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this is g.w. news live from berlin crossing the political divide to prevent a no deal brecht's at britain's prime minister reaching out to opposition leader jeremy corbett to seek a common approach with time running out meanwhile the german chancellor heads to ireland which would be hard hit by any possible threats a trade chaos while the house. also on the show the former nissan chair carlos going is back behind bars he's been arrested on new charges that he enrich himself at the company's expense.
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i bryan thomas thanks so much for joining us with concerns growing that britain could exit the e.u. without an agreement the german chancellor is heading to ireland today the only use state with a land border with britain ireland's economy could take the biggest hit from any possible disorderly breck's in germany's very concerned about the security situation there as well in london prime minister theresa may is holding more talks today with opposition leader labor leader jeremy corbyn in a new push for a compromise on that she needs to present a plan to ease leaders by april the ten after they rejected her request for a brief extension may and or been met yesterday but corman said more work needs to be done to find common ground. we have. discussion hasn't been as much
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change as i expected but we are continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning explore some of the technical issues surrounding it. and the meeting was useful but inconclusive. a new round of crisis talks today in london and on america or in ireland for perspective let's bring in our correspondent bigg boss in the british capital and our brussels bureau chief max hoffmann there a good day to both of you if we can start with you baggage with a new deadline looming more cross aisle talks today can they produce results results. it's not going to be very easy we have had reactions from party members from both sides we have heard m.p.'s here in the house is of course in the house of commons described jeremy corbyn as a marxist and an end to see might and how would it be a good idea to hand bricks it over to him we have had reports that the party base
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the conservative party base has stopped campaigning for local elections because they're so incensed about this decision by its reason to approach jeremy corbett and also from the labor side they are worried that this could be in the words of one m.p. i speak to yesterday it could be a trap that trees and me might from is something to jeremy called the nose off the brakes it possibly membership in the customs union which is what labor is advocating for but then how would it be guaranteed to actually be in play how would it be set in stone so to speak couldn't there be a next prime minister who would that just backtrack on this so it's really against the odds but again there is a necessity to talk and to move this forward because otherwise u.k. will leave at the end of next week with no deal ok max there are a lot of options out there and some real concerns today what's the minimum that brussels wants to see from london to agree to a second deadline the way. if the u.k.
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wants to extend beyond the twelfth of april so the end of next week then they would have to participate in the european elections the only exception to this is if they agreed to the withdrawal agreement so we're talking about the exit deal that has already been rejected three times by the house of commons but this is a slight new detail if you're really following bragg's it closely you'll know what i'm talking about because up until yesterday the deadline for passing the withdrawal agreement in the eyes of the european union was the end of march but now it seems that you consider is there still a possibility to pass it until the tenth of april when the leaders will come together here in brussels for a special summit. the head of the e.u. commission said that yesterday so on wednesday and this might give a little more momentum to the choices that the u.k.
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has you know give the talks to begin are continuing there in london but what happens if the make or been discussions fail to produce any results. well m.p.'s here in london i have instructed are on the process of instructing the prime minister to to then go to brussels and seek an extension there's been a bill passed which is quite extraordinary where the house of commons the parliamentarians are taking over the breaks of process and they want to force the prime minister to go to brussels and if there is no conclusion to ask for more time it just needs to pass the house of lords and then come back to the commons but this bill is very much in the making so the fear is here that there will be no deal at the end of next week and palm and ariens and also the prime minister want to avoid it but if there is no agreement then on the twelfth of april the u.k. will leave. as we just heard from to get along with the no deal bracks it is very much still a possibility on a macro is in dublin today for talks does the e.u.
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think that ireland is prepared for what a possible no deal would mean for its border with northern ireland. the e.u. is demonstrating its preparedness in these days because you mentioned brian they started on wednesday and that they would be reinstalled immediately with the new deal breaks it on the borders between the u.k. and the european union all this is part of putting more pressure into the pressure cooker trying to show to the u.k. listen this is these are the consequences you are not prepared for this but the irish border is a whole different matter because there's so much history there so much political problems there and it's unclear whether ireland would really reinstall a hard border or at least check that hard border that would immediately emerge between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the euro european union in the case of
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a no deal bragg's it so it appears that she is going to ireland to look deep into the eyes of the prime minister and ask him are you still on board with this are you sure are you prepared for what might happen then something that we've seen lately a lot here in brussels the irish are really the crucial factor here that's what makes this whole situation so unique by the way because no other country has this political situation has this border situation and the rest of the e.u. twenty seven will follow the lead of the irish there often brussels becket moss in london thanks very much for all that perspective. let's check in with some of the other stories making news today a preliminary report into last month's your ethiopian airlines crash has found the true performed all required steps but were on not able to control the aircraft ethiopia's station minister delivering those findings he said that it's ortiz should ensure the problems with the boeing seven thirty seven max control system
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are fixed before ending the plane's worldwide ground. police in new zealand say the man suspected of carrying out the christchurch attacks on two mosques has been charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine counts of attempted murder the alleged white supremacist set to appear in court friday for hearing by a video. livia's internationally backed government has declared a military alert after forces loyal to strongman khalifa haftar are announced they were advancing towards tripoli dozens of militia have been fighting for control of the oil rich country since the overthrow of whom are khadafi in two thousand and eleven. as to japan now where police have arrested the former nissan boss carlos go in for a fourth time after new allegations of financial misconduct prosecutors say the arrest was based on the suspicion he diverted five million dollars to
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a company linked to him when he was chairman of it now is the allegations and has called for governmental assistance from france where he's a citizen. go and was released on bail over separate charges last month. this is the moment carlos gain was taken out of his temporary accommodation and back into the custody of take police force it's the fourth time he's been arrested in japan media that say his latest attention is related to a file looking at payments made to a dealership in amman. little illegitimately to arrest someone who is released on bail to take all of his. minutes including those related to the preparations for his trial i believe is something to be seriously looked at by the international community or. the world if it is barely a month since cohen was released on a nine million dollars bond pending his trial for financial misconduct which he denies he says his latest arrest is outrageous and the charges
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a crowned less it also comes a day after he tweeted his intention to tell all about the other cases against him that press conference is now in doubt he claims this is all part of a conspiracy it ness and which ousted him as its chairman of the allegations comic as president was asked about the latest development. out of it as well it feels so much can happen i'm shocked in a way so they don't know if it's another twist in a tale that seen a full from grace for carlos the savior of baseness on a rant who's looked up to by so many get a fall from grace that has the will to the public. mark them ordered not sure i was surprised by all that was released once and i was arrested again was shocking but i also thought the adamant prosecutors are in this case they get what it is. but if i were working here as a four solvable should they make me a better apprehensive. of the system of
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a system that can do that sort of thing so i would hope that the japanese judicial system. would strive for being fair to him as they would to anybody else. for a japanese citizen. color skin has spent one hundred eight days in the custody of take years prosecutors one hundred eight days and counting. well last september a member of the russian activist group pussy riot was rushed to hospital moscow after suddenly losing sight securing walk after a few days versa law was airlifted to germany where doctors diagnosed the likely poisoning is now back in moscow where he talked to our correspondent there are drugs. versus off was happy and healthy when we met him in a restaurant near his home in moscow. he's recovered from the alleged poisoning in september thanks largely to treatment he received in berlin.
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which. german doctors in berlin said it's amazing months after being poisoned one can feel better than before. there's no hard evidence that first off was poisoned but there are many indications say the doctors who treated him to legit attack on and worldwide headlines first off believes russian security services were behind it. it was people connected to the russian state secret services it's hard to say exactly who it was. the thirty one year old suspects he was being punished for a picture invasion at the world cup in russia last year the protest was aimed at human rights violations in the country i'm first off say that provoked the government. because they were trying to intimidate me telling me not to get mixed up with this kind of thing first off is planning more protest actions along with
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the rest of pussy riot let's poisoning hasn't scared him. it was a fatal dose of poison he could have gone the other way if you get involved with politics in russia you have to be ready for anything. he's grateful to germany for his medical treatment. and he doesn't understand how german tax politicians can work for russia. and the thought that the west should respond to attempts by the citizens of european countries to enrich themselves in questionable ways before a very good example is. really the. first law say that charges should be brought against the former chairman chancellor since try to work for corporations that answer to the kremlin to do even if he gets millions of euros for his positions in the russian establishment and we all get it it's not commercial work it's reward for representing putin's interests in the west and then
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the world. through the lens up of us. faces officemate resistance to putin his life's work. a single attack won't change that. and g.w. has reached out to russia's domestic intelligence agency the f.s.b. for their side of the story they have yet to get back to us. says your minder now of our top stories at this hour british prime minister trees and i later german court have been holding crisis talks to see a common approach to avert no deal. meanwhile german chancellor all the macro heads to arlon the country especially vulnerable to any possible threats a train. and a former nissan chair carlos gone has been arrested again accused of riches himself of the company's expense this is the fourth time he's been detained in five so. this is news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire crew thanks so much.
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here's what's coming up on the book is clean your house. here that is cut take a look at what all that means for the table of course. just legal every weekend here.


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