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olive gassed. managed by for. a life from girl land the united nations calls on militia troops to halt their advance on the capital of libya. the forces are commanded by a warlord who's in a power struggle with the un backed government in tripoli the u.n. chief has been trying to head off a renewed civil war also coming up. in berlin thousands take to the streets to
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demand more affordable housing a growing population and not enough accommodation being built for driving up rents and triceps. and big game fever grips germany as leader leaders dortmund and prepare for their biggest tool in years the match could go a long way to deciding who finishes the season as champion. a michael thanks for joining us. the united nations security council has called on militia forces closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt their advance but the militias commanded by a warlord called khalifa haftar have also suffered some losses inflicted by fighters for the u.n. back government while the u.n. special envoy to libya has said he is determined to go ahead with
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a planned national peace conference in a week's time there are now fears of a renewed civil war libya has been riven by violence and division since long time dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven. general have to us troops advancing towards the capital tripoli thrust against libya's internationally recognized government commanders of have to self styled libyan national army say their forces have reached the city limits. this is great progress it means we're technically inside tripoli we still have a few checkpoints to secure but the battle will be on the outskirts of the city. ranged against have to brigades forces loyal to the government the struggle for power and control of libya's oil began with the fall of the dictator moammar gadhafi nearly eighty years ago and remains on result. the united
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nations and neocons calling for an end to the wall mongering the members of the security council expressed their deep concern that military activity. here should pretty which risks libyan stability they call it on any forces to halt all military movement. they also called on all forces to deescalate and halt military activity they can be no military solution to the conflict. as government backed militias deployed to defend the capital tripoli the risk of an escalation to all out civil war remains alarmingly high. it's a risk that's also on the minds of the g. seven foreign minister who ministers who are holding talks in france right now so for more let's cross to our correspondent burns record who's standing by in denial
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how is the situation in libya seen among the foreign minister has been. the german foreign minister i could muster that old g seven members of course very very about the situation in libya they all parties that to hold every military action and they think that of course the generals have to and his militia. who are drawn sitting on the capital. and all that say that has to stop and the italian foreign minister needs he called general huffed and he spoke with him on the phone and he said he no one seem to consider just to hold is going to terrorist actions but it is clear that g seven has no direct pressure to exert on this militia in libya. so what exactly makes them think that the libyan warlord well listen to them at all. but the g seven issued
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a statement saying that they're going to need now use all the diplomatic channels they have to influence what they can influence in libya of course they have some economic interest also involved because many european states like france and italy have all the companies of booking in libya there are connections to some of the factions of the militias and they also connections to the. recognized international government in tripoli so they want to talk actually there's no military action in the making no military invention from the jews haven't so far and that will not happen even the americans said we won't do that and this is a point that the g seven was very united the minister said it does the international community had any leverage whatsoever to lend weight to its demands.
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not not really actually if you have to be frank there is no real leverage there can just what should the united nations is trying to hold the political talks is to to buttress the put it because talks in libya and the system they had in plays there but there's no no really means to to pressure the militia they have on their own. thanks so much. now to some other stories making news around the world in sudan protesters converge on army headquarters and the president's residence and the latest demonstration against president obama alba sheer thousands marched through the capital khartoum chanting peace justice and freedom opponents claim government mismanagement has brought soaring food prices and fuel shortages. more towns in villages are being evacuated in western iraq as heavy rains are expected to resume after years
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of drought to wrench old downpours over the last two weeks of cause widespread flooding in the region at least seventy people have lost their lives and shelters have been set up to house those displaced by the floods. former u.s. president barack obama has met chancellor angela merkel as part of his three day visit to germany the two are said to have discussed trans atlantic ties which have been strained under the trumpet ministration obama will wrap up his trip with a town hall meeting for young people in berlin today. berlin is often touted as a paradise for students creative types any one on a small budget but that's fast becoming a myth because living here is getting more and more expensive thousands took to the streets today to demand more affordable housing a growing population a lack of new housing and rampant gentrification have sent solar among the
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protesters or members of a citizens' initiative who say the answer lies in reclaiming apartments from private investors and bringing back social housing. berliners are scrambling for affordable apartments in the capital he experienced this firsthand he shared a two room apartment with a housemaid for six years but then the landlord announced he was planning to renovate the building after which the rent would rise by three hundred percent who was shocked. i do if i have to move out. if i can't afford the higher rent i might not be able to find another place to live. to start thinking about. the renters are fighting back the local initiative is gathering momentum to expropriate commercial property owners and done his job he
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started taking part in housing protests a decade ago during the sixteen years he lived in central berlin he carefully documented investors activity they began selling and renovating over one hundred flats and his apartment block the even plan to demolish the buildings to make way for luxury apartments. eighty tenants have already cancelled their contract out of fear of being evicted. we have to live somewhere it's all acceptable to these apartments or because. they're sold off for profit for people like you and me aren't important anymore it's all about property not people it's going to. the cost of renting is escalating in other european cities to a studio apartment in berlin goes for around six hundred euros a month. but in other cities such as munich rent for the same apartment can run over a thousand euros barcelona is pricier than berlin of the city's only istanbul is
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a listen expensive place to live and dublin and in london rental prices have gone through the roof. it's not just low wage earners who are having a hard time shopkeepers police nurses and teachers are also finding it hard to afford living in the german capital. now to turkey where what's being billed as the largest move in aviation history has taken place overnight in istanbul planes and tons of equipment were shifted from the old international airport to the new one was originally scheduled to fully open last october but construction was marred by delays and a workers' strike over poor conditions. it's a logistics operation of massive proportions as planes took off from ataturk airport for their new base hundreds of trucks and other vehicles rolled in to ferry almost fifty thousand tons of equipment their destination is stumble airport.
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the eleven billion dollar complex is one of president. signature mega projects that reflect his ambitions to turn turkey into a global power and to stumble into a key hub connecting europe with asia and the arab world despite turkey's economic downturn it aims to be one of the world's biggest airports within a decade. airline employees at the old airport were looking forward to a new era. between them it isn't their sadness about leaving but we're also excited and happy to be moving to the new airport we hope it will bring good fortune small god willing it will be great. but the project has seen turbulence it's been criticised by environmentalists economists and urban planners activists were arrested after protests over wage and working conditions and rights groups have leveled accusations that a rush to finish the job resulted in accidents that cost dozens of workers their lives. now to what's being billed as the biggest german football match in years
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by munich host dortmund tonight in what could prove to be a bundesliga title decider dortmund have a two point lead over defending champions buyer at the top of the table but injury hit dortmund looks set to be without one of their key players. the last time these two sides met it was. the decisive match for enough for dought mind odd. now they are looking for a repeat their performance this season has even won over their arch rivals by on. somebody before become and when you describe dortmund surprise appropriate. they're having a very good season. can do much of the bidding of the team that makes less mistakes when. that team more often than not a spy on a look at their recent head to head record shows by and with the advantage they've
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won three of the last four their classic cars aided in great part by former top one player robert neve and off he who has scored fourteen goals against his former club by and i hope in the off chance can make the difference in this game i said it was there's a good reason for the saying that titles are won from the back only games are decided on crunchy that's the decisive factor in the pool. this is months for us realistic shot at the title in may and yes emotions are high the stakes are high so just how special is this edition off to classic big in the because of the situation in the table and because it's byron against dortmund will be shunned when it's obvious that it's special but there are seven games left who's even. breaking by and six you hold on the bundesliga title is no easy task but if the stars align could lift the title for the first time since twenty twelve. in
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friday's been his legal clash manes edged further away from the relegation places thanks to a five zero triumph at home to five or. a big mistake by freiburg goalkeeper gifted john told us with the opener after just twenty minutes the goals continue to flow withdrawn from the fantasia grabbing his first ever bundesliga hattrick names move above fiber into twelfth spot. and israeli men broke the world record books on friday after becoming the oldest footballer to participate in a professional that isaac high it is seventy three and a goalkeeper for a fourth tier club in israel high it was born in iraq after but moved to israel as a child excuse me here see. the guinness world record prize in an official ceremony after playing the full ninety minutes will turn seventy four next week and said
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he's ready for another day. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you in libya the united nations has called on troops commanded by a warlord to halt their advance on the capital tripoli u.n. chief antonia coming up next our program reporter on women moving into male dominated motor sports for now. i'm scared that if i were not tired and in the end it's a me you are not allowed to stay here and we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were lions and. what's your story. with numbers and women especially in victims of violence.


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