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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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for now and on behalf of the whole team here in berlin thanks so much for watching . going to. nicodemus in germany to learn german. english from the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south of the w e learning course nicko speak. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows guild not us correspondent and alan
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baker can stretch this second line to the moon sponsored by the team of. thoughts. of smoking recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . it's finally here state's twenty eight and the game that we've all been waiting for jack classic here in munich just two points separated second place behind and first place dortmund ahead of this mighty battle but this league supremacy. it was the one hundredth league match between these two rivals and quite possibly one of the most important clashes in this fixed his history with the we're now one step closer to that title three. place leipzig where leverkusen the bulls have won all
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five play games on the road in twenty nineteen the question on everyone's lips with the champions league hopefuls ticket sales. welcome to the bundesliga here on t.w. i'm nick mechanic line by line haven't had it easy of late as they drew against freiburg last weekend and that was followed by an incredible five four when they get second division hiden home in the german cup a game that would have drained some of binds top stars including this man to my right robert levin dusky wasn't even supposed to play made bleak because he was suffering from a cold but with a side to one down at half time he came on to win the game by the man to my left mark or royce he is a game changer too he has had a hand in twenty four of goldman's sixty six goals so far this season with one of these to make the difference. mark or royce knew the stats as well as anyone ahead
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of this potential title decider dortmund hadn't won in munich for five years and they'd lost their last three matches there heavily with robert levy on top ski scoring on each occasion dortmund set out to get their noses in front right set off down the wing and found mahmoud dude in space but the midfielder could only get the post it was clear dortmund were relying on counter attacks but before they could make one count by and where ed matts formals left has been a corner by two it means defenders were caught napping was and they put another goal want to play for by and in the seventeenth minute to an actual sack at his last pass an hour leavened of skee to double the lead in style was two goals from to form a dormant players and it was leavened dusty's two hundred one does need to go. by this point by and were toying with that rivals thomas miller's if it was stopped by roman burkey but have a martinez slotted in by an stirred by this much was supposed to be
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a classic but already it looked like it was turning into a walkover. dortmund simply couldn't cope with buy ins attack and it got worse. for them before half time mother found serge capri who made it for nil i call this and a half time whistle was yet to blow. fortunately for dortmund the second half was less brutal eleven does he added by and fifth in the only no where the moment the champions reminded everyone who's boss here for now at least its advantage by. the big. five live sick of loves playing against leverkusen the been this legal losing just one of their five matches so far to make life even harder for leverkusen leipsic haven't lost since matched eight hundred that's nine matches another win would see them consolidate their place in
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the table and take them one step closer to a return to champions league football. team of their now has struggled of late but he was still named you know of the light six starting line up by leverkusen they did not begin well first team really all done felt kevin fall around and a penalty was the only option for the referee. chi habits calmly took it away on eleven minutes by one nil fillet the closing. six minutes later marcel said it's a level with a free kick. they've accused in goalkeeper lucas wright that ski was wrong footed and ultimately powerless but leipsic then shot themselves in the foot after a corner the ball fell to have that's made it to one. unstoppable effort from the germany players it was the twelfth league goal of the campaign for the nineteen year old. after the break the visitors rose again and they are now finally found his form with the equaliser just
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a second goal and the second half of the season. and it got worse for a whole slave accusing mitchell visor was judged to have deliberately handled the ball but the video assistant penalty for lack sick. emil forsberg did the rest to put the visitors that. seven minutes from the end like six sealed their victory substitute mathias couldn't go with the classy goal for two it finished. my. started a small it's impressive how he does that and he dances around one and then drinks it in i don't think even the world's best can top that if you win four to await later couzin it's a big statement especially for the coming weeks. late accused have now lost three in a row with their european hopes and the balance likes it in contrast look solid in third place the champions league beckons.
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times have a look at some of the other matches around the league and we'll start with a shocker the world would lose in a royal mess they may have won last weekend against lowly hanover but then they were knocked out of the german cup midweek by better pm in their own an abysmal run of form just two wins in ten games since the start of the year any chance of redemption against frankfurt frankfurt came out all guns blazing against shaka ray bench opening the scoring in the thirteenth minute his ninth goal of the season philip caught states with a superb pass to the onrushing ray bitch who made alexander nubile stumble and slotted the ball into an empty net. but then in the twenty first minute shaka answered out of the blue so out said hitting the target for the second time in two weeks kevin trapp able to stop braille and buy those header after a free kick but then santa nutmegs him for the goal of the deadlock remains until the last seconds of the game when the drama started it looked like
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a handball by daniel keller jodhi and the video replay confirmed it look at yo bitch stepped up to the spot and fired in the winner by a two one loss a bitter pill to swallow for shock a coach stevens i'm. fortunate to have been on the rise lately and against here to berlin benito rahman got them on the scoresheet first in the thirty fifth minute. making the entire head to defense look flat footed. but it didn't take berlin long to answer marco making it one all just before half time by andre do to with the cross into the box and grow it in the perfect position to finish the job. rahman restored for two in his lead with an hour gone however his second goal of the day and ninth of the campaign by the belgian taking advantage of a second chance here by two one the final score and dusseldorf continue to climb up
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the table. and over were desperate for a win against false borg and hendrick by don set them on course after half an hour a clinical pass from linton minor setting up the goal. but the lead was short lived right now to our stephanie headed home to make it one all just two minutes later ya see what you love ogie with the assist here. by and it was stephanie again in the seventy first minute latching on to a ball from daniel game share the wolves in control and jerome received on put the final nail in the coffin seven minutes later a three one vol sport win and hanover could only hang their heads as relegation looms. the other two teams mired in the relegation battle faced off with stuttgart in sixteenth hosting bottom side nuremberg and it was nuremberg or took the lead in the tale headed home just before before half time before reacted quickest after the
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ball ricocheted off the bottom of that. right place right time as the home side equalized combat five home the team to find a win of the final score their one. five and has time to get a round up all the results so far for match day twenty eight by of course ham adornment lives extended their winning streak to six and doesn't go through one in berlin they haven't lost the top flight here since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine frankfurt overcame shall have all spoken them however twenty seventh straight defeat got to number draw drew as we just saw but this is very little for their relegation worries and in friday's match mights took home freiburg don't capitalise to score the opener after just twenty minutes and then the floodgates open. the fifth of the match it was his third of the game to complete his first ever win this legal hat trick five nil the final school that.
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quite the thrashing there there's still plenty to come on sunday outspoken hoffenheim and braman ott. now to the table and just like last week there's a switch of the top definite psychological advantage here by an hour back in first place and they will feel like it's that touch of the lose with only six match days left in the bottom half dusseldorf they have reached the heady heights of ten this is the highest they have been all season there's no movement below freiburg that can change tomorrow without spokes still to play. now it's time for the been the biggest goal of the month and who do you think was the best school scorer in march they were three of the finalists for you to choose from. i played i like stuff i think i think the sometimes i. teach and see i. kind of come from the
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much again. i . i was i and i let us know who you think the goal scorer of the month of march was by contacting us one of the addresses below in your screen if you're lucky a bonus to get jersey of your choice will be making its way to you very very soon that's all for us here on the when this nigga will be back on sunday with the best action from the days games will also be discussing the top talking points from
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match day twenty eight with just a little sporting director no it's fun and still make sure you don't miss that until then we leave you with some of the best moments so far from this weekend for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thank you and. i. such. place. in berlin.
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looking for all things related to the legendary arts school in the german capital and what was that like and what's still makes that's what i want to find out today through arts architecture and chocolate. its message remains a mystery play across. more than a symbol of christianity place. it represents torture and death but it's also a sign of hope and redemption. to what you believe today. the secret of the cross.
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earth a home for saving googling two years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas being by a series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. know it says of peace at the heart of the capital i'm in berlin visiting the bauhaus and he's one reason why it's so quiet right.


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