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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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you can write any. if you want. commanded by a libyan warlord closing in on tripoli as the power struggle in the north african country heats up the united nations calls on the militias. amid fears of a renewed civil war also coming up. in berlin thousands take to the streets to
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demand more for. a growing population and not enough new construction or driving up . trucks. and who would have thought these strikingly modern designs were created a century ago in the school. revisiting new museum in the city of. homs. thanks for joining us. the united nations security council has called on militias closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt their advance but the militias commanded by a warlord called khalifa haftar have also suffered losses inflicted by fighters for the u.n. back government libya has been riven by violence and division since long time
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dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven. general have toilets troops advancing towards the capital tripoli a bold thrust against libya's internationally recognized government commanders of have tossed self-styled libyan national army say their forces have reached the city limits. this is great progress it means we're technically inside tripoli we still have a few checkpoints to secure but the battle will be on the outskirts of the city. ranged against have tossed brigades forces loyal to the government the struggle for power and control of libya's oil began with the full of the dictator moammar gadhafi nearly eight years ago and remains unresolved. the g seven countries which met in france over the weekend are concerned. we spoke about in particular those responsible for the situation in libya in particular
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about general khalifa haftar. very united in the fear that no further military escalation must occur everyone is working on that through their channels we already spoke about this in the u.n. security council the situation is extraordinarily disconcerting and we cannot accept further developments particularly military escalation. as government backed forces deployed to defend the capital tripoli the risk of an escalation to all out civil war remains alarmingly high. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in venezuela rival political factions are taking to the streets as the power struggle intensifies between anti-government and waterless factions self-proclaimed president one urged his supporters to maintain pressure on president nicolas maduro and anger is mounting over the collapse of public services and repeated power outages across the country. in sudan
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protesters converged on army headquarters and the president's residence in the latest demonstration against president omar al bashir thousands marched through the capital khartoum changing peace justice and freedom opponents claim government mismanagement has brought soaring food prices and fuel shortages. more towns and villages are being evacuated in western iran as heavy rains are expected to resume after years of drought to rental downpours over the last two weeks caused widespread flooding in the region at least seventy people have lost their lives shelters have been set up to house those displaced by the floods. in london human rights activists gathered outside the green i own luxury dorchester hotel with rainbow flags and banners calling for homophobia to be stamped out this comes after brunei adopted harsh real laws including death by stoning for homosexuals in
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a move that has sparked calls for a boycott of properties owned by the sultan. now to turkey where what's been billed as the largest move in aviation history has taken place overnight in istanbul planes and tons of equipment were shifted from the old international airport to the new one. originally scheduled to open last october but construction was more by delays and a workers' strike over poor condition. we have lift off this domestic flight to anchor a signal that istanbul ports is now fully operational it's one of several mega projects championed by turkish president tayyip erdogan and is expected to handle up to two hundred million passengers a year the new poets reflects the demands ambitions to turn turkey into a global power and istanbul into
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a key hope connecting europe with asia and the arab world despite economic downturn it aims to be one of the world's biggest ports with kate staff at the old airports were looking forward to a new era. when it isn't their sadness about leaving but we're also excited and happy to be moving to the new airport. we hope it will bring good fortune god willing it will be great. but the project has seen turbulence it's been criticized by environmentalists economists and urban planners activists were arrested after protests over wages and working conditions under rights groups have leveled accusations there's a rush to finish the job ended in accidents that cost dozens of workers their lives . berlin is often touted as a paradise for students and creative types any one on a small budget but that's fast becoming
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a myth because living here is getting more and more expensive thousands took to the streets today to demand more affordable housing a growing population a lack of new housing and rampant gentrification have sent rents soaring germans are split on the issue of high rents that's one of the main findings of the new deutschland trend surveyed by german public broadcaster a r d the pollsters asked how big a problem is it to find an affordable flat thirty three percent said it was a big or very big problem but thirty seven percent consider it a small problem or no problem at all the answers depend heavily on the size of the city's people living in cities with fewer than one hundred thousand inhabitants only twenty nine percent think that finding an affordable flat is a big or very big problem but in cities with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants a solid forty eight percent think so among the protesters who came out today were
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members of a citizens' initiative who say the answer lies in reclaiming apartments from private investors and bringing back social housing. berliners are scrambling for affordable apartments in the capital. experienced this firsthand he shared a two room apartment with a housemate for six years but then the landlord announced he was planning to renovate the building after which the rent would rise by three hundred percent who was shocked. what will i do if i have to move out. if i can't afford the higher rent. i might not be able to find another place to live. because i have to start thinking about whose culture can sleep inside and if i want to do that long term where will i store my things. when i have to leave the city altogether. was for us to start. renovating apartment
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buildings has become a new way to hike up rental prices. often the upgrades aren't even something the tenants want. compton here they're planning to put in an elevator we don't need because it will stop between the two floors. this will mean we'll have to get out and walk down the half life of stairs so that in the end we're walking as much as we would have without the elevator unfun verdun. would you have to pay for the elevator yes they want us to pay for it the renters are fighting back a local initiative is gathering momentum to expropriate commercial property owners and down on his joined in he started taking part and housing protests a decade ago during the sixteen years he lived in central berlin he carefully documented investors activity they began selling and renovating over one hundred
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flats in his apartment block they even planned to demolish the buildings to make way for a luxury apartments. eighty tenants have already moved out. the a misnomer we have to live somewhere it's on acceptable to these apartments or become commodities or sold off for profit for shabbat people like you and me aren't important anymore it's all about property now and not for people it's gonna be a lot of. the cost of renting is escalating in other european cities too a studio apartment in berlin goes for around six hundred euros a month but in other cities such as munich rent for the same apartment can run over a thousand euros barcelona is pricier than berlin of these cities only istanbul is a less expensive place to live and dublin and in london rental prices have gone through the roof. offices of the berlin tenants association are flooded with calls from people whose living situation so worsened dramatically. bellina that in berlin
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under other german cities we have a very difficult situation it hasn't been this bad for a long time it's comparable to the situation after the war when there was a massive housing shortage is. good to have a market it's not just low wage earners who are having a hard time shopkeepers police nurses and teachers are also finding it hard to afford living in the german capital. now if you look at almost any modern building around the world you are witnessing the legacy of bauhaus that's the design school founded in germany one hundred years ago schools in florence goes beyond buildings into many other areas of design such as furniture and domestic appliances a new museum has now opened in weimar the city where bauhaus was founded to mark the same tenner. together let us conceive and create the new building of the future
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those were the goals of our house according to their founding manifesto from nine hundred nineteen one hundred years later the city of weimar has erected a new monument to this global modernist movement the chief curator for architecture and design from new york's museum of modern art has flown over it especially for the unveiling stands at the commons yes on the one hand you can say that modern visual culture and our current visual culture is impossible to imagine without buying houses it's become part of our d.n.a. so that we almost don't notice it anymore on the other hand and this seems even more important to me the idea is about how saw still in our heads as an enduring utopia. topi only seen the cup because it's prime are his spent twenty seven million euros and three and a half years building this minimalist concrete q. on the site where bounce was founded it's a treasure chance to holding the world's oldest bauhaus collection from founder vance i don't use himself some one hundred sixty eight marks the famous table lamp
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from bill humbug and failed and counting on computer. modeling on a bronstein. the ceramics of t.r. board now. two thousand square metres of exhibition space over fine floors the structure was built to reflect an industrial workshop the exhibit is meant to spark debate not eulogize the past since how much of the weimar classic foundation that's the it's just we can only understand it now that we can see the bauhaus museum how close we remain today to the incredible developments of nineteen nineteen and the following years and i think this will really change our city this meeting finished had specially in scotland under us. the building is a symbolic rebuke to nancy's stamp down the powerhouse movement in germany. forcing a fraud. now that's exactly what i think we need to pay attention to
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today that needs this openness and the ability to provoke to pull the boat house was an institution that crossed borders that survived and thrived in the diaspora without open borders that wouldn't have happened then and without them it can't happen today in east almost needs to get as a whole it's. getting its modern digital technology the light something concrete the sun out of the new bauhaus museum just a starkness descends on by my. turning a sports now it's been a dramatic day in the bundesliga and that's even before the big clash between byron and dortmund finishes those two are playing right now leipzig pulled off a four two win at lake laver who is into cement themselves in third place frankfurt scored late to win and struggling shaka and stay in the fourth champions league spot six place was spurred kept up their top four hopes with victory over bottom side hanover dusseldorf one in berlin while relegation rival showed god and
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nuremberg drew one one on friday minds thumped freiburg two games follow on sunday . you're watching news from berlin coming up next reporter where we meet an eighteen year old woman pursuing her dream to become a driver in the male dominated world of formula one for now on behalf of the whole team thanks so much for watching. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am nice and nothing with the time do you think the printer jamming culture. will take this grandma down east coast it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me for me to get funky to
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host what's the connection between bread. and the european union he knows. course.


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