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it's the same cord to the solution ecology of the freedom of the press. corruption weak on the fourth just a sign when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the true fools who have put their trust in us. my name is john pearse and i work a deal w. . this news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes foreigners fearing for their lives in south africa three people have been killed and hundreds are displaced after a flare up of violence against people from other african countries the south african government says it's criminality not seen a phobia we'll hear from the job africa dies for reform. and in the.
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ethiopian is while the world with sweeping reforms but you still facing big challenges here from ethiopia about what they think they get president. i'm christi paul comes news africa i'm glad you're tuned in we begin in south africa with foreign nationals are living in fear that's off to an outbreak of violence targeted at people from african countries there three people have been killed hundreds have fled their homes the violence broke out in durban this footage given to you by a local in ports to show locals looting trucks driven by foreign drivers were attacked as a barbarian truck driver was stabbed in the abdomen and is now recovering in
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hospital. on monday ambassadors of african countries were invited to a meeting with south africa's foreign minister who wanted to assure them that foreign nationals are safe in south africa that meeting is set to continue on friday. now we asked south africans for their thoughts on why isn't a phobia in their country is often directed at africans you know it is like. they discovering it as they can to absolutely because there's no tomorrow they are not thinking about the people i think this is a way to make it through we. that's why people whose line is it has been there for so africans can be. so much the other africans are actually very committed to are because that is what's happening i'm not saying that it's with our goals because they do come here looking for birth opportunities and i think they'll get there at the going to have most of this at the family and not
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a way of the relationship that we have among each country of africa with the south africans so i think the government all the other should have like account of it to cation. for more on this of like to bring in dr. from the africa dyess for a forum it's an ngo that was set up offices in a phobic attacks in south africa in two thousand and seven in which sixty people were killed while come sit d.w. africa doctors about and in the pause there's always been a trigger that sets off this violence and attacks on on foreign nationals what is believed to have sparked this latest incidents. thank you very much thank you very much and good afternoon i think it's because we have hacked into this because these and again we are saying that i think that we have a lot of common features that i think even political leaders brought in from last
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year because then and that should be at the electioneering process these we have a lot of political leaders as you know for the deaf man and this led to our last year i think to the independent electoral commission in order for them to put the regulations in terms of why you know these points you made in the north say because we believe that the system is that they don't and that might then. take us back and say the four point eight speech is right up it's about that the south african government saying is that this is criminality and not saying a phobia what is your response to that in every case you know for the you know economic. sense but more to that we believe that today that this is acts of criminality not enough of the only need to get this through particular mission of. general. crime it becomes very untrue for you because as long as it could you do it
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back and that's. been the case if my memory is everything that's happened in bali and so money is developed and right and. then that's the. right stuff about that my last listen to you and please give us a brief i'm so you know what what in your opinion do you believe that some african authorities are handling this myself with with can we we don't really think that i mean you know the commitment that they're quite happy to put one of the women that is the good lord that is being with them all of this that these you know they actually committed and know how to get back because we're not seeing people being out in cars with you did you know what they tried for i all right dr i was in the salon that the african diaspora for coming to us from johannesburg thank you. thank you very. soon ethiopia now where prime minister made swift and sweeping reforms have earned him international acclaim and domestic popularity some
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supporters say he deserves a nobel peace prize but he also faces big challenges millions of internally displaced people if it conflicts and the growing frustration that politics isn't changing fast enough we'll talk more about that in a moment but first here's more how on how people in ethiopia are reacting to their lead as first year in power. that is the capital of ethiopia there's a new energy here people have invested their hopes in their prime minister. he said no good he brought us change and that's why i call him a prophet you don't have a you know. there's men don't touch happiness in the country now because of abi but i'm. going to get my leg this time but. this is the man they're talking about. he's been prime minister in ethiopia for year and in that time he's opened up the country and undertaken radical reforms concluded
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a peace treaty with arch enemy eritrea and released thousands of political prisoners now he's treated like a pop star. some however are still withholding judgment like teacher made some muhammad she was active in the opposition and was arrested multiple times in demonstrations against the old regime. who were shouting again just a different it was. just like. that's now activists i'm not on the streets i'm not starting i'm not all demonstration. may it's a comments online on current politics she finds that he has made many changes to the political system but says it's time for a concrete change. as an ordinary citizen change it's still there is social problem. he owes she doesn't have does involve job. one reason mates is days involved as her little daughter macy hopes that ethiopia
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will become a more just and equitable country. the success is also shadowed by ethnic conflicts that have broken out in the multi racial society this is a refugee camp. i mean are you your house send fled here from eastern if you go with her family he did seize any they threw children in the river. they killed a pregnant women who couldn't run away any kind of a behind others with sticks with nails in them and i did the most better they didn't need to get any much better more of that over the blood flowed in the streets like water any mean it that he had any idea more than eighty ethnic groups live in ethiopia i mean and these women are a rumor driven from their home in a struggle over land and power i mean a is one of about three million people who fled. to see how do you respond to the conflicts which i've opened up everywhere
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and this is not anything new if you look at the history of you know these transitions from but a very rigid dictatorship into a sort of liberal democracy that period is extremely dangerous. i mean a is slowly losing patience with the prime minister but she still hopes that i mean i will bring stability to ethiopia so that she can go home i want to talk some more about the change in ethiopia and i'm joined by is ships have a kilo for africa hi isha so why don't here in is obvious myth so as popular as he was when he first came to paula. burmistrov yamaha's is a very big support among good europeans but that doesn't mean there are questions over his government his leadership and his decisions especially after his government failed to support internally displaced people in different parts of the
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country so many ethiopian citizens out of questioning how his government is committed to sort of some problems to answer some questions in the country and the rule of law is another question there are so many problems in different parts of the country so. people are asking where that he's government is really competent in. protecting lawful or protecting good. citizens from tax in different parts of the country right i mean he's what about a lydia who has been praised for reforms among them appoints a cabinet comprised fifty percent of women but some of these critics are now saying that he is running a one man show. that's a legitimate question definitely but there are some signs within the government to give the assignment to different government institutions for example as you know
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the first chief justice is assigned to the head of the justice sector and she's responsible in reforming the sector so it's all that if they conflict as well in this country it's been rife and the prime minister doesn't have a concrete pad to tackle this issue that quite frankly has run played if he did decide to change it within the last one year but the still there are tensions in different parts of the country for example in part of the region in terms of the region there are still conflicts within different it in the kleins there is a tension between the armada and to great regions in the north as. his government came up with a commission which we. studied this conflict this we didn't different than any communities and are expected to came up with a sort of should but how fruitful this commission will be. right it has
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a great thing if the op is set to hold an election next year what's the thinking about how that will go. there are two groups one people some teams some good groups are expecting to postpone the may twenty two an election others are not ready for that so they said no it must be held on time but there are so many problems we don't know whether the government is capital in held in this election because there are security problems in the country in different parts of the country for example the government is forced to postpone the census so helping the election is another tough assignment for the government all right it says have an f. on day to have a africa on that inside thank you thank you very much. and that is it from the news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and
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facebook page we leave you now with pictures from ethiopia now that prime minister may have has been in office for a it till next time i buy. what secrets lie behind these me. find out mercy of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage three sixteen fifteen. it's
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all happening coach of. the. tour a link to news from africa and the world. your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you unload some student news after coming program tonight from one to many from the news of easy to our i would say d. deputed coast much tougher come join us on facebook t w africa. the for. welcome to news from the world of culture why has a new exhibition in paris renamed classic must the pieces well find in the minutes also coming up. a top architect whose inspirations include her childhood in war torn beirut as well as the simple beauty of nature. and you've
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probably been to plenty of parties in your time but i bet none come close to this zero gravity policy do not try so hard. but we begin with a rather unique exhibition that has just opened in paris which is renaming classic paintings it's at the music and is called black models from jeffrey cole to matisse and it's all about black models who featured in famous paintings getting recognition or any recognition at all be chatting to my colleague david less that leavitt's in just a minute but first is report. money a painter considered by many the father of modern art in the foreground a milk white prostitute who stare shocks nineteenth century viewers and who for us .


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