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dorothy. played. a bit of. the be. the best. this is the deputy is coming to you live from berlin and attempts to unite the far right in europe create a new alliance leaders of italy's lipase have brought together the alternative for germany party and other populist with plans to expand their reach across the continent ahead of european elections coming up. you've got the chance for you're
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there believe the time of comfort barneys don't have to haul around one white i think he has a great team they're doing fine and if if he is elected i would sleep well at night in a tight election israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu. makes a controversial pledge to win support his top challenger benny gantz is a centrist and full my chief of staff help from voters on the eve of the polls. and libya's capital on the seizure of rebel libyan generals troops advance on the city of tripoli dozens of been killed the government says it's launching a counter offensive. plus a russian court suddenly news releases film and theatre i can't kill a seventy cough on being with the director was arrested almost two years ago for embezzlement and torture on house arrest some of his work has been critical of the government.
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cut and welcome. good to have your company. italy's far right interior minister martino salvini has invited popular sponsors from around europe to meeting in milan solving is hoping to forge a new writing alliance ahead of next month's european elections the group's attending germany's far right f.t. the danish people spotty and the finns party from finland salvini says he wants to form a you populous bloc in parliament. now of course for them to bake a written is standing by in milan where that meeting is taking place so we're still at a big it is first of all what is salvini hoping to achieve with this alliance. amrita as you just said he's trying to unite the far right populist parties and head of
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the upcoming european elections and today he's actually an announced that that that plan and he said that they're going to be building a new party a new grouping in the european parliament called the alliance of nations and people all the ins now the. more it turns and the danish and the finns have a far right populist parties have already agreed to join this but they've put a call out to all members of the other three groupings all of the far right populous and indeed anybody who share their views to try and change europe from the inside of people to these parties actually have in common rebecca because real cure reports they agree on certain issues but they're really wide apart on others. that's right amrita and just how successful he is really remains to be seen at this early stage i mean there were only as i said the fool for four representatives of
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four different parties attending today i think the league the leaders selvin is leader party would have liked it to be much bigger although some of the people i spoke to from the league of the representatives said they were happy it's just early. they're planning another big event here in may and they're hoping that they can get a lot of other parties to sign up in that time but as you say there are lots of differences among these parties they agree primarily on changing europe bringing sovereignty back to nation states and rabbit and immigration you might say so they definitely agree on most issues but have different in different policies when it comes to things like trade and agriculture and things like that so it'll be interesting to see how they can mate they can only have a i face really stress today that they have more in common than may do different so that they really want to unite under those commonalities if you simply just to be you are because it is another issue that i want to raise with you because also i'm
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the european election is the former chief strategist in trump's white house steve benen she was to create a platform for right wing governments ahead of the vote she's given his support to a new training center for populist european politicians also in italy. i am this form a ministry in trees altie in the hills of central italy has been revived with a new mission here benjamin hardwell has launched a conservative center called the institute for human dignity he wants to draw together christians and jews and fight against islamic fundamentalism young politicians will come to terms altie and trying to become right wing populists resulting in the next generation is going to become the global headquarters of the fight to defend the judeo christian basis of western civilization so that's just not just in europe but right across the world. vision has won the support of steve
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bannon the former advisor to u.s. president donald trump the two devout catholics have met frequently in rome. i'm just honored used to help out and you know what i'm trying to do is add maybe a little organizational ability and and in bringing donors faculty people i would know throughout the world they can teach band and he's now trying to bring together right wing parties from across europe into a unified group called the movement he's hoping for a surge of support in the upcoming european elections this may because the party was. as great as the great message in our history and that's what. maybe this is a nation's a stunning victory. some observers are concerned about the alliance between bannon's movement and the conservative training academy.
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the point that brings them together is an obsession with identity politics. yes it increased mission they say we are christians in the west and europe is based on judeo christian values which we have to defend against an invasion. tide there is also resistance in trees altie many residents don't want baron and his acolytes in the village the monastery is a pilgrimage destination that attracts tourists opponents want the italian government to prevent it being turned into a right wing training camp. but if the law is a cultural location in our village being used for an ideological project. the moderates terri interest is being used as the foundation for a movement but what are its ideals with whose money is it being funded to what in a. hard world plan is clear his center interests altie should become
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a launching pad for right wing populism across europe. he plans to open the doors to his first students this summer. so rebecca how is this center and balance plans to create this movement in europe being received by far right parties their. world bannon's willingness or desire dream you might say to unite far right parties in europe has been longstanding and as we heard in the report he created this organization known as the movement to try and funnel money into these far right parties but a lot of what he was trying to do with the movement turns out to be illegal in on the european law so he hasn't got very far and we've seen a lot of parties who he was trying to get onside for instance materia sylvania leader party and le pen's national rally party in france pushing them back away from baron and saying they don't need him and that they can go it alone and they're
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actually we think we've seen him distanced the selves from balance movement but his dream to unite the parties well that may be succeeding even without him roger becker riches in milan thank you very much for that. but we're now being yesterday with some other stories making news around the turkish president romney is in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart vladimir putin among the topics up for discussion turkey's plans to buy the advanced russian s. four hundred surface to air missile system the defense deal has angered the united states it's threatened turkey with sanctions if the deal does go ahead. and u.s. president other trunk's homeland security chief has resigned kissed. was the face of trump's controversial border policies including the extension on the mexico border and the separation of migrant parents from their children but she was also
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reported to be a frequent target of the president's major problem. german chancellor angela merkel will need to a british prime minister terrorism made in berlin tomorrow tuesday they will then go on to paris for talks with the french president that's as she struggles to break the braggs the deadlock ahead of an emergency summit with on wednesday the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. at the end of the wake. in sudan thousands of protesters are demonstrating for a third day outside the army headquarters they want the military to support their calls for the resignation of the country's president bashir security forces are reportedly attempting to break up the protests using tear gas. a day before elections in israel prime minister binyamin netanyahu has made a controversial campaign promise he says he an excuse settlements in the occupied
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west bank that he is facing a stiff challenge from a former general the centrist benny gantz with a tight race ahead on middle east correspondent on extremists sent us this report on what voters are saying on the eve of the potence. benyamin netanyahu is likud versus benny gantz blue and white party is resurrection is said to be a tight race with voters remaining split including here in this close restore in jerusalem ilana benyamin hopes to be netanyahu as everyone calls to prime minister who form the next government she can see any i'll turn it. on and if. i think b.b. has a great team they're doing fine and have babies elected i will sleep well at night we will move towards a safe future for me for my sons and grandsons should we look at the another four years of maybe unthinkable for this young student guggenheim voted for netanyahu is
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likud party in the previous elections but this time his vote for the go to the new blue and white party headed by former army chief of staff benny gantz i think he has his time coming go to serve his country well i think after time for years the really the time has come to switch parties and have been born white take the premiership and move country to hopefully better and more secure places. when israelis go to the polls on tuesday they have a wide range of issues to consider and a record number of parties to choose from the economy and security are usually the top priorities for voters but this election is slightly different. in essence these are vital issues for israelis but they're not necessarily the big determinants of votes because we have a situation where the voters focusing primarily on the issue of netanyahu his ten year long governance over israeli society thirteen years in total and the corruption charges against him. despite facing an indictment on
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a string of corruption charges netanyahu can still count on a strong voter base. he campaigned on social media and by meeting foreign leaders with a clear message he's the only one who can keep israel safe and represent the country's interests abroad. meanwhile pentagons and his team of former army generals have been touring the country with the centrist blue and white party has been ahead of the likud in almost all opinion polls. in a small community in southern israel guns who served as military chief under netanyahu appears to voters there's only his party can move the country forward. mr netanyahu and his messages of busy dividing people and using incitement in order to survive we have busy reinforcing the security of israel and working towards a better future for our children. pulses predicted gunther netanyahu will compete
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next to me but netanyahu might have the upper hand to form a right wing coalition with smaller rightwing parties. the award winning russian defector killed a set of very coffee has been released on bail the fifth man theatre director had been under house arrest since two thousand and seventeen accused of embezzling meant his supporters say the charges up politically motivated despite having no phone or internet access seventy cough has continued to direct films and stage productions including a modern take on veggies nabucco which had its premiere at the hamburg opera house last month. joining me now is emily shogun from our moscow bureau welcome emily what lies behind sublimely com sudden release just recently is house arrest was extended by another three months what's changed. well we'll have
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to wait and see to find out what the official reason for this sudden change is the court has said that they will officially be announcing the reasons for this decision later on perhaps even in a few days. did come unexpectedly just earlier this month as you say his house arrest was actually prolonged and the gogle center we called them up that's the theater where. our director they said that this decision was completely unexpected perhaps it would have been more expected ahead of the world cup last year when all eyes were on russia there was a lot of noise around this case as well perhaps that would have been more expected this comes unexpectedly but it's good news for a city of new coach who kind of pumped his fist in the air today at the decision that means that he can work which was something that he was asking the court to permit for many many months he can go into the theater and work and then we choose
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to be full of what's been ecofin why does such international interest in this case . well first of all i'm rachael because it is well known internationally as well he worked regularly around the world including in germany and also because many people many critics of the kremlin say that this case really shows that freedom of speech is being restricted increasingly and that artistic freedom is being restricted increasingly after all city because he is known for his critical work he is often in his work in his pieces his productions criticize the current regime criticize the orthodox church criticize the living conditions in russia he also staged at the bolshoi theatre about les about rudolf no idea of a gay ballet dancer this in a country which has laws against so-called gay propaganda so he's always pushed the boundaries and many artists here in russia say this case really shows that it could
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happen to anyone and in moscow thank you very much you're watching the news coming up ahead tackling jim the so-called criminal minds police in berlin to crack down to try and catch the families at the center of this on. but first to libya where the river troops loyal to a former libyan general have closed in on the country's capital tripoli the militia has already taken control of large spots of the country forces aligned to the u.n. backed government say the amount to a counter offensive wriston countries meanwhile for truce and the resumption of peace talks. in benghazi members of have tars militia prepare for their onslaught on the capital tripoli despite calls for restraint by the international community have to are seems determined to ignite
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a civil war he's one of the fiercest critics of the un backed transitional government so far efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis have failed meanwhile government forces are taking positions outside tripoli to defend the city from attack the rhetoric is getting increasingly hostile there over a little earlier today we have launched operation volcano of anger to cleanse all cities from the aggressors who oppose the legitimate government. have to are seemingly aims to seize military control of the entire country and in this way to establish facts on the ground this comes just ahead of plan talks on libya's future set for the end of the week a timeline for a possible new elections was among the issues to be discussed the e.u.'s foreign policy chief is appealing for a truce is the full implementation of the my italian troops to allow the
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civilians and the wounded to be about made from. the city and to avoid any further military action and if other military escalation according to the u.n. more than two thousand people have fled the fighting south of tripoli many others are still trapped by the hostilities and cannot escape. and for more let me draw in chris stephen he's god eons in libya correspondent and has been killed contact with people in tripoli welcome steven of intense fighting has been going on for the last few days in and around tripoli is the u.n. government there on the verge of being toppled in the all assessment. i don't know i think it's still in abouts that i mean the u.s. government still has the city center have to us forces are on the outskirts today in fact quite quiet everyone seems to be to be reloading but i think that the battles deafening the violence. a lot what's a bullet does a gender have not had among the people of libya and tell us
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a little bit more about his aims and what he hopes to achieve. what he has a lot of support in east libya and south libya yes some support in tripoli. and i think partly he's he you know he's argument is the libya is in chaos and he let me in the army run the country and what will end the chaos and that appeals to a lot of people doesn't appeal to everybody and a lot of people in tripoli a very very frightening specially because now you know he's army is fighting its way in and militias are fighting to stop him so a lot of people having been caught in the crossfire and of course libya has been in political chaos since the toppling of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven the week of the u.s. corps for an end to the fighting that niall what do you make of international efforts to help solve this conflict. what i think the internationals of the pex i mean there's a libyan peace conference taking place monday next monday in fact which has taken
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more than a year or two to put together so the u.n. had been preparing have been hoping you could bring all these factions and militias and generals including taft up to the peace table but now instead that seems to be to be fragmented now you have this major fight so i think the u.n. are trying to figure out what to do that got very very limited options. i do more to all the implications of stephen off this fighting which is going on and the possible for one off tripoli agenda and i have thought. what i think is considerable i think if it truly does fall to the new yes i mean that there's going to be tremendous upheaval there's also going to be problems for surrounding countries because you're going to have refugees and of course you have all these migrants and refugees who are there in libya now and desperate to get out . the rights of the implications are huge for the country as well as for the region instability well kristie even thank you very very much for that update on the
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situation in libya. now here in germany police have lucia crackdown on so-called criminal clans many of our big and origen the clans of believed to have thousands of members and they have this strong in the rural area you can see that there you have hanover breman as there is here in berlin for decades some families were able to build their own tightly knit criminal mafias but now authorities say they're going to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards such groups many of these families came to germany in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's they were not allowed to walk and received not to social welfare payments some were tempted to and money through criminal activities ranging from robbery to drug dealing police i'm now worried they are through on young refugees and recruiting them for their criminal activities in an attempt to destruct the scene police have launched what they call the strategy of a thousand pinpricks our reporter mark at has. a large scale raid
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in berlin is not done district investigators are mainly targeting shisha bars where they suspect organized crime clans are laundering money customs investigators auditors and federal and state crime authorities accompanied by hundreds of police officers are searching the bars it's the biggest operation of its kind in berlin one can district mayor martin he has come along he wants to know how the mission is going. this time the improprieties are minor offenses tobacco without tax stamps and violations of trading and child protection laws but the district mayor says he won't turn a blind eye. we can publish everything with these checks from minor to major offenses we are implementing a zero tolerance strategy here large scale raids like this are part of
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a new campaign against organized crime clans suspected of committing. major offenses including the breaking of a luxury department store in broad daylight or the theft of a one hundred kilogram gold coin worth millions but convicting clan members is difficult not least because few are willing to testify about two hundred thousand individuals are reportedly members of arab clan families in germany the government is increasing the pressure by seizing luxury cars and real estate but organized crime researcher ralph gadahn says that's not enough to break the clan solidarity fifty three they're all sworn to secrecy and that's what makes the investigators work so difficult there are unable to break through these structures. there would need to be a support program for people who want to leave the class or program but there are no such programs yet how delusions came from syria ten years ago almost every day
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she sees the klan's at work along zone and one of nikon's main streets but she's afraid their crimes will strengthen prejudices against innocent migrants and muslims is on the on and on. the mafia is here concentrated here on the. life. you know. this and i think sooner or later something is going to happen here . she said she's most afraid of a xena phobic attack americans district mayor however has a different concern that more migrants will fall into a life of crime if the state does not do anything about it. i think it's a big good if we make this a crime that might exist here or we could make a pasta hard to make it uncomfortable so that it's not worth it to come here to commit crime. so germans should get used to huge police actions like this one authorities say they know these are not enough but that they lack better resources
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in the fight against organized clan crimes. getting out of sports and football in the bundesliga side gladbach hosted braman to rack up the weekend's matches gladbach had only one win in the previous seven games and against a surprising dream they could only manage a draw. visitors braman created the first real chance of the match your highness denied by gonzaga in the sixteenth minute. also threatened in the first half trick ham on hitting the woodwork here. five minutes after the race start max kruse a loss to the amity is going to fed floria no house and the youngster open the scoring for blood. the braman defense on able to recover after crosas blunder. with the clock back when looking likely davey clawson headed in the
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equaliser in the seventy ninth minute ilya osaka with the pinpoint cross won all the final score and the foals fall further behind frankfurt and their fading campaign for a champions league spot. you're watching t.v. news coming up next equal india the environment magazine for which is seeing you again at the top of the hour bye bye.
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fresh vegetables grown with less water less space and no pesticides. hydroponic farming in nobody. but on these greens really healthy what
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about the costs and can farmers afford the equipment. next b.t.w. . what's the connection between bread flour and the european union the nose gear with montel w. correspondent and the baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by the do you. know. what's being recipes for success the strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . when the water starts rising people fight for survival the money case i don't buy gets me but to buy it when there's a flood of water comes up to a waist on your clothes fast to everyone me. the lack of water is equally
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dangerous. there's junk you can sleep and move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any about going to peace not if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus starts before thirty years on t w. hello welcome this is. a sustainability magazine show which trains the spotlight on some new shows that are taking us closer to a greener tomorrow by twenty fifty the population of.


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