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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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and a dancer who's been lauded for both classical and contemporary performances with tears . off a dance about the project that's about to take berlin by storm. with the u.k. on the brink of the irish border question still has no clear answer this means lots of confusion over what the fate of northern ireland ireland will be where the return to a hard border with the republic of ireland could threaten the region's hard won peace lever since the u.k.'s breck said referendum german photographer toby bindra has focused his attention on belfast and the fragile balance that is daily bread for its youth. teenagers in belfast born after the good friday agreement they have not experienced the sectarian violence of the past still these images show that the deep divisions of
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a troubled past still resonate been as book we mark has looks at the relationship between protestants and catholics and discovers that even after decades of peace that relationship has not fundamentally changed. a lot of people live side by side in peace but they don't live together in pace and the every day of the individual communities takes place completely in their own neighborhood there were times i got a lift in a car in four year with a car this will only be a short trip but some people don't even want to drive through the other neighborhoods they'd rather take a long detour and be sure they remain in their own communities communities in two weeks and. the story is not over. high walls and barbed wire still separate catholic and protestant neighborhoods these walls a cold peace walls. the troubles went on for longer than thirty years and cost more than three thousand lives the sectarian
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conflict is see it deep into the consciousness of those living here even after the good friday agreement of nine hundred ninety eight the mood remains extremely aggressive. the center of belfast away from the catholic and protestant neighborhoods here the economic boom the city enjoyed following the peace agreement is plain to see but what will happen when breaks a comes if indeed a hard border between the north and the republic of ireland were to be erected again. and what would a heart breaks it mean for the youth of belfast the first generation to have grown up in peace time or. would they be doomed to repeat the mistakes of their fathers the same mistakes that have caused so much. suffering on both sides.
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after the idea of the book is to simply show that the similarities between the two sides are much greater than they are willing to admit that the kids have the same tracksuits they have the same hairstyles drink the same drinks they take the same drugs they have the same daily routine so you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference. of the number of. tobie been does photobook lets the viewer experience something of how the young people of northern ireland surrounded by propaganda and threats of violence try to hold their lives together his work shows how fragile the peace really is and how uncertain the future looks especially after breaks it. on february twenty first the stone me and parliament passed an act that regulates the conditions for u.k. citizens residing in the baltic republic after breakfast it typically forward thinking and progressive as well learn because it's a stone ians like to get on with things and then very simple and according to. who
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really has a feel for the national staple. the great hall of winterfell was hazy with smoke and heavy with the smell of roasted meat and fresh baked bread. looking for the real life game of thrones in the. fire walls fighting trolls well look no further europe steps to natives way up north in this story are the countries bread is as dark as a winter's night i give you the black rat. by using its loaf eastoe reader has positioned itself as europe's true leader you can set up a company do your tax and even vote online so weighing things up.
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that sticks are told to wholemeal rifle hour is the key to this dark matter loaf plenty of fiber keeps things moving at high speed now for some seeds pumpkin and sunflower leave them to soak for seventeen hours at twenty four decrease just above room temperature the warmer the atmosphere the faster things go a bit like if you summits for example one drum and chancellor angela merkel needed a favor from the host and fellow states person you rewrite us all new things to a new new. initiative. called five minutes later if it is all of you short of all that's try to up and assertion at six o'clock fifty minutes. keep things cozy and you'll be done in a jiffy and that goes for your black bread too highs the internet five
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g. networks across the continent a coordinated european cyber defense since joining the block fifteen years ago estonians has pushed e.u. nations to up its talking. so work your dough hard for fifteen minutes one minute for every year in the club if you want to save time to reach for a hand mixer stirring will be shortened to eight minutes the same number of years estonia has been a member of the eurozone feels the banks need to take decisions crispin stand. and it feels the korean sound powerless think like your dough plays it into two baking tins and flatten it down hash tag homemade is written on this user generated content bake for fifty minutes at two hundred thirty degrees celsius then
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reduce the temperature to avoid. burn out i recommend a digital thermometer when it reaches ninety eight degrees inside the bread it's ready time salt breaking bread. no not like that. very religious if you want to be alone with going to the baltic states and to europe bread is not just for eating you have to really digest it's today's lesson plan lets you share that on social media one a pretty boy is this tony and say may the bread last and it will last forever. on the world wide web. back to the studio and now for something completely different because to me has
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joined me here a ballet dancer from australia currently with the internationally renowned go dance from stock dots and that's a dance company of sixteen that's in berlin for a four night extravaganza called make out israel. started dancing at age seven in vienna while he's at home on stages of the stages of toronto york television moscow and of course berlin twenty five years young but already quite a long career behind you welcome to the studio and thanks so much for coming in tonight are you excited for this performance in berlin ok now the title says it all nega israel obviously this is high octane stuff by a group of famous choreographers. and then begin with landmark works not an interesting mix is there a common thread in their works as history. well of course especially because.
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in israel there's like pulsing and the dance and created by who created. exactly and also. the whole fish they would be they were in a bunch of a company and we. so obviously their and their works also informed by the highly charged political context i'm thinking how challenging is it for you as a dancer to absorb the heart and soul of choreographic message when you're not working with these high powered choreographers on a regular basis well we have very lucky that when we. permute evening twenty years ago and we were very lucky that all what came in the office came and we worked with them directly and i what job is to keep the souls from the pieces and remember what was important for them so you were able to absorb
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a lot from them obviously now let's take a look at the piece called minus sixteen this is a fascinating one bio had an audio obviously a real. house choreographer with the batsheva dance company in tel aviv this is a real. incredible piece an iconic audiences love this work how is it as a dancer are you having a blast. definitely we very much especially because there's the chair section where we throw your clothes off we go to close off for a while itself on the floor we're like so into it in there it's we really have to leave does moment that we really have to get rid of all the just a spent a lot of energy exactly exactly and the it is the difference it's really feel that and it feels beautiful for you on stage as a group now this is punishing stuff you're twenty five which is young by any estimation but what stage of your career would you say you're out presently. well.
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i mean like in the modern dance field so you can dance a bit longer but they say with like each thirty to forty it's. i hope i still have a few more years for see what comes off the cavalry certainly wish you lots of years and wish you and all of the dancers a fabulous run here in berlin i will see you on saturday night very excited to see me thank you so much for coming in all that is all for today and we're going to leave you with some more of the magic that company will be working here in berlin with an excerpt from. uprising so until next time.
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but. the move.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the situation in venezuela could hardly be moco from our guest this week here in brussels is cloudy a somewhat loco back to israel as well as ambassador to the european union with the record of the cooling human rights abuses both mr mudd good to suck up to stay in office. conflicts so for thirty minutes the w. . for. the city in ruins morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last financed my first occupied the city center in town
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seventeen president detergents response was told. by a different will never again the color of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. it is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did mohammad you become a gateway to islamist terror and. you know they say sorry but i mean my city has that. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the snow. starts april eleventh on t.w. .
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this is g w news live from berlin tonight britain's prime minister theresa may pleads for another break sit delay and an emergency european union summit but patience is wearing thin. we need that extra time for it to ensure we can get a deal through common i mean patience or hey what's arisa may have to say but as far as i'm concerned nothing is a good believe that the french president emmanuel mccraw is playing bad cop to german chancellor angela merkel's good cop in brussels britain will most likely.


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