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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CEST

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demanding to be allowed to cross false reports online said descriptions of trouble to make it beautiful again look. i i. i. mean. there are certain players to truly make a difference players that singlehandedly win games and have something other players lack. you need to just think it's not strong strikers not only fast not. you need to think is the one of these players we sat down with by and star striker to see what he thinks. if you think that you are one things the best for the work. you have two things can be all the
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time and what about salomon kalou. he's beloved in the ivory coast but he's also found a home in the bundesliga help so it's a good feeling. to see that might go through. today's kick off life is all about the special players and we'll start off with our very young special player. then yes on fire. and then you will just pay you see this. this is one of the stadia in madrid athletico to madrid barcelona when it was and they said a new. world record for attendance at
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a club football match for females ok looks like a men's game but that's also a little bit deceiving because even though they can fill stadiums and the game has been growing the women are still getting the short end of the stick in a lot of different ways and this is a this champions league ninety nine point eight percent of the money goes to the mat and zero point two percent goes to the women that's like not even enough for them to pay for their way trips. ok wait a second before everybody starts to get triggered i'm not saying that the men and the women should make the exact same amount of money obviously the men generate greater revenue so they deserve to make more ok maybe not the u.s. men's national team vs women's national team definitely should probably make more but what i'm saying is the percentage that women's football gets in comparison to man is ridiculous come on at least let's give the sport a fair chance to grow you're the just how ridiculous it is well let me tell you for
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those of you who don't know i'm a football player myself i was born in canada i've played in canada i've retired freshly eventually everywhere usa canada city and italy love the guns and top syrian norway germany honestly the list goes on and on and i can tell you from experience that the bull is real there are a few teams out there that can definitely afford to pay their players and have them live and play like professionals like p.s.g. . like the baron munich's but that is not the reality for the vast majority of players for example when i was playing in saudi and italy my she was qualifying for champions league and almost all of the girls had a nine to five job or were full time students that when i played for union grillin here in germany my team wanted to get a projector so we could watch games so we could improve and yeah we have to take the money out of our own pocket. because you really didn't give it to us really how
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expensive is a projector this is a good run ok so i come to germany and my team had just won promotion to the bundesliga now has a real and was so nice they let us use their names and they gave us a couple dollars or euros still not enough for us to plan to bring this league up ok then i think their name away and after two months they stop paying us after two months and the president of our club said to us that his priority was to first pay the many steve now the men's team played in what i like to call the beer league the separate division where the warm up was with the cigarette and cooled down as with the beer. so the first argument everybody makes when they talk about women's football is that two levels not as good or not as good as the math first of all there are a lot of really ridiculous one and soccer players but let me put things into perspective for you and tell you why this comment is absolutely stupid take for
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example if pope was working nine to five every day and then going to training at eight pm at night and getting home at eleven pm at night how good do you think he would be the guy literally has nothing else to do but focus on perfecting his craft . he's going to be that good if greece nine was coached until he was eighteen by his local paragraphs or in his village how much do you think he would develop and if messi was a girl growing up in argentina with a growth hormone deficiency and didn't have barcelona to throw fat money to pay for his treatment where would he be right now probably still in argentina in some random job so my point here is the opportunities are not say level the playing field just a little bit and you'll see how the level increases so obviously since we're in really and. there's always
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a lot going on in berlin there is an international football film festival is about fitting and tonight they're showing a film called football for better or for worse now this film isabel rosengarten one of the best teams in europe they're from sweden and their struggle to keep the team professional and also keep the team financially flow so let's go check it out. all right so we're here on the grass carpet and you have a ball you know you've. got that. one if not. the one not only would the world if. you didn't believe.
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you notice you know. we're going to rule the world gold we've got three. but nothing about so no one on my sixth district includes. or so what's on my little story i care about on my show is to see if they will pay s.k. only. ten of them at their fancy and. now in a month that i. can have to hold them at. the most the. school of all. will. speak to you about the. cost is too long a model. ok so we just saw the movie and now we're going to talk a little bit supplants chavez who was the managing director of rows and how did you become this like woman so thought i'd make it i don't know actually because i was
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hopeful for. a month basis with this but i like football and i sort of the makes me mad to separate when the support from men's football because the super bowl when you talk about doing their job is to to grow football in europe right so i can't why they invest so little in winnable because mental poll is already a big or i know from this it where you invest in small things to make them grow and then you get rid of invest and if you don't invest you don't get return of investment so i think you have a really lousy business and you think that we're going savalas threatening to mensa vote in a won't think so in a way because pixar and all sorts of silly arguments white women folks are being less than the so-called instead of realizing it's just the same. things in mind in the movie when you were in the meeting with like sixty other teams and you just
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like snap they're like his name is anyone going to talk with the fact that we need more money where you the only person that was like i said talk about that and you know the scary thing is that also was also to me when i sort of walked around it you know having coffee nobody talks to me they were just looking you know. did you ever get any did you hear anything from the wayside because they were like oh we can't comment we need to let you know you know nothing just bring crickets but we're also you know we were deliberately trying to be dependent because we did all those songs you know just sort of you know ways of. maybe it's not. strange to sit there and it was. ok so at the end of the day it's not about comparable. carrying men's football to women's football it's a goal giving women's football a chance to succeed because women's football is just like and other business venture initially you need to invest to eventually see a return but you know what things are changing just the other day for example
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barclays invested over ten million pounds into the f a w s l so the best league for women in england maybe it's time for a fee for anyone to take notice and start investing themselves ok guys that's enough for tonight and you know the job in the meantime be sure to follow me on instagram and have me pick off and instagram and subscribe to see other cool stuff we've got going on and i'll catch you guys next time. if it's cash that makes the men's game go round we'll see plenty of it moving when flying and dormans makes up the whole weekends revolving around the classic let's take a look at the history of germany's high profile dobbie. and. this is been a tussle between top ten teams from the get go they made i'm going to sleep that
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match up with dortmund white in the one nine hundred sixty s. and nothing was the but you know five. goals in nine classic outings a dortmund club record. then this became a one sided encounter the great get miliband four of his fourteen classical goals in their first meeting of the one nine hundred seventy one seventy two campaign finance a loved one when is and went on to win the title meanwhile were relegated. by the eighties they were but intermittently making life difficult for them the very end right cut them and they get levelled late so by the nine hundred eighty three memorable four old rule with the boobs among dortmund score as but by the. mid ninety's the balance of power and shifted. the shape of the city to you wait for this title we're going to party for today so i thought the five champions in one nine hundred ninety five weekend zot steered
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them to victory of the buy in and the second strike title the following season and with a new top dogs that classic and its modern form was bowling. and they were passionately contested games. nobody donated. by and won three titles in a row in the side of the millennium epic for number four was halted in two thousand and two by dortmund we drew in munich along the way that a couple had taken the black and yellow stuck to the top. but not follow. through. with that field find study leading a new golden generation fallen decisively regained the. one they won the title in two thousand and finished the team then came the new cut shot oh please try to. win here is on genius my back then most of my players were in nappies when the
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fifteen clubs youngsters won back to back championships with the second as good as decided in a head to head with bias. to. put things. much when a robot left on dusky two years later he joined by a champions again sign and ever since. he said to me. six titles in a row now do it on the back with a vengeance as they proved in their first meeting of the season tickets and i've got. in this league it classic a number ninety nine went to his wife that was a big one. number one hundred this weekend even close to.
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this man knows all about. me he's clearly a special one of the greats. and found. strike. he's a natural born finisher that he's one of the best in the well as good as him or him how could he really. i see the best defender squared off against what does it take to be a strike. i cannot say it's only one thinks it's one thing. you need this feeling of course to. strike a very important and you have to you need to. now in the modern football
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if you see. it's not strong because not only fast. you need to think everything let's get bit more specific. quick strong in the tooth and incredibly precise he's got your dropping technical ability for someone of his height he's the full package which is why he's so frequently the bundesliga top scorer and he's fast at these talents for a while. when i was nineteen years old. the first time when i was thinking ok. i think i was. thank you ok being so now i can. be focused. and i can. make it seem like.
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enough you made the jump to find what does it take to excel at the big clubs. you have to fight you have to. try something new all the time. you have you are already the best you have everything if you think that you are. the best. you have to. be all the time but. still there are. breaks them from the pack. makes any difference. the first moment. when i score four goals against or a mother to. seven years ago if it was already two thousand and thirteen. that was the game or change me like a player and change. a lot of things also in my life.
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and that was amazing. that was pretty amazing goals in the champions league semifinals no one else has done that and he's got another record. in nine minutes. as a substitute that's not bad either. i never know that can be happy and this is a little bit strange for me was and i need also the time to understand what i did. also in play station five. i do this. game very important game. things don't always work out for. instance constantly decides massive matches like three goals in the champions league round of sixty. seven is an exception but he has got the flak for disappearing in the biggest matches.
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i think it's about the losses on because the last i didn't score the goal and they have a few now. because of my enjoying because i was playing sims eight months with injury with the pain but if you see. this is on before and five season before every. quarter final i scored. you mean you want to go and this is the difference. let's look a bit closer despite seventy four champions league matches since twenty he's not fifty two goals good for an average of zero point seven goals per game but he hasn't hit the back of the net in the last seven matches of the opponents just to chop and who's the best defender he's faced. that was because he was also he's very. great defender but also player who can do
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a lot of things with the ball but also one i was again. after when i was against. the body and family. dreams of exploring other ends of the football but he stayed in munich and it's been a perfect fit for the start. outlook has also helped make him one of the greats. they love to do a lot of on the pitch also for the fans but for me i thinking that i can give more happiness for the fans if i. do of course because i can do also but also. the easier way to. go and. work. maybe one more things.
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sure he's going to flashy really but it just didn't fit his style. so it's. better to just keep on scoring by the our verdicts are all nine might not be c.r. seven but he's still among the top ten games. salomon kalou might not make our top ten but he's a versatile and effective attack at for but. we paid the ivorian a visit. and. that says mr cool salomon kalou now in his fifth season in berlin and always the model professional in his one country he's a sporting hero most wonderfully good goals to his name than any other player from ivory coast. to good really.
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good to present my country and they have such a big potential like a wonderfully go. i'm not really full focus on their record and b. and it got them up ok so i did. i can also give do it there were quite a young coming in the league and also the young african coming in to me. on match day twenty six kilo hit the net twice it to him and expends remarkably it was his second brace of the season against the black and yellow the first on match day nine and half a draw in a row district. this time around they went down to like three two just things and it's a disappointment to collude and this team makes. you feel good and loses not always i can i can be satisfied by that but then. they did that for muslims most important my best friend from. his own form says the winter break has been excellent. three goals i'm going to see this in seven league starts the coach told dada i'm to lose
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greatest asset to his frontline vesa tillotson and uncanny situational awareness. because. i'm i'm so i'm sometimes but machine from sometimes. forty four but it does lead to goals eleven headers included for the testament to the veteran ivorian strike is extensive skill set you've got to be in good time if you have to with the right might not be pulling the right time and that's the only way to go. because if if he's fifty fifty because they defend. someone killing he's won the champions league on the african cup of nations and heads as mr cool has found a hole in. the a. and now we head for the final it's a bright when the club is on cloud nine because friends have made big steps towards
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europe in the cup. before the a. days of green and white to light. rain and thunder slager when it saw. the east and beat him since the restart and they've scored in every game this season headed into the weekend that's a new club record was. something amazing to score every game and i hope i don't do it to continue like this if something like that it tells a lot about the behavior of the t.v. when they go out on the pitch because they always want to score and they never stop thinking about scoring the attacking think about scoring most cruiser. i'm with concentrated forward power play. he and incisive football
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complemented by top draw technique will fail first and foremost and the i think we play good for both for the fans and for actions that night between them cruz and rasheed said have contributed eighteen goals and nine assists this season cruising is really on a roll at the moment the skipper has message five goals in three games and laid on three more. no one in europe's top leagues can match that current form including lino messi. it's amazing what he's doing last week for sure. it's not only maybe what he's doing on the pitch is always what is still beside the pitch because. the focus of the team and that's why i'm very happy to have a player like mark so much in. maximum power and with the team following the captain's inspiring example there on course for a return to the international stage. munches he has been great recently taking something even from the hardest games on myself at all imo to make
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a difference up front if people think i'm playing better than ever i can maintain that form that schools are going on and off he does the. career best form to which you credit must also go to germany's coach of the year for twenty eight c. florian cole felt. surprise for the last twelve months and twenty eighteen where i think something happens without a brain and it was not me this was at least in the players at first and the whole club also michel i mean i'm delighted for him. and he's earned. taken tremendous strides himself over the past few years. cofield has really needed further with the pen nash and self-assurance of times past now as then they're a team convinced they can mix it up with the best green and white delights to. see. that's all from kick off like a unit. sweet. new
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