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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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because we can't stay on venezuela. that. closely global news that matters. made for martin's. fifty w. news live from berlin the e.u. and floats their ideas for rival bret's at extensions the news donald tusk is said to be proposing a flexible twelve month delay for the u.k. to leave the dog for even may once and june thirtieth deadline will be weighing up the possibilities with our london and brussels correspondent also coming up
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a rebuke for president at a one in turkey as local elections we report from istanbul where a recount is underway to decide whether anyone's party has lost its twenty five year grip on power and. fears of college as militia troops reach the outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli original warlord is preparing to drive out internationally backed government. and an upcoming exhibition that puts rockstars instruments at center stage. and. new york's metropolitan museum at minus the hardware of rock n roll and its show called play it loud.
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i'm an eclipse mackinnon thanks so much for joining us british prime minister to resign may has also the e.u. for yet another extension to bret's it saying the u.k. needs more time to avoid leaving the block without a deal and l.s.s. sent to european council president donald tusk may offer the brics that deadline to be delayed until up to june thirtieth she said she hopes to get person out of the e.u. before european elections in may she said that london would make preparations to hold the elections if that's not possible britain's parliament remains deadlocked over the the withdrawal agreement to reason they secured with the e.u. . for more on this we're joined from london by did. and from brussels by go first to you in london bagot can you give us some details on what exactly two reason may is asking for this time. well the reasoning
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being heinrich to reason may's request is that she wants more time to sort out breck's it basically because here in parliament she has faced a deadlock she has to try time and again to get the deal that she has negotiated with brussels to get it three but she has failed so now she has a plan b. she's holding talks with the opposition with the labor party but she knows that this will take time so if they come to an agreement it would take more than just a couple of weeks but she's asking for this time to be given until the end of june and the reasoning behind the end of june is that then the european parliament would sit so brit britain would make provisions for the e.u. parliament elections but the any piece wouldn't actually start sitting on till july so she really wants to preserve prevent that but she knows she needs more time here in london i guarantee you now in brussels there are conflicting comments coming from brussels in paris today on a second extension is their agreement with the e.u.
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on this. they are indeed what we've heard from paris so far is that it's a bit premature to talk about this kind of an extension and it's not surprising really because theresa may has asked for that deadline already once the one chief for the first on asked for an extension to the may rather to the march deadline and back then at the e.u. summit there was quite a row over whether the u.k. should be given that extension the decision then was a two stage extension which of the u.k. is currently facing in april and in may and so i'm not sure if you leaders will give him to teresa mayes wishless in fact the head of the european council has made a suggestion for a much longer extension a year's extension that includes some flexibility so if a deal would pass the house of parliament then the u.k. could leave the attractive. part of that solution would be that the e.u.
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avoids the u.k. coming every other week asking for short extensions k. and get back to you how is terry's amazed to see jd and to seek this extension and hold e.u. elections how's that likely to go down on both sides of the political aisle in london. i think overall it's really not a very good look if you speak to people on the streets most of them can't really understand what's going on why is it taking them so long why it can't we just leave especially those who want to bragg's it here in parliament those who are advocating a softer bricks and maybe staying in the customs union some sort of a law in meant to the single market which would be more the labor position for them this is good news because they would have time to influence the bricks and process and getting their views had in the government and their deal different dealing go shaded here in london so for those who advocated for brakes it who really were
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driving this process for them it's something of a taboo they really don't want the european elections most of them at least are very clear that they don't want it. so you're it really depends which sure which side of the you're looking on but overall for the people i think most of them don't want to or have more on saturday they just want to know when is this over ok and gayle briefly if you could what happens next in brussels there's a key e.u. summit set for next week what's going to happen now. what you do leaders will have to decide on that's almost whether they will give to resign made that extension or with whether they will make an alternative offer potentially even the longer extension the next tension will including flexibility to leave whenever a deal has been reached that all will be discussed next week at the summit at the end of the day for the e.u. it's absolutely crucial that a disorderly breaks it can be avoided. matters in brussels and big mouth in london
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thank you so much. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world former u.s. president barack obama is set to visit german chancellor angela merkel in berlin later today the talks are expected to focus on relations between the two countries obama is on a three day trip to germany on thursday he spoke to an audience of fourteen thousand in cologne. wiki leaks says its founder julian assange is to be expelled from the ecuadorian embassy in london a whistleblower website tweeted that ecuador has an agreement with the u.k. astonishes arrest a senior ecuadorian official has denied the claim a song has been holed up in the embassy since twenty twelve to avoid extradition to sweden on allegations over break. u.s. aviation giant boeing has revealed the company's grounded seven thirty seven max
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airline is suffering from an additional software problem regulators say must be fixed before the aircraft can be cleared to fly again is thought the problem relates to software affecting the flaps and other flight control hardware. officials recounting votes in turkey's largest city east done bowl where local media now say president. a k posse is demanding and the no mint but the poll results the main opposition narrow lee won the city in the local elections last weekend istanbul holds special significance for the turkish president it's where his rise to power began w.'s judea han reports. the bags in this gym contain thousands of ballots cast in sunday's local elections in istanbul. mahmoud a politician with the opposition c.h.p.
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has spent days here to keep a watchful eye on that. order but why do we keep watch to prevent the ones party from replacing the voting box because it's done before we have a lengthy record of this we have a sole purpose of securing people's rights and making sure no one is cheated. anyone to do this. for president one last weekend's election was one of his heaviest setbacks in his islamic group to take a party want to majority of votes nationwide but according to initial results the opposition has one key urban centers including the capital ankara and istanbul a city of more than fifteen million. billboards like this one have gone up in istanbul since election night president add on and his candidate for may have been only give room thanking the public for their votes but actually they're facing defeat here and if confirmed this would be a stunning setback for add on himself who gained power after being mayor of
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istanbul in the one nine hundred ninety s. . preliminary results in istanbul give the opposition candidate from the mamu a narrow lead to the bout twenty five thousand votes the a.k.p. now alleges irregularities in miscounting it has pushed through a recount of the votes in several districts. the pro-government turkish media described the opposition's unexpected success in drastic terms they liken the election to a coup blamed foreign powers for meddling in turkey's internal affairs. of the a key pieces such accusations are exaggerated but he also emphasizes the boat was not a blow for the president. elections are local elections therefore interpreting these results as a general election almost like a referendum on president on would be wrong but even if you do that the a party and present our party has got fifty two percent of the popular vote in this
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country let's say we have lost some cities. anything but maybe a loss of two cities will be a humbling point for us. but voters say the results in the signal to president add one quest to find an answer to turkey's economic crisis. i kept the a.k.p. deserve this result i support the party but it was dishonest with the people feel so this is what they get that. this gives me hope it shows people finally woke up and took a stand to lead in part on their videos. didn't lose that much the politicians understood they made some mistakes and now they're speaking in a different tone and showing more respectable. the opposition hopes its election victory will soon be officially concerned its
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candidate actually mammal has already changed his title on twitter to mayor of istanbul. meanwhile his fellow party member mahmoud tonight will keep an eye on the ballots and money toward the recount as long as it takes. you're watching the news coming up ahead. as young and old should head to the metropolitan museum in new york to see the instruments their heroes played to create as eternal hits we'll have a preview of the exhibition play at loud. but first as nato remarks at seven seventieth anniversary this week the alliance has stated that one of its main challenges is the threat from a more assertive russia at a meeting in washington at nato members approved measures to counter russia in the
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black sea region including increased naval cooperation with georgia and ukraine a correspondent alexander phenomena spoke about future nato missions the director of policy planning of a us state department. how much of this threat is russia still posing to nato members yes we would of course to cooperate with russia but the discussions that we've had with nato partners in the past couple of days underscore the fact that russia's behavior of an ex in crimea. violating the territorial and political sovereignty of its neighbors and we go back to georgia in two thousand and eight is still important for all of us but there are other factors as well the way that russia seeks to undermine in the gray zone into hybrid conflict below the level of armed warfare is something that the nato partners have discussed in the last couple of days so i think there is a common understanding that the sanctions that the u.s.
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has supported with nato against russia in ukraine are significant and and must continue i think there's really been little daylight about our understanding of the nature of the threat that nato faces not just from russia but from around the globe and that's really been the core of what we've talked about. added it today today and the past couple of days and of a topic that continues to occupy the alliance is burden sharing and president's tromso constant criticism has rattled european allies is the us administration all happy with increasing the defense spending among nato members that's what the president says and in fact he said so in his meeting with the nato secretary general and the importantly the nato secretary general himself and the first ever presence before the u.s. congress talked about this very fact in his speech that nato is increased defense spending under the kind of pressure from the us president has been
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a force for good in the nato alliance i think it's led to a deeper understanding of the threats we face it's not just about money but it's about being prepared for threats and it's being being prepared in a way that tells all potential challengers that we. should mess with nato germany has been repeatedly singled out in this context by the us president at the same time opinion polls show that the vast majority of germans have little trust in us in the us president and in the us administration in your opinion how deep is the damage to the you asked joe relations. that's a hard one for me because i'm such a great friend to germany i've been there many times and i understand our deep historic ties and i think they will endure you have to remember that nato and the western alliance the g seven over the decades if you look back they've been periods
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of friction periods of disagreement but the alliance has endured and that's important perhaps we're in one of those patches but i think the americans and germans at least from the american diplomatic perspective germany's been a core ally on so many fronts. you've stood alongside us in the twenty first century in numerous conflicts and i think you know we're mature family of western nations committed to similar values this is what happens in a mature family that has a commitment to similar values we don't always agree on the pathway to the outcomes that we want but i think we're united in the outcomes are united in values and what the president has tried to do with this idea of america first is also say let's make sure that our interest prevail and then try to find common ground there even when there are some divergence so i think the us german relationship is one that
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will endure thank you very much thank you. that was kyron skinner of the us state department speaking to w.'s alexandra from on naaman now as nato marks it seventieth anniversary an overwhelming majority of germans think it's as vital as a nationwide poll off whether nato is important in order to secure peace in europe eighty two percent that's four out of five said they agree only fifteen percent of respondents disagree. it's a strong backing for nato here in germany and for some analysis i'm joined by w.'s political correspondent kate brady kate it appears the alliance is as relevant as ever on both sides of the atlantic and certainly is very relevant and something that's been occupying politicians on the public area in germany quite extensively for the past few months now and if you look at those stats that we saw there and
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take them at face value you think that you know that can't be much more of a loyal nato member than germany but actually has a very germany has a very interesting relationship with nato of course there's the issue over of the spending its military spending but germans do still have quite a close relationship to nature there's a sense of almost historical debt especially due to the role that nato plage during the cold war but at the same time german history also plays an important role in gemini's continuing reluctance to really participate in front line military operations of course that has changed particularly in the last couple of decades where they've been involved in in the balkans and in afghanistan for example but there still is very much this reluctance by former politicians and from the public to be actively involved in military combat or right now all twenty nine nato allies have committed to spending two percent of g.d.p. on them military and to reach that goal germany would have to increase its military
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budget significantly no one pulse does all the needs whether the country's military budget should be increased to two percent of g.d.p. only forty three percent i agree but a majority of people in germany fifty three percent is opposed to this increase in military spending so kate why a so many germans so. reluctant to open the the pockets to essentially spending money on their own defense when in fact they say nato is so important well this is becoming a huge bug barrenness be had there. just in the interview the heron particularly vocal opposition and demands from from the u.s. and germany last year spends one point two three percent of its g.d.p. on defense and that now the current budget at least comes to increase up to one point five percent by twenty twenty four but this two percent target say of
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g.d.p. spending on defense is still a long way away and that's actually an open and target in germany but they still as i mentioned has very much to do with the reluctance in germany to participate in front line military operations and the s.p.d. which was is the mynah it's a junior partner in the governing coalition right now they have already put the brakes on defense spending and instead they're calling for more money to be invested into actual military capabilities but that in itself is a really big challenge for germany there's these really damning reports over the last few months about the state of the bundestag the german military with a lack of recruits a lack of equipment so that itself is very difficult and the idea of even getting germans to become members of the military as well is a whole different challenge it's a debate ongoing right now about whether the should be going into schools to even
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promote the fact that people can get a korea that this certainly isn't a subject that is going to be off the agenda any time soon. political correspondent kate brady thank you so much. to libya now where forces loyal to a powerful militia leader have reached the outskirts of tripoli the seat of the country's un backed government the f.s.a. offensive launched by general khalifa haftar marks an escalation in the power struggle that's been raging since the overthrow of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven. the libyan national army advancing westwards they say they want to liberate the country from what they call terrorists and mercenaries they're making rapid progress since launching their offensive on wednesday they've already captured a town close to the capital tripoli now the troops are trying to reach their ultimate goal the capital itself the plan was announced in an audio recording
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posted on the militias facebook page by their leader. heroes the time has come it is time to advance as you have gone in with a firm step towards tripoli and to answer peacefully. the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for a dialogue he is in tripoli trying to mediate between huffed hours administration in the east of the country and the un backed government in tripoli i won't make a very strong. view for. there is no military solution for any problem in the world and that he's not the solution for the problems in. the streets in tripoli are still calm but that could change if huffed arse forces push into the city. a new zealand court has ordered the suspect in the christ church mosque shootings to undergo
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a psych. evaluation the assessment will determine whether he is fit to face trial for mass murder. around twenty five relatives of victims and some survivors of the massacre travelled to the courtroom in christ church the accused twenty eight year old australian brenton tyrant appeared by video link he's being held in new zealand's only high security prison in oakland. he looks all right he doesn't he doesn't want anything he looks very fit. and eventually i don't care about real civilization lost. my mom the family of the family here that i want to go to and i. can but i want to be more the alleged shooter is facing fifty charges of murder and
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another thirty nine of attempted murder experts say the case is unprecedented in the country's history. as far as murder is concerned with saying nothing like this in the context of news young criminal justice system but i think the way the justice system and the courts are well able to be i would say conduct first the prices from here on and i had the end of the twenty minute hearing tyrant was remanded in custody until mid june. now it seems many music fans are as fascinated by their idols musical instruments as they are with the hits that they love to hear at the metropolitan museum in new york an exhibition is set to open featuring some of rock n roll's most prominent hardware from the telecaster played by blues legend muddy waters to john lennon's twelve string reckon backa the display is a treasure trove for music lovers. it was the start of a revolution.
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thanks. and now the art spaces of the museum in new york have been filled by the icons of rock n roll. using a cornucopia of instruments play it loud is taking on the history of the genre that changed music forever it's a great time because this is one of the most important artistic movements of our lifetimes generations in iraq and was seventy years seventy five years old and there are still a lot of living legends who could participate who could lends their objects and lend their expertise to the show and that they did the collection boasts more than one hundred thirty pieces on loan from some of rock n roll's biggest names. the beatles ring goes star eddie van halen and keith richards of rolling stones fame to
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name just a few the exhibition is organized the magically and looks at how musicians. embrace to mooching technologies loud can be good as well as seen taking pot as a source of pride for eagles legend dome still. hanging on the wall here at the metropolitan museum of art probably the highest accolade the highest honor i could get the first and third biggest selling album of history of recorded music those are all really wonderful things if the bad guy because of the steps above that is true so much. for rock n roll stock can be a rough one and many of the instruments are not in the best make up to hold a segment the destruction of the instruments themselves because of the performances like this month from the night coco i thank you just
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a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you today show british prime minister treason may is asking the european union to delay her country's breck's it deadline until june for us yes officials say the e.u. is offering brush and what it calls a flexible flexible practice that extension of up to twelve months. you're watching news from berlin coming up next it's called political talk show all about nato seventeen that's staying on top the whole team thanks so much for watching.
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quadriga international talk show four journalists discuss the topic of the week as nato bosses seventieth anniversary we ask or fugitives the military alliance have in the ages trump. and we spoke germany's problem international security and defense arena last and more coming up and patricia to join us.
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quadriga next on d.w.i. . junction in space. wherever they go soon means leave trash its. space it comes as a hazard to have to start the new cleanup the danger is clear. cut. tomorrow today sixty minutes on the job. when the worst starts rising people fight for survival on a case on a budget for the budget when there's a floodwater comes up trouble waste by good flows fast to everyone me but. i don't
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want to go hurt this could be dangerous. they. thank you you see people move south so they can plant crops and trying to feed. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any are going to be snide if you want and probably more of them to come to. the con if exodus starts your full thirtieth on t w. l o in a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the cost of the late in the focus is on nato the north atlantic treaty organization which this week is marking its seventeenth anniversary and seven decades of peace and prosperity however.


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