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president detergents response was brutal. this is not the kind of freedom that we want coded monroe where you become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city that is in the sights of i.r.s. starts april eleventh on t.w. . the world seems a pretty topsy turvy place right now u.s. president donald trump has been doing what he can to turn the long existing system of international trade on its head he is a keen advocate of trade wars and a slap to punitive tariffs on china and germany. says that german cars are exported unfairly to the u.s. and claims that they pose a threat to america's security. and
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. they do their we have the best twenty first. then you'll be doing. the great work that does. this is nonsense ling trending global trade and it comes at a time when more and more people are worried about their jobs or feel completely marginalized so it's all rich man's game thirds this is their destroy america that's what they're going. to jog around here now. everything is minimum wage or little above. this is you get scared when you hear jobs are at risk somewhere. it's a vicious circle he just can't get away from globalization for. growth as asian seem to have. for many people. how our president trumps aggressive high state policies impacting on international trade and our trade practices any better
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. they're. all on. the same kevin to hard managing director of a german steel company says trump's america first trade policy doesn't make sense when target speciate factories produce about two hundred thousand tonnes of stainless steel a year ten percent of that is exported to the yo ass. but in spring twenty eighteen those exports were hit with a twenty five percent importer of that of course raises the price of german steel in the us but a number of american manufacturing companies need that steel so they pay the extra tax.
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is also the. most of those companies have to import steel from other countries. it's the only way they can get it because the u.s. just doesn't produce enough high quality steel i mean. that's why steel imports are so high that dick. so the americans are paying more to cover the cost of those terrorists themselves so it is on the trinity and it's going over to father wrecked and the steel processing industry in the u.s. is extremely worried about those higher prices because it in turn makes their products more expensive. so in kevin target predicts the trumps terror of policy will backfire because the u.s. products that are made with german steel including cars machines and industrial pipes now cost more turnover remain stable for now because the companies can supply the high quality product needed but the tariffs are also making german still
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manufacturers very nervous. just so you know to say that we're stuck in a trade war that slowly escalating and we can't get out of it how do you see it. if i said this is the danger is that things will eventually spin out of control and at some point trade will just collapse. i definitely describe this as a war not least because of the huge scale of it. and. i think that i doubt you can if tariffs are imposed on the automobile industry we're talking about a situation that could affect many jobs was not the law like that to get fair so we're really concerned about it was not our sons i thought. for years economists and politicians have been telling us global free trade is good for everyone president trump apparently disagrees now we've got a trade war on our hands. what's up in the u.s.
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. we've come to the rust belt a part of the u.s. which has been in industrial decline for decades new tariffs were supposed to help the steel industry but that hasn't happened on business after another has gone bankrupt the downturn in the steel industry in this part of the country began in the nine hundred seventy s. and it has had a massive impact on local communities. president trump tweeted about this decline repeatedly during the election campaign as he tried to win over blue collar workers. and.
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general motors was once the world's largest manufacturer of automobiles but now three of its factories are on the verge of collapse like this one in town ohio where the chevrolet cruze his belt. scott she took used to work on the cancer center line he drives a chevrolet but not a cruise he prefers a powerful gas guzzling come on. this is a twenty seven same fiftieth anniversary camaro s.s. to s.s. convertible quad black edition so it's black black roof black interior and black wheels these cars don't exist you'll find for twenty seven say it's for sale on the internet. earlier this year president trump visited ohio and demanded the general motors keep the town plant open g.m. plans to close the plant anyway. well the whole place is going to close and it's
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close going to. break everyone's heart because all these people like to beatriz floyd is to make decent money work hard and then go out and spend their money in the community and thrive in the community and general motors is the largest thing we have employer wise troubled county ohio. scott was living the american dream and he believed that donald trump could do something to change the rules of free trade that so often destroy jobs. they did that we call in at the drive in restaurant when scott seems to relax. the c.c. doesn't much money him that's typical for many people in this part of our hire a lot of the jobs that pay well have disappeared. still she makes great food. all about on long island although. now the g.m. plant is closing what do you think what does it mean for your brother. or you
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wouldn't just not in their jobs around here now. everything is minimum wage or a little bogged down and there is a standard person just can't live on that it's. impossible thirty bucks the arts a ten bucks an hour warren to ever work for you know you heard seventy dollars already read. the eversley never make my save but. scott sr is thinking about buying a new car a german car for the first time in my life to ever thought to buy another product besides general motors and she likes what i love is it all of my good outlets and they make us any later we are going to leave i have one arm around her heart and i say time i don't know the smallest doesn't appear in germany it's a big issue. so here's a rust belt resident who wants to buy a german s.u.v. that's built in tennessee for the u.s. market only well trained in the eight. globalization pays no attention to
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international borders but that's not what president trump simplistic catchphrases and punitive tyrants would have you believe. in. many ohio residents like scott and his sister bought into trump's promises but a local official of the auto workers union says that tariffs don't protect jobs quite the opposite impact. the tariffs and they want to impose these tariffs actually kind of hurt the auto industry because the price of still what so it cost g.m. to build cost them more money to build the cars here now if the prices still is higher so they're continuing to move this work to mexico bailey david greene points out that the president has rewarded big corporations that transferred jobs to mexico to count labor costs. president trump gave them huge tax breaks in this g.o.p. tax plan and in that tax plan it's actually cheaper for companies like general
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motors to import cars instead of paying twenty one percent tax now they only pay ten and a half percent tax right on their profits so it's cheaper for them to actually bring these cars in from outside the country and we think that that's wrong and we think that that's not helping our cause here at all. so instead of america it's jobs lost still trumps tyrus and trade wars remain popular with many voters the president recently claimed that imported german concept resent a threat to america's national security and he threatened to slap a tariff of up to twenty five percent on them. i've come to the city of youngstown to meet the associate editor of the business journal brian he's the newspaper's expert on the decline of the automobile industry . a number of u.s.
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presidents have tried to change american trade policies particularly skeptical of donald trump's approach. the trade deficit hasn't changed people are still buying imports despite higher prices in whether or not those prices will really be that detrimental to the consumer is yet to be seen. in the answer isn't as you said tariffs per se. the answer is in the trade war the answer is actually finding different ways more innovative ways to manufacture products in this country . trade wars no one ever wins a trade war we have to remember that it was a transfer so yes. i may have differ with the president on that killer issue because no one really wins a trade war. it's who loses the least i think when it comes down to it you know.
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and studies indicate that while global free trade has helped the rich to increase their wealth it is also destroyed the jobs of many blue collar workers a trade war would likely make this situation worse. dan o'brien talked about innovative jobs but what happens when new technologies end up competing with each other. we've seen that in germany in the effort to rebuild the economy and the infrastructure in the former communist east the chemical production sector in the beautiful dolphin region was wiped out by the government subsidies helped to create a new solar technology industry there and various konetzni worked as a supervisor at a company that made solar cells. it was the mood like back then solar valley sounds like silicon valley pretty exciting of course look. there was a new sense of optimism people were saying that the technology sector was growing
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and creating more jobs in the region unemployment started falling. more than your. government subsidies helped the new solar cell center to get started and compete effectively in world markets but at about the same time china massively increased subsidies in solar cell industries in the german sector crashed once again and dress can yet sneak found it himself facing an uncertain future. this is what you get scared when you hear jobs are at risk somewhere. and it's even worse for older workers. if you're afraid that you won't be able to find a new job in the same region. like your german minister of economics and technology at the time philip was opposed to more subsidies he preferred a free market approach. yes it is because who and i go see a video here of a chrysler speaking in the bundestag and he's talking about whether the subsidies
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for the soda energy center should continue. so. i don't think there's been a record increase in the solar cell sector and eighty million customers in four million small to medium sized businesses are paying the price for this sort of command economy policy is unacceptable here in europe i was in this case even though this is a what do you think he meant by that. but it is well that's politics for you it hasn't changed. it's a complicated situation. and it is pretty hard to make any sense of it first the german government provided subsidies and then cut them then the e.u. stepped in with protective tariffs but china with its command economy became the world leader in the production of solar cells as konetzni was demoted to a janitor's job at the factory. tariffs and subsidies seem to be
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part of the cutthroat world of international trade and prayers konetzni and scott probably feel like pieces on the chessboard of globalization. economist yes says the populist donald trump is playing to the existential fears of these workers . there's one reason why donald trump became president. he won states that had been hit hard by globalization in the midwest plus pennsylvania and ohio. these states traditionally vote democrat but he managed to carry them by attacking globalization and china and his campaign speeches without the states that have lost out because of globalization it's impossible to understand donald trump success. for. president trump has clearly abandoned the principles of free trade in favor of tariffs and trade wars but free
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trade has never really been free. for. everyone's talking about free trade right now. but free trade does not exist it never has existed. there's always an element of protectionism in trade policy. this is just sometimes more concealed in some cases than others. i don't think it would be a good idea in the long term for world trade to develop into a sort of jungle where the u.s. china and the e.u. subsidies and protectionism to compete with each other. well trade may not be fair but now more than ever one rule seems to govern survival of the fittest for example in africa where the u.s. and china are expanding their trade presence. both countries see excellent opportunities in the west african country of ghana or the gold coast as it was once known. this part of the continent is rich in natural
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resources. the european union is also involved in trade here and is acting in its own interests by demanding duty free market access for subsidized european agricultural products ghana of course would prefer to continue to produce its own farm products to keep young people in rural areas gainfully employed. but the e.u. is having none of that. i've come to ghana's capital our crowd to meet economist and labor expert. we stop by to monitor market otu says the prices are set here on a daily basis. that someone is someone in the market is fixing the prize in the morning. was the sellers tell me that they need a fair price it's the dry season now so tomatoes are brought down from ghana's far
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north east they can't compete with inexpensive tomato paste that's important from europe and china. you can find it on sound just about everywhere. fresh local tomatoes are left to rot. it's hot and humid right now so those tomato should be processed quickly but that's not an option. for such three year john. our body of all workers. well that. was definitely in part the competition is good guy but there's a message to do says his. voice must apply to bring your from your old devices that are metal from italy is of little surprise by doing down commission of all flaws that stood still for too long a manufacturing in china i visualize. visible evidence of angeles as i think of the
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everything that has. gone as main agricultural exports as cocoa it is the world's second largest producer and exporter of oil. but almost none of it is processed into chocolate here that's down in other countries. germany for example is europe's leading producer of chocolate has. what they now to an ice such the local markets for chocolate bars but couldn't find any we finally managed to track some down at miscarriage the shortage of processed chocolate here comes as no surprise to us whose father was a cook and family. about produce clothes. which are spoken by you how to make a special effort in order to locate chocolate high like in germany where your
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produce zero amount of coke. is everywhere so many if not it off i'm as a problem in the hop is that truckload before and i'm not true so am i but i did before you buy even though you produced a large amount of copper wires in a possible to produce unexplored destructors. to say germany or you are. closer using the old us it's probably because of the triple this is not mentioned so it doesn't push us to. ignore long as zero tolerance. combat on the clock not survive it. it would. have. terrified escalation as a new concept. for years the country was allowed to protect itself against cheap agricultural imports and exports its own farm products duty free. but in
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recent free trade agreements the e.u. ordered ghana to drop its terrorists if it wanted to continue export. some pressure from the. significant amount of pressure. that if you don't. remember that. poor countries are going to lose the. you. know this is a. policy we're clear. in the past. what i see important is our tribe says. so when it comes to international trade it's europe first and germany first although we don't
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shout about it by the year as starts we just put pressure on our less powerful trading partners. i head back to europe via italy. i've come to the southern province of where tomatoes are grown during the summer for export. i'm on my way to visit one of the farms. the crop is being harvested mostly by african immigrants. one of them is in three c. in noosa from ghana he wanted a better life so he made his way to north africa and then to italy and now he's stuck here. i ask him what he earns picking tomatoes. i'm out also going to do some of those just three year old fifty cents per hour and not pay i
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want a son i say how much. how much do you hear oh what. a when you take one i wanted to miss one hour you make one. you know so you you get three your three you fifty. your family or. three to walk. the logic to work that the problem they just you tell it is almost black like it's living i can sense or to say. you treat seniors earning next to nothing harvesting emu subsidize tomatoes in the process is indirectly hurting the tomato industry in his home country. like scott she took in the us sometime transcon its knee in pitiful it three c. in noosa is subject to the forces of international trade the local farm workers union is demanding higher wages for these people go union official down here like
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a valley is looking into it receives cakes. for it you're comparing notes thirty three c's last employer paid him less than half the national minimum wage. the bills period. was designed. with such low wages they can't afford to pay rent and it's impossible for them to become integrated into italian society. many of them live illegally in abandoned houses in the countryside. or they live in ghettos near towns. i want to see way treaty lives so i drive him home to an abandoned military airfield near future. migrant workers live in barracks and containers set up on what used to be the runway.
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these are the houses for people to for many. were trying to. get from migrant workers right in the middle of the european union. just surplus here. to me to get most of the food. that. is receiving news is caught between a rock and a hard place he can't become part of european society and he can't go back to ghana where he would be shunned as a loser he's one of the victims of globalization. i'd like to talk to the e.u. trade commissioner about subsidies tariffs and worker exploitation but she has no
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time for an interview so instead of visit to continue chancellor merkel's personal representative for africa policy and ask him the same questions. do germany and the e.u. treat the victims of globalization any different than the u.s. stands right now. and i was quick to respond. immediately we saw african farmers being treated essentially like slaves and a lot less than italy's minimum wage harvesting tomatoes that are then exported to ghana it has ruined the domestic tomato market so that makes sense as you know was not this was in kinds and you know unfortunately i think maybe ghana overestimated its own ability so it improved an interim trade agreement that wasn't in its own favor. those. trade. they took those clubs as we did not seek
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a serious discussion on trade issues. we had decided that free trade is good. and we wanted to get our products into that market and so we try to persuade the africans to agree to our proposals and so. we didn't even think about the fact that it's ridiculous to bring people from ghana to italy to harvest tomatoes and then send those tomatoes back it will make a lot more sense to produce tomatoes in africa it has the right weather for it comes to policy and visitors a chance or agrees to the chancellor sees it like i do. no because says that his policies have to be reconsidered to improve trade relations and end the migration of refugees from africa to europe. prosperous africa is in the best interests of germany and europe you've not i'm not an incision. we simply cannot try to integrate hundreds of millions of people into europe is. to put it simply for every job that exists in africa means one family
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less that wants to come to europe you've always got sort of. europe fast china fast america fast. and in the u.s. scott chitter all wanted a better life they didn't get it in the age of donald trump international trade has become a game that only powerful states can where it's now the survival of the fittest but what happened to the promise of prosperity for everyone. an idea that was coined in germany.
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was. crushed anniversary. by an destroys dortmund by in the hundred days in class. and leipzig scored the most beautiful goal of the day in a curious comeback against little. kid. to the to say. to yourself. don't miss out. cut.
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the be . played the be. this news coming to you live from berlin with the deadline for the ucas bridge or from the european union just three days of me to visit me in berlin to plead for another briggs extension in talks with the german chancellor i love back and she also visit paris to meet the french president all this on the eve of a crucial e.u. summit also the program.


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