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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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sets in cyberspace artificial intelligence quantum computing and big data could change the nature of the conflict more fundamentally than the industrial revolution and we will need to continue to deal with a more assertive russia in twenty fourteen russia illegally and next coming up the first time in europe that one contract taken part of the by force since world war two and we see a pattern of russian behavior including a massive military buildup from the arctic to the mediterranean and from the black sea to the baltic the use of military grade nerve agent in the uk we kingdom support for ourselves murderous regime in syria consistent cyber attacks on nato allies and partners targeting everything from parliaments to poverty rates.
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sophisticated this information campaigns and attempts to interfere in democracy itself. nato has responded with the biggest reinforcement to our collective defense in decades for the first time we have combat that the troops deployed in the east or reliance we have increased the redness of forces to people decide so the nato response force modernized our command structure bolstered i was cyber defenses and we have stepped up our support to our close partners georgia and ukraine sovereign nations with a certain art to choose their own path of the was.
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we're we do all of this not to provoke a conflict but to prevent the conflict and to preserve peace not to fight but to deter not to attack but to defend that is no contradiction between that terence defense and dialogue we do not want to use a late russia we strive for it back that relationship with russia. but even without a better relationship we still need to manage a difficult one so we need to talk and we do talk to deduce risks to avoid incidence accidents and miscalculations we also need dialogue in order to work for arms control. my generation was shaped by the problem and
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of thousands of new chemists odds and europe in one thousand eight hundred. myside capable of destroying our cities and killing millions of people in moments. thanks to the vision and leadership of president reagan and premier premier gabacho of the on this treaty put an end to all these weapons. of them. but today they are back russia has deployed new me sites in europe there are more by hard to detect nuclear capable cut the warning time to just minutes and reduce the threshold for the useful nuclear weapons in an armed conflict nato's position is united and clear russia is in violation of the on this treaty there are no new american besides in europe but there are new russian
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missiles i continue to call on russia to that turn to compliance with the i.m.f. treaty thad allen of that. but so far russia has taken no steps to do so and time is running out. we do you really do not want a new arms race we do not want a new cold war. but you must not be naive an agreement that is only respected by one side will not keep us safe. so we. was so we must also prepare for
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a world with out beyond the treaty we will be measured and coordinated we will not mirror what russia is doing nato has no intention of deploying land based nuclear missiles in europe but nato will always take the necessary steps to provide credible and effective terance of the. madam speaker mr vice president the fight against terrorism also the mounds our collective effort the attacks on nine eleven made that clear nato says sponsor those attacks will swift within twenty four hours and for the first and only time in our history we invoked article five of the washington treaty the
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collective defense clause which states an armed attack against one shall be considered an attack against them all so nine eleven was not only an attack on the night it states but they gained all nato allies within days nato aircraft were patrolling americans guys and the wake of nine eleven nato soldiers went to fight side by side in afghanistan to prevent that country from ever again because being a safe haven for terrorist who could attack us here at home over the years hundreds of thousands of troops from europe and canada have served in afghanistan. over a thousand have paid the ultimate price a many more have been seriously wounded we all know the service on their second choice i would
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i. nato remains in afghanistan today to fight terrorism and to train afghan forces. are a goal is not to stay there forever we should not stay any longer than is necessary we went in together we will decide all future presidents together and when the time comes we will leave together need to fully supports the peace process it must pave the way for afghan reconciliation they can only be peace if if afghanistan stays free from international terrorists and for peace to be sustainable it was built on our achievements nato has created the conditions
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for social and economic progress bringing education and human rights to women and girls should i there are it's must be preserved. nato is not only fighting terrorism in afghanistan they are also part of the global coalition to defeat isis their coalition has made remarkable progress once isis controlled an area roughly the size of a genuine there and they imposed a twisted are the ideology on millions they beheaded people burned people are and traded women as sex slaves we should never forget their brutality and
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facts to american leadership and our collective effort we have stopped this brutal attack and millions of people have been liberated thad twenty and. but our work is not done that is why nato is stepping up our training over iraq it forces so they can better defend their country a make sure isis can never return this is also why i need to support our partners in the middle east and north africa helping them to build up their intelligence services border security cyber security and special operations forces training local forces and building local capacity are among the best weapons we have in the fight against terrorism prevention is better than intervention
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thad cochran two. madam speaker mr vice president some of you here today we have been directly affected by terrorism you may have lost friends and loved ones you know the reality of terrorism. i know it too i was prime minister of norway on the twenty second of july two thousand and eleven a date that will live in infamy in the history of my country that there a terrorist detonated a bomb outside my office killing eight people and injuring many more. he then went to the island.
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where young people were enjoying a summer camp he killed a further sixty nine people most of them teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them. it was the darkest day in norway since the second world war it was the darkest day of my life. terrorism homes in many forms some perpetrators misuse religion all theirs misuse political ideology they claim to be different from a childhood fighting for different courses but they are all the same they believe in hate that violence and killing innocent men women and children
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they are not the more than cults was . terrorists attack our freedom our values and our way of life. our own sir must be more openness and more democracy all right values will prevail free don't will prevail over oppression tolerance over intolerance and love we always prevail over hate me
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was . i see this in the flowers laid outside the mosques in christchurch new zealand i see this in the lives led by the young survivors of the attacks in norway and i see this in new york and watching too indomitable cities cities that were not intimidated not defeated but with shows stronger than ever from the horror of the september morning. of the. madam speaker mr vice president nato is
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a strong alliance but to remain a strong alliance nato must be f. airlines in an ideal world we would not need to spend any money on defense but we do not live in an ideal world. freedom has enemies and they need to be deterred and if that turns face we need to fight hitler could not have been stopped with peaceful protest stalin could not have been deterred with words. oh yes this cannot have been defeated with dialogue future in the midst of freedom may choose violence again our desire year for a peaceful world is simply not enough we must act and invest to make it so.
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and through . nato allies must spend more on the fence this has been the clear message from president trump and this message is having a real impact. and through . all the years overdue some defense budgets all of us have stopped the cuts and all our lives have increased our defense spending before they were cutting billions now they are adding billions. in just the last you've been watching nato secretary general again stoltenberg addressing
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a joint meeting of both chambers of the u.s. congress as the alliance turns seventy in the course he's been speaking now for about thirty minutes or so he's british receive a very warm welcome from a country whose leader has been so skeptical towards the organization he started by talking about the organizations history he thanked america for being what he called the backbone of nato and then stressed the links between himself and the u.s. a mention that his mother was actually from new jersey on the question of the u.s. president questioning whether the whole existence of the organization was just all good simple questions odd not being asked and that is a sign of strength rather than weakness he went home to talk about russia as the enemy we do not want to isolate russia he said and then talked about arms control talked about the i.n.f. treaty talk about how we believe that russia. is failing to comply with the i.m.f. treaty went on then to talk about afghanistan and the war against terror and just
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as we were leaving just as we were leaving him there he went to address donald trump's biggest point of the last couple of years which is that mr stoltenberg said nato must be strong and fair nato allies must spend more defense so that's where we're up to let's go through this with my colleague here in the studio over house and he's an analyst on transatlantic affairs from the german institute for international and security affairs here in berlin and washington our correspondent all of a solace is actually outside the u.s. congress welcome both let's start with you marcus marco over the house one of the points that jumps out at you well first off i think it was quite as smart speech because he on one level tried to bond. stoddart tried to bond you know almost personally with members of congress who are by and large very supportive of
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nato still so as you said it wasn't an easy target for him but he was bonding personally with them raising his personal family's issue and his personal experiences and always experience with terrorism and he also brought up the the main topics that are also of great concern to the united states primarily russia terrorism and the issue of fairness so i found that in that way it was it was quite quite smart but i also think there were some issues which i found interesting for instance on the i.n.f. treaty he explicitly. stated that nato does not does not have the intention to deploy land based missiles in europe i found that quite remarkable because as i perceive it that is not such a clear position of the u.s. currently because the us ambassador to nato has only stated that there would be no nuclear armed missiles in europe so we might still have a debate a about that in the future i'm not so clear if i'm not still so sure if that's
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really an issue that is already sorted out all of us alice in washington let's talk about that the president who has been nato is former critic do you see this mollifying him or told a speech. well i do think there was some remarks especially the ones we've just listened to by secretary general stolzenberg donald trump might have liked to hear stoltenberg is very supportive of his calls for stepping up military spending but at the same time the secretary general stressed that every nato ally has already started to increase its national budget on military spending some countries do so more others less germany is one of one of the countries that have faced severe criticism by the u.s. president but again. the words of stoltenberg were that all allies are on its
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way and that there is a necessity also for raising the military spending due to all these external pressures that nato finds itself in mark over houses that's let's talk about the money i think this is talk at this two percent august recess in twenty fourteen i think that it was a ten year target for nato members to reach two percent spending within ten years now the president has had a particular go at germany for failing to do this one of the world's strongest economies germany's response has always been well it's not just defense spending you've got to look at what else we're doing in terms of peacekeeping and this i mean but what essentially is germany's problem with just jobs a rich country why not just spend more well it's exactly that what you said because it's such a rich country so because of the two percent as measured by economic output so if you have such a high economic output in terms of gross domestic product as germany has two
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percent is a relatively high target to meet but just one more remark on this i mean the problem of course is that president trump is so fixated on the two percent number but still you know even if you put it differently germany has a big. problem and that is the lack of military readiness i mean german military ships don't swim planes don't fly you know tanks are not functioning really yeah that's the key i mean that's pretty much open on the table so so that's an issue whether the two percent benchmark is the right one. is another question but the you know the military contributions of germany before crisis management or for collective defense is a serious issue and frankly you have to either spend more money or you have to spend it wisely all of silence and washington. has received a very warm welcome from from congress is that
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a divide between the two houses and the president on the on the issue of the international of nato. well that's the signal that congress wanted to send all to you today is what you mentioned is unity that congress is standing behind nato and we saw that with minutes of applause and continuing up plausible stoltenberg who by the way was the first secretary general in the history to speak in front of both chambers of congress and that's particularly interesting because one chamber of the house is dominated by the democrats and the other the senate is some unaided by the republicans and if you know american politics you know about the divisional fulls chambers in a poll of both parties of course and the fact that they got together on this issue and that they are on the same page when it comes to supporting nato sends a very strong signal now at the seventieth anniversary that america is backing nato
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and it does also send a signal to the u.s. president that he might control one chamber of the executive the executive branch of power but not every branch of it mark over house it was interesting that. speech was not just about tanks and weapons he talked about cyberspace i quantum computing and big data as well so clearly there's a philosophical shift within nato as well i mean definitely the fact is that you know security policy is not about military hardware exclusively i mean more but if you talk about these issues about computing about cyber about hybrid warfare we're hybrid threats the question is you know how does the military and the nonmilitary sectors work together how does nato as environs work together with organizations such as the european union and other international bodies that's also a big challenge he didn't really address that but definitely that's on the table
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here. in washington he also addressed head on lots of issues where there are differences between night so on the united states trade and climate change and the iran nuclear deal. yeah that's correct he talked about that but after all what the bottom line of this address he really was to create a sense of unity rather than then off division and we've heard the remarks of donald trump in the last years that raised a certain level of doll it's. about the future and the necessity of nato and i think this is exactly what stoltenberg and the u.s. congress wanted to counter here today by this address in front of congress and just in terms of the president saying that was the last question but i live just accept the president's thinking. when he talks about to be emphasizing nato and perhaps looking elsewhere do it do we know where he's thinking about him ok
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well the president's most important call year and that is what is probably very high on his agenda is a call for for more money and he's looking in particular to germany and he's criticized germany over and over again in recent years stoltenberg made clear that every country is started to raise its spending germany is defending itself saying that they have already raised its spending by forty percent but obviously are far below meeting the two percent per cent goal that was agreed on in two thousand and fourteen at the nato summit summit in wales are. in washington thank you so much a house from the german institute for international and security in france thank you. just undermined to the top story
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this aviva head off a nato ally and says use an address to the u.s. congress to make a pitch for unity at the top with atlantic attention then stoltenberg said nato would still always take the necessary steps to provide a credible and effective deterrent is addressed him up seventeen years since he was his father was sought in washington. such know up to date swapped at the top of the author of the day.
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was in the closet yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about ok i do this because we can't stay on his way in a. way that. costly global news that matters d.w.
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made for mines. i'm scared that the they were not hard and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. i mean what numbers of women especially of victims of violence incomes and take part and send us your story we are trained always understand this new culture. you are not a visitor another yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. and the way he comes to get. to the on his wrist bands
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keep the. kids from jamming comes the band. come. and beat the british columbia. christmas. comes to. the same place you pick up the space the band. the show mummy the band some islamists the bump. come up mum explain. the cult oh mum mum the sky. the sun. respects. the cool.
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cool. this is the w.'s life from. nato despite transatlantic strains. says the u.s. congress to make a pitch for unity. out of the alliance is found to take you live to washington also on the program british prime minister theresa may hold talks with opposition leader jeremy colvin to try to break that law but just nine days left to avoid
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a chaotic default from the european union. and i dare you to arrest me.


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