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oh. this is deja vu news coming to you live from the warring parties in libya face mounting international pressure to stop the fighting in the capital tripoli but will the rebels listen to one of their rockets managed to shut down tripoli's airport and they or already taken control of the east and south of the country.
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also coming up. with the breaks a deadline just treat is a way to reserve a new trial is to burn him to plead for another extension and talks for german chancellor angela merkel she's also going to visit paris to meet the french president all this on the eve of a crucial e.u. summit on greg's. and his ratings of voting in a closely contested election political newcomer benny gantz a centrist enough for my general dismounting to stiff challenge to four term prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his dr think they could possibly be told truck correspondent in jerusalem. of a warm welcome to you i'm honored that shima a pleasure to have your company. pressure is mounting on libyan general khalifa haftar to stop his advance on the capital tripoli forces launch the general carried
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out an air strike on tripoli's only functioning airport on monday reports say the strike hit a run by causing casualties puffed out is trying to seize tripoli from the un backed government there thousands have fled the fighting. so who is general have and why has he started this offensive we have this report. the overthrow of colonel gadhafi and twenty eleven plunged libya into chaos for four decades he had ruled the country with an iron hand holding together libya's disparate groups including some one hundred forty tripes and clans his death left a power vacuum the government in the capital has limited power even though it's recognized by much of the international community its rival by a parallel government in the eastern city of tobruk both of ministrations have parliaments and armed forces adding to the chaos various militias are also fighting
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for their own regional interests military commander after who's leading the current attack on tripoli is loyal to the administration in tobruk he took part in the twenty eleven uprising against gadhafi and then initially disappeared from the scene but in twenty fourteen he returned taking fighters to the city of benghazi. they defeated al qaeda linked militants who were effectively controlling the city and much of the region the operation took nearly two years one have to widespread credit in eastern libya and some recognition abroad. but he didn't stop there after consolidating his hold on the east he swept through the oil rich south of the country earlier this year and now he's turned his focus on the capital. after backing from russia and egypt his supporters see him as the best hope of unifying libya under one government while his opponents fear he would be another dictator
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like colonel gadhafi. that despite reports that russia has sent troops to libya moscow has so far denied supporting have gotten its forces in the offensive on the capital tripoli from long this i'm joined by dr leon is i have he's an expert on international relations at the higher school of economics in a moscow welcome to you know how credible are reports of russia has troops in libya and what are they playing in this little latest battle for the control of tripoli. well good afternoon and. you know until now i didn't see any evidence. regarding the russian troops in libya but i guess we can say about pressure and the first of all about russian structures in egypt and and abia we can talk about the strong cookery shows only be and you should be assistant.
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and on the egyptian military basis and i guess we can talk about the. russian private lives for complaints in the b a but i'm not sure that the rule of russia or role of russia and the role of russian private it's for complaints and the russian structures. what is so high if you're talking about the base but on the triple is so i guess more see russia interested in in. in dialogue and in conference on libya and in. political part of the doctor he said you're suggesting that joshua has no boots on the ground but it is offering military support and cooperation to general have what i russia's strategic aims in that region. you know if you're talking about be russia
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russian interests in the middle east so it's should be clear that we haven't got any real strategic launch or. goals in base region i guess in libya and also in syria we have two we have two to two. main goals and and the first one we would like to use syria and libya of course at the beginning was our negotiations with the west and it should be clear that this is our main i guess a reason in the beer to use the. issues in our biggest changes miss three zero and paris and the second one we would like to to use our presence in the middle east in our relations with was a gulf countries so that did this to two reasons for us to the main reason for us i don't believe that we have any other strategic and long to our interest in the
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middle east north africa. right international analyst dr li or not is i have in a moscow thank you very much for your assessment thank you. let me now being up to date with some of the stories making news around the world algerian nor makers have named this. as interim president he will leave the country during a ninety day transition period for president of the beautifully car resigned last week after pressure from the country's powerful military and reeks of nation like to test in sudan at least two anti-government protesters have been killed were demonstrations outside the army's headquarters now in their fourth day security forces have again fired tear gas as they attempt to disperse the crowds who want the army to back their calls for president omar bashir to step down. in the philippines hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the chinese consulate in
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manila to demanding beijing remove its vessels from disputed islands in the south china sea they're also calling on the government to take stronger action it's off to find a diplomatic protest against the chinese president's last may. he was indeed i've been is coming up ahead the journalists across the syrian border while seven months pregnant to film the friend would become a jihad just need oftentimes in this kidnapped and in captivity. story it is the most attention. but first british prime minister in seventy is in a tour of european capitals ahead of a crucial you summit tomorrow just days before the u.k. should do departure from the e.u. me is all rushed to paris to meet french president yvonne in mccraw before that she was here in berlin where she met german chancellor angela merkel for talks neither spoke to reporters after their meeting which got off to
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a somewhat shaky start. with other aspects of breaks it made survival of the chancellor a didn't go to plan the british prime minister was obviously a little too early. to welcome. was. only after theresa may went inside that both leaders came back out to do the compulsory hunch aches but the smiles can't the fact that the german chancellor and other european leaders are running out of patience with the british and their failure to deliver this became clear this morning at the meeting of the e.u. foreign ministers. we are waiting finally for substantive steps in the right direction. nothing at all has changed and we are of course thinking about an appropriate extension of the deadline and also about a longer extension they must come with very strict conditions. there is much speculation over what exactly theresa may could offer the e.u.
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to get an extension until june thirtieth but what the e.u. is prepared to give rumors in london that merkel could be willing to put a five year limit on the backstop have been denied by the german government and luxembourg the chief negotiator for the e.u. make clear that there won't be any new offers to open the brics a deal especially not on the backstop. of the extension depends on the purpose and what it's for and that depends on what and this is nay will say to european leaders tomorrow. after a visit to. paris before she even the arrived in france french president said that he doesn't want to see an extension beyond two thousand and nineteen. it is election day in israel voters are going to the polls to decide whether to extend prime minister binyamin netanyahu is conserved to ten you know for a fifth he's up against his former military chief of benny gantz
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a centrist who's made much of corruption allegations against netanyahu but he's new to politics it's expected to be a very tight race as a winner israeli elections are being closely watched in the entire region. let me talk to our correspondent in jerusalem in just a moment but first she has her report. the election campaign is over and no it's up to the voters to decide who will be the country's next prime minister. is various have a day off to go and vote here at a polling station in time to slim expectations are mixed. i believe that netanyahu has a much better chance of saving israel as an existing jewish country then benny gantz the clearly it's for it's a referendum on bibi on our prime minister and you know but of course much more is on the line where the future of the territories our relations with the palestinians
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the nature of israeli society the legal system a lot of things that are on the on the table right now it's time for it's on yahoo to go has been this has been successful certain kinds of things but the corruption and the ugliness of the campaign i think is indication that it's time for somebody else so i think it's time for him to go. prime minister benyamin netanyahu wants to be reelected with his likud party despite facing a possible indictment for corruption. netanyahu has been in office for ten years if he wins this time and lasts a full term he'll become israel's longest serving prime minister so far his main rival is former army chief benny guns whose newly formed blue and white party has led most of the opinion polls in recent weeks that is that what this election's about are about their personal mostly focus on the leaders on the ten euros indictments on on the new guy in the block. benny
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gantz and nothing more than that pollsters project that netanyahu may have more opportunities than the center left block to form a coalition with other smaller parties on the right. that are full of the idea of the stand of crema she now joins me from jerusalem welcome john nash is a voting coming along what's the turnout like so far. well we got some new figures from the central election committee and they're saying the votes to turnout stands at around twenty five percent at noontime that's about the same a little bit less than in two thousand and fifteen the last elections when the overall turnout was about seventy two percent at the end of the day now as i said in the report as well i mean it's a day off for his great courage still to go out and vote and then it's a long waiting period until about twenty two hundred when the first exit polls are going to be published and ten netanyahu is hoping for
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a record fifth but his challenger the former general an army chief benny gantz has been leading in pre-election surveys according to report how different are the policies of these two main contenders. well if you look at foreign policy there might not be so much defend at least when it comes to questions like iran also the palestinian israeli conflict that hasn't actually been a big topic here during the election campaign we know that mr ganns also once not to give up on jerusalem palestinians of course want to see east jerusalem as part of the cutest state. but this campaign was mainly about a style of new leadership basically he was talking a lot about wanting to unify the country less polarizing politics he also talked about clean politics clearly in reference to prime minister netanyahu. and of course his politics would also be determined by the kind of coalition he would have
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to form if you would be tossed from the next government. that took a much cleaner politics netanyahu is facing corruption charges in three separate cases what implications of will this have in case he's asked to form the government . why from a legal point of view for now at there's nothing to prevent crime in the snow from being a candidate for running in the elections and also to become again the next prime minister the attorney general had announced some weeks ago that that he intends to indict mr netanyahu and several corruption charges pending a hearing so this hearing will have to take place that into course. maybe is sometime in the summer and then there will be a final decision whether mr netanyahu will be indicted and then it's a totally different question when if he's a prime minister. but i think what's in the back of the mind of voters and a lot of people i talked to you said east among those who actually want to see a change in government they said they have some problems with you know thinking
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about having a prime minister. you know running a country like is about and also having to do you with legal troubles that's why they say they would like to say to see a change of government of course and it's announced or to see that completely different and they would like to have him as a prime minister in another term. voting is continuing where you are kind of came in jerusalem thank you very much for that update. and that's the story of a woman who was seven months pregnant when she was kidnapped by radicals and imprisoned janina. went to syria friend who'd become a jihadist in doing so she took risks she now regrets phin dozens child was born in captivity. not a day goes by without. thinking about the kidnapping three hundred fifty one days that changed her life it all started in
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a split second. when the taxi was stopped six men with kalashnikovs jumped in front of the car and the van door was opened i was really a french i'm like a frightened animal. i did my best to remain calm and to shut out the foundations of thoughts going through my mind. after her year in syria began in the autumn of twenty fifteen despite being the seventh month of her pregnancy janina dared to cross the turkish syrian border with the help of a smuggler in the northern syrian town of all done she met her friend who is now john hardest in the midst of the chaos of war for one week they shot for the documentary film her girlfriend guarantee janina that she would be safe. trusted each other but the circumstances were so different from the last time that we had seen each other and. two different worlds that don't have any connection to
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each other anymore. when the journalist wanted to leave aldana she was kidnapped the mouse kidnappers took her to different apartments the pregnant woman was provided with what she needed but was always scared to death. the kidnappers were prepared to cut off my head ruthlessly in front of the camera at any time that was clear. janine says the most extreme omen. prison meant was the birth of her son a few days earlier one of the kidnappers came into her room with a veiled woman it was the gynecologist who helped her bring the child into the world. but they told her if anything happened to me or my child her husband would be killed she told me that after she'd been there a few times that's when i understood why she was willing to do anything to help the birth go well a few months later janina was unexpectedly released the young mother and her child
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were allowed to return to germany the circumstances of her release are unclear she was told that no ransom was paid we asked what she now thinks about her decision to travel to the war zone. a dangerous mix of the naive feeling of security that i had and under estimating a very risky situation. janina finn dies and wanted to tell the story of her former school friend before the birth of her child today she knows that was a mistake and she's glad she was able to leave syria alive with her child after three hundred fifty one days of captivity. since fort at a football the fortified is of the champions league kick off this evening tottenham host manchester city in an all england clash city aim to make history this season and she is something no other english side has ever done to win the quadruple that's two domestic comps in england as well as the premier league and the
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champions league. manchester city barely have time to catch their breath right now pep guardiola side to reach the english cup final at the weekend now they european hopes are on the line star striker sergio aguero returns from injury to boost a stellar attack also featuring rocky stirling as the campaign for an unprecedented quadruple continues. to knows this will be a tough examination of city's credentials even if you'd like it to be an easy encounter. who goes into minutes. to. my message to the players in the first like. we know each other quite well and we're going to to make it would be our city will have to keep a close eye on harry kane the striker has already scored five goals in the tournament this season. even with the threat he poses there's no doubt the odds are stacked against tottenham have lost their last three games against the premier
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league champions but coach maurice your party tino has caught the said of an upset . we want to start to morrow being tough i know to see for. high tempo on the game we see we've got to leave early that situation another challenge for man city to limber up for at the start of a phase that could make or break their quadruple hopes. and then the team could end up stopping manchester city winning the quadruple liverpool tonight if you're going club a club side host porto in the champions league quarter final first leg of the match to repeat off the round of sixteen time last season which liverpool won five million aggregate never would have edged ahead of city at the top of the premier league with several late victories in recent weeks clumps is that shows the determination of his team. we are fully focused. this club never gave up and this team never gives up so that's all it is it's not about. you
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have to try and try and try and try and that's what we do in the moment and using the good situation we are in but we know we know how difficult the situation is as well that physio and club and dozens of neglected zoo animals enjoying a new life after a tense rescue operation the beasts including several lines were held in miserable conditions in gaza a team of vets says not evacuated the captive animals to a safari park in nearby jordan. it was a dismal life for the animals being held at gaza's raffa zoo a pride of lions were the main attraction but the zoo's population also included monkeys hyenas foxes several gazelles and an ostrich for lion cubs froze to death in january and the lack of exercise also contributed to the misery.
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of the planet on their normal most of the animals were traumatized and were suffering because their cages were so small they were showing abnormal behavior a sort of nervousness in which they kept walking up and down in the same place for several hours a day. because the. vets from the animal welfare organization for poor has left the operation to evacuate the creatures of the city's owner had claimed an israeli air strike had made it extremely difficult to care for the wildlife the fate of trucks transported the living cargo to jordan. their new home a sunny nature reserve with plenty of room to roam around. muster and the dead were happy to be able to help and provide shelter we care about all animals. and the vets say the lions are making
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a good recovery as they enjoy a new lease of life. now move to bring a painting from eight hundred ten to what your life in twenty nine thousand is happening right here in berlin at the only national gallery where technology is opened a window to another was it gives you a unique insight into rheumatic artists cost davidge fiji and one of his best known . a tiny lonesome figure standing on the beach in front of a rough sea in the sky a heaped up mountains of clouds cast but guarded friedrichs the monk by the sea is a radical image almost abstract and it's an icon of romantic painting but in one thousand it shocked friedrichs contemporaries. contemporary critics brentano and clive that it was a. cutaway because this work is. only
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a single figure can be seen on the beach which is otherwise deserted. but now the monk is entering the age of virtual reality with high tech glasses you can now immerse yourself in this masterpiece and meet the monk in a life size representation. of you lose yourself in a different world is super great virtual reality experts and the national gallery have worked together on the project for one and a half years. we always try not just to reproduce the painting but to create a new world and in that way to interpret the painting and try to understand what the painter was thinking and what his vision was. here virtual reality is more than just a gimmick the monk by the sea was extensively restored between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen seven layers the vanish had to be removed the darkened paint layer
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had to secure the image is true colors and it became apparent that casper darvish friedrich hadn't originally designed the picture quite so radically but actually rather conventionally the master romantic had put three boats in the picture the virtual reality experience reveals the sketch and also tries to convey to the user friedrichs ingenious use of paint to create his groundbreaking work. who would not want an image that opens up like a new world and to be able to enter it and with this access you completely learn and experience what was previously simply not possible. and of course it should make you want to look at the original with fresh eyes to. quite fascinating you're watching the news coming up next indeed having news. another blow for the
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pro-democracy movement in hong kong nine media's a behind the two thousand and fourteen protests are found guilty of organizing the umbrella movement street protests. that and more coming up next in asia and don't forget you can always get news around the clock on our website dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook for me under thirty and then used by the now.
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city rooms are all a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population laughs my instructors occupied the city center in two thousand and seven team president to church's response was brutal. i never it will never
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again will hold again. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. film in the science of fire starts april eleventh on d w. six the two. technology. markets. made in germany. your business magazine.
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extravagant then you. know their stuff. curves with boning stephanie. didn't check with musicians from around the world. every week on t.w. . this is. coming up on the program pro-democracy activists found guilty in hong kong they were convicted for their roles in protest calling for free elections. going to be for civil disobedience against beijing plus. as the clock ticks down to elections in india the two main parties go head to head with the political manifestos.


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