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this is the w.'s life from ballet and i resigned being a part of nato despite transatlantic strains a nato chief. addresses the us congress to make a pitch for unity seventy one of the alliance is found to take you live to washington also on the program british prime minister theresa may hold talks with opposition leader jeremy colvin to try to break the back seat deadlock that just
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nine days left to avoid a chaotic default from the european union. and i dare you to arrest me the challenge from venezuela self-proclaimed president i'm quite dope out of the country is that government controlled assembly stripped him of his parliamentary immunity. i feel gail welcome to the program nato secretary general again stoltenberg has said the alliance is not seeking a new cold war with russia on its seventieth anniversary but it calls for greater efforts to terence and call for more members to increase spending on defense he was addressing a joint meeting of both chambers of the u.s. congress here's some of what he had to say at the entrance to the nato headquarters in belgium that ought to monuments. one piece of the berlin wall
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designed to keep people in and out it famed the other monument is a twisted steel beam from the north tower of the world trade center. emma morial to the ordinary people going about their business on an ordinary day when the unthinkable happened a memorial to the two thousand nine hundred seventy seven people who lost their lives on nine eleven. a reminder. all nato allies stood would you not the states in its hour of. let's take a closer look at that speech with moscow over how sees an analyst transatlantic defense from the german institute for international and security affairs here in bed lynn and we're also joined from washington by our correspondent there all of
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a salih was outside the u.s. congress are welcome to you both let's start with you marco so we saw yet still to work evoking key moments in a shared european and defense history what was his he's main message today. well his main message there were several messages i think one important message was that not only does europe needs the united states and the nato alliance but the other way around that the united states benefits greatly from from the nato alliance by providing washington with twenty nine or twenty eight allies and that that you know from the u.s. perspective investment in nato is a good investment and that it will you know address the issue of fairness and burden sharing which i think is the key word there a lot of people not only president trying but a lot of people in washington really want to hear so i would say that these are among as his most important asset for us all of us in washington he was yet
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stoltenberg received a very warm welcome from both chambers of congress the president has been quite anti nature in the over the last eight year olds so what should we draw from that if anything. well the signal coming here from congress today is a signal of unity and you've just mentioned these long applauses that took minutes and it was really a strong signal seventy years after nato was founded that the alliance is strong stoltenberg repeatedly stressed that he also talked about the his tory call importance about the achievements that it's the most successful military alliance in history and that was very much celebrated here at congress today but at the same time of course he also outlined the threats that are exposed to nato external
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threats such as the strengthening russia with aggressive foreign policies as well as internal threats that he tackled in directly when he spoke about. several democracy mcready countries are actually involved in a tone that the media different difficulties in opinions are actually rather a strength than weakness let's say here another part of your dress talking about the challenges facing the alliance you face unprecedented challenges challenges no one nation comes face alone the global balance opower is shifting the fight against terrorism it's a generational front we're only just seen the beginning of the threats in cyberspace artificial intelligence quantum computing and big data could change the nature of a conflict more fundamentally than the industrial revolution and we will need
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to continue to deal with a more assertive russia. so marco over house from the germany issue for international security affairs quite a list then russia to one side we're looking at nato facing a different set of priorities in a different world. well absolutely i mean that's that's the challenge that the big challenge is that each member states each of the twenty nine member states use different threats with a different priority and i think in one respect i would not away with watch thought burke said during his speech he said you know we always had our divisions in our discussions that's true but i think the real issue is that both of the fact you know that we have many more members in nato than we used to have you know decades ago so there's more scope for division and also the kinds of division are
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deeper i think than they used to be and finally there isn't this unifying threat anymore that we think there was during the cold war so yes we have to visions we have to bates' but they are more severe i would argue that mr stalled merican his speech before congress would have meant just for example you talked about the divisions being deep now for example well there's a lot of issues one issue is how how do we deal with arms control agreements you know the i.n.f. treaty treaty prohibiting intermediate range missiles was mentioned by mr stoled america as long as one topic and there is i think there will be a severe debate you know how will we deal with the end of this treaty how how we deal with a landscape where the i.n.f. treaty is not existing anymore what will be the measures to be taken i think that will be one of the topics where there is a lot of divisive potential in the nato alliance and there are others more all of us salih the president trump has overseen increases in u.s.
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debt defense spending. is nato still a priority or is it looking elsewhere to china and the pacific perhaps. well we've heard a lot of critical remarks over the last year on nato by the u.s. president we all remember the famous words nato is obsolete he said that of the nato summit two years ago he then later called germany a russian captive so there were a lot of doubts about how president trump thinks about nato things nato is still an important alliance now what we heard today during congress was the complete opposite that was both chambres of congress uniting and standing you know really behind the military alliance nato that's a particularly interesting because they're both controlled by different parties and the democratic party which is the house of representatives and the senate is controlled by the republicans and as we know both parties are very much divided
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right now but they were able to unite behind this very important issue behind nato so that is sending out a strong signal that the united states is backing nato it also sends a signal to the u.s. president that he might be in control all for one branch of government the executive power but not of everything and on a point of fact. stoltenberg addressed both houses we saw the speaker nancy pelosi and vice president. no president trump is just should be read anything into that it was just not invited because he didn't need bases not to use his jurisdiction. well in the last years it was always these kind of events were always held at the level of state and heads of state and government this time around there are only foreign ministers and it does
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seem like if you look at the last years and if you remember the critical remarks in the outrage that was sparked by trump's critical remarks that right now it was very important for the nato ally an alliance to have some sort of like more. supportive tones and sounds coming from washington that for one reason certainly is announced the question why we only see foreign ministers here and for another reason why congress is uniting with both chambers behind the alliance so why those those warm words we have now we have with how the president president trump saying europeans must payroll rehab europe saying use use of you made of me make a very good point mr president now we have the secretary general saying echoing the president's words do we expect action to follow do we expect european
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countries now to actually up their spending or will they just go said yes that's very interesting i think about what they were doing before what we're already in the process most european countries including germany are actually spending more but just one one remark which i found really important with regard what's going on in washington it's true absolutely true that nato has strong you know friends with congress that there is a strong bipartisan support for congress for nato and congress but in the end i think what really matters. especially in the event of a crisis is or are the actions and the deeds of the u.s. president so. congressional support for nato not with. standing what matters in the end is what president trump does and as we know he will at least be around until twenty twenty one possibly even until twenty twenty five so we should not you know given the warm welcome that stoled mark has received we shouldn't be you know
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forget that the president from the still extremely pessimistic on on on the nato alliance yet mark over how should the german institute for international and security affairs thank you so much and all of a silence in washington thank you as well. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the e.u. has launched a fresh action against poland over its controversial judicial reforms of the european commission has found that under the new system judges can be punished simply for acting independently also is already subject to a president to rule of law proceedings that could see poland lose its voting rights . votes in a district of istanbul are being recounted after president budget time demands a k. party challenge sunday's local election results the move comes after the ok he was defeated by the opposition c.h.p. in the initial count of six fears criticize the appeal using the i k theory of
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trying to steal the will of the people. sort of racial xerox across algeria last night as president abdulaziz deflector announced his resignation which has now been officially confirmed by the country's constitutional council algerians have held a weeks of mass demonstrations demanding that the ailing eighty two year old step down. now britain's prime minister to resubmit has been holding talks with the opposition the labor leader jeremy corbyn and a new push for a compromise on bracks it was his main announced on tuesday that she would ask the e.u. for another delay beyond the new april twelfth deadline in order to avoid crashing out of the block without a feel for talks with labor have angered brett hardliners in her conservative party they fear a compromise could lead to the u.k. seeking close economic ties once it leaves the e.u. . we are those talks with that term because they are still underway so could they break the bretts it dead last deadlock well i put that we put that question to
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london correspondent us. they might break the deadlock but also it's not going to be easy we're reminded in private is this question when the reason i had so long to interventions of m.p.'s here in the parliament and someone from our own party for. the conservative party has asked the. question whether it's what's worse no deal britain crashing out of the european union without a deal or and i quote a marxist and you see my led government she was referring to the labor party reason why it's going to speak say so and also i was speaking to a labor m.p.'s earlier today and he was worried that two reason may's also was just a trap that she was using labor to get her do you through in the end but she wouldn't maybe stick to all the promises that she could make to jeremy corbyn and in the course of these negotiations so lots of worries though we do also have to
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assume that both leaders want to want to prevent a nodia of bragg's if they don't want a scenario where there are no plans for the future and where there are possible food shortages and chaos at the border we have to assume that they are going to try to work together or venezuela's a self-proclaimed to present one go i don't know is challenging all sorts used to arrest him after being stripped of his parliamentary immunity was acquired to has been engaged in a power struggle with president nicolas maduro since january when he proclaimed himself president a move that was immediately recognized by the united states germany and other countries. this is the constituent assembly of venezuela it was set up by president nicolas maduro in twenty seventeen to rewrite the country's constitution many venezuelans consider the party illegitimate and more than forty countries did not recognize the assembly but it's these lawmakers loyal to mature
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oh who have voted to strip the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president one who i don't know of his parliamentary immunity. cheers and applause followed the decision. to constituent assembly president. says the party unanimously voted to authorize the supreme court to prosecute quite zero for breaching a ban on leaving the country in january majeure supporters also want quite a bit to be charged with inciting violence and his efforts to oust the president and for allegedly accepting funds illegally isn't backing down. think that by continuing to threaten us with raids with disqualification with kidnapping . by persecuting my political party or unity our fellow legislators that they are going to stop us obviously they are wrong they are wrong because we are showing
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our face like always a mirror going to keep doing it until we achieve permanent freedom for the country . earlier on twitter go i don't said efforts to arrest him when he met with force hinting at international support more than fifty countries recognize quite a self-proclaimed presidency but he has yet to win the support of venezuela's military last week the auditor general's office announced it had stripped him of the right to hold office for the next fifteen years. here in germany independent inquiry into child sexual abuse as call for an end to to bruise around the subject so that people traumatized as children can heal in adult hood after three years working quietly has probably been interim report based on testimony from over seventeen hundred people the chance that more work needs to be done if use of disabled children and youth in competitive sports is yet to be investigated the next report tells a story of one abuse survivor. corrina tellheim returns to the scene of the crime
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every day in one thousand nine hundred four she spent nearly six months in a closed juvenile home in torgau why east german youth was severely abused physically and sexually today she works here supporting other survivors who are trying to process what happens to them. from want to change in the beginning it was difficult as for me i'd somewhat moved on when i got a key to the building. now i have the power now i can close the door when i want and i can also open it when i want to and i can go out and i'm not logged in as much i'm just free to come out and been i've been invited for. today the talk out juvenile home is a memorial in communist east germany children regarded as rebellious or stubborn were locked up even after german reunification many find it hard to believe that anyone was tortured and degraded at the hope corrina talha i was sexually abused.
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my into. my perpetrator was the director of the juvenile homes in my opinion his physique prevented him from performing sexual acts. but instead he had them performed on him and. as a for mission i have news for me that was the worst thing that could have happened to me here. just how many of the roughly four thousand institutionalized children here and were sexually abused is not yet known but it has long been clear that these were not isolated incidents. for the past three years and independent commission has been investigating the reports of sexual abuse they've spoken with nine hundred survivors for many it was the first time they had been able to tell anyone about what happened sexual abuse is still to boo and that's part of the problem. but. to take the sixty day there should the silence protects the perpetrators and enables further crimes that's why it's
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also so important for victims everywhere to have the possibility to talk without being discredited again the creation when deathy but human suppression the noid to from you have to be. kareena tower hi i'm also told the commission her story she hopes that her suffering will be recognized by the state. we haven't received any compensation at all we've slipped through all the systems cracks all the aid systems as institutionalized children. so that's another cruelty for what we've endured. not one of the papper traitors from the top of our juvenile home was ever prosecuted for sexual abuse but survivors of that a piece must live with those memories to this day. of sports now on to another incident of racist abuse in the top two years of european football and this time
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nineteen year old moore's a campaign who plays for its in these league leaders you francis and they were locked in a tight game of rivals calyon scored a game plan to go into celebration the home fans we've been chanting abuse is going to sort out the opposing captain offered his protection now cain's own team going to be out there but the chief has come under fire for some about the blame he's fifty fifty with cain should not have provoked the fans with his celebrate. mistakes let's talk more about this river crests aren't going to do their business for welcome to crest so this sounds like cain being blamed by his own team. in a way in a way strangely enough did go to instagram any posted a picture of himself next to came in the italian national jerseys say above anything else no to racism but clearly. right it seems to be a double standard you know because i don't think that crescendo and aldo gets any
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kind of you know limitations on what kind of goal celebration he can do and when you consider what the player is receiving the racial abuse what else can he do what else can he really do i mean players have walked off situations like this and have been booked for that it only so the so in this case his only weapon is performed. you know and a high level of the scored a goal and he responded the way he saw fit and he stood by his celebration and he's received you know a lot of people that share that sentiment and supported yeah listo talk about how talk us through some of that supposed. ok we have a former barcelona manchester city midfielder touré you know he went to social media and say this is ridiculous that he's being told from his own teammate a player being told not to do that that's crazy because this is a passionate game obviously players should be able to express themselves go celebrations are like you know everyone remembers go celebrations and so forth and also just last week another player
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a current player man city write him sterling you know in the twenty in the euros twenty's when he qualified match he received some abuse from montenegro and he recently he actually responded to but new cheese tweet on social media and said yeah you know that's pretty rich i mean in a sarcastic comment like stepping to the same thing didn't hear if he was abuse and i say privately and it's unfortunate you know for not only his teammate but also the kosi even his coach kind of said something similar that you know the players should not provoke the situations you know they typically stop action during these instances and the you get this coach is against that as well you know a stop in the action and trying to get the officials an opportunity to kind of you know calm the situation down and get the crowd under control you know but all that all people are split some are saying you need to kind of perform within this box and you're not given the liberty to express yourself like others would. in hopes of
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trying to prevent you know this kind of abuse but as a sounded to me ok so it doesn't like go overseas obo people are saying yes you'll get abused we'll do nothing about it and you just have to take it but this isn't just an italian problem is it will know will it only you know one watched. if i just commission group is calling it an epidemic in italy ok that's one thing aside and it is it's spread out in other leagues it's recently in wolfsburg germany was playing the qualifying match of the twenty twenty euros in a german fan had said that he was upset because people behind him were throwing racial slurs towards leroy's side may you know a player with african you know this city as well as ilk a good one who actually kept in the matches as turkish background you know and i think the fans biggest issue was ok there are ignorant people that exist but no one else people stood silent aroud around these hecklers and at think this is
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commonplace in italian football some of even argue did to be the culture in that that ideology i think has spread to other leagues like the reason the people in germany didn't say anything because they say it kind of goes with football but. chris huntington did of the thing here ok. here's one way to get rid of that sinking feeling an event company has teamed up with the european space agency to fly some lucky guests into the earth's atmosphere and then sweep them off their feet. how does it feel to be an astronaut in space. fifty celebrity guests zero gravity club found out at a party on board an airplane. musicians artists social media stars and athletes from the world over check in at frankfurt airport for their adventure in weightlessness. they head off to
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board the bus a three ten which is normally used by astronauts for weightlessness training these passengers won't need a spacesuit though just a healthy dose of hardiness. at an altitude of eight thousand five hundred meters the fun begins first the passengers are way down at twice the force of gravity then suddenly they lift off. the procedure is then repeated the plane flies of course much like a roller coaster. the organizers worked with experienced astronauts for the project. the microphone is in wait this now is when it goes from one one hundred the other if i jump like this. my feet out of the ground it floats above my head this
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is what we do with the aircraft. in the event organizers specialize in unusual pasties zero gravity class has brought them lots of publicity this is the second weightless party they've thrown. but i did only last about six minutes. still waiting for mike invitation d.w. news asia with melissa child is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour of the day. for.
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the best time to take the stuff from the benefits to
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the time you're on just such the up. and find for the tribeca hard to overcome down trends and to cut the budget it's time for. do you wus coming up ahead. mines what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild motto the job you correspondent and the baker can stretch those can live with the rules set by the teachers. cuts through no. stamping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . for. president a long. end of the london patriotic front to include the rebel army and to the one
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nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when. there wasn't doing to us. to reinforce them most of the news but it was up and he was not floating in a. controversial leader who successors beyond question. time. wanted tragedy starts people for w. . this is d w news asia coming up on the program they'll sultan and shari'a law a new penal code enters force in brunei it punishes adultery and gay sex with death by stoning we'll hear from a human rights group calling it barbaric to the core plus. malaysia's disgraced former prime minister is in court over the multibillion dollar one n.d.p.
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corruption scandal where did the money go and can really get it back and.


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