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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2019 3:30am-4:01am CEST

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how did already become a gateway to islamist terror. until now you see sort of i mean more city has. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense a virus starts. on d w. it's. an oasis of peace at the heart of the capital i'm in berlin visiting the bauhaus.
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one reason why it's so quiet right now is that the museum is closed for renovation . the bauhaus school was founded in one thousand nine hundred nineteen and next year will markets first centennial what better time to retrace its footsteps through berlin how did the bauhaus quite possibly history's most influential modernist school shaped germany's capital. bauhaus and what was that like and what still remains that's what i want to point out today through arts architecture and chocolate. also on the show a locals recommendations for cork and ireland. our viewer video will take us on a tour through cambodia. and we'll explore a powerhouse unesco world heritage site.
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berlin's ballet is set to remain close for a few more years due to extensive renovation in the meantime fans can still get their fix at a small outpost the temporary boat house out here and this landmark retail store in the district of charlotte and book here you'll not only find a carefully curated shop with iconic design products there's also plenty of information on the history of the bauhaus a heat. based at cleveland shows me plans for the new archives. a large glass tower by the front will certainly make it more visible. past my what makes the bauhaus so relevant even a hundred years later down the hall. as a modest powerhouse as well house is a fascinating topic because agreement is intimately linked to german history or
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doesn't intend now in light of the upcoming bauhaus anniversary we have the opportunity to shine a light on its role in impact all of you for from take for example the last thirty years of research on the role of women team or how about how students and masters fared in the third. we can now bring these topics into the open and talk about why we are so interested in the interviewer period. we can talk about its optimistic elements and where it might have failed in the exchange between society and creativity the chief could go on all these topics are related to t.v. to us and a list to the indian but rise to power houses grew on. the floor continuing to follow in the footsteps of the bauhaus here in berlin i want to give you guys a brief overview of the legendary schools evolution and how it came to travel from death south to finally end up here in berlin.
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the bell house school of design and architecture originated in the university town of weimar in the early twentieth century. here architect of alto copius merged the academy of arts and the school of arts and crafts into one institution his aim was to join art with craftsmanship renowned artists like the painters vassili convincingly and paul playing soon joined together they pioneered a new language of colors and forms. the bauhaus design came to be known for its functional and elegant aesthetics it was meant to improve people's day to day lives . weimar's house on horn was the first building following the bauhaus design its cubic shape is distinctly minimalist in one thousand nine hundred five weimar stopped funding bauhaus the school relocated to the industrial city of the s.l.
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hear about house engineer who go younkers design things like gas heaters and aircrafts. at first i was happy to host the bauhaus school and even afford it a brand new building. to feel odessa many people into so were a bit shocked it never seen architecture like this before it was an entirely new approach i think it was. next door typical power house housing was built for the professors or masters as they were called their uniform exterior belies the varied interiors it ranges from bright and colorful to white minimalism depending on what the inhabitant preferred. even the furnishings were created by bauhaus designers. decile commissioned bauhaus architect of b.s. to draw up plans for the city's new unemployment agency.
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in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight he was succeeded by hannah smile as bauhaus director he oversaw the construction of dust sounds five houses with balcony access for low income residents people's needs over luxury mansions but in one nine hundred thirty two the nazis drove the bounty out of death so its last director meese found a hole oversaw the moved to berlin there it was shut down by the nazis again house in germany was gone but not forgotten. people had to wait until after world war two to see former bauhaus architects bring their ideas back to germany not far from the famous bottom up luck you'll find another bauhaus related construction site the no you're not. built in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight but no not in our gallery was designed by the bow houses last director new fund in twenty eighteen this icon of classic modern architecture
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turned fifty the design definitely stood the test of time but updated safety and conservation all requirements for things to get a bit of a facelift. there's lots to do repairing damages installing a modern ac this is the first overhaul the nine hundred sixty s. museum has ever undergone and it is much needed. the noir not sonali gallery was designed at least fundable was architecture firm in chicago the former bauhaus director had emigrated to the united states in one nine hundred thirty eight but fond of always plans were originally drawn up for an entirely different project. for cool off you designed a building for the record company in cuba and a glass hallway in the basement for the administration because they never followed through with the plans because the cuban revolution happened occurred he had to leave the oil. and that's all this because he couldn't construct that the plan was
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basically shelved quantities then found the road got the berlin commission and adopted the plans to the new project after had it in of a model for in that. construction began soon after in one thousand nine hundred five. by now an old man traveled from the united states to berlin to celebrate the laying of the first stone the project was close to his heart. through. i dedicate this to the lights of the people the goods and services of the arts and the mines. installing the gigantic one thousand two hundred ton steel roof posed a major challenge it had to be lifted very slowly misconduct or watched carefully from his car. recalls the moment. the grandson were in the car before they drove on the need the roof got outs and surely relished watching this
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vast new space take shape it was a special moment for him i was the greatest of his unfortunately he was unable to attend the museum's inauguration in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight misspend all had passed away in one nine hundred sixty nine the neuer not sonali gallantly soon became a major architectural landmark in berlin and a cultural hotspot. is a cop long for this combination of glass stone and steel as exemplary repairs testimony to an marks the culmination of a long process of designing open spaces to be dissolved and one nice kind of always grandson inherited the rights to the building he now ensures that his grandfather's architectural legacy is preserved. stored that made him proud to be able to build a structure like this in his hometown. of to do. the rest. ration of the
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noire not. a set to be completed by twenty twenty. work on the long enough he will still take a while in the meantime you can visit another creation by me sunda in the whole district and nine hundred thirty three country houses built for the owner of a print shop. in your view what makes this house so special. this is well i don't know about you but most people tend to feel ease here and the large windows create a feeling of a vast open space of freedom and openness by. the inside is flooded with light it has beautiful proportions all of this creates a distinct feeling. that's why i ask you how you felt earlier when visitors come they tend to just feel good i mean this was a master at creating well proportioned spaces. better what is the house used for
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today i see some pictures on the wall is it a gallery space. yes it's mainly used to exhibit modern art buildings like this by muse funder or are grand and create spaces where so much can happen here it can be transformed with each exhibition. moment and also known for. and we deliberately look for people who fit the building and match muse unique style. but right now we have works by sebastiaan on display he's a photo and video artist. and as you can see his works take a humorous approach to furniture designed by me. this is wonderful and quite about this of course this property is shaped like
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a square of means have this house built on the northeastern edge of the square in order to have a large garden. as well you can see that neighboring houses were built in the middle of their respective property as part of. the flats is another example of his special talent for cleverly arranging buildings on a plot of those and then boyd of them going to. a country house with you. yard in the middle of berlin not bad. i don't know about you but i just can't get enough of this green that's why we're hopping on over to ireland the emerald isle and this week's nina local our viewer john kennedy is taking us on a tour of its hometown court. fights ago called kick welcome to cork as we say in the gaelic language i'm john kennedy i want to welcome you to cork ireland's real capital city.
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cork it's got an amazing up the spirits a young city student city great pumps friendly people on the banks of the beautiful river leaf. so this is one of vikings from the city here the river leap now over a thousand years ago this eerily was a marsh containing many small islands and that's why the vikings from the city because from here they could trade and raid with the interior and cork the name comes from gaelic. meaning marsh or swamp. not a thing the special court is court has got twenty nine bridges on the river the dr has only got twenty four so that makes all those the venice of part of the. sentence church was built in the eighteenth century built on the site of
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a much older medieval church not only is it a beautiful church to visits but it's still an active church a sunday service is held here every week and the best thing about sentences. you get to ring the bells. you choose the song was played by all the numbers and just listen to the song. here in st downs not only can we get to ring the famous bells we also have a terrific view of cork city. so this is where we get the show your courts english market famous for its locally produced and imported organic produce but it's much more than that i come here to buy my fresh fruit and vege however i also come here for the chance to catch up on
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the gossip. so that english market dates back to the eighteenth century it's called the english market because back then the only ones allowed to own stalls and there were the protestants were known as the english and the name of the english market. was you know if you're very busy today every dark know it's a silver lining in every survey lining as dark clothes move so what's the best thing about the english market it's the sights and sounds it's the smells you can smell you can sense where the food comes from it's like having the whole world right here in cork. you. saw the finished in cork what else but in the pub this is where you meet genuine core people. and i can assure you when you're in the public cork you always have
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a point to beamish and you're never alone so. bauhaus architect and contemporary innovators built a number of housing projects in berlin known as the berlin modernism housing estates these subsidized homes are unesco world heritage site one example is the who are horseshoe estate what is the essence of this estate it's got the motto back then was lights air and sun for all fast. the idea was to get people out of their crimes tenements out of their dark backyards and build spacious estates close to nature that's what happened here. we are standing in front of the horseshoe estate include it's like the realization of that idea. because if new residents were welcomed with open arms or welcome this is the home of the new man and there is fresh air and social encounters are part of the package. going out of
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the clink and there seem to be lots of parallels to the bauhaus movement here is that it really became a scene is well. under this is usually sort of the one nine hundred twenty seven guard was well connected enough to pursue the same idea is. strictly speaking it's not about a house architect you know they're taught or studied they're pretty pleased he wrote on housing if you would like a while to gropius he was a main figure in the german association of craftsman and the architectural collective. but he also realized there's own ideas here. because it's not. and can you give me an example. it was i don't know it's how it's job to create housing for the masses so the idea was to build affordable worker homes so they created standardized houses. on hot potato it was a master at using small variations in extravagant colors to break up any monotony
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and as extravagant top people. know to me of called. modern architecture helped chamberlain as we know it today if you want to see another original battle house construction you should consider a trip to neighboring brandon book and we're now about an hour's drive from here in the bauhaus second director one of my undesigned a trade union school alongside other powers buildings environment and death row it's considered a unesco world heritage site. in the late one nine hundred twenty s. . the second bounce house director and his colleague. set out to design a trade union school that would provide an ideal setting for learning. today almost
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one hundred years after its completion the impressive building still fascinates visitors young and old. that my head like this group of students i have ever. know if you work hard we're here today to gather inspiration for videos and familiarize ourselves with about how stuff called my. name. one typical bauhaus aspect here is that this complex was focused on the role architecture could play in facilitating learning all rooms were built with the outdoors in mind. concerns with some tell us something about this boathouse more of this water and i think it's once you about what you did so ask i don't think i mean it was the i was built in one thousand twenty eight and its prime purpose was to convey education
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that was done quite effectively because teachers and students alike felt a sense of freedom thanks to its beautiful natural surroundings on the space and nice rooms are provided as if cry of oil or. the building complex was meant to encourage communal learning and living. the school is full of incredible features that you often only notice at second glance. the fitness card actually did two hundred now next to the gym. it has a really nice feature the windows slight open so in the summer they can be fully opened first and that way the gym feels like it's outdoors even i was actually inside. yeah. when your baby gets when you look around you can see clear materials you know paintings or ornaments just pure functionality
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so no food no need to. understand could you picture going to school here. on your. yes the memorial is situated nicely for now is nearby where you could go shopping at locations nice you have many options for spending your leisure time i could picture going to school here. today true to the bauhaus spirit the chamber of crafts uses the building for vocational training. i'm still at the horseshoe estate in berlin just like me you're probably wondering what these houses look like on the inside still shows me one of them. it's been restored to the original nineteen twenties design today you can rent it as a vacation home there. this
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is typical furnishing from the weimar republic era. by now that has a few modern touches like the slump or some of the earliest tubular steel furniture produced and death so busy. time now for one of your travel videos this week making a few now that he shared his journey through come up with us he started in the capital phnom penh headed to the coast and then man as a way to coach anxiety the so-called rabbit island oddly enough you won't find many rahman's there but you will catch and beautiful sunset.
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i in berlin there's plenty of the bauhaus legacy to discover often it tends to hide in plain sight in a chocolate factory isn't just a must for anyone with
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a sweet it's also a place where you can experience original bauhaus interior design your highness one of the first ballads masters designed in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight. how did mr iton come to design the stores interior. it and my grandfather knew each of the person by the. boat sailed on lake fanzine of the future a little boat because that's how they got to know each other. and mr holman just said hey i have a shot i want to design my interior of what happened to. my grandfather built this in one thousand twenty seven twenty eight miles far as i know professor it and not only designed the shop but also greatly contributed to the entire house with us by a good common often do people still come to look at the design or do they may. mostly come for the chocolates only lot. most come for the chocolate
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lord but some are also interested in the architecture and are listed in several architectural gods of them so people want to see that tonight with the board on i mean it's design isn't the only thing historical about your shop your chocolate is to what something i shouldn't miss as a recommender specialty chocolate. there's only one other manufacturer in germany that makes this kind of chocolate what it's produced industrially. i was made by hand you should try it.
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the barrel is only survived a couple of months and berlin but the architect. director is still manage plenty of traces throughout the german capital really excited to see what next. thank. you.
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a sensational find in a never before seen interview with darva been going on the found out of israel a long sought to be lost as had been languishing in our current since nine hundred sixty eight the statesman is candid and missions are also surprising in that you've had many decisions to make which were unpopular at the time you decided to accept german reparations that was very uncommon to me in the. just teen minutes on d w.
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b obtains todd to take us to the bank face the big. time europe just such the up. and fun for the tribeca. to overcome downtimes and to connecticut law because time for. indeed every news coming up ahead. finds it's all happening don't you if it comes to your linked news from africa the more of your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to see their views battling program life from funny to me from the use of easy it's how i would say definitely comes. afrika join us on facebook and w. africa. what's the connection between bret bio and the european union so
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he knows the old model correspondent at the baker john stripes this second line with the moonstone by the. cots. this morning recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . going to.
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get rid of the. british prime minister to these i'm a has asked the e.u. for yet another extension to bragg's it saying the u.k. needs more time to avoid leaving the block without a deal may has asked for a delay till june the thirtieth but utopian council president dawdle tusk plans to suggest an extension of up to a year. thousands of demonstrators were on the march the real genius capital algiers for the seventh consecutive friday.


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