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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm CEST

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to the. discomfort. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes last year speaking out got him arrested and allegedly tortured now ugandan pop star on free speech campaign. africa but he's far from giving up he's taken the fight to the country's highest office. also coming up. bloody conflicts that's left homeless and hundreds of thousands dead now frances is hosting south sudan's rival
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factions. in the balance. and bloody june then to the ugandan pop star ten politician bobby wine as a musician his songs tackle corruption and poverty as a legislator he's an outspoken and critical voice of uganda's government now he's going to make a precedent. that unbeaten. lead to meet threat to the power of uganda's leader you were seventy who was ruled uganda since one thousand nine hundred eighty six while you whine is here in berlin speaking at a conference on freedom of expression i caught up with him today. quite a. for you you were imprisoned you were beating i mean it was in the show you
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expected how safe do you feel to go in for this. certainly not by any of those like me it was fake out and indeed there are many who are sailing out or unsafe i mean you can never change anything and you can never change anything unless you speak out of it. the case in uganda is a complex one because you are living in a regime that is that if. we note tolerate. that is not its line of thinking so anybody who speaks out. against. this is of the regime is at risk because that freedom is to us anyway. no president has been ruling for thirty three years and counting.
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you've already mentioned that you are considering running for president i may be for the first time you can clarify everything with you have you decided now are you running for president the next election. to say it's not just about me asking is should not be like me should be like we and yes i and my team are considering challenging the seven in the next presidential election not that we are looking at the presidency in itself as an end but because we know that biggest problem is misgovernance is the governance question that we want to solve and we cannot solve that until we get into leadership so yes expat my team and i to be challenging for the presidency in the next presidential election recently we all know what happened in algeria you particularly congratulated the people of peacefully demonstrating and no person with a flicker has stepped out of how feasible do you. i think that process is going to
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be like in uganda. seems impossible until it's done you know. this ports especially in africa seemed invincible until they. say it recently in. just a few days in the nigerian me. sooner or later seventy will be no more. strong statements from you what is the major position if you you are going to encounter go ahead with us. the major opposition way is the opposition. we are not. making it very easy for us to the operation and i've said it some time ago that members in the opposition are only concerned about their positions and they will fight any composition that threatens their
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position and that's not what we're looking to we're looking at inclusiveness of the people especially they get of people where come from that have been for so long. from the way they're governed that's why we're throwing it back to the people and the people. who want to you know to change the decision making from. this from. should be from bottom up and that is why we're calling upon old they must history just as voters in millions so that they can assert their voice peacefully through their vote and for the first time. their leaders are going to be savants realistically and they will be the masses through their vote. believe you have made your point very very strong i'm just going to give you the final word for people that are watching you your inspiration of course a lot of young people out there what's your message.
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especially the people i know you're watching. a special kind of i'm not i'm just. i'm only playing my. you might be a. businessman. under the friends. we thank you for standing with us but please keep your eyes on that one that one facebook post that you make about uganda projects right now we. live because they looked at us and. please keep your. brothers and sisters on the african continent we are not free and three we get that believing in an africa that will be proud of going to very much. thank you.
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a spiritual retreat at the vatican today is bringing together in rivals south sudan's president. and former vice president. the vatican is calling it an occasion for encounter reconsideration. gathering or bring peace to south sudan and mend the relationship between. rival release the civil war in twenty seen characterized by brutal violence until now talks how fields to bring lasting peace creating africa's largest refugee crisis here's a look back at. history. born out of conflict south sudan's burthen twenty eleven was meant to beckon an era of peace and prosperity and state it didn't take long for old ethnic rivalries to resurface. within two years the country was plunged into civil war with people paying the greatest price
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violence famine and millions forced to flee. their believe in peril because. the reason for the mass human suffering the rift between president here and the deputy he sacked react. to me accused of occurred. over the years the men have signed unbroken numerous peace deals time and again the smiles did not last. through the helpless and the hopeful and the world's youngest country continued a long way to go. i'm joined now by. head of the africa division of the foundation for science and politics in berlin thanks for your time now you've done extensive research in the region after five years of civil war insults and is
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a full dissolution. well we would hope that maybe there is no moral boosts that he can bring but for sure he cannot be the solution because the problem is much more deep rooted than having a spiritual visit. troll so be treats they called it. wow i hope that there is more than a spiritual retreat proper reading. you know you cannot be responsible as a leader of your country and let the country go down as they have done in the last five years and. i think hopefully his calling are on their responsibility to basically start building that country rather than destroying it now i do talks in a different phone about talks five studies. well. he will not have any mandate to negotiate any talks because the peace talks are
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negotiated the peace deal is done they have to implement so what we hope of course is that he will push them. to take responsibility to implement the peace talks that happened in the region before if they different if they list that's on there one can just hope i don't know if they've been. talking about talks i mean there's been so many talks about mine talks only to know the dues are being three deals still civil war continues. why are the previous talks so filled i think it's much more systemic than you know having and having a deal i mean what we see right now with this deal and the previous deals is yes ok you have an end to the war they stop fighting at least some of the forces stop fighting the systemic question is are the leaders willing to actually lead towards a positive build up of the country and do they have the chain of command are they really in command of all the troops. so far both both questions would have to be
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answered with a no. is it different this time i think it really depends on the leaders but it also depends on you know the society to push for them but also of course of it depends on the region and the international community are large enough now. gloom and doom every time we talk about south sudan is the time civil war is going to end the five years and counting. is there any hope. i think there's hope i think there is hope not in the old guard there's hope in the young people and the more so saddam like many many countries in the region you have you know more than more than sixty percent are below the age of thirty five and you have a lot of initiatives by young people by women who push themselves to become part of negotiations and push themselves to actually start reconciliation rather than mobilizing themselves and into a war so yes i do have hope but i'm very doubtful about the current leadership to really you know steer in the right direction there's been talks about possible
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community efforts you know to actually make this possible the sort of peace deal possible what you make of that i think that's where we have to start i mean i think they have to be a lot of local efforts of reconciliation because this is where the wounds are this is where the memory of the trauma is but it cannot be done only on the local level and if there is no provision by the government if there are no there's no good governance there's no rule of law if there is nothing that sounds like about accountability it is accountability you know the local efforts can only go so far and everybody thanks for your time thank you very much. for now from africa you can catch all our stories on our website on face book page and now we move to the other side of the continents we need you now with images of caution you not see that surely and then they're not a country they are cultural next. to
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me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list a hundred german must treat. every journey begins with the
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first step and every language the first word i don't think of. germany to such. why not permit him. to suffer it's simple mind on your mobile and free. music learning course. german made easy. hi there and welcome to news from arts and culture i'm karen how well in the midst of what feels like a never ending breck says a new photo book by toby bindra brings us closer to the existential angst going on in northern ireland also coming up. another installment of our series baking bread and tells us all about the famous black bread.
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and a dancer who's been lauded for both classical and contemporary performances. of dance about the project that's about to take berlin by storm. with the u.k. on the brink of leaving the the irish border question still has no clear answer this means lots of confusion over what the fate of northern ireland ireland will be where the return to a hard border with the republic of ireland could threaten the region's hard won peace. the u.k.'s breck said referendum german photographer toby bindra has focused his attention on belfast and the fragile balance that is daily bread for its use.


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