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draw the line thought oh look. i think that. this is due to re newsline from berlin the battle for libya's capital a military strongman fighters advance on tripoli attempting to win control of the city dozens have been killed in the un back to government says it's launching a counter offensive western countries call for a truce also on the program a top russian film and theater director is suddenly released he was arrested almost two years ago for embezzlement and put under house arrest his case prompted an international outcry.
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on well iraq is great to have you along everyone we begin this broadcast in libya where the battle to win control of the capital tripoli is reaching militias opposed to libya's u.n. backed government are closing in on the capital tripoli they forced the closure of the city's only functioning airport and thousands are reported to be fleeing the city all the militias are under the command of military strongman huffed or this man that you see here behind me he backs a rival government in the east and says he's conducting a war against terrorists but his opponents say he wants to set up a military dictatorship meanwhile the u.n. bank government in tripoli says its forces are mounting a counter offensive dozens have died in the fighting in western countries meanwhile are calling for a truce and the resumption of peace talks. in benghazi members of have two hours
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militia prepare for their onslaught on the capital tripoli despite calls for restraint by the international community have to are seems determined to ignite a civil war he's one of the fiercest critics of the un backed transitional government so far efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis have failed meanwhile government forces are taking positions outside tripoli to defend the city from attack the rhetoric is getting increasingly hostile they have a little earlier today we have launched operation volcano of anger to cleanse all cities from the aggressors who oppose the legitimate government. have to are seemingly aims to seize military control of the entire country and in this way to establish facts on the ground this comes just ahead of plan talks on libya's future set for the end of the leak the timeline for a possible new elections was among the issues to be discussed the e.u.'s foreign
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policy chief is appealing for a truce. a full implementation of the my italian troops to allow the civilian center wounded to be about needed from. the city and to avoid any further military action and the end for their military escalation according to the u.n. more than two thousand people have fled the fighting south of tripoli many others are still trapped but there are still ities and cannot escape. while libya's long simmering and fighting has now come to a head the country has been mired in problems for nearly eight years now ever since longtime dictator moammar gadhafi was toppled from power where libya's gas and oil up for grabs rival militias have struggled to gain control of the country. the overthrow of colonel gadhafi and twenty eleven plunged libya into chaos for four decades he had ruled the country with an iron hand holding together libya's
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disparate groups including some one hundred forty tribes and clans his death left a power vacuum the government in the capital has limited power even though it's recognized by much of the international community is rivalled by a parallel government in the eastern city of tobruk both of ministrations have parliaments and armed forces adding to the chaos various militias are also fighting for their own regional interests military commander khalifa haftar who's leading the current attack on tripoli is loyal to the administration in tobruk he took part in the twenty eleven uprising against gadhafi and then initially disappeared from the scene but in twenty fourteen he returned taking fighters to the city of benghazi. a defeated al qaeda linked militants who were effectively controlling the city and much of the region the operation took nearly
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two years to get one have to widespread credit in eastern libya and some recognition abroad too. but he didn't stop there after consolidating his hold on the east he swept through the oil rich south of the country earlier this year and now he's turned his focus on the capital after supporters see him as the best hope of unifying libya under one government while his opponents fear he'd be another dictator like colonel gadhafi. all right want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has announced that washington will officially designated iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization is the first time the u.s. has labeled a foreign government entity in those terms iran's foreign minister has urged tehran to respond in kind by adding u.s. forces in the middle east to its list of terrorist groups. the turkish capital ankara has sworn in its new mayor opposition candidate with
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a sore jobless and recent local elections you have a strong a surprise you never really be the candidate for president and once a k. party party is now appealing against you as a victory as well as an opposition win in istanbul. and sudan's state media reporting that seven people died in anti-government protests over the weekend thousands of protesters have been demonstrating for a third day outside army headquarters in the capital hard to they want the military to oust president o.-l. bashir who's been ruling the country for three decades. italy's far right interior minister met they are has announced plans to form a new populist alliance in the european parliament salvini was hosting other populace at talks in milan of next month's european elections among the groups attending were germany's far right of deed the danish people's party and the finns party from finland. if you look at them in. the award winning russian
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film and theater director seventy has been released it was put under house arrest for over a year and a half facing allegations of embezzlement his supporters were widely criticised the case as a political show trial and say the arrest was politically motivated the director's work angered powerful cultural war conservatives he is a vocal supporter of russia's. community and he had. publicly criticize russia's twenty fourteen an accession of crimea. is pretty good thanks to all the people who came up to me and the courage to me by saying don't give up and we are with you and so on on my debut to our walks it was incredibly touching your support is needed but i'll say again it's not over we still have to go back to court and prove our innocence if you look really good. in the state you know to the russian capital to our correspondent and we sure when show is there for you and tracking this
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developing story only why the sudden change of heart why this release what changed well what this means is that. there are going to go has actually been released from house arrest but he still can't leave the country signed a document saying that that's important to mention and what has changed well it's not really clear the court today said that they would be releasing an official statement on what has maybe changed soon perhaps in the coming days the timing of this decision was unexpected city of house arrest was actually just prolonged at the beginning of the month until early july and now we see this decision and even the gogle center. is that opening of theater they said as well today that this was totally unexpected for them as well so he seems to be under the impression that the case is not over can you tell us what will happen next. well what we do know is
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that this means that city of new cove will be able to work that he'll be able to go into the theater and actually direct plays from the theater itself rather than just from his bedroom he was very happy about that decision today we saw him kind of pumping pumping the air with his fist actors today at the google center were saying that they were crying with happiness but we don't know what it means for the case itself he hasn't been acquitted of the charges yet and cases like this one high profile cases in russia are often political what this means there have been positive signs today state t.v. has been reporting about the case which is unusual and the ministry of culture has come forward and said that they welcome the decision but as we saw today things can change at the drop of a they can change at the drop of the hat the bench also the question why is there international interest for his case. well so david you have worked
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internationally as well. including in germany excuse me and the reason why this case though has attracted such international attention is because kremlin critics have said that this is a politically motivated case and that it's an example of the increasing censorship the increasing restrictions on the art in russia city because has become known for his critical work he's criticized the orthodox church in his plays he's criticised the regime and he's always pushed boundaries as well one of his productions. at the bolshoi theatre was about openly gay ballet dancer notorious and that in a country which has a law against so-called gay propaganda so other artists and russia have said that this case really shows that if they come after him they could come after any artist in russia and we sure when reporting from the russian capital thank you. and israel
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no and a day before the general election prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a controversial campaign promise he says he will annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank he's facing a stiff challenge from a former general the centrist many guns with a tight race ahead our middle east correspondent on ukraine where filed this report on what voters are saying on the eve of the poll. benyamin netanyahu is likud persis benny gantz blue and white party is resurrection is said to be a tight race with voters remaining split including here in this close restore in jerusalem ilana benyamin hopes that netanyahu it's every phone calls to prime minister who form the next government she can see any i'll turn it. on. i think b.b. has a great team they're doing fine and have babies elected i will sleep well at night we will move towards a safe future for me for my sons and grandsons and she looked at them another four years of bibi unthinkable for this young student guggenheim voted for netanyahu
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three could party in the previous elections but this time his vote for the go to the new blue and white party headed by former army chief of staff benny gantz i think the time is coming though you serve his country well i think after ten for years the really the time has come to switch parties and have to haul around one white take the premiership and move country to hopefully better and more secure places. when israelis go to the polls on tuesday they have a wide range of issues to consider and a record number of parties to choose from economy and security are usually the top priorities for voters but this election is slightly different. in essence these are vital issues for israelis but they're not necessarily the big determinants of votes because we have a situation where the voters focusing primarily on the issue of netanyahu his ten year long governance over israeli society thirteen years in total and the
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corruption charges against him. despite facing an indictment on a string of corruption charges netanyahu can still count on a strong voter base. he campaigned on social media and by meeting foreign leaders with a clear message he's the only one who can keep israel safe and represent the country's interests abroad. meanwhile pentagon's and his team of former army generals have been touring the country with the centrist blue and white party has been ahead of the likud in almost all opinion polls. in the small community and so than is road guns who served as military chief under netanyahu appears to voters the only his party can move the country forward. prime minister netanyahu and his messages of busy dividing people and using incitement in order to survive we have busy reinforcing the security of israel and working towards a better future for our children. post as predicted gunther netanyahu will compete
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to make but netanyahu might have the upper hand to form a right wing coalition with smaller right wing parties. and we ended with some much needed good news for a group of captive whales in russia whose plight prompted an outcry from the public and even celebrities like leonardo dicaprio all authorities have signed a deal now with international scientists if we see the nearly one hundred whales the orca and beluga whales have spent months in cramped pens near the sea of japan for the hard copy that's after a company caused them to export them to china images of the whales sparked a campaign to free them and forced moscow to intervene. that is indeed very great news you're watching the news up next in business africa an energy crisis persists in southern africa or in south africa rather i should say
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just weeks before an election there. that story in a whole lot more coming up with ben fizzling and just a minute and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock by heading to our web site that's d.w. dot com i'm a little rock n roll in c. tomorrow same time same place. the response was a fight for survival. is a dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not.


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