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managed by for. this news coming to you live from the latest bomp on the long road to bricks in the e.u. proposes a flexible trove months delay for the u.k. to leave the block the tourism a wanted soon enough by june the thirtieth reports are coming up the libyan capital is on the trip from militia groups as the u.n. secretary general thrust of but renewed civil war in the internal power struggle
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the commander of the eastern forces is trying to drive out the un backed government . and with israel heading for a crucial election we find out why and many of its arab citizen see it will not be voting. owner of a warm welcome to you i'm honored that she. british prime minister tourism a has asked the e.u. for yet another extension to breaks it saying the u.k. needs more time to avoid and even the block without a deal may has asked for a delay to june the thirtieth but in another twist to an already perplexing situation european council president dollars to sky suggested an extension of up to a year. another day another d. a donald letter from u.k.
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prime minister to resign may she's asking for yet another break sit deadline extension this time until june thirtieth her letter also promised to britain would take part in the e.u. parliamentary elections if london can't agree on a deal before hand another option report suggests the president of the european council donnel to the e.u. member states to offer a flexible extension of up to one year to avoid a new deal bricks it one member of the british cabinet suggested they might have to accept the offer. well if we can't find a way through with all of us then we have no choice but it's not offer us choice off first choice is to leave quickly cleanly deliver the referendum results and allow britain's record and we're very optimistic that you know britain has a very very successful post writes in future but we have this challenge of a hung parliament that we need to overcome in order to get. germany repeated its
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call for a unified approach to avoid a disorder he brags that a statement from france says these suggested extension would not meet the existing d.-u. conditions but the now awaits a response from brussels. at. some other stories making news around the bond journalists are gathering outside the ecuadorian embassy in london after ricky leaks an ounce that its founder julian assange will be expelled from the building soon there's been no comment from. a source sort of refuge in the embassy in two thousand and tried to avoid extradition to sweden on sexual assault allegations they have since been dropped. us president barack obama has met a chance to back in a spot of his three day visit to germany the two are said to have discussed transatlantic ties which have been strained under the trumpet minutes. obama trip at the town hall or for young people on saturday. the international criminal
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court's chief prosecutor. has been revoked for. an investigation into possible crimes by u.s. soldiers in afghanistan last month that u.s. secretary of state mike warns that washington would take measures against stuff probing u.s. forces. thousands of anti-government demonstrators marching through the capital as she is for a seventh consecutive friday with the coolant for a change of government the latest rally comes just days after pressure from the army and street protests forced the ailing president of these beautifully cut to step down after twenty years in power. in libya a powerful militia is homing in on the capital tripoli in the boss few general
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khalifa troops have taken a village just forty kilometers south of the capital where the un backed government is based it's begun deploying troops around the city it's an escalation of a power struggle that has raised in libya since the fall of gadhafi in two thousand and eleven the head of the united nations on turning out good tabish has just left libya where he met with both the government and general. ten ish says he hopes a military confrontation in libya can be averted. now for some analysis i have with me marcus geim from the german institute for international security affairs welcome ochs as we heard the eastern forces honing in into tripoli how serious is the situation militarily in your assessment there is here is actually we're expecting some kind of development for the last couple of weeks we've seen the falls off. advancing to the help of libya occupying the most important oil fields in general
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in february so extending its reign his power and actually we're expecting the next move in the next move will be to the west to misrata and to people ok so tell us a little bit more about khalifa have done and what are his aims. straw men in the east of libya being. they used to solve the country's counterpart to the you. internationally recognized government in tripoli and he's this paul does not rest on a unified government on the or unified political entity its curious power rests on the militias on the ground and therefore we call maybe not we but fred. and therefore it's. just a way to if he's going to resist me to move to resistance and some of the militias with the sides ok now as you mentioned the u.n.
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secretary good tradition was in crippling as he was being treated i'm leaving with a heavy heart and deeply concerned so how much of a setback would it be if this internationally recognized government want to be dislodged it's a tremendous setback for the international community we have to keep in mind that under u.n. supervision there was already an international conference scheduled for all mid april in which political reconciliation or boss should be established and the national unity government should be established and this is off the table and we're back to it's back to zero given all the efforts of the international community all the united nations of france for the european union and the international mediator so what would be the kind of behind implications if this u.n. backed government does for basically where libya is expected to slide back into civil war situation we have between twenty eleven and twenty fourteen which continue more or less since then and for europe you can tell why the implication
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because libya is the most important transit country for migration and they have for one of the migration policy pillars of the european union was and then existing cooperative living in government and this is not existing any more of the whole idea of cooperation between europe and libya with really how to make it right simply off the table so a lot of instability in their region and brief you marcus is the. i think at this late stage the international community can do to deescalate the situation not really because the more most important options are on the table i have been put on the table than the international conference but that's managed i mentioned. one option that has both before and bargo and they have been thinking there's not so much to do for the international community right michael scott i'm thank you very much for that analysis and you often the gentleman is due for international and security folks thank you. now we're just nine days to go into the israelis vote
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in national elections funny to suggest that president prime minister binyamin netanyahu is lucky to win a fifth day in office although his centrist challenge of full one general benny gantz is not far behind him during the campaign a significant minority has been. around twenty percent of israeli citizens identify themselves as arab their voice in israel's parliament the knesset has been weakened after a coalition of arab based bodies but some arabs are now expected to boycott the vote. the port city of haifa in northern israel where arabs and jews live alongside each other they work eat and drink in the same places these days politics dominates daily life right wing parties advertise using patriotic israeli slogans and promote national pride many native arabs here feel
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left out. on a curry is a student working in a cafe in the mixed neighborhood of haidar like many from his generation he sees himself as a palestinian with israeli citizenship the trouble seems that some israeli political parties portray arabs as the enemy. since the beginning of the election campaign the right wing parties are challenging each other to incite more and be more racist only to win votes. some arab voters feel disappointed by all sides of politics a coalition of a representing parties called the joint list was the third strongest group in the knesset after the last election but the alliance recently split apart. jafar father is the director of the center which advocates for equality between all citizens he explains what many arabs in israel are hoping for. order to be able to recognize each other as human and national rights we need to respect our basic rights and
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live with dignity. we can not recognize the other if they discriminate against us and use our resources such as our homes land and manpower. fifty percent of our vote is in israel are expected not to vote in the upcoming elections mohamed is an activist in the boycott election movement and i want to try going for our existence and our fight now is for more awareness and this is nothing we can achieve in the knesset. or understands this viewpoint but he still believes that voting is essential. because of the. movement claims that they are the voice of the streets. as they we can raise our voice both in the streets and in the knesset we don't need to choose either one we can do both. in the cafes of haifa it's rare to find a table of mixed cultures despite living in parallel societies here at least most
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people can find their peace. to new zealand now when the course is the suspect in the crisis. in which fifty kids to undergo a psychiatric evaluation the system to determine whether he's fit to face trial for mass. around twenty five relatives of victims and some survivors of the massacre travelled to the courtroom in christ church. the accused twenty eight year old australian brenton tyrant appeared by video link he's being held in new zealand's only high security prison in oakland. he looks all right he doesn't he doesn't wear anything he looks very fit. and eventually i don't care about rules tribulation laws. my mom the family.
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here i want to go and i. can but i want to be. the alleged shooter is facing fifty charges of murder and another thirty nine of attempted murder experts say the case is unprecedented in the country's history. as far as. saying nothing like the. justice system in the courts are well able. the prices from here on and at the end of the twenty minute hearing tyrant was remanded in custody until mid june. a follow up now to stories of racial abuse in a european football stadiums england player danny rosa said he can brake to get out of the game because he's so disgusted by racism and the response of football authorities produce and some of his team itself on the english squad the focus of
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targeted abuse in agreement montenegro last month similar treatment of nonwhite players has been evident as fair europe goes told english media he'd had enough but he does expect to play for several more years before the sport. this in germany is mocking hundred years since the founding of the influential school of design now if you're a fan of the modern ascetic you'd want to pay a visit to the brand new museum which opened today in the city of that's where the movement got its start more than a thousand items on display or what five floors the museum puts these icons of progressive design in the historical context that is during the nazis of rice to power. your washing do you have any use coming up next indeed to do business in africa
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national elections later this year in tunisia but the government is reluctant to end its state of emergency as the economy continues to cause problems and the national currency dives down while coming up in business news africa with hot as it is to stay with us if you get. to.


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