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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this video is coming to you live from berlin the children chancellor i mean i'm actually visits ireland amid fears of a chaotic breck's it having grown up in fully east germany she tells the irish prime minister. that she knows what it means but boards forward and borders disappear ireland is desperate to avoid barriers going up on the u.k.'s only land border with the e.u. if there's a disorderly break said. also coming up taking center stage in the biggest match of
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the bundesliga season so far by a robot lender the ski faces of book club top one this weekend. always manages to be the right place at the right time. out of a warm welcome to you i wanted to achieve as the second deadline of briggs approaches germany. has said she walk until the very last hour to prevent a disorderly breck said she was meeting the irish prime minister leo vodka in dublin she said that having grown up in former east germany she knew what it was like when wars come down and borders were eliminated. a warm welcome at family house for german chancellor angela merkel dublin says she has been a strong and unwavering ally of iran and throughout the brics
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a crisis. clinton irish prime minister. held roundtable talks with the focus on what could happen to the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland if britain crashes out of the e.u. without a deal. the irish border separates northern ireland which is part of the u.k. from the republic of ireland which will remain a member of the e.u. after brics it at the moment there is no physical border between the two the absence of a hard border is essential part of the nineteen ninety eight good friday peace agreements between island and northern ireland. knuckle true on her own past experience with voters in support of her car. personally come from a country that was separated by a wall for many years. for thirty four years i lived behind the iron curtain
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and. i know what it means when walls fall and when borders disappear. and so i'm aware of the need to do all we can to uphold the peaceful coexistence here for which so many lives were sacrificed. the reasons this is a. red card laid out priorities. and we have to go there are selves for all i comes. without a mind to discuss planning european and domestic level for no deal thank you to how we can work together means our twin objectives of protecting the good friday agreement on which peace and i. just based on also protecting the integrity of the european single market in the. commons follow it debate speech fifteen people from
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both sides of the polder about the impact a new deal scenario would have on their lives the two leaders will consider further the breaks he defended when some of the special european council summits next week . and joining me on the line from dublin is our chief political editor who thinks she's there to kind of a chance to visit michelle a very strong and emotional support for america what have to say. he. acknowledged that night at the signing of this to have a week ahead of the person he hammered what many questions there are no answers on what. that arsenal so these are all the potential of a no real facts to troll quote real. thing he also turned the irish foreman on more awkward commitments he had made also it was determined that the course is concerned that there would be another card for me
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this would be a new folder and he said that he saw that. on the receipt of and so if it comes to that carries the attendant signal that he has understood and or that. is on her side of the ball that said. that the chairman has a because of the variance of the seventy reading but they said the president did it ever. so there were huge symbolic overtones of this meeting but on the whole one of the irish happy with what they had to offer. well happy is a big word i mean they certainly satisfy get this kind of. weight . behind at this crucial moment in time but at the same time there was a sense of. being at the u.k.
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parliament that doesn't really. step in which direction it wants to take the next. mo course for the ira. or. can the signal that there will be a sad response of those who succumbed to it. so. will and i think we should look if indeed you have these huge political editor in dublin thank you very much. in london meanwhile british prime minister to resign me has been meeting with the opposition leader jeremy corbin for a second day as they try and find a way out of the breaks a deadlock the meeting which lasted four and a half hours was described as detailed and productive the opposition confirmed that they would be having further discussions with the government but the talks have angered hard line breaks it is. they fear the new plan she presents would include much close economic relations with the e.u.
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off to break that which they do not warrant. ok moving away from me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world a preliminary report into last month's. crash has found that crew or brick wide steps but not able to control the aircraft if yo prius transport minister presented the findings she said authorities should ensure problems with the boeing seven through seven max control system are fixed before ending the was wide grounding of the planes. thousands of teachers across france have taken part in strike action to protest against the government's planned education reforms president in money macross says he wants to reduce inequality and ensure that students are better prepared for the job market the teachers say on the need they would work to have harder with fewer resources. the australian parliament has approved legislation to
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fine social media companies or jail their bosses if they fail to see specially remove violent content from their platforms this comes off to last month's mass shooting in two mosques in new zealand a facebook live stream of the attack was shared for over an hour before being removed. nisa foreign ministers say they're ready to implement an agreement to share the financial burden of the military alliance equally this. was announced at a meeting in washington to mark the alliance's seventieth anniversary u.s. secretary of state mike compu pushed among member states to contribute more he has singled out germany for all in short of an agreement that order members should spend two percent of g.d.p. on military expenses germany has agreed to move in the direction of that goal. that it obvious washington bureau chief alexander phenomena joins me now from the alexander nato secretary general against altenburg has been speaking to reporters
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what did he say. he was basically talking about the agenda for this meeting here and one huge topic here is russia and what has been described here as russia's aggressive behavior especially in the black sea and the ministers here are talking about the so-called black sea package measures including civilians and more nato ships in the black sea with the purpose of strengthening georgia and especially ukraine with the purpose of making sure that ukraine ships can travel safely in an area that is effectively controlled by russia the current strange has become sort of flashpoint between russia and the west and after russia ceased ukrainian ships there in november so that is one of the topics the
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foreign ministers are talking about here they also are talking about afghanistan the new training mission in iraq and of course burden sharing a little all in later foreign ministers will meet and shout is it would a celebration as near to a mox turning seventy years since its founding. well it seems starts the mood is good here we saw yesterday a nice reception and dinner and every speaker has stressed of that need. it's not only the longest existing military alliance in history but also the most successful one however we have to say that the fact that this seventy three and verse three is celebrated by foreign ministers and not the hats of states is very telling because it is a clear attempt to avoid any farther tensions and the issue of burden sharing is continuing to occupy the alliance. is what has sod
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the mood among nato members germany's criticised for not paying its share on defense what will the german foreign minister be telling other nato members. the high command said here stress once again that germany will stand by its commitment that it is going to increase its defense spending up to one point five percent of g.d.p. by twenty twenty four despite of the budget projections but she also stressed here that to talk about gordon sharing you have to take into account the whole spectrum of resources capabilities he was talking yesterday about the fact that germany is the second larger should who contributed to afghanistan that it is a leading nation providing troops and aircraft to the defense of nato
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as eastern members so he is making the point that not right to criticize germany for not spending enough on defense because germany in his perspective is doing a lot for the alliance right alexander for now when did the abuse of washington bureau chief thank you very much. to sport on the bundesliga and fans are looking forward to the biggest match of the season this saturday second placed by a new nick host first place dortmund it was a german score the classic of the classic all eyes will be on by and star striker robert eleven dollars ski he's played for both clubs didn't have the spoke to the poland international in a one on one interview looking ahead to what could be a huge title decider. he moves with the control and precipitation of the needle the dusty.
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rabbit live under the really misses and that's why he's known as the gold machine no non german player has scored more goals in the history of the bonus to be got in the polish international live and sat down with thoughts of ella to tell us that his magic touch in front of net it's partly down to genetics. you need to this feeling. of course you have to work on. not only on the one things you have now in the modern football if you see for the striker not strong strikers not only fast not for technique you need everything because you have to know how to play behind. your teammates or the front of your teammates you need the left foot right for the head everything. he's not shy when it comes to using his right one left foot against his former club he scored fourteen goals
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against dortmund in an unforgettable hattrick in last season's a classic car by and are just two points behind dortmund in the table at the moment so you think who never wins on saturday would be confident about a good to see that title not if you live under half sleep i know we can do the first day of the big step. not enough because we have. uncertainty in the title race but at least there's a level of certainty when it comes to live under he just can't help himself it's in his d.n.a. to score goals. coming up next indeed business africa international mining companies are. going to market for those who actually did get out of the ground gotten now they
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want to share. that story and more coming up. in business news africa and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website. you can also follow some twitter and then facebook.


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