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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2019 8:45am-9:00am CEST

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so this is the zero gravity policy to not try things. but we begin with a rather unique exhibition that has just opened in paris which is renaming classic paintings it's at the music and is called black models from jeffrey cole to matisse and it's all about black models who featured in famous paintings getting recognition or any recognition at all be chatting to my colleague david lesser leavitt's in just a minute but first is report. money a painter considered by many the father of modern art in the foreground a milk white prostitute who stair shocks nineteenth century viewers and who for a century and a half has fascinated scholars but more recently the figure behind her has become the focus of black servant the face of one of monies frequent models named for him
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curators have renamed this famous work. the exhibition black models of paris is music say it is proof that for centuries black people have had a place in french art have even played a central role. not always a dignified one. we wanted to show that yes they were stereotypes such as black figures as servants figures which are sometimes heavily exhaustive sized and eroticized. there was also another side to it. where they had a place where they fully took pos in the artistic scene of their time. for instance the models those f. a favorite of the great painter really cool. historians used to refer to those of simply as lou next the negro although his face and body figure in some of the artist's greatest works here he's finally getting his due. as yourself an art lover
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and model from haiti. the exhibition is being hailed as an important step in france's reckoning with its racist and colonialist heritage. the we are the product of what happened during slavery and colonialism. in this product is also the construction of a view how black people see themselves and how they see others. how white people see themselves and how they see others see if we were able to construct a negative image in the past then today this exhibition allows us to deconstruct that image. because deconstructing something also means understanding that if you were able to construct something negative we can also construct a positive view. black models as more than a show it's a call for museums across europe to give visibility to people of color and to shine a new light on old prejudice. is here with me david do you
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think the names that they've changed this exhibition will sort of some of them will remain permanently you know maybe some of them will but let's say for now that these are suggested new titles some of which may stick now if that sounds radical to have old paintings new names it's not actually that radical when you think about these curators are not suggesting a change to the western art canon which is basically white men for the most part they're not suggesting overthrowing that they're really just saying let's look at these black models now finally as humans now there is one case i want to highlight where i do think the title the new title might stick it's a painting by the. courtroom of madeleine it's now being called its official title at the louvre where it normally hangs is portrait of a black woman originally it was called portrait of a negress this painting was first shown back in. eight hundred during
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a period when slavery was briefly illegal in france before napoleon brought it back and originally people didn't know that madeleine was the name of the model but her name was forgotten for the last two hundred years it's all because art historians didn't care to record it it's only just resurfaced now a lot of people may know this painting today because it was actually in beyond sanjay's these video last year at the louvre well i mean hundreds of millions of people have seen the video and i mean i wondered actually do you think that the cost is famous video in the louvre has sort of influence this exhibition happening because i kind of wonder about myself i do think these exhibitions take so long to organize that i i sort of doubt it but in a way it is almost as if beyond say and jay z. did what this exhibition is doing now last year. they go the video for their song i can't say the full title it's at the louvre it inserts blackness points out black
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figures in the western art canon including. the hays the haitian model we just saw in that report was actually appears twice in this painting the raft of the medusa one of the most famous paintings in the louvre by julie co he by the way was a big abolitionist and by the way if you go to the movie going now you can take a jay z. and beyonce tour that is how big this phenomenon as this whole reexamining is david thank you very much as always thank you. now how about this for a combination our party planning company teamed up with the european space agency for a very exclusive experience up in the sky i guess was it up into the upper atmosphere on a special flight and during the party got to experience zero gravity so as the flight was full of celebs deejays football players and the occasional famous chef let's see what it was like.
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how does it feel to be an astronaut in space. fifty celebrity guests zero gravity club found out at a party on board an airplane. musicians artists social media stars and athletes from the world over check in at frankfurt airport for their adventure in weightlessness. they head off to board the airbus a three ten which is normally used by astronauts for weightlessness training these passengers won't need a space suit just a healthy dose of hardiness. at an altitude of eight thousand five hundred meters the fun begins first the passengers are way down at twice the force of gravity then suddenly they lift off.
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the procedure is then repeated the plane flies of course much like a roller coaster. the organizers worked with experienced astronauts for the project. the microphone is in wait this now is from one one hundred the other if i jump like this. my feet out of the ground it floors above my head. this is what we do with. the events organizers specialize in unusual parties this zero gravity class has brought them lots of publicist this is the second whiteness party they've thrown into the only lasts about six minutes. afterwards the party is a back on solid ground about still full of adrenaline. the lives of our people are
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sitting here saying great great great great great and another great. there were even some teary eyes to be honest it's really amazing. i couldn't you know i speak actually. to experience weightlessness was clearly something that was out of this world. indeed the french love it is architects says she eats breeze and sleeps architecture for inspiration comes from her childhood in war torn beirut where she grew up and from nature two very different inspirations the results are found in the very individualistic building she designs around the world that sprout forth trees and bushes and then others where her favored building material is compacted earth we met up with her office in paris. has already created
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a huge body of work together with her first architecture firm she designed these stone in national museum the museum is thank you former soviet military thanks in time to. it offers a spectacular exhibition space and an impressive land in one. creation is can also be found in japan it was here the group met together with two partners was commissioned to design this house the radiance timelessness. in order to understand what drives linda got mad you have to travel to her home country of lebanon. she grew up in beirut a city shaped by war. it's here that she's realizing her latest project stung garden the architecture draws on the city's recent history for a new residential building. that if you have seen beirut in ruins and seen how nature infiltrated the space and how the
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whole history of beirut was revealed if it was and there was nature invading the whole city of a year hard to clear for me it was fascinating to see how nature was capable of bringing beauty even to this pure atrocity and level it to. be at last it. was effective i wondered about this holds these opening words that are today very political in beirut to sit at these openings or traces of war mikala harvest from these openings with and filled with life again because it's right here that vegetation grows. in her adopted home of paris got mail also has major works in the pipeline. in the south of the city a new quarter is being built. lena got married together with her team in paris are
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working on realism wanted must end up with a plan to turn an all around way station into a center that explores sustainable food production and agricultural. dances. so i. decided as part of a cool innovative projects to reinvent paris to respond to the challenge of climate change they fear. my project is about the sustainability it on the. the station will soon be renovated converted to and extended with a fifty meter high wooden talent. lena got man her critically acclaimed firm of architects practice and historical and materially sensitive approach to their work for a fan and sustainable future. talented woman
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a man set for this edition of arts and culture don't forget to check out the website at b.w. dot com slash culture and lots of juicy cultural stories that. join us again at the same time tomorrow if you can but for now for myself and all the same here in berlin all three deserving kobach.
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israel goes to the polls could be a close race for benyamin netanyahu israel's prime minister is still favored in the upcoming election coming up you say she's on corruption and ongoing conflicts of slate of voters. is political opponents of abortion colorful. and thirty minutes. on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear kushti good and clearly show explore germany. they dive in and check everything out there's
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a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. to w. . what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows guild contests e.w. correspondents and the baker can stretch this second line to the rules set by the team. this morning recipes for success strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d w. this
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is d w news live from berlin the british. prime minister makes a last ditch effort to break the bracks a deadlock. this is a decisive moment in the story of these islands and it requires national unity to deliver the national interest after an all day cabinet meeting shelby seeking another deadline.


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