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good job it is a fairly. sure link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy town while with safety debbie to come snatch up free coffee join us on facebook at g.w. go for god. this yet bauhaus one of the world's most influential art and design schools turns a hundred and the seven ten or eight is being celebrated in big style. but how much do we really know about this famous movement and how much is made we went to find out we encounter some fascinating women. discover the forgotten thousand house
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works and tracked down traces of bomb house in africa. what remains of the spirit of bow house today and how did it all stopped. design classics which are simple pure and functional designed by a small art school which revolutionized the industry one hundred years ago powerhouse dispensed of unnecessary fruits with its radical vision. to call b.s. wanted to rethink architecture in the arts with artists such as best we can do. at leo and on finding out he founded the state bell house in weimar one nine hundred nineteen. there arts college soon became an avant garde once upon in their workshops they experimented with materials and formed creating design which was unprecedented in its clarity and functionality. but it didn't. feel to everyone the first show home in weimar was seen as
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a provocation and met with heavy criticism a bunch of free spirited individuals who held nothing sacred not color materials nor perception. breaking conventions they explored new lifestyles which were rather too wild provided by nine hundred twenty five it was all over they were too adventurous for their home city. they ventured on to an industrial city that welcomed the bell house with open arms and funded a completely new building for their school. the master houses were built nearby white cubic villas for the professors designed and equipped a doll house artists with furniture from their own workshops. director. shaped the city with a bow house movement the church and settlement offered light space and a garden for everyone as an antidote to the cramped gloomy residential blocks of the industrial cities every last detail was designed with precision and the three
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hundred fourteen terraced houses were built cheaply and quickly. also designed by gropius was the employment office it was one of the first of its kind with bright glass corridors. the same ascetic was used here for different purposes with coffee goes riverside cafe on the album. from one thousand nine hundred twenty eight its new director hahn is maya made the bow house even more political and radical his houses were an attempt to mix social classes based on need and not luxury. funding ended when the nazis came to power in the bow house close in one nine hundred thirty to one last privately funded attempt came from miss fonda hole in berlin but it failed in one nine hundred thirty three the boat house had shut down. is about house history have its ideas from the course hardly in these times of up people people are
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rediscovering its visionary potential how was bow house continuing to inspire today we visit via again. constantine by a is used to having breakfast in his own gallery it's just like one big family the found as an artist of the. graduates of the legendary bauhaus university their contribution to the hundredth anniversary year is called contemporary bauhaus. the flyswatter is. which can also applaud for the bar house does all of. this private gallery is the official showcase of the bauhaus university and the artists don't see bauhaus as a brand but an attitude towards the weald a common theme in their art is the destruction of the environment and the loss of nature constantine vias installation focuses on this theme to artificial palm trees
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and a shell which doesn't contain the sound of the sea rather the babble of advertising slogans these works ask questions of society in keeping with the principles of bauhaus. how sustainable should our society be how do we handle digitalisation these are the questions we analyze in our exhibition the challenges of the next hundred years. thinking big and acting globally the gallery i can home has become an international institution foundation's the go to institute and artists from china are all part of the worldwide network of the gallery owner and his business partner bianca focused creating synergies was the principle of the bauhaus university right from the start. as a media artist which i am you could use the architecture workshops just as well as the product design or workshops. this brings in an interdisciplinary aspect along with the sense of community which was characteristic of weimar.
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such a sense of community hasn't always been a given in one nine hundred twenty five the buy a house had to leave and was regarded as a disgrace environment just like the cow forum is today a monumental nazi building right next to it a mighty cube has been erected the new bell house museum. bright and minimalist an architectural statement. its purpose is not to conserve the bow house tradition but rather to act as a forum for discussion. aesthetic and social questions are opened up again if you through the mirror of history. and there are some incredible things to see from playful structures and expression is sketches to little wooden houses with so-called furniture for the people functional but far removed from what is supposed to be the house style by maya has long been
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a place of experimentation. assume self said that before tackling the design of objects you basically have to put people in new clothing particularly joy in that period in the nineteenth ten's and twenty's there was a lot of talk about the new human but everybody meant something different by a battle house itself also reflected many different concepts and images of the human dimension of afflict here it was a time of upheaval on the one hand the human body was liberated but on the other the human was in slave to the rhythm of the machine technical progress of oak both nightmares and fascination no one could escape it. in the boat house stage. transformed dunces into mechanical figures the triadic ballet is famous for its cost james. painting and stage performance intertwine.
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always had this space to experiment to risk new things i think that's one thing that still resonates today at the balance university which also works very experimental of course it also works internationally but it is very experimental but it meant a change of venue the galloping eigen hi i'm also has agreement chamberlin the exhibition is called from the lamp to the studio media artist him book is running a workshop he teaches design technology at the bell house university experiments with elect. onyx which he also uses for his own work. in the exhibition he shows a subversive program which allows people to pixelate their face using a special batch. he calls it the wishing machine that's good and bad it's all about privacy for all those smartphone pictures of me or other people that turn up on facebook and they're automatically tagged with a face recognition and then my name is on it and if i just want to be myself for an
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evening without a bizarre photo of me turning up and then this will be a solution to this photo from the off talked distillers on. christiane gold is also an inventor he designs new surfaces for control devices at the moment he's testing materials with an chambers to create all kinds of inflatable shapes. i showed this to a group of textile engineers and they immediately said great this is just what we need . this could also be the hard for an inflatable car. suddenly during the production process points of reference appear that we didn't even think of at the beginning here for. the gallery i can hi i'm providing space to research new technologies in an artistic way think laterally and ask questions this is where the bauhaus lives on.
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the valley house created a number of modernist pioneers among them the three thousand house directors gropius hanna smile and nice fun to roll her but was the powerhouse just a boys' club that a miss there were also some outstanding women. first of all what these women left out was a kind of professional representation. by not standards for. female artists. consciously being forgotten is something that can also be observed in painting sculpture in literature and in many many other areas a number. of these women were rediscovered when a political and social discourse began about women's role in society. but who were these modern a super women. and. three who left their mark on the dollhouse were writer editor and powerhouse first lady isa gopi was.
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furniture designer and paul house master levi. and textile artist ani all of us like many female pupils at the ball house she had to learn weaving though she wanted to study painting albus began studying at the powerhouse in one nine hundred twenty two though she never intended to become a textile artist she was a natural talent she was inspired by us of all of us her teacher and later her husband and the paintings of colored clay. her work is now being rediscovered in europe. and death and they really are one of a kind pieces if you can instantly tell that here on the album has created something extremely special. of one that's coupled with an incredibly interesting dialogue between the material and it is not a tool about being fashionable what more does the. money all of us work seamlessly
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interweave elements of industrial production handiwork and art in one nine hundred thirty others became the first female to graduate from the bell house school for her final project she developed a fabric for the trade union school and banal today a ball house landmark her material was used to cover walls of the school auditorium plain and simple yet revolutionary it reflected light absorbed sound and was easy to clean. on the i was on the other us develop this text on a. after much consideration and research she used a material that had only been on the market for a few years cellophane today we know it from food packaging. after the nazis seized power in one nine hundred thirty three being jewish she and her husband fled to the us there she belonged to the artistic god and created experimented with talk and wrote about the art of weaving today her patterns and desires are enjoying
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a renaissance only out of us is finally getting the recognition she deserves like other forgotten by the house artists and peter than many of them were recognized during that time and quickly as the respect of their colleagues both male and female and a lot of people also fell into obscurity during the years of political dictatorship and persecution here in germany that were here. these forgotten file house women are now being celebrated in new books like easy. the wife of article appears contributed to the interior design at the director's house of death she was a new kind of woman the perfect heroine for a novel. connelly in an annoying these women lived in a new era they could vote and be elected they could do jobs traditionally done by men it was a feeling of freedom that they could do anything i was moved to hear. these young wild free spirited and strong pioneers dared to take on the new roles.
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the daughter of an upper class family becoming a working woman unheard of back that is a goal to be a structured in a new lifestyle. something said first the whole self concept of women working outside the home was one that had to be learned. maybe that's what made it easy as a rebellious and revolutionary. she modernized household economics to say the women of the future time you which they could then devote to that professional activities were. suitable. for years christiane along a has been conducting research on another modernist career woman legal ice she was already a key figure in the art scene when she became a ball house master and head of the school's interior design workshop in one nine hundred thirty two. when her partner architect miss fond of war built this house in berlin she designed the furniture. really high she also worked
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with him on the villa also longer in case no trace of her work remains why has that . been fought but when you have during my research i realized it simply couldn't be done because she was female nowadays we might call it a high she's superwoman who she was incredibly well organized communicative and very assertive even with men. the fact that she's been forgotten can be attributed solely to me as vanda but also to the male dominated writing of history that was looking for classic heroes he warns of. heroes like nice wonder whore who designed the german pavilion for the one nine hundred twenty nine international exposition in barcelona together with believe. in fact she was the pavilions artistic director and it's doubtful whether he's found out what designed it's furniture on his own. so who really created this design classes. and. it's an
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interesting question because this is an iconic piece of furniture the day bed. but there are many indications that many high created it. it was first published under her name in one thousand nine hundred thirty two. and the only drawing of this statement that exists is also by her from around one thousand nine hundred five and it's the anyone from the korean war period the foreclosed side as early as one nine hundred forty nine new york's museum of modern art devoted a solo show to any all of us textile art though outside the. united states she's still relatively unknown. but these are copious is now a novel heroine but in real life she was an editor organizer and equal partner for the ball house founder. and. the few surviving documents show that milly ghosh was a great designer and far ahead of her time but starting in one nine hundred thirty three when the nazis came to power wasn't so choosy about who she worked for she
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wasn't the only one. when the nazis took over a nine hundred thirty story they closed down the bow house controversially some leading bauhaus lines continue their wood on to hitler. to each his own i'm a cop sign at the nazi concentration camp and who can put. created by inmate and former boss pupil funds and it uses the unmistakable boss typeface despite the fact that the nazi regime denounced the school for its degenerate art and even pressured its leadership into closing the bar house in berlin often said in the in the official propaganda they rejected the bow has entirely just considered to be bolshevist jewish marxist and everything the nazis deemed negative in banking was not an auditing is messed up but an officially that stance wasn't as clear the nazi
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saw the typical bile house functionality as a sign of progress and welcomed its new objectivity. and the artists how did the guard of the bauhaus respond after nine hundred thirty three. to. take. one of the most influential boss teachers he create a graphic design on the universal typeface which became signatures of the ball house. but starting in one nine hundred thirty three by. began to create propaganda designing catalogues and exhibitions which celebrated the ideology and racist doctrines of the third rightish. there were a film about house pupils and teaches who remained and were eager to continue receiving commissions in germany ones who then exhibited little of the bow houses reformist spirit and ethical principles did from. respond to what was no exception
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in one nine hundred thirty four he joined gobos chamber of culture supported hitler and contributed to nazi exhibitions he just wanted to build regardless for whom enticed by new commissions he emigrated to the united states in one nine hundred thirty eight there he designed iconic structures like the seagram building in new york. miss fonda became a star architect his pandering to the nazis was soon forgotten and hasn't tarnished the bahasa structure taishan to this day still there's little reason to place the bauhaus on a moral pedestal. some of the vile house teaches in students who went into exile became successful in the us our house became internationally famous but it was never a purely german phenomenon teachers and students came from all over the world areas sharon had experience life on a kibbutz in palestine and brought those ideas with him to death sounds later he returned to the middle east and built a legendary white city in tel aviv and
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a pioneering university in nigeria. the family oello well university in effect in the southwest of nigeria. area share on the scene investigation is open and airy. tailored to the hot climate on the your ruba culture when the tank and the university became the symbol of the fledgling democracy and we think new discoveries is very important for the juno for the jews because it was . initiated exactly maybe sixty the movement of independence of nigeria from the brit british. rule. so basically it's the first action in the julian university and it stands for a protest against the. back then modernism was progressive and today c.f. rat aims to find out in his film moving away the exit. to
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. the universe itself is pretty typical this it is there are far worse than far more people interested to be talked to this has prompted. this lecture circuit streets around two hundred kilometers to the south is lagos. nigeria is not just city is constantly changing. like the representatives of contemporary bound houses. asks how do we want to live now and in the future she thinks the revolutionary ideas of a century ago are still relevant today. when we had monism comment in the as of any post colonial is that the architects that came of the day were modern and i
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love the architecture that has really formed the structure of the city of lagos on the early modernism of the forty's fifty's and sixty's still a lot of texture lagos is expanding at a breathtaking pace it's africa's second largest city and one of the world's most densely populated somewhere between colonialism and modernism nigerian architects are creating that own design language. what was considered as african tenets of the within the rule and. not necessarily mean need to be realistic and design more appropriately for the city that we live in now we may have to face a far better than the city of some people say eighteen million some people say twenty two we need to live in smaller and smaller spaces nanki peninsula is an ultra modern and up market district of lagos here the architect is constructing minimalist housing units similar to ones built around the globe. a new architecture
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for new lifestyles functional economic and compact. so this is astounded two bedroom apartment so it's open plan kitchen it's really about i think efficient living. apartments for nigeria's growing middle class who are increasingly cosmopolitan. do you always need to reflect on on on how living in a city is evolving and changing i mean the whole world has changed for the demographic is changing how people live the family unit is being redefined you know and we need to make sure that we produce an architecture that reflects that and that's what the bar hostage back at the university campus in its buildings were constructed in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's open on all sides they function like energy efficient passive houses and coolum sounds every inch of space is used efficiently architect ariel sharon
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employed ideas he'd learned during his studies of the battle house school in desert his architecture is tailored to the people and the surroundings the topography natural light and climate. this is not more than often said sure i'll just repeat this is what you want to hear old farmhouse already know this is modern architecture about those kids dressed up with. robbers who would you. show us design is part of bauhaus imagine if a research project and exhibition that celebrates the battle how school its legacy and its capacity for promoting trans cultural exchange the campus is seen as an architectural milestone. in the buildings were kept as they were built and they still function. quite well and of course this is thanks to their very intelligent architecture what sharon of the sky was learned from his teacher the bows and the
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smile is exactly this very serious also difficult approach. to crime of course but also use. their house as naively open and global social dialogue that's what by has imagining all about the project is a collaboration between the great institute the battle has cooperation. and the balance house the cultural and defense. in the focus of the project is why was the bauhaus adopted although in the some cases rejected why was it used to be reinterpreted by and we discovered that it was about creating a blueprint for a new society and a new relationship between art and society. the ballot house artist's vision of a better world is just as attractive now as it was this century.
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that was all from us twenty one day but we have much more to come in this and ten or a year stories to tell me it's to dispell discoveries to make and celebrations to attend . the event.
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small scale in superior big changes. people making it possible to go to africa. fantastic right trying them as they set out to safety environment. to learn from one another. and work together for a better future. thirty minutes d.w. . stay
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a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. and the christian. population. when fighters like the city center two thousand and seventeen president to terrorist response was brutal. i hate it or it will never again put both of them. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is a deeper issue that this is not the kind of freedom that neon. how did you become a geek way too islamist terror. until now you see so i knew my city has. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts. on d w.
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this is the news live from berlin forces commanded by a libyan warlord close in tripoli as the power struggle in the north african country heats up the united nations calls on the militias to halt their advance on the capital of libya amid fears of a renewed civil war also coming up. migrant demonstrators and police clash on greece's border with north macedonia after false rumors circulate that the so-called balkan route to northern europe will reopen.


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