remember that tensions between the u.s. and european leaders over data spending they've been going on a long time this was going on before trump was president is this may be a sign then that things are are as close to normal as they can be would you say. well at this at the moment it seems that this seventeenth and you verse three it's not going to be overshadowed but too much by too much criticism but too much too much or too many negative remarks by the current white house and many people we talked to including the u.s. president stressed that nato is a strong alliance that has been a very successful alliance and that it is all in its path to meet that challenge of
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hats all right our washington bureau chief alexander phenomenons at the white house for us tonight alexandra thank you. well greek prime minister alexis tsipras has paid a historic first visit to his counterpart in the republic of north macedonia and i'll bet it is an important point the two neighbors there celebrating a new start after resolving a bitter decades long dispute that was all about a name. twenty first century diplomacy at its best to heads of state making history with the selfie alexis tsipras is the first greek prime minister to visit the north macedonia and capitals copia the neighboring countries word odds for three decades their main bone of contention the name of the country where they're now meeting. is not only an important day for us but for the entire balkan peninsula today we're creating
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a different kind of dialogue one little you know it's our country's history is. the meeting between zones and alexis tsipras is so important because it marks the first peaceful resolution of a conflict in the former yugoslavia something that was not accomplished in bosnia and herzegovina or kosovo. the decisive step came in june of twenty eighteen with the e.u. brokered press but agreement named after a lake shared by the two countries after an intense tug of war the accord was approved by both parliaments by a narrow margin. since then the country has changed its name to north macedonia for decades athens refused to normalize relations out of fear macedonia could claim its namesake province in greece north macedonia now hopes for significant investments from its newly gained ally the balkan state is currently in the process of joining nato and in the long run aspires to become a member of the e.u. . now to what happens after islamic state we know that islamic
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state group has been defeated in syria its last holdout territorially but western countries are now debating on what to do with the citizens that have gone there to fight for islamic state now among the people captured are women many claim that they were forced to join the militants and they say that they carried out housekeeping duties rather than acts of terror berlin estimates that around fifty women with german citizenship are either imprisoned or live in refugee camps in syria and iraq authorities there want them out as quickly as possible which you can understand but germany is reluctant to take them back germany says it's difficult to determine whether they are citizens and whether they pose a security threat d.w. visited a syrian refugee camp and spoke with one woman with a german passport to is desperate to come back. stranded in the middle of nowhere seventy four thousand people live in the al home
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camp in northern syria it was made to hold only ten thousand the conditions on acceptable especially for children most people want to leave as soon as possible they want to return to their former homes which they left years ago so they could live under the rule of the jihadist group islamic state out of conviction callousness well compulsion. they now gergen studied psychology and berlin and married a turkish man during a trip to turkey he took her to syria where he joined us at least that is how the twenty three year old describes it. took her she calls on is often terrible things happen there. that women and children should not have any value. that women are charitably of used and beaten by us my in amman and my former husband died about two years ago. it happens he locked us up
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and abused us in horrible ways. i couldn't recognize myself one day in day out. talk and talk all since. her son was born during the chaos of war the two of them suffered years of hardship and now she hopes she has survived the worst and things will get better. i inspire i have a two year old son but the poor boy has a right to a safe life and. thankfully we could flee from those i as terrorists. we were just trashed their. women and children are worth nothing to them. it's horrible what i asked as in the name of islam. i'm happy that i can return to my beloved homeland times germany. and. the kurdish authorities would like to get rid of foreigners like zainab as
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quickly as possible but hardly any country wants them back the local authorities are overburdened with investigating securing evidence clarifying guilt an international court is now supposed to solve the issue but the west is treating this initiative with great caution. presence of thousands of fighters and their families is a major problem for the autonomy's authorities in northeastern syria. we do not have the possibility of bringing them to justice here if they have committed crimes against syrians or iraqis now they spend their days waiting to go back home but their fate remains uncertain as long as they are not welcome in their former homelands. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. i
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was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair.
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and the german language head nodding off just gets me and could help but you need me to entrust the fight you want to know their story lines her fighting and reliable information for margaret. what's the connection between bread. and the european union he knows guild not to t.w. correspondent and have. baker john stretch this book you can live with the rules set by the team. cuts. being recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . for. paul coming president to one. end of the rwandan patriotic front to include tiny the rebel army and in the one
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nine hundred ninety four genocide present when little in the rooms there wasn't doing to us today you. need to reinforce that im going to say i need it is but does that mean he was not putting in a. controversial leader to success is beyond question. paul. wanted tragedy starts people fish on t.w. . with just over a week before the u.k. crashes out of the european union theresa may is betting that parliament will suddenly learn to like the brakes it plan it already hates it will require a miracle from her political nemesis and more telling from the european union and there's a big question mark over whether either is probable tonight the reason maze breaks it planned it remains the only plan that britain halfs gotham berlin this is the
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