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hour a day. by name of the names who and i work at the top you. play . this is d w news live from berlin israel spending the nest and yahoo is on course to win a record fifth term as prime minister he's calling it a colossal victory it was a tight race against his nearest rival the religious right wing parties looks set to tip the balance in netanyahu today also coming up. another has been a day of britain's tourism a as she prepares to ask european leaders for
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a delay to press it if they refuse the u.k. it could crush out of the e.u. in just two days time to. try and sell well to a basketball legend germany's dubbed the whiskey calls time on a glittering two decade career in north america's and be a. plus prepare to be sucked it up till now the only pictures you will have seen of black holes are computer animation like this one but later today for the very first time scientists a set to unveil the first real image of a black hole we will explain why is this is such a milestone. mackinnon thanks so much for joining us it's. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu
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appears to have secured victory in the general election with most of the votes now counted he is running neck and neck with his main challenger benny gantz of the centrist blue and white posse but netanyahu is in a stronger position to form a coalition with a number of rightwing policies we'll cross to israel in a moment first this report. good won't be a sweeping victory but it will nonetheless be historic israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to have edged out a win for a record fifth term the right wing bloc is expected to hand his likud party a solid majority the divisive election drew mixed reactions from israelis. i got what i wanted. just because in my opinion there's no better alternative. you can't just come out of nowhere and become a prime minister and be believed has all the experience and big achievement that
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shows how strong bibi is now he can do whatever he wants. his it calls have shown a deadlock with the center left blue and white alliance led by benny gantz he also declared victory but the optimism proved premature. one exchange the country has been it's been going for a while i thought it was maybe time for change i'm devastated absolutely devastated . we're surrounded by right wing radical people who want to end a mall here or tories in this part we're never going to have peace in the countdown to the election netanyahu valid for the first and to annex parts of the occupied west bank for some this would all but and any hope for a two state solution with the palestinians. i think we have just witnessed a clear cut the vote by the israelis to maintain the status quo as far as we.
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miss was a vote to maintain the status quo to maintain apartheid. the election was also overshadowed by netanyahu is legal troubles during the campaign the attorney general recommended indicting him on bribery and breach of trust charges he denies any wrongdoing and would not be legally required to resign if formally charged netanyahu appears to have beaten his most serious challenger thus far. the official results of the vote are expected later in the week. all right let's get the latest from jerusalem now where our correspondent is standing by for us tanya thanks so much for joining us you've been speaking to people in jerusalem about tuesday's vote what are they saying what are they one of their reactions. one of them expection is over here of course supporters of mr netanyahu are absolutely thrilled
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that he made it again there's an expression that you hear very often here in the streets it's only baby only baby can do that. becomes another time prime minister if you can for this and then of course you have those who are very much disappointed those people who voted for a change for mr guns and his team they came out very strong if you think about is that this party wasn't even there three months ago and they're of course disappointed because they came out strong but they cannot. have to for that would have difficulties to form a coalition and they have wanted a change so there's of course disappointment there so as you say binyamin netanyahu supporters very excited and yet he's battling a looming indictment on on charges of bribery corruption and they don't they not worried about that. was it seems those people voted for him then north
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korea about that they actually most of them would say this is a complaint against him they were saying that this is sometimes because of doubt boating for him to support him and of course those who don't want wanted him to be another time prime minister they wanted to change they were concerned about this now his position is a bit up in the air because basically what the attorney general said it's an intention to indicted for corruption charges now we need to wait for a hearing it's not quite clear when this hearing will happen and then there will be a decision whether to indict him or not so then it's of course the question about his coalition will this stand by him or not at that time you mention his coalition it would obviously be built with right wing parties what does that mean for israel in particular in relation to the palestinians and peace efforts in the
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middle east. few seem khans constantly here is a shift to the right and also in this coalition it looks like he will have a component of the majority with probably the also also talks parties and the smaller writing parties and most of them do not support a two state solution also he has spoken before the elections that was just two days before the elections that we have to wait and see if he comes through that to annex parts of the occupied west bank so that would of course pass and you hope you know to even start negotiations or to think about talking again with the palestinian side but they're also speculations that maybe the u.s. administration might poplars a release this so-called peace plan they have said that many times but some u.s. officials had suggested that after the israeli elections they might release parts of this plan so this would be also very. important to see how this will play out.
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in jerusalem thank you. some of the other stories making news around the world new zealand's parliament has voted to ban military style weapons in the wake of last month's deadly shooting just one will make a voted against about fifty people were killed in the attack on two mosques in christ church a white supremacist is facing murder charges. the dalai lama has been taken to hospital in delhi as a precautionary measure after feeding chest pain a spokesman said the eighty three year old is in a stable condition and has been ordered to rest the exiled tibetan spiritual leader said recently that he hoped to live long enough to see political change in china. and german police have raided ninety offices across the country belonging to islamic organizations that suspected of financing the palestinian militant group hamas which is on the european union's terrorism blacklist official said the main
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targets of the raids are believed to have collected funds under the guise of humanitarian aid for hamas which rules the gaza strip. and brazil's president. is marking one hundred days in office today the far right leaders first three months in power have been marked by chaos and blunders in his own administration a recent poll showed that also narrows approval rating it slipped to just thirty two percent that's the lowest for any elected first term brazilian president. you're watching news still to come. will the rush for the tourist dollar in cambodia destroy the very thing that we're all coming to enjoy or see how building threatening to try to destroy the country's pristine beaches. now astronomers are set to reveal what they're calling a groundbreaking development in just
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a few hours time the information will be presented at news conferences in six different cities around the globe all taking place simultaneously as the result of years of work and for the very first time scientists will unveil a real image of one of the most mysterious objects in the universe a black hole. black holes like cosmic vacuum cleaners sucking up anything that comes to close any matter that crosses the so-called event horizon is gone forever. black holes are created when dying stars collapse in on themselves or when two stars collide and their masses merge. the gravitational forces become so massive that the matter is squeezed into a single point called the singularity. black holes start small but as they suck up more and more material in their path they can begin to grow and eventually become super massive black holes. like the one at the center of our galaxy the milky way
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where the mass and gravitational pull of four million stars like our sun. so far stronger must have been unable to see the milky way central supermassive black hole directly they inferred its existence from the motion of the stars all getting around it. the event horizon telescope has spent two years gathering signals from the black hole at the center of our galaxy. the telescope is actually a global network of sin criticised radio observatories coordinated with atomic clocks to synchronize. and all that data is combined after the fact into what's called a correlator and that correlator is ultimately produces data that can be constructed into an image. and that image will be the first time astronomers and the rest of us earthlings will have a direct visual representation of a black hole along with a powerful gamma radiation that admits as it pulls up matter of burst so strong and
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so final astronomers call it the death scream of a doomed star. all right let's talk about bricks it european leaders are gathering for an emergency summit in brussels later today and they're expected to grant a second delay to the u.k. leaving the bloc i mean the british prime minister to resign may have been facing members of parliament in her weekly question and answer session she's requesting an extension to bret's it to the thirtieth of june but you leaders are expected to debate allowing a longer delay with conditions may insist. without a deal. i still believe that actually the best suit for the u.k. is to be able to leave in an orderly way to be able to leave with a deal. i do want to ensure that that breaks it does indeed all of the result of
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the referendum he remembers of this house who don't hold one of the results of the referendum i do. now the german chancellor angela merkel is one of the e.u. leaders who will be deciding persons fate mergence the summit in brussels this evening she's come out in support of giving the u.k. a longer extension given the above arch move discuss what kind of extension we could grant to the u.k. . and it's possible this may be a longer extension than the one requested by the british prime minister. is. all right for the very latest let's bring in burke at mass who's standing by in london for us but it's looking like the e.u. would prefer to offer a longer breaks that extension how's that going down in london. well it's no coincidence that reason may has again asked for an extension until the end of june because she knows that rex it is here london and many of her own cabinet colleagues are really on happy about a longer extension about the u.k.
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having to participate in the european elections for example so brics it hears and even now and he's here in the house of commons have said if this is happening they are asking for the rules to be changed they want another leadership challenge for them this is really another man and also here in the house of commons there are many protesters also behind me they are saying well we just need to get out we don't want to wait for months and months so there is a lot of criticism if that really was to be the case so what's to reason a hoping is going to happen if she gets the shorter extension what does she want to achieve by getting national traits tension. she wants to just prohibit that the u.k. needs to participate in the european elections as you want to keep up the pressure on m.p.'s she wants them to sign up to had deal that she has repeatedly tried and failed but she's hoping that this can happen however there are also people here in
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london that think that a long extension is actually good news those that are fighting for example for a second referendum soon we spoken to timothy garton ash one of the leading pro european voices historian in oxford and let's listen what he had to say. guard as you recently had breaks into a soap opera but is it really is so bob rose that a serious threat to the continent of europe well a british tragedy is also a fast right and it it's both things at the same time in my view the negative consequences for europe could be even more serious than those for britain and what way. because we already see a lot of forces of populism nationalism and disintegration in different ways in the european union and brics it could give a big push to those forces and is there anything that the european union can do to
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counter that i hope that they will be doing it this wednesday even when they give a long flexible extension for that gives a for a democratic process which will end up either with a second referendum and britain may be staying in the you which would be a fantastic charles for europe or with the softer brics it both comes along for europe and you think that there is also in europe the perception that britain needs to go through this i hear more and more the argument in continental europe that. britain is going to be such a problematic member of the e.u. the metaphor of poison is used but if we're thinking about long term for decades the prospects of the european union long in relation to china trumps america to climate change then it's clearly better to have britain inside so it
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wouldn't be easy initially but we'd get through it and we'd be a better place at the end what do you think if there was no deal what would be the actual outcome what would it mean for for their relations with the i think it would be poison for a generation. i think there'd be a huge blame game. and we would blame it on continental europe the brits would blame it on kind of your not me but the brits the continental europe for bringing it on the brits and then the economic fallout would be related to our very very serious indeed. some breaks and he is arguing actually it's would be better for europe better for the to not have britain because then europe could move on and could be more integration missed this this may be a surprising fork for many of your viewers in the end i think britain or maybe just england will be ok we'll talk a muddle through somehow we'll be poor
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a week or less influential but we'll be ok but i'm not so sure all of the european union. will be ok and i think that in this thank you very much my country. it's about it's a timothy garton ash the casting doubt on whether the e.u. is going to survive can people like him offer a solution for the current political deadlock the u.k. is in. he doesn't pretend that he has a magic wand but he hopes for the democratic process to take over here puts us open paul and he says democracy is messy and sometimes it takes time but we need to go through this we need to go through this process and it might take some weeks it might take months but he's hoping that parliament in the end will find a solution and he said he's actually very proud of polman that the moment he's proud of the the stance that many m.p.'s have been taking and a passionate speeches they've been giving and he wants to see this transformed into
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action he also says well if they haven't got there by the end of the year though even he is giving up it's all right good enough reporting for us from london thanks so much. to come bodie and now which has long been an essential part of the southeast asian travel experience for backpacker. but the country is now also firmly on the map for mainstream tourists and that's led to a building which is having unpleasant side effects on cambodia's beaches. sihanoukville cambodia a city that wants to be the next global tourist hot spot. it's known for its pristine beaches and clear blue water but one thing might spoil it all. pumped onto the sand or directly into the ocean. environmental activists had the water tested and the results were alarming. but
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the clinic discovered many dangerous diseases in the sample. there are parasites and lots of other bacteria in the water. the water is dangerously polluted and a health risk to buy this. scores of new casinos and hotels are being built along the coast but syria and waste management systems haven't kept up with the change piles of trash or another eyesore keeping tourists away. nuisance if there's a trying to keep the problem in check but development races ahead blighting the very beach that visitors come for. not for sellers like me it's quiet very quiet me as the young people have guest houses where they can work but for me it's bad. or not coming in.
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on oil and off the coast plastic is washing up right under people's homes like in this fishing village on costar touch. much of the waste is discarded by locals themselves because there's no service here to pick up trash. scientists are testing the health of coral in nearby waters and they've issued a warning. sort of element in places like seattle feel like giving us a good example of what we want to avoid here in the future so i'm check development is seeing raw syringe go out into the ocean and that's a real problem for car race and sea grasses in particular but developers say construction would benefit the region if it's done right. we have a couple of issues that we need to deal with the issues all infrastructure basic sewage sanitation. electricity incineration waste disposal this is the way forward in the way that the city will win and then they can become
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a world wide destination. but activists say right now greed is winning out over green and they feel breaches like this might just become a paradise lost. the german basketball great no whiskey has announced his retirement before sierra old has been one of the n.b.a.'s most successful european imports and was adored by fans in dallas nowitzki led the mavericks to their only n.b.a. title in two thousand and eleven and was crowned the league's most valuable player in two thousand and seven a bed and emotional farewell after twenty one years in dallas as you guys might expect this is my last home game i be you know be so i want to thank my family a lot of people flew in from all over the world and lots of folks from germany my that's here my sister it's been amazing i thank you guys so much for coming to
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be the germans come a long way since we first arrived in the united states more than two decades ago let's take a look now back at you know it's still a korea. forty one with. a down to earth superstar to wicki straight to success may have been an n.b.a. title eight years back but he kept another milestone just weeks ago shooting his way up the records but it is now six the n.b.a. all time points better than any european player. it all began in his home town of that spared and it was a slam dunk talent in germany's and significantly less popular basketball landscape lanky and great with the ball his standout play led him to the n.b.a.'s dallas mavericks at twenty years old. skills and lots of hard work led to novitsky
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becoming the first european to win the league's most valuable player title he got similar recognition for his starring role in the two thousand and eleven finals against the miami heat and that's the push the mavericks to their first ever championship he was achieving his dreams after thirteen years in the u.s. . his accomplishments made him a superstar in the united states and his recognition wasn't limited to the sports world. it's fair to say that we have very rarely seen a better playoff run than the wins he had last year was. his stardom and the more than two hundred fifty million dollars he's amassed over his career haven't kept novitsky from staying grounded humble team player he's also helped to lift up germany's growing basketball scene he received a hero's welcome in his homeland after winning the n.b.a. title. while i'm totally speechless.
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despite plenty of success for club and country one of his biggest honors remains carrying the german flag at the opening ceremony of the two thousand and eight olympics he's been bestowed numerous awards on both sides of the atlantic dirk novitsky the greatest european basketball player in history and a towering personality. all right some fascinating news for history buffs now archaeologists in turkey think they may have found the world's oldest shipwreck in waters off the mediterranean coast researches believe the wreck is around three thousand six hundred years old it appears the ship was transporting coal minded fight press and smelted into bogs when it sank.
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all right a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu looks to have secured victory in the country's general election but most of the votes counted he is running neck and neck with his main challenger benny gantz but netanyahu is in a stronger position to form a coalition with a number of rightwing party. and personal stories a man is preparing to ask european leaders for a delay to bret's it as an emergency summit in brussels they're expected to grant an extension but it's still unclear how long it will be full. of don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just don't download our app from google play or from the apple store a little give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w.
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app to send us photos and videos. that's all the news for now up next ico africa the environmentalists and on behalf of the whole team in berlin thanks so much for watching.
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small klinsmann to be changing some people making it possible to go to africa. fantastic right. as they set out to safe environment. and learn from one another. and work together for a better future. next
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originally been its teachers even a. couple. you're out of the darkest blue germs into a. stew there's probably no place anywhere in the world where things were invented such a quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second d. w. . hello and welcome to a new edition of eco africa my name is the but my friends call me z. and i'm coming to you from johannesburg and south africa if you want to find out what a national park and do for the people who live in its state.


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