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you know what. this is the news live from berlin forces commanded by libyan warlord close it on tripoli power struggle in the north african country heats up nations calls on the militias to halt their advance in the capital of libya and the fears of a renewed civil war also coming up. in berlin thousands take to the streets to demand more affordable housing a growing population and a shortage of new construction are driving up rents and house prices. tend to end
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it softer fire cameron dortmund five mill in the big one this legal slash to leap to the top of the take defending champions of now look for ways to win seven straight title. spicer thanks for joining us. the united nations security council has called on militias closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt their advance but the militias commanded by a warlord called. have started to lose men in clashes with fighters for the un backed government libya has been riven by violence and division since the longtime dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven. general have toilets troops advancing towards the capital tripoli
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a bold thrust against libya's internationally recognized government commanders of have tossed self-styled libyan national army say their forces have reached the city limits. this is great progress it means we're technically inside tripoli we still have a few checkpoints to secure but the battle will be on the outskirts of the city. ranged against have tossed brigades forces loyal to the government the struggle for power and control of libya's oil began with the full of the dictator moammar gadhafi nearly eight years ago and remains unresolved. the g seven countries which met in france over the weekend are concerned. we spoke about in particular those responsible for the situation in libya in particular about general khalifa haftar. very united in the fear that no further military escalation must occur everyone is working on that through their channels we already
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spoke about this in the un security council the situation is extraordinarily disconcerting and we cannot accept further developments particularly military escalation. as government backed forces deployed to defend the capital tripoli the risk of an escalation to all out civil war remains alarmingly high and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in venezuela rival political factions are taking to the streets as the power struggle intensifies between anti-government and loyalist factions self-proclaimed president on why go urged his supporters to maintain pressure on president nicolas maduro and anger is mounting over the collapse of public services and repeated power outages across the country. in sudan protesters converged on the army headquarters and the president's residence in the latest demonstration of force against president omar al bashir thousands marched through the capital khartoum chanting peace justice and
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freedom point opponents claim government mismanagement has brought soaring food prices and tools shortages. in london human rights activists gathered outside the brunei a luxury dorchester hotel with rainbow flags and banners calling for homophobia to be stamped out this comes after brunei adopted harsh new sharia laws including death by stoning for homosexuals the move that has sparked calls for a boycott of properties owned by the self-taught. authorities in iran have moved to evacuate more towns and villages threatened by floods after forecasts for more rains in the southwest of the country are usually arid nation has been hit by an unprecedented flooding across much of the country since mid march the nation's emergency services say at least seventy people have died as
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a result of the extreme weather. nearly two thousand towns and villages in southwest iran have been hit by flooding since heavy rains began falling last month women and children are being told to leave the affected areas but men have been asked to stay and help with rescue efforts. along with how could i take my family away from here even if i wanted to. have the say there's no alternative to evacuation because that we've moved our belongings to the rooftops we have no choice it was surrounded by water and soon we're going to have to leave feel like that it made him we don't. want. the choice we have to make is between bad and worse not between good and bad choosing bad we have to pay the cost and the people are paying the costs i'm deeply grateful to them have. all of the efforts being made for the people sitting us now
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to prevent bigger losses and worse conditions will be compensated the government will definitely pay for their losses that if. people sift through the mud salvaging what they can amongst the debris schools of towns and villages have been affected the heavy rains hammered cox of the country after years of drought buildings and roads close to rivers have been the worst hit residents say safety regulations were often ignored during the construction. and now to turkey where what's being billed as the largest. moved in aviation history has taken place over night in istanbul planes and tons of equipment were shifted from the old international airport to the new one was originally scheduled to fully open last october but construction was marred by delays and a workers' strike over poor conditions. we have lift off this domestic flight to
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anchor a signal that istanbul ports is now fully operational it's one of several mega projects championed by turkish president. won and is expected to handle up to two hundred million passengers a year the new poets reflects the demands ambitions to turn turkey into a global power and istanbul into a key hope connecting europe with asia and the arab world despite economic downturn it aims to be one of the world's biggest ports with kate stuff at the old airports were looking forward to a new era. it isn't their sadness about leaving but we're also excited and happy to be moving to the new airport. we hope it will bring good fortune small god willing it will be great. but the project. it's being criticized by environmentalists economists and planets activists were arrested off to protest
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over wages and working conditions under rights groups have leveled accusations there's a rush to finish the job ended in accidents that cost dozens of lives. city of berlin is often touted as a paradise for students and creative types anyone on a small budget but that's fast becoming a myth because living here is getting more and more expensive. thousands took to the streets today to demand more affordable housing a growing population a lack of new housing and rampant gentrification have sent rents soaring. germans are split on the issue of high rents as one of the main findings of the new deutschland trend a survey by the german public broadcaster aired the pollsters asked how big a problem is it to find an affordable flood thirty three percent said it was a big or very big problem but thirty seven percent consider it a small problem or no problem at all the answers depend heavily on the size of the
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city the people's that people live in in cities with fewer than one hundred thousand inhabitants only twenty nine percent think that finding an affordable flat is a big or very big problem but in cities with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants a solid forty eight percent think so. and among the protesters who came out today were members of a citizen's initiative who say the answer lies in reclaiming apartments from private investors and bringing back social housing. berliners are scrambling for affordable apartments in the capital he experienced this firsthand he shared a two room apartment with a housemate for six years but then the landlord announced he was planning to renovate the building after which the rent would rise by three hundred percent who was shocked. do if i have to move out. or if i can't
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afford the higher rent i might not be able to find another place to live for those who have to start thinking about whose culture. the ranters are fighting back a local initiative is gathering momentum to expropriate commercial property owners and has joined in he started taking part and housing protests a decade ago during the sixteen years he lived in central berlin he carefully documented investors' activity. they began selling and renovating over one hundred flats in his apartment block. they even planned to demolish the buildings to make way for a luxury apartments. eighty tenants have already moved out. the a missionary and we have to live somewhere it's all acceptable that these apartments have become commodities are sold off for profit for shabbat people like you and me aren't important anymore it's all about property now not people it's gonna tell me about it. the cost of renting is escalating in other european cities
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to a studio apartment in berlin goes for around six hundred euros a month but in other cities such as munich rent for the same apartment can run over a thousand euros barcelona is pricier than berlin of these cities only istanbul is a less expensive place to live and dublin and in london rental prices have gone through the roof. it's not just low wage earners who are having a hard time shopkeepers police nurses and teachers are also finding it hard to afford living in the german capital. the biggest football match in germany for years has ended and biron have destroyed dortmund five no all to jump to the top of the table all over body from. joins me and it was kind of over half time what went wrong what didn't go wrong for the open enough first off nick it was a bit of
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a shambles to be honest with you it couldn't have gone much worse in any way they actually did have a great chance to take the lead through mahmoud who'd early on he hit the post when he really should have scored and after that it was all by and munich in the scoring through not formals after about ten minutes of course a former dortmund player so that would really have hurt them and just a few minutes after the relevant dusky double by the end of the another forward open player so this is really this stage and it was his two hundred blunders lead to go in terms of the go of his career so a big moment for him after that the floodgates open having martin has made it three nil search gnabry made it four before halftime after the break eleven those he did add another against the really despondent by this point dorman defense who it has to be said were dreadful throughout the gang credit to buy a no they put the pressure on and they were ruthless in taking their chances and if you play like that even against a side as good as dortmund you're going to come out with a good result so what does this mean for the title race when we can see exactly
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what it means for the title race in terms of the table we're going to get up on the screen in just a sec basically what we're looking at is by and now being one point ahead of dortmund they also in part thanks to this absolute hammering of dortmund have a huge advantage when it comes to goal difference too so they certainly have a big advantage in the title right now the other teams their way back leipzig and so on it really is just a two horse race with dormant and by now the difference in points is still negligible at this stage one point with six games to go any slip up from either side coup. proved fatal to their chances but i think the psychological impact of getting hammett five nil out by it could be the dortmund much much worse than losing the points on a psychology is more it's ok. thank you that only movie t.v. sports. football and israeli man has broken the world record after becoming the oldest
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footballer to participate in a professional match. is that high it is seventy three and a goalkeeper for the fourth year club irani or yehuda in israel i was born in iraq but moved to israel as a child he received the guinness world record prize in an official ceremony after playing a full ninety minutes will turn seventy four next week and said he's ready for another game. and a reminder the top story we're following for you mr forces closing in on the libyan capital tripoli don't forget you can always get more news from you on our app so downloadable on the app store or google play. that will give you access to all the latest news and information from around the world around the clock as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also send us photos and videos
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from these apps. you're watching the news from berlin coming up next a documentary looking at the rwanda genocide that started twenty five years ago this week for now and on behalf of the whole team thanks so much for watching you know these. are first clooney listen. grandmas arrives. to join the ring in her journey to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary. in a regular returns home on the w. don't come.


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