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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin forces commanded by a libyan a warlord close in on tripoli as the power struggle in the north african countries heats up the united nations calls on the militias to halt their advance on the capital of libya amid fears of a renewed civil war also coming up. migrant demonstrators and police clash on greece's forder with north macedonia after false rumors circulated of the so-called balkan route to northern europe to reopen. in berlin thousands take to
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the streets to demand a more affordable house a growing population and a shortage of new construction are driving up brands and house prices. by sir thanks for joining us. the united nations security council has called on militias closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt their advance the militias commanded by a warlord called after are started to lose men in clashes with fighters for the un backed government libya has been riven by violence since long time dictator more he was overthrown in two thousand and eleven. general have toilets troops advancing towards the capital tripoli a bold thrust against libya's internationally recognized government commanders of
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have tossed self-styled libyan national army say their forces have reached the city limits. this is great progress it means we are technically inside tripoli we still have a few checkpoints to secure but the battle will be on the outskirts of the city. ranged against have tossed brigades forces loyal to the government the struggle for power and control of libya's oil began with the full of the dictator moammar gadhafi nearly eight years ago and remains unresolved. the g seven countries which met in france over the weekend are concerned. we spoke about in particular those responsible for the situation in libya in particular about general khalifa haftar. very united in the fear that no further military escalation must occur everyone is working on that through their channels we already spoke about this in the u.n. security council the situation is extraordinarily disconcerting and we cannot
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accept further developments particularly military escalation. meanwhile russian foreign minister sergei lavrov met his counterpart in cairo egypt he said all sides could be involved in a political solution in libya and blame nato for creating the crisis. we advocate that there should be no unilaterally attempts to appoint a guilty. persons the reason for the libyan crisis is what nato members did to the country in twenty eleven. since then it has become a destroyed failed state black hole through which terrorists and illegal arms are smuggled to the south and equal migrants flow to the north. as the un recognized government deploys its supported militias to defend the capital tripoli the risk of an escalation to all out civil war remains alarmingly high. on to greece now on saturday protests between migrants and police on the border with north
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macedonia turned violent around two thousand migrants started demonstrating on the border three days ago demanding to be let across false reports online said restrictions on travel to northern europe had been lifted. thank you for a third day at the greek border with north macedonia rumors of an open border spread on social media and thousands of asylum seekers came. to. your children america and around america well america families are often from syria arriving in greece in two thousand and fifteen fleeing a bloody civil war they want to reach say for countries like germany. countries because. that's where. greece's asylum system is overwhelmed the
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next available appointment self and years away those housing camps want to escape them we decide who comes up with that is open for you know all proceeds of what that one must do was say was no problem the bit that is up for that is that there is a bit that in fact up there are more than seventy thousand refugees and migrants living across greece as a result of the mass influx of people since two thousand and fifteen many are living a life in status waiting to. be officially given asylum or waiting to escape. as a chip joins us now in the studio she's been reporting firsthand on migrants on the move through europe since the start of the refugee crisis in twenty fifteen when you had it why are so many of these migrants still stuck in greece when they want to move north well they're unable to go further simply because the border is so close and once they arrive in greece there are put in those facilities centers we charge defacto a detention center so they're not exactly prisoners but they cannot leave those
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places because if they do a day or so use their entitlement to claim asylum so their neighbor to go further they have to stay in those centers and obviously some of them just do not want to spend months on and even years in such centers and that's why they try to move forward then there is a meeting at a reaching other countries in the new up and how did they get this idea that somehow the border was going to be to be opened well we've heard it in the report as well rumor. rumor just spread on social media that the border was opening and not talking on the kind of the turkish authorities also say that a similar. had been spreading in terry and when you're in those city centers and you're a migrant the only thing you rely on is your smartphone you have your smartphone and you receive information from people you know you might know well or not so well
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but that's the only information you're getting so what you do you just go for it and they see an opening and they see a possible and to the situation of limbo they're stuck in and they just believe it and they take whatever belongings they still have and they go for the border close open or not that's a reflection of their desperation to survive it. what's next for them well the border being closed there are staying in facilities. for dam in greece to greek i mean history called for them to go back to those centers so what awaits them is applying for asylum and then waiting for months on that are said sometimes for years and tears a solution is found until there is i don't request east accepted or not and what's very difficult as well is that if the application the asylum application isn't
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accepted sometimes there are no agreements between greece and the countries of our regions all those people and are just stuck in name bo in greece and see no end to that uncertainty writers trying whatever they can. do to use a menu a chance thanks for that. time to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in london human rights activists gathered outside the luxury dorchester hotel owned by the tiny absolute monarchy of brunei they waved rainbow flags and banners calling for homophobia to be stamped out the sultan of brunei has adopted a harsh new sharia laws including death by stoning for homosexuals the move has sparked calls for a boycott of properties owned by the oil rich sultanate. in venezuela rival political factions are taking to the streets as the power struggle intensifies between anti government and loyalist factions self-proclaimed president
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urged his supporters to maintain pressure on president nicolas maduro and agar is mounting over the collapse of public services and repeated power outages across the country. in sudan protesters converged on army headquarters and the presidential palace in the latest demonstration against president omar al bashir thousands marched through the capital khartoum chanting peace justice and freedom opponents claim government mismanagement soaring food prices and to all shortages. in tunisia ninety two year old president be said as announced he will not run for a second term later this year says he told his party it was time to quote open the door to the youth. the move comes shortly after neighboring algeria saw as president i believe sees beautifully resign under public pressure. authorities in
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iran have moved to evacuate more towns and villages threatened by floods after forecasts for more rains in the country's southwest iran's climate is usually drive but it has been hit by unprecedented flooding nationwide since mid march the iranian emergency services say at least seventy people have died. as a result of the extreme weather. nearly two thousand towns and villages in southwest iran have been hit by flooding since heavy rains began falling last month women and children are being told to leave the affected areas but men have been asked to stay and help with rescue efforts. along with how could i take my family away from here even if i wanted to. the say this no alternative to evacuation was so good that we moved our belongings to the rooftop we have no choice it was surrounded by water and soon we're going to have to leave feel like that it made him they don't. want. the
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choice we have to make is between bad and worse not between good and bad as in choosing bad we have to pay the cost and the people are paying the costs i'm deeply grateful to them. all of the efforts being made for the people sustain us now to prevent bigger losses and worse conditions will be compensated the government will definitely pay for their losses that if. people sift through the mud salvaging what they can amongst the debris scores of towns and villages have been affected the heavy rains hammered parts of the country after years of drought buildings and roads close to rivers have been the worst hit residents say safety regulations were often ignored during their construction. to the german capital now here in berlin which has a reputation for being a kind of paradise for anyone on a small budget that's changing as the cost of living in the city is skyrocketing
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year on year thousands of people took to the streets on saturday to demand more affordable housing a growing population lack of new housing and rampant gentrification have sent rents through the roof. one to monte ny. demonstrators in berlin affordable housing the problem of rising rents is affecting all big cities but the german capital is particularly affected because berlin is a city of tenants more than eighty six percent of apartments here are rented and why. we want to make people aware of what is happening here in our city rents have gone crazy they've shot up by seventy percent in the past ten years people have reached their limit they can't pay those kinds of rents their wages aren't rising at the same rate just like i'm here because i want to fight the huge profits cultures and stop these constant planting increases to put it simply speaking as
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a banana just around the corner from here i've had enough but you know than it been here born in this knights of. the demonstration also marks the start of a nationwide petition for a referendum on appropriating the real estate property of large scale rental companies those who own three thousand rental units or more however this could cost billions of euros in compensation critics warn that berlin which is already heavily in debt can't afford the bill and they also point out that such a move would not in itself create any new housing in a city that desperately needs it. a huge cannabis expo has opened in cape town south africa's highest court legalized the use of the drug by adults in private places last september it also granted adults the right to grow marijuana for private consumption the expo focuses on a small but growing cannabis industry in south africa many countries around the
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world are either legalizing cannabis or giving the green light for medical use and it is not explored cannabis is already used in many countries to treat a range of health conflicts. and the bonus they are followers. after the break with the best of the action from the top of the table clash between byron munich and dortmund would dortmund live to rue this early miss against defending champions find out soon when we'll bring you the goals for the rest of saturday's games two. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the forces commanded by a libyan warlord to close in on tripoli as the power struggle in the north african country heats up that admissions calls on the militias to halt their advance the capital of libya amid fears that you see.
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for now and on behalf of the whole team here in berlin thanks so much for watching . nico piece in germany to learn german. english from the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course nicolosi. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows. e.w. course by.


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