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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight the end of an error in algeria thinks to protests and the military the country's embattled president. resigns after weeks of demonstrations for many of the only leader they've ever known so what's next for them and the country we'll get the latest from. also coming up a last ditch effort to break the brakes it deadlocked from british prime minister theresa may. this is a decisive to the story of. national unity to
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the national interest after a marathon cabinet meeting in maine says that she'll seek a further extension from brussels and she offers to work with the opposition to find an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the european union plus smiles in selfies as a decades long feud is laid to rest greek prime minister alexis tsipras pays a first historic visit to his counterpart in the newly renamed north macedonia. it's good to have you with us it was a day of turmoil in algeria and it ended with the resignation of president abilities beautifully that was. about syrians
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a poor ing on to the streets of algiers to celebrate after weeks of protests that just kept getting bigger the army today urged the eighty two year old to step down immediately state television announced the news tonight beautifully had been in office for the twenty year. major developments there let's bring in journalist jameela to talk in algiers jameela what has been the latest reaction to the news that the president has resigned. what hundreds of people currently sort of breaking being under command of the read that nation of auditors is look if you guy now and most people including women and children coming the downtown to take a great the new they they called the ring the nation about them as you would think peak at this moment victory they say they're happy that it's not you know but we all kind of leaking for the reaction of the opposition leaders and
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a member of the need to check that and then and how will this transition period this transfer of power work when can we expect fresh elections. but according to the also because the one hundred m. to the creation. come to you will need in the upcoming days to be clear that the grid you didn't see the economic after that there had to be ok that had been cut that been psylocke would take over and you we serve as a caretaker presidential didn't make ninety days and during these there you had this transitional period new presidential election was the organizing but then said that it will not be known to be a country and do we know what will happen to those in beautifully because close's circle to the people who have supported him. i think it's too early he knew what
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would happen to them. being that would be if we got the ball going to have the london him that had to pay back on him and tell him to go to the moment such as from the prime minister make that we and older team big and the go team so i think it's too early to end up to this question will this resignation will it mark the end of what has been more than a month of mass protests in the country. i don't think that. unfortunately because the end of the president and the president just i sure you did didn't mean who were accused of breaking the announcement they say that they will take the street again in the writing because it's only a monday jury it cannot be enough they say they want more they want to be able to leave the power so we are beginning
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a new man approaches. march make friday next friday ok journalist jimmy loued can talk with the latest from algiers thank you well tonight and to britain's briggs's turmoil seems no closer but prime minister theresa may she says she has a plan may says that she will ask the european union for another delay her statement came after a seven hour meeting with her cabinet members and it seems to put pressure on the opposition leader jeremy corbin britain will crash out of the e.u. in ten days if no progress is made here is part of the statement that the british prime minister delivered about two hours ago leaving with a deal is the best solution so we will need a further extension of the school fifty one that is as short as possible and which ends when we call a deal. and we need to be clear what such an extension is for to ensure
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we leave in a timely and orderly way this debate this division cannot drag on much longer it is pushing members of parliament and everyone else under immense pressure as it is doing damage to our politics despite the best efforts of m.p.'s the process that the house of commons has tried to lead has not come up with an answer so today i am taking action to break the logjam i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal any plan would have to agree the current withdrawal agreement it has already been negotiated with the twenty seven other members and the e.u. has repeatedly said that it cannot and will not be reopened. or this theresa may
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there of saying she's going to cross the political divide and cross the english channel to save bricks it's all to sort this out tonight i'm joined here in the studio by our bricks and analyst alex forrest whiting and in london our correspondent there must be going to start with you the prime minister today saying that she wants to extend her hand to the opposition labor party the leader jeremy corbyn to work together to push forward what has jeremy corbin said today at all. but he said that he was happy to meet with series a made sit down with that there would be no conditions attached to it however we do know that he's also being ruined by all this in his party as to how much he really wants to help the reason made to get to have breaks it over the line so far the labor party could say well this is a tory bragg's it and it's not how it drags it but now at the eleventh hour it's reason may is extending our hand many of said she should have done it
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a long time ago she did really shy to build a consensus and parliament at the beginning of the gregson pro says not to find out that at the end of it that the of that she negotiated with the european union is really not backed by parliament that's the reason there was a break that impasse and she has no other choice but to to make some moves that she hasn't tried before and this is what she's come up with a labor have said that they will sit down and we work with yeah i know over the our plan and labor seems to be willing to work with her so that's positive and you know when you've got things a winding up in the right just the right order and it looks like it's going to work boris johnson has to chime in and he's not impressed by what reese may do we know far as johnson the former foreign secretary who desperately desperately wants to wheeze a maze job he is not happy with her tonight surprise surprise boris johnson obviously very. happen he says for the u.k. to leave the e.u.
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without a deal he's on the side of the party have launched a group of them where they also would be happy with that so he's speaking out for them saying not happy with what she said particularly not happy that she's dating the jeremy corbyn and neither are other members of the european research group. that group of brics it is so what she's done she's been previously reaching out to these people desperately trying to get on board to support her deal it hasn't worked and finally to paris she's reaching out across to others to those who are war in favor of a soft brick said to see if they can help instead yeah big it is not just wars johnson you know made wants to pull out the dagger right now i mean there are a number of conservatives who want to get rid of juries and how long do you think this will be able to stand this pressure. well she has been on the pressure for really considerable time she has failed time and again to get her deal
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through palm and even loyal colleagues in the parliament have said that she really needs to go on the other hand we all know that time is short and somehow it conclusion must be reached because most m.p.'s and also the prime minister from all we know don't want the u.k. to leave the european union in just over a week's time and have no plan in place we've had the national security advisor there was a report that has been leaked it's dangerous for the u.k. to leave without a deal let's unload all the economic implications we've heard from business again that see the prime minister really needs to get back together so people are putting their hopes in half and there is really not a lot of time to go for a lengthy lengthy process and find another prime minister really not at the moment i think that seems to be the consensus here in london at the moment all right our
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correspondent there good months in london and here in the studio or bird's analyst alex ford's running to you both thank you the saga continues. and here is one of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. president donald trump has once more called on some countries such as germany to spend more on defense he made the comments while meeting with nato secretary general younes. he was visiting washington to commemorate native's seventieth anniversary aid agencies and mozambique and authorities are set to launch a massive vaccination drive as the number of cholera cases rises to more than fourteen hundred in the cycle own country two people have now died collar is transmitted through contaminated drinking water and it can lead to death within hours germany has sent a diplomatic protest to brunei over new islamic laws that will introduce death by stoning as punishment for homosexual acts and adultery the foreign office is said
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it had appealed to brunei to adhere to existing international human rights obligations the walls are due to take effect on wednesday for the greek prime minister alexis the press paid a historic first visit today to his counterpart in the republic of north macedonia the two neighbors celebrated a new start at the resolving a bitter decades long dispute that was all about a name. twenty first century diplomacy at its best to heads of state making history with a selfie alexis tsipras is the first greek prime minister to visit the north macedonia and capitals copia the neighboring countries word odds for three decades their main bone of contention the name of the country where they're now meeting. is not only an important day for us but for the entire balkan peninsula today we're creating a different kind of dialogue one little you know it's our country's history is. the
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meeting between zones ivan alexis tsipras is so important because it marks the first peaceful resolution of a conflict in the former yugoslavia something that was not accomplished in bosnia and herzegovina or kosovo. the decisive step came in june of twenty eighteen with the e.u. brokered press but agreement named after a lake shared by the two countries after an intense tug of war the accord was approved by both parliaments by a narrow margin. since then the country has changed its name to north macedonia for decades athens refused to normalize relations out of fear macedonia could claim its namesake province in greece north macedonia and now hopes for significant investments from its newly gained ally the balkan state is currently in the process of joining nato and in the long run aspires to become a member of the e.u. . and some football news bonus league club will be parting ways with coach
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hacking at the end of this season that's according to club officials. at the start of twenty seventeen this february the foles rose to second in the standings and look to even be title contenders but they've managed only one win in their last seven bonus league games. tourists in iceland had to dash for higher ground after witnessing the force of mother nature from a distance that was well too close for comfort watch these photos these images people they were hiking near a glacier when it collapsed suddenly sending. waves straight. happily no one was injured but just watching this is enough. to scare you amazing sort of images here.
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we said no one was injured but you're watching the still to come. about the global economy as the world trade organization slashes its growth forecast warning of. trade sanctions chris is going to be back with all the business in one minute you're watching the. curious. do it yourself. that seventy seven percent. are younger than. me and me.


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