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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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and alan baker can stretch this line with the rules set by the team. cuts. stepping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on a d.w.i. . britain should have already left the european union in forty eight hours the brakes birir will finally be broken a crash exit unless the e.u. says yes to another delay at this very hour at an emergency summit in brussels the fate of britain europe and everyone in between is being decided tonight delay or not the moment of brecken ing has arrived i'm burned off in berlin this is the day .
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book is inclusive and is it any extension enables us to the point at which we justify the ritual if. we think now that will still be. at the end they see if we could leave on the twenty second to install to christ future into twenty twenty still think that they will be part of the people and it's key to preserve the coherence of europe and allow it to move forward. the issue. for the european elections guarantees the functioning of the institutions of the european union. europe side the latino community is still at stake in our foremost interest is an orderly withdrawal of britain from. maintaining the unity of the twenty seven. percent but i see no one to hold us up and not poised to support.
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also coming up tonight benjamin netanyahu has declared victory a fifth term one on a promise of stability security and list occupation of the west bank the us president says that's a recipe for peace. not everyone said and i never made a profit. but everybody said you can't have peace in the middle east with israel and the palestinian. i think we have it and i think we have now is better with phoebe having. what you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome but we begin the day preparing for a late night at an emergency summit in brussels leaders of all twenty eight members of the european union have convenient to deal once again with britain's inability to do what it says it wants to do leave the european union to deadlines for breaks that have come and gone well tonight the e.u. is expected to grant the u.k.
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one more one final extension if british prime minister to resign may returns to london tomorrow empty handed she and her country will crash out of the european union on friday evening at eleven pm london time but europe will reportedly all for may much more time and patience then she would even like to have a flex tension a delay of up to one year before breaks it begins it is a plan that could spare both sides unimaginable chaos and calamity it could also be a bright sit bomb one that could explode and destroy all hopes of britain and europe parting ways on good terms. and. based she still thinks that perhaps it is going to what it doesn't what it
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needs to stop its bought for a country it's it's not a good future for the united kingdom. extension cost to be useful hunch over a pull course and i'll come in procrustes just to get to russia if you can come to redraw agreement with the record. these. drug removed the only way to ensure. the droom do you keep. on in a world of the clocks it's in the interest of the u.k. to be part of the first box it's also in our interest that you seem to be in our luck and i think we'd be generous in negotiating that understanding that take a couldn't be a silent partner in such an arrangement would have to say decisions being made.
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will get in the tub if one is no longer delays not good for people because you don't know what your rights are not knowing what protections you have for what's going to happen to you tomorrow is the worst thing for people. usually. well we're not going to try to sing tonight but we do have team coverage of tonight's emergency e.u. summit here at the big table with me is g.w. bricks and analyst alex forrest whiting in london at westminster is w.'s show auto parts and at the center of it all tonight to w.'s barber of easel she is in brussels at that summit good evening to all of you barbara start with you barring any breaks in surprises it looks like another breaks an extension will be announced tonight but the extension much longer then what the u.k. prime minister to resign made would like to have really right. yeah let's save prince some watch longer because the very long extension. on the from the french
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president doesn't want so he doesn't want this to drag on and on like it was a long goodbye it was breck's it he things britain should be gone rather sooner than later and one of his spokespeople even just a little while ago put out you know the words here at the summit and said if it comes to how it breaks it that wouldn't be the worst thing i mean rift. paradine so we get it over with so he is obstructing the summit business and away and also a man with my trunk is going to be marvelous about now being the last of the european leaders to take the word to speak to his colleagues and say what he thinks about the saudi extension business and he is fairly dark himself in he wants it to be rather shorter so we're heading for a compromise and the big haggle is going to begin right now and a result of that big will be a big caviar attached to that delay europe does not trust britain's six years and
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that includes the conservative m.p. jacob reese more want to take a listen to what he said just a couple of days ago and when the multi annual financial framework comes forward if we're still in this is all one in seven year old chained to division of the budget and we really very difficult and i hope that any british prime minister would take that opportunity we'd also be able to stop mr macro's plans for the deep integration because those would almost certainly require a treaty change shows they began to progress if we were still a member we would be able to stop them. no i remember three years ago that same man said the u.k. was powerless in the e.u. with their he's talking about all the powers the u.k. would suddenly have that could the u.k. very good the u.k. become a troublemaker within the european union during this brics it extensions well i mean that is obviously something that is concerning the e.u.
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and it's not just jacob three small who has been giving interviews and writing tweet saying this kind of stuff. is another brick city or m.p. saying that the u.k. will be a trojan horse in the e.u. in order to do well projects and those have obviously being led by the likes of emanuel macron the president of france which is why he's being so tough and talking about if there is an extension it has to be a conditional one for the u.k. so removing for example the vetoing powers that the u.k. has at the moment so that they can be difficult over the budget if they want to increase the budget i know in other plans like that and you can understand why when there is clearly a bit of warfare going on being made on social media as well as i'm telling you exactly i mean the battle lines have been drawn or are the bad boys of birds that are they preparing not only to be troublemakers in brussels but also to replace theresa may i mean after she returns to london with this. delay how much usefulness
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as a leader will she really have left. well not much brenda is the answer i mean theresa may has lost control over her party a long time ago and hotline really dreading a possible long extension they have dreading the fact that the u.k. might possibly have to partake in those european elect they are calling it a madness that any peace would possibly be sent again from the u.k. to the european union i mean we have to remember to recently has been incredibly resilient throughout this process trying to push her withdrawal agreement through parliament three times but she is definitely losing control and with this possibly long extension even malls so so hotline us within her. up to replace her for example the likes of boris johnson the former foreign secretary and the question here is how and when are they going to do that that is still
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a matter of discussion we're just getting from the president's office the report that. is not the worst option the european union would run a higher risk if the u.k. obstructed operations so you are leaders are they driving a. bridge. some are and it. is really singing that song and particularly but what he's doing he's looking at the european elections and he wants to sort of make ground with his voters he wants to show them what happens if you turn the back on the european union and that it's a bad show if you try to be not european anymore i'm going to america the german side they're looking at this with much more relaxed and they say want to do most decisions are taken was majority we can usually always outvote them and then also some safeguards have already been put in place the draft conclusions for the summit
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like there will be meetings without britain at the table and britain will have to sort of promise not to. interfere in european business now that's a promise on paper legally it's difficult to bind their hands however the political dust up if they do they really still need the european union because after all this the dig a solution is about the future relationship will begin if they start that are such a bad footing nothing will be forthcoming from brussels and that's a very important point to make well it's tonight really is the night of decision you know after all of these nights that we have spent here talking about brics i guess that means friday will not be break after all well brant it's bricks it so we can never say never but let's assume that friday is not the d.-day for brics it and it won't be the end and the majority of parliamentarians in the u.k. will be pleased about that even if brics it is
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a note and according to polls many british vote would have been quite happy for an exit which may sound surprising but let's not forget that of the european members as well germany france the netherlands denmark also affected by a no deal brics it will affect their economy and in particular the republic of ireland that is where most of the concern has been nobody wants to return to a whomp border across ireland and so far america and mock hong have sided with island with dublin saying that they will stand by them so they were allow them to ensure there won't be a border and if the u.k. more time there for friday i don't think i do not think will be perhaps ok we'll see where we are this time friday night briggs analyst alex forrest wide in london at westminster dog show a lot of thoughts of that e.u. summit in brussels g.w.s.
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barber of a sold to all of you thank you very much. well he is british and a diehard european historian timothy garton ash there isn't a chapter in contemporary european history that he has not researched and written about. spoke with ash and asked about his fears of the catastrophic effects a new deal breaks it could have. recently. but is it really is rose that serious threat to the continent of europe well a british tragedy is also a farce right and it it's both those things at the same time in my view the negative consequences for europe could be even more serious than those for britain and what way. because we already see a lot of forces of populism nationalism and disintegration in different ways in the
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european union and brics it could give a big push to those forces and is there anything that the european union can do to counter that i hope that they will be doing it this way even when they give a long flexible extension for that gives a for a democratic process which will end up with a second referendum and britain may be staying in the you which would be a fantastic charts for europe or with a softer brics it both comes along for europe and you think that there is also in europe inception that britain needs to go through this i hear more and more the argument in continental europe that. britain is going to be such a problematic member of the e.u. the metaphor of poison is used but if we're thinking about new long term
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the decades the prospects of the european union along in relation to china trumps america to climate change then it's clearly better to have britain inside so it wouldn't be easy initially but we'd get for it and we'd be a better place at the end what do you think if there was no idea what would be the actual outcome what would it mean for for their relations with the i think it would be poison for the general. i think there'd be a huge blame game. we would blame it on continental europe the brits would blame it on me but the brits the continental europe for braman on the brits and then the economic fallout will be ready very very serious indeed. some brags that he is arguing actually it's would be better for europe better for the e.u. to not have. europe could move on and could be more integration missed this this may be a surprising form for many. in the end i think britain or maybe it will
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be ok we'll see. we'll be poor a week or less influential but we'll be ok but i'm not so sure of the european union. will be ok. thank you very much my country. with the winner of israel's closest election in years is the man who won the last four elections israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is said to make history and begin a fifth term as prime minister his main challenger the centrist benny gantz conceded defeat today but leaders of guns his blue and white party say as the opposition they will make life for netanyahu very difficult. it won't be a sweeping victory but it will nonetheless be historic israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to have edged out a win for
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a record fifth term the right wing bloc is expected to hand his likud party a solid majority a divisive election drew mixed reactions from israelis. i got what i wanted. to just because in my opinion there's no better alternative. you can't just come out of nowhere and become a prime minister and the b.b.c. has all the experience and big achievement that shows how strong b.b. is now he can do whatever he wants what's only exit polls had shown a deadlock with the center left blue and white alliance led by benny gantz he also declared victory but the optimism proved premature one exchange in the country has been you know it's been going on for a while the photos may be time for change i'm devastated absolutely devastated.
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we're surrounded by right wing radical people who want to any more serious stories in this party when never going to have peace in the countdown to the election netanyahu valid for the first time to annex parts of the occupied west bank for some this with all but and any hope for a two state solution with the palestinians. i think we have just witnessed the clear cut of what by the israelis to maintain the status quo as far as we. miss was avoid commenting on the status quo to maintain apartheid. the election was also overshadowed by netanyahu is legal troubles during the campaign the attorney general recommended indicting him on bribery and breach of trust charges he denies any wrongdoing and would not be legally required to resign if formally charged netanyahu appears to have beaten his most serious challenger thus far. the official
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results of the vote are expected later in the week. over more now i'm joined by michael driessen michael has reported extensively on the middle east he is executive director of the media lie news agency he joins me tonight from new york city michael it's good to see you again what does this election and its result tell us about israeli politics i mean is there even a left wing in politics left to speak of anymore hardly israel has lost the left wing for quite quite a while but much of the reason that it's a young has been able to stay in power is the lack of opposition the opposition imploded some years ago and he coasted it's sort of a middle eastern thing that you don't nurture your successor so in this election you had a whole slate that began with great excitement that they were all newbies led by himself and a lot of mistakes were made the good news for the left for the center left foot
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every want to call it is that there is a new player on the scene others have come at the time of an election but have been unable to sustain maybe he will if the top four three of the top four on the list are with former army chief of staff it's almost like hiring the joint chiefs of staff in the states you know that's right it'll be interesting to see where it goes yes very good point what does this election tell us about israeli society. well this is a he hasn't really shifted as much as a lot is being made of the there you can argue a shift to the right but what i'm not seeing and i thought a lot of people would pick up on it is the fact that very often netanyahu gets himself held hostage or hamstring by his own people his big opposition which doesn't exist on the other side of the aisle exists within his own delicate coalition where everybody wants something from him and he's not always prepared to
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pay the price he's actually lost a couple of people dysthymia that are the nationalistic side of the equation the right wingers truly great wingers that are still in the in the mix are more interested in domestic issues and getting funding for their. sect tarion groups and their their pet projects but say take a enough taliban if the former. education minister and the justice minister yell educate these are they ones who are proactive who push who show of who want the nationalistic things so it's just possible that given the fact that the president made states is certainly going to be counting on him to do what he needs him to do when he really says his plan i don't think netta now is going to have the luxury of going his own way on it the opposition internally has been removed or lessened and i think it's kind of a while thought but something could happen now yeah to be interesting to see if
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these election results if things somehow fit into an equation that can equal peace in the middle east michael freed's and as always we appreciate your insights tonight thank you for you to be with you. an exciting story now astronomers have revealed what they are calling a ground breaking development using a global network of telescopes they've photographed the edge of a black hole for the very first time black holes are celestial objects with such strong gravitational fields that even light gets sucked into them. this is the image that has changed just draw me for ever eight radio telescopes in different locations across the globe have made the invisible visible. at the heart of our swirling milky way as a massive unseen object a black hole it's so dense it sucks up anything that comes close even light itself
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the point of no return the boundary beyond which there's no escape from the black holes gravitational pull is called the event horizon. world famous scientist albert einstein predicted the size and shape of this boundary one hundred years ago. in one thousand nine hundred fifteen albert einstein imagine that this idea there are very big weight turns forms of geometry that when the mass is too has he you make a hole a mysterious hole where nothing can get out of it where all its absorbed. astronomers can't see the milky way black hole they inferred its existence from the strange orbit of the stars around it. and they say you need a radio telescope as large as the earth to image the hot matter swirling at the event horizon of the black hole but by using the telescopes in various locations
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synchronized with atomic clocks they could gather enough data to create this remarkable image. you may wonder how this image was made in the first place event horizon telescope it's like incomplete puzzle set we actually only see the pieces of the real true image and then we have to feeling these gaps of this missing pieces to construct their basically possible image that is actually marking our data people from forty countries work together to create this verse. chil observatory called the event horizon telescope and analyzed the data. astronomers want to explore how matter can disappear from our world forever and take a deeper look into einstein's theory of relativity and his initial theory on black holes. from a distance black hole seem wondrous but up close there are the most terrifying
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things in the universe. all right the day's almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me at t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day we'll leave you now with some images of the german basketball great novitsky after twenty one years of the dallas mavericks he's calling it quits and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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benjamin hung miles a mystic a friend what western civilization is turning an old monastery the italy into a school for far right cultural warriors activists for a european populist movement. hanwell has the backing of some powerful he pulled out opposition is mounting and not just locally. in ninety minutes on d w. i'm still that my work that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you
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familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance of. what's your story. on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. you are not a visit or not a guest you want to become a citizen. in four migrants your platform for reliable information. and your present a chain reaction of progress. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution unfortunately
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enabled the smell that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence. i think. the first. architect. scientists. and artists. are going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher to see the indian. culture of the darkest military into a new. place probably no place anywhere in the world where things were invented such quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second w.
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this is d w news live from berlin tonight britain's prime minister to resign may pleading for another bright should delay at an emergency european union summit but patience is wearing thin and we need that extra time to ensure that we can get a deal through column a m inflation so what's arisa may have to say but as far as i'm concerned nothing is a given that the french president is playing a bad call to the german chancellor angela merkel's good cop in brussels britain will most likely get an extent.


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