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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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discovered. subscribing to the documentary to. i. i . match day twenty eight saw the most important game of the season. two hundred ten
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countries around the world are trained on the answer rain of fire and against dortmund their record champions against their greatest adversaries. the drop. red versus black and yellow this is the bundesliga at its best and this time around it's especially meaningful second place biron hosting first place dortmund every shot could help decide the winner. but they were beautiful goals around the league like in labor goes into class with leipsic. something surprising. and dramatic games came down to the wire like shaka against frankfurt. but in the end is where i mean it.
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i in munich against your meant for the classic. welcome to munich germany was ready to take in the most exciting bundesliga match of the season the big showdown by an endorsement finally on level terms. then. one nil for mats. the. robot live and don't see the was streaming from having much seen as. was. from serge capri. i. was. finally five male
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again from eleven to ski so much that level in terms was on the top we overran the crowd was dynamite it was tons of fun what more can you say. they were technically better than us to sick mentally everything we got a lesson today a pick pick lesson how could this happen how did table top in don't meant to dramatically beat by an earlier this season collapse so completely does nico kovacs his banal suggestion before kick off explaining. the much of the team that makes fewer mistakes will win. but how did don't mend make so many mistakes while by and made so few. multiple reasons. let's start with the line up lucy in five red bench the reserved. mario gets up and shifted marco roy's
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forward as a striker when he didn't see enough of the bull to control the match. play where the coach puts us it's not my favorite position. because this check made a return at right back after missing two months with injury which was clear from his play. he was overwhelmed on the wing by kingsley come out not just that he lost the decisive header to match homers for the opening goal. last means the number two age don't went up the second youngest scored in the league by an have the second oldest that can make the difference in such a big game. nineteen year old jamie sanchez who couldn't get into the game crumbling under the pressure. nineteen year old defended dan axel
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do play the hand in by in second to go. twenty year old brian lawson was easily chipped in the run up to the man tina's strike. i was twenty three year old man who i'd hunching lost track of surged mabrey on the four nail old beginner's mistakes. meanwhile brian's more seasoned players took control of the match thirty year old maps homo's attacked the ball with confidence. thomas miller a spring chicken at twenty nine was in the form of his best days setting up to go that's. why. leavened of ski school two of them.
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and how he martinez also thirty grabbed one himself when things get serious experience rises to the top of the squad previously criticized as being pulsed it delivered for coach kovacs. the surge explanation for the five nil thumping is simple robot leavened of skate dorman simply couldn't contain the polish striker and this was nothing new live in dusky has scored ten goals in just his last five appearances against his former club. as amazing. the best of the world. to score every year. more than twenty goals in twenty twelve leavened of sci fi or dortmund to the title. the name raged by and cry to my way and transformed him into their most dependable
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scorer. his story exemplifies the uneven balance of power in the league. and have yet to find a striker like him since two footed strong in the air and clinical. but things could have gone differently in the seventh minute when things were still scoreless dorman's game plan nearly paid off if my move to who'd shop had gone in instead of ringing off the post we'd have to scrap our explanations and be talking about how smart it was to start him over gazza and how the young hungry dortmund squad overran by and. i but it turned out to be their only chance of the match. i. won so it was. by and celebrating after the final whistle there the new league
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leaders may flex their muscles and now all of germany has to readjust to the prospect of this season ending just as the last six before it was buying in first place. went on their way to the seventh straight championship or is this still hoping for a title race that goes down to the wire. one point so we have to pause to consider them because. we have to rise if we don't it's over so it's up to us to get back in the sun. put some pressure on finding. myself if we want to be champions we've got to cut out the mistakes we need to win all our games and hope biron slip up. and if we don't mince can get by in
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a run for their money now who might be able to do it in the long term. maybe these guys the boys in white are be like sick they've got the best defense in the league with just twenty goals against it's helped propel them to third place. and this is the man responsible for everything going on in life sick coach ralph right there on the nine matches and the back locked up tighter than the berlin wall . up front there as unpredictable as bricks it. for team players have contributed to their forty nine goals. but their early showing in labor cousin was atypical the league's best defense. with
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a mistake eleven minutes in and pitching kevin and i have it's labor. stepped up to the spot and he put the hosts ahead i'm players like him could make labor because in true competition for byron unless the bavarians decide to buy him during the off season. long term challenger is more likely to be light shade they show just what they're capable of six minutes later my sales of it so with the well planned equalizer i. was standing behind the wall and i decided to go for the corner kind of disappears behind the wall and thank god the ball went in. but didn't pull the disappearing act after the goal a twenty third minute corner. strike from who else but i haven't i been to one play because my every goal the nineteen year old scores brings labor closer to the
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champions league while simultaneously upping the interest from suitors like munich a true catch twenty two for labor it's exactly the kind of problem. red bulls financial might is behind the affording rockne the opportunity to hold on to his players that's why leipzig could join europe's top teams in the coming years they are attacking game is already support as we said as unpredictable as. i for us because as you get with team obana the best young german striker and their wraps here is his forty seventh goal and eighty eight games if light six qualify for the champions league you can pick up another top striker the club's potential would be off the charts. was this two goal for the byron hunters of the future. leipsic clearly came to laver could. in with winning
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in mind a bit of help from video review after i hand gave them a penalty which converted without batting an eye three to six with the visitors twice coming back from behind and they were on their way to their fourth straight win. after forsberg seventy first minute strike leipsic tightened up at the back and kept pressing up front they played with joy and creativity leading to what was far and away the best goal of the match day. from tell us santos carneiro day cooling yeah. or just i said guy. very professional and he can score goals. you can expect that leipzig are loaded with clicking on the field tied at the back dangerous up front and capable of the spectacular.
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nick is on track to lead leipsic to the champions league sure they don't usually give up two goals but when they put four away who cares. and they'll receive a boost out for the season when germany's top young coach yulia nobbles mon comes on board leipsic will have truly arrived in the colorful world of football. speaking of which. did you know kick off is now on you with the world of football. and relief oh hi thanks that's all right i'm going to make the stuff. and. i am pretty. sure it's going to go. visit football kick off on youtube.
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thank. you. is it already carnival time again in mind. plenty of celebrating against freiburg home for his hat trick makes him the life of the party freiburg simply couldn't count imitate his ice cold finishing with his fast. which the twenty one year old doubled just seven minutes later not for the defense made it particularly difficult for him. as he had to tell him the third pitch perfect cross freiburg in disarray. what was that explanation. simple explanation sure i'll make it simple for you didn't score. but they gave plenty away. seus had an
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empty net to shoot shots. and substitutes kareem on you see we also got one it don't look too easy. but every single thing worked out today. the money means everything slips through front legs fingers. to the goal fest and beaming with got to take. it was the tenth time freiburg headed home from mind to win. time for the battle of the cellar dwellers stood guard posting a desperate nuremberg. pereiro was ready to make a difference for the visitors after a two week suspension he's been on a roll he found the net last week against borg and was hoping to keep it coming. and it didn't take him long he clean things up to try. nuremberg ahead just before
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the break. but it wasn't so clinical where there's other chances. and with time running out the guests are allowed an equaliser was on cock with acres of space this was a horrific in the past so often this season we just can't put it together to grab three points the clubs were left roughly where they were before with four points between them and the table. promoted side to side all fit had assaulted season on the country ten full because. the first time they faced taps that was the turning point six the full one when they've been almost five then benito ramón back to brace he wanted a repeat performance seventeen pictures right up frankie after first with a training. session. then by tidying up piece and challenge this right concept will be his favorite opponents.
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before the game at all again we had five points and now we have thirty seven so i don't know how we can describe this it's just a feeling and the moment how you play and it works perfect but it wasn't all fact that i live as a mako grueling each and yes it wasn't enough i'm tellin drops that forced match you know well distilled golf now that complex he said if. hacking has been glad about coach for about two years now after a drastic dip in form you have decided to let him go after the season. but his team took the news in stride with claudia knowing how it was putting the hosts ahead in the forty ninth minute. but braman have been informed. headers shall be point. the
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battle for european spots ended in a draw with bare remaining undefeated in the league in twenty nineteen. things and not going well for two must dos seven losses in the last eight matches and if i recall what the guests had a spark of hope against most book thanks to hendrick by dance that she has made it strike. the train not safe stephanie promptly responded with the breaks for the highs and songs. have reflected that none of the play she has effects. chances to you know it's really frustrating because we were right in the match and were doing well and i truly thought we'd come away with something in the end it was three one. she added insult to injury
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with the so. after that there was no coming back for me just fourteen points they remain dead last and then link. to carve out some distance from relegation against profit. but the europa league were no easy opponents. for a crime rich put the gas in front just six minutes in his fifteenth goal of the season. hoping for an equaliser but. even further behind after an hour of play. after last week's brace the algerian just can't stop scoring and was hunting for a trick against out for. powerless to stop
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him over ninety minutes. deals thirteenth of the season the improvement over the last campaign. what's his secret. i believe in not with the coach plan and i think he's very good for us offensive players. may have a plan but we'll have to wait and see if they can deliver european football. twenty three points separate shall go and frankfurt but they've got a lot in common the teams used to walk in the others shoes. frankfurt spent five years hovering around the relegation zone and are now enjoying their best ever done this league season. well shock of experience the opposite shift in fortune so what happens what's the difference between these two teams motivation morale the royal blues can definitely work on that's what's frankfurt
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secrets so maybe it's better to find out what's wrong with the shall. i say what i know where the problem is one where. i don't need to tell you that it's a pity not yet for you. as usual shall cope and miserably frank but soft and strong toying with the hosts. twice tested. but couldn't get past shock as young keeper. on saturday but had a better go so that phillip cost it the creation strike you can't just cool back for the head on just thirteen minutes. i was cost it's a rate which have both been impeccable form of legs. while mid season loan signing mazzini hims agony put one away from fifty metres frankfurt was shooting from everywhere. still
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shaka managed to strike back not even ten minutes later with suits set up bank on a free kick the ball one one shot back in the game out of nowhere. shout revitalised and it could have been anybody's game after the break. shot got solid chances while nubile was kept plenty busy at the other end. things looked destined for a draw until the fifth minute of stoppage time the second file from sat us so shall courage used to ten men. then on the ensuing free kick daniel caligiuri was ruled to have used this has. popped up plenty of deliberation from the ref at least
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a last gasp penalty was awarded. i stepped up and blasted it home in the night minutes of stoppage time the seven strike a finally bested new book and grab three points figure. i can shall can learn from frank first i was it was a matter of luck i think and we did a great game we fight like like got game we play and it would be a very good life in this situation and everything is against us. so what does the future hold for both teams. will shout could be able to collect points in nuremberg where they continue that dreadful streak can frankfurt continue to spot when they host alex berg but before we worried. much about next week let's see what else this
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weekend at two office. weeks of getting pumped up for this one to say it one small buy in demolished don't lend five male the teens chasing the talk to you oh say one frank thanks again shout jackfish in leaving consent which is where it could be ask god this one to go safe at the weekends. going to. go for the ages and a point to strive for remember developments it's just a point and there are six more matches still to go the title is yet to be won even
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if it doesn't feel that way after saturday further down nuremberg points against dzhokhar probably won't help much but they remain hopeful as outsports shock and hanover are lost as well will sign off with the five goals from the biggest match of the day.
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is utopia newsline from berlin looking for a lifeline britain's theresa may make the deadline dash to avoid a briggs it crash out just three days away from the drawn date of may the mutes chance on the americal to plead for another extension next stop paris to make the same plea to present also coming up israelis vote in a closely contested election political newcomer but he got a centrist and a former general is mounting a stiff challenge to four terms prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his.


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