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and tell it to her i believe it and that it. was as i leave oh thanks for that and here today sir i'll be back at the top of the al with more news at. her first clooney listen. as grandma was arrives. to join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary.
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an orangutan returns home on d. w. dot com tanks. recording the ben good interview. is right. twenty three fifty seven dividend will be on david ben-gurion it was he who proclaimed the establishment of the state of israel and nine hundred forty eight and led the country for thirteen years at the age of eighty two five years after stepping down as prime minister he agreed to give an interview on films which was never shown on . my own. not. that i own what's on when we found the material by chance and the steven spielberg jewish film archive in jerusalem we had gone there to restore a feature film about ben-gurion produced in the late one nine hundred sixty s.
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to our surprise next to the reels of the feature film we found canisters with footage from the forgotten interview with ben-gurion. the interviewer was a thirty one year old american jews. who had immigrated to israel don't like david ben-gurion he had settled in the desert the interview took place in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight more months after the death of his wife paula ben-gurion was living alone with his bodyguards at his home in the negev desert. this week what do you do with your time now that. she. left the government in one thousand sixty trick for the sink put. to write the history. of the making could you state. begin not to make one thousand forty eight. but eight hundred seventy
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a lot of that thank you for another six or eight years. you have faith that you'll be able to do it it's possible but not. to matter to some accident in you know you finished it although almost every day i hear there's an accident people have been killed. but in general you don't fear death. little things i do feel pressure to feel really shouldn't. how did your zionism come to you when you were young man. if push was taken to a father and it all began in plants that didn't work that way. where did you expect when you came to what we called palestine and the land it is
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the moon. it depends on the weapon to. continue your little future city many can both own was the same pillar of the equator they lived. there if you wouldn't. it was complete until you can t. one village was fighting the daughter my idea was to look at the link i saw every day thousands of our focus on connect the world. and google was the near the synagogue for mccain and look to jump to should if you did muslims. the only true inverted. and took me ten days or later to push data would of democrat miller. said no it was terrible they couldn't vote couldn't eat their own look at dubuque to get the lettuce with
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a slogan to continue to shoot i know people but there were many people from michael and they were good can come get in the took my father who ended when he did he said no let it come back. and look at this or that only as in the military i will have been for you know a little discontent. so it strikes me that in those early years of your us you were for a rebel you were not ready to accept. the normal life to conform his life you were against it is not my number i'm something of what you wanted to clear a new life. that life exists. i believe that usually like you describe not taking care of it from others but at least creating it. so the ben did they
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reached a deal to create it would include we can only fourteen years ago and once came back from the locked. in should need to see if some young people if you had. just make up didn't don't still look at you didn't you couldn't believe we're taking the bush independents in the streets here really so they did that in can become a fix. and now to say that although it was done poorly just that we shifted gears and decided to join didn't stop building up in the desert but there's no sleep over look at this link. so you mean to tell me that only fourteen years ago beginning that's it your that's it that's it the eight getting turned again because until then it wasn't possible. and it should read a bit like a little far back machine mounds i lack. i doubt but i am in shock that that event
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would you want but yeah one of the she backed him shellacked like a lot lately but apparently maybe you are rushing to michelle out of that one. but the most important and should learn and learn by living here live in this life . and learn to live in the policeman now you know it my friends and i still give it to exactly so. you. know i know but you've got to pick. between this and then speaks to me in another language and it can be. seen i guess from you haven't. got pleasure.
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even how you say. it and you know. i'll shave it. back it showed that i didn't telephone and then beckett have that talk about how you lean so low your back to me killer life had telephone shame about the left you got me. there is a second i walk in there and none of us china russia have a lot of say stuff on i'm going to talk then no luck yet that i've got to go in my shed i'm in hock mabel you know it's not quite that peter i mean about it it's a bit too low. to be just distinguished in my use degrees. is good. shape not connected with.
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absence and that's. not complete so i told him my name to the heat and i've been good. to everyone you can see. consumers are going to do it. this is the purpose it comes in the example that people. wanted to get its purpose in a legitimate dissident but you sink through and then you said. to me oh goodness you didn't talk to nobody can put it this way. and he was a great statesman you understood politics more than the kinks but this was unpopular. and this is a statesman who's not considered in the book to be doing this put in or not then he's a dangerous man if the only people. but you've had many decisions to make which were unpopular at the time you decided to accept german reparations for example
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that was very unpopular. but that didn't work if you cute paul didn't destroy. it i'm just letting a kid inside that had no reason that he was not a massive violent demonstrations for israel to. give me your money. for the bombing but that's a separate the form of the negotiations between israel and western germany on reparations to compensate the survivors of peppers concentration camp survivors in the six genocide has no price yet a minute show i don't know. and i get a bunch of you can you have a minute to show yeah. my should tell you name your family then i'm going to. show that. he did. it why did you cry for.
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your money. i could not remember believe me you would not own and go i got. your number. and got me been doing. they are showing me young. it was a very emotional problem people have lost relatives. good lost family yes i think i did good for the people who are living in it i don't squish christian i know i can do it with i don't expect them to understand it so i open them open discussion it's closed only people who don't suffer. but by this isn't it this is not this is an unjust it's not jewish. cause but gentlemen who said the same thing should use it. but i mean hey man little word i blocked off the bus admission it's been into canada how cool how bus is enough to get those who are criminals
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they will suffer but not the truth and not as hard as what should. you do it used to reach most of them and let it be something out from the country different fathers did was strangely enough like. this of england but this is the model this is not model. of. robber are. probably pretty mind that can be forgiven you've been going off on me here be. in that line and but wouldn't so i pass on so much that's mentioned i just don't i dish the council out every success in use and part of why jadwin in any path of democracy and international cooperation thank you very. little for.
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that. you think that before the nazi era. we could have saved more of you to come and save people who don't know what to defeat those up to deduce that didn't defend themselves or to sort of. put in this. the new children with people with conditions and. and more than a million might it's people but we've been given under arrest and called to stay here. that is a bulletin about it i definitely could program teach but are there others could prevent it allow them to complete a useless but it didn't. could search of a preventative i had to see it i couldn't it was shirtless.
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destroyed to defeat it so still was good friends of the nation but it was i didn't think that the main task not just a few ticks. but they could save many chips and they were asked to bump posts to bill they could do it if you knew what was your reaction when you saw the jews in europe after world war two what were you doing in germany at that time. when the war was over and so i did too good to see deducing shouldn't i did the peace. well you moved when you saw this it did you actually see the camps themselves it was an imprint. of the ballet let's take the line now that there were big you know i. walk up on new years in stock in the old high lot. there could be jewish people made by
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that kind of that you know make the jewish people oh that is an obligation. when credit that is ready for not i was a real not jewish immigration. if you will of a job in a pretty democratic jewish kind of improbable my living room the the the. many jews to think of israel as a place of refuge for unfortunate jews why should the jews come back to sign their mission. we had agreed to do. so about three thousand three hundred years ago he was the greatest juvie ever hit his name was machete
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he said at them home you had to call on me when it him look i'm so glad i'm so glad not to be translated as a nation of higher virtues this is this is one of the meanings this is one of the mean what would be our virtues and the virtues that we should aspire to. but the virtuous we should never ask about profits possibly just keep. helping old also need help in a lot of other religious of which you think israel is carrying out that mission not just when you were head of the movement and were prime minister of this country. did you also tell the people i tried to tell the people to the. war was of it as long as the
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war was going on i thought security. and war was over this was the beginning of general i didn't mention fortune i. called to get there at a basement you have yet. another so they said today. until now. they had to fight. against a little bit. but this to me imposed on us you know let's keep increased pressure should get a. little bit touchy but your tush. and there for you. this is a very big day that mr been doing. this children and grandchildren have come
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together with many lifelong friends amongst them as the president of the state of israel must be attacked and speak. his congratulations to his longtime colleague and associate. the president must be clean and this event carry on takes care of that. and that i am as the eyes of the world on the spot and back and that. i shall. find my like. a man now hold me young even a share. i shan't want to leave. you hanging on to me i'm a man of peace and. i seem to have
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a knot of the like stamping out on the arm like a long. it's a thinker and i like the idea of talking to you in the kibbutz when you because that is a. structural damage yet how is it going to stay scattered to jews as we've names. only proves nothing only because i'm using it to protect the group still trying to say i declare that i'm not as i as more than ten the. ones that mean when you say i'm not as dominant. team and i became a zionist. i thought yes i just mean. this is not to need influence you seem safe you don't come here i see that all those est nobody's going to win because i was but then talk of the clones as i said i'm from out of the news and
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i'm not then my sole good name socialism is no mean national service it's just two cousins of a socialist you can a little national socialist and. dozens of socialism the same with a penchant for being good and you are not a zionist you're not a socialist consistency what are you and the june ones to leave from the world. but it is peace and love all nations and lead that is no stick patients usually help from the human beings. were told abengoa the only thing that i said to be told me that i was going to be given body on the guilty be able to articulate the ideas that they got on the spot not. i believe.
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your life must have changed considerably since your wife passed away yet you go on working you're not a crash man. and wish you to be close to many people many a loss i lost my loss. i don't feel you know what i felt and firms who were there computed we didn't expect or that we shouldn't have a day before we. trace discreditable. these can be changed i read many of the letters that you wrote paula and the early years of your marriage there is another great event love. a great tenderness.
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she will have to whom she was not the signs she has very little jewish feeling she was removed. she was none of the said. all the progressive you would want to know little world but none are doing good work you for the greatest machine should want this and you that she didn't know but forward a medical bit of a bundle of anything you need. but when we decided to marry should. do it you will have to go to look and i told about julie's done and she did. enjoy she would really make a kid in november ninth in nineteen she continues or to check then suddenly fifty years ago i told her i'm going to. be. ten percent of the girl
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that i want to live in the machine she followed me. many of whom she did. she was written mostly to condition me to. another no longer be contented. and not happening in the lead. like to ask you a question about yourself. you can work almost under any circumstances i once spoke to felt and cries and he was disparaging the hour i said
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to her it has willpower and he said no and his definition was this willpower is something you need to do what you don't want to do angry and doesn't work and willpower. he likes what he does. but you agree with that that's true the label they do dispute but you do need me to put a good bit of she didn't it what type of exercise that you do with selling price close enough to have a complicated. you know scissors. before discerning. again was a little bigger no down coming not to remember that no doctor shopping that remembers really he no longer.
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was munching he looks looked at all the little i see you on the scene she did a lot to the gospel or at least one of only nothing would say that the lights are the only solution not the problem of. the love guru millions of them who are you calling knows that to morrow he comes from the building that. well i will not get the last call of people that i want and he won't be looking over the lip. i've done. a tap. tap on the floor he began to. look up and it's simply awful persistent blues. but only want to get rid of all the detail of them and they have to leave all of the. business.
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it's interesting the inclusion. or the. shit kicked ass page of the lot of the us on the block well lovable or. is there more to come of the ocean that seems to be a typical of the scene we want machines to be more mobile or. more shalmaneser as. i said i'm going to just please yes. like to ask you a question about your connection to jewish history jewish history and it's this the prophets in the bible had a vision for the future. and they connected that vision with
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a faith in god the presence of god is in the prophets yes. they needed strength and they turn to god do you also turn to god when you need strength. to go. with him in basic training that they found god living someplace you turn to you they could pray that a little bit. what you think they turn to didn't turn to god which thinking deeply about something and then going to god that it said there's a good. thinking deeply about something if meditating minted. you think as you just didn't do that. well then bam said that doesn't talk it's not i'm jim i'm being true do you think there's a lot of room in judaism for meditation this meditation
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a theme in judaism. the belly issues knowing food you used the word meditation people just accent and the good effects and you had to. learn it meditation is not that meaning that you would know of plenty. if buddhism there is a context for meditation and buddhist yes if you find that in buddhism when you are interested in good it's nice other people in the doing it meditation you find in meditation is helpful no the image does meditation distinction to integrating this and yes it's other other things in buddhism that interest you or there are many it was really good it made. you.
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good also believed in the non-self and not that he's teaching glos to look human look. he said hatred doesn't cease to hit on the bible isn't democratic leadership. in this was shaped personalities for clearly just. and it's also as you find in the tour billy dee all human model to be a hostile area. you should love that tell a man like yourself the german teachers of the bible they interpreted it means only jews but different got it in the same chapter not
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chapter nineteen leviticus they said a little later if a stranger belief among you it should be to you like a citizen and you should love him like yourself because you were strangers and if. so i don't mean only jews and so on do you think this is going to have to fight the arabs again. and if so can we win not what i did say they did maybe. in several countries but instead it is most likely to take the personal use are going to go ahead i believe in the summer they should lowden more intimate they should spend their money and get the good people they don't want for painful but if a country has to defend itself and work and defend it in this is the new case in history the world certainly not type it is new state and same day than it was proclaimed interest pin state was attack but all the neighbors i don't know them
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for any other case. could this complaint us to demand this huge you know list bridge to security but you know that wont you declared a state the community here wasn't danger there were people united states for example which council a delay of the declaration and then he actually went ahead with it. i want a person has to make big decisions involving countries lives there must always be the fear of making mistakes how do you get over the fear like you and your one can you can never know if you are not make it stick because if you know making sure you don't make it. you do something closer to a good sight and i never assume that you know i can make it stick but i like them but i couldn't this that i thought it ought to be done but little several thinks
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the government. minister didn't but not the case and except you know that most of the countries that have been established since the second world war have failed at the mark recy. can israel's democracy survive. i hope it will. sometime democracy can make mistakes it was a bit of to make them stick out that marcus it didn't make it right. but when you are here you miss some of the people that you've been associated with for many years to an out of the really in a fun well who they are part of the year for you you miss them people that you you are accustomed to so don't miss them i am sorry that they're doing you know that i think you're going to nigeria america and i'm so dead doing certain things you should know better but. the observer but i don't think i also because in the
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recession i don't. i know once which i made nicholas should know i would make would make no immediately after the horror of insane a complete loser. i was told it was and so they stood the whole of saigon. pushing possible. that your sign is at least ten times as big a deal is just. true that all he broke he said to kitty and i said a little too much show and said. i mean to find some of the government thought that i've been to china is that part of egypt and i was asked this question william next china if you catch it i shouldn't plan intention is to go to say no is to ensure freedom of vision in iraq. this is not for this we couldn't be close to sixty. believing this but the day of the middle east war has shown convincing proof that
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israel's little place is getting out of the israeli armored columns continue their sweep to the south west be on the gaza strip and to the south in sinai how did it happen and more importantly what happens now when going to design that particular again no one is a. little better than that the picture that people must make of it you think you are making real progress today where would you like to stop i'm going to occupy the whole of jerusalem. if you wish to increase the land area then. you would do if you wish to increase the land size of israel with. peace and make them safe. but.
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i was in london when the world will collapse and sufficient. after the war to i was in the. it's a different thing than the recording and then mr pringle and then he urged me to come at once and said i want to come to my country and i want to come but i would choose a time for coming and coming. so i'm in. for just short of such time of course i should be seeing that official from the sun should be presented by just a means and some. but we don't have the means we don't have the ability so that we're going to have a big time. because i know and it's been good for more than forty yes i see them along with me and through like very much mr van gogh again because of his frankness his frankness was sometimes frightening. when he when he would express his views about the destiny and the future of that of us we disagreed that
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we always wanted to try and find a company. that i'm afraid he's out of politics and gotten out of the flush of your well being that is. on the streets of being defeated and being downtrodden and all the rest of it and so both of us are in an abnormal condition i consider you just as much abnormal as me because you are not considering that she was your guy when you consider in the press and we are not considering the distance should we have considering our presence or forty i do believe that this country has been making. a country of peace. and one hundred fifty six in the sinai campaign israel withdrew under some pressure do you think there is any hope for a permanent peace here or is this a kind of a state that's going to go on for another century i can give you my own personal view here you know i don't belong to any party i don't speak on behalf of anybody
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here if i would have a choice bring peace in all the territories as you can craft see if i would for peace because i know that in the bundy's which you have got before to succeed these will. if you could settle as many jews as i'd like you to go with tkinter next twenty or forty years. the west bank of jordan occupied by israel during the six day war at the scene of some of the most bitter fighting ever since and now the center of a new political storm but the american proposal that any peace settlement with jordan blasting through the handing back of this territory we really cannot in order be for a lifetime now that we've been going on living green only we thought that if we modeled your ticker for good luck you're lucky that. there.
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was a bad guy in israel is once again faced with an historical chalons that is the negotiation of a peace treaties recognizing secure our boundaries do you think that the government's policy is one that can achieve peace in the middle east you mean the desire to go yes they led only one mistake. there is made history secretary of state they did accept it entirely they did not accept not only under conditions it accepted it i myself think it's a mistake i knew all that you have all of this is that this is a country it was never going to do it was never seen people as that of the senior state and they never gave up i hope to come back but can't and zach can't but if i had to choose entire country of peace i think this is about the place where you is if you can at least you should give up all the time just as you can
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but it looks absence islam and it's withdrawal that everything. issue around. what we do. new reformation now larry how are you here don't you had a lot of been going on. whether some official or. whatever the knesset and whether they said that innocence. you saw it last i shook my she said and she. looked at. that in she was like they multiplied because there were. six of course have seen my star you
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have brown how do i shout. back out here and she done so i'm not as i doubt that did i but he ought that america proud and when it's all absolutely yeah she won't shoot the missionaries internationally where she will quote a shaft. grandmama dental and you can buy loyalty washburn one hundred you can have all glam loyalty going to not slate. they have now are how much solution is a little into lonely at the muslim with him commissar linklater do the high end rush out yes nine you saw them i speak well i mean yes the whole town only had one screw up. when you think of your own contribution to the fulfillment of the research that was going to say. what are the main areas you should if i
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would be alone i would be able to do much. wouldn't be able to enter. it's such a matter which doesn't depend and i think you put. this in a mistake there are many researchers are all this for the buried lead and by that review credibly. grouting has been done by a single man who is a literary. go to little it was created by einstein alone i suppose that i just read this book and feel kind still will the only scientist was from pew thinking came to suit in new ideas about science i asked him if he too is partly true i myself didn't make all those experiments but i you did other than me to night do from them certain conclusions but with without those experiment i wouldn't be able to wish my theory. but in history i don't believe that
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a single question can change things. the less it is done by the people part of the people it can better. and if you didn't have the pioneers to push in addition to little good. but you can't deny that you had a role. and i was of course i was appointed prime minister said to do something you fear for your country or owes it all nettle and. that state does not yet exist to begin can. thank you very much missing where the finish no not yet no no the ten minutes is to do it became planted wait. now it's. not just to. ensure didn't it's already one of the really cool.
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thing to. go teach robotics and keep learning merged reality wait a second we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift to live us . from atlanta to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an adventure
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changing digital world let's start with the devise a simple. shift. d w. d to know that seventy seven percent of africa are younger than thinks of five. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the seventy seven percent to be talked about because you stop. this is where you cut. thirty minutes on d.w. . i'm not nothing out of the wild because some come down but most have nothing with me but i haven't think deep into german culture. you don't seem ridiculous grandma
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there you go it's all out there no time rachel join me for me to get on the gulf coast. play. in years live from the live one that president has its president of got be a prize for sarah but it's the twenty fifth anniversary of the genocide that killed nearly a billion people will hear from the survivors striving to keep the peace also coming up. migrants clash with police officer responded with poll tested don't get to talk to.


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