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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2019 8:30pm-8:46pm CEST

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now. you know the banks. and to watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. for minds. news africa what's coming up in the next fifteen minutes massive celebrations in hock to the. longtime leader. was forced out what's all means we'll be taking a closer look. also the father and son who lost five members of their family in last month's crash you see. just far from enough. discipline. to. be.
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bringing together some of the best musical talent in the. city. welcome to the program it's good to have you with us tens of thousands swarmed on the center of sudan's capital in celebration they danced they signed the sad news that the country's longtime leader has been forced out and then i'll be cool. president. for thirty four yes i faced months of mounting pressure since coming to . a show has been accused of war crimes genocide on the streets in a brutal crackdown on his. colons i mean scenes of joy on the streets the military
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are now said that al bashir has been detained and that they will run the country for the next two years i'm now joined by adam behalf is the niece human rights activist live in berlin he came to germany a decade ago fleeing political persecution from president bashir thanks for joining us and there was never so much for having me to have you know ten years ago because of bustle with all that's going on what is going on in your mind you know so much going in my mind. especially in the morning when i was hearing this all just news i was happy that's things happen because it was so it was we were forty four mortars on city yes it is a long time of sort of years which is president in power and we were caught and i said if you use in your money that's why for us it was for me especially was a really good news to have that and happy to see this happening and still i have
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and i was sad to movement i feel it in my side i was not part of this like physically i'm not there this also maybe means a last days i'm not leaving us i have to check the news every time you see what is going on this is what you see all these thousands of they happy on the street i can say is million i think. you can say this is millions of people who are more than forty months in the street and now since the six of they are in this you noticed that i front of the armies i want to find out i mean you've been waiting for this particular moment but did you expect it to happen. of. what was your thought should respect this all the time because for us it was clear that since the. machine is was in power in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight we say that he. goal for sure it will go and that's where we work for it for me that's
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also a little bit late as it's happening lately because i know after city years we lost so much we lost so much people in the war and our four we lost people in the war mountain and we lost half of the sudan when sudan get divide and be too country and notice i was for the ones that did it and somehow it is late but it's also better not coming i mean actually i mean that's a point to see a better late than never. but. has been made the military is taking over for the next two years what do you make of that is that what you expected not really not really because especially if you look again to news now there are still people from the street is still not accepting it but of them just in protesting they say they don't need military again to govern for them as a people sharing for full freedom for them democracy they do need this democracy to
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be. again. you know that what is happening in egypt for example and what's happening in other countries that people don't need to sort of religion to be strong forms of from for the military i guess that's why it's to people who just didn't just didn't say you didn't accept me also i'm one of the people who don't accept these out because this guy who now. governing now he's also bought a. muslim brother to the point that we're fighting for not having muslim brotherhood power. and just what. accepting that again he's coming with him because i'm so much people feel like i just again knew it was going to play in this area because as you say not a country but but but just just to emphasize on this that what yes people are happy because the main man who's been there for thirty years just no more you know what really has changed. yeah i think i think there's some change that maybe in sudan
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now there would not be more war we hope that with the war it's a whole lot for example this one of the hope for somehow the war would stop because that's one of the demand all the time that people demanded. more this kind of military is the state those who are really who really rules the country in bad way some kind of sick like this but i think if you see now people will still continue going on because they think they have to get really or. revolution is you know that means that no more military and no more muslim brother in iowa i think people will go to one point i need to say it again brings you quickly because it's important to announce that the people know not accept things that because they don't have anything anymore in the muslim but as a structure and if we remember this government once they come to power they also do some kind of weird weird. people who is part of the muslim brother in jail and this
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is as they are already away but they're still in power that's why people continue definitely the fight will go on until people get exactly what they need. thank you very much for the time will come. now relatives of kenyan victims killed in ethiopia and airline crash see those you boeing the plane manufacturer for damages it's been barely a month since the boeing seven three seven marks present by a fuel crashed just out to takeoff all one hundred fifty seven people on board died in the accident that is six kenyans when the plane the highest number from any one country its sense of failure is being blamed for the crash some families feel justice is not yet i want to hit boeing where it hurts the most. our correspondent in kenya brings us this report sixty year old john kuranda lost five members of his
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family his wife his daughter and three grandchildren they were among the one hundred fifty seven people killed in last month's lites crash the remaining members of the current a family are yet to come to terms with the situation. here we are talking of a station probably you have not bought it any part of your loved ones because it was on a motorcycle and whatever not for a little come up with its momentum is a monument so you get to keep the media. as he waits for the remains of his relatives current is keeping up to date with news regarding the crash he even has a hard copy of boy dentist winning the condolences but it brings scant comfort that you know i need confusion we've never. deceived. because now that i did it to the trade institution so why didn't they do that in
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the first instance. i accept his apology but. there's a lot of big the courage of family now plans to sue boy they put profit before life. and. this is happening it has happened not once but twice ok so at least they didn't do to be held accountable and to also be theatric much as most perceive they're putting profit before life really needs to go after their profit. two related cases have already been filed against boeing several families of the kenyan victims are also planning to sue if airlines and boeing in coming days and the those who are seeking closure in other ways each family of the victims of the opium plane crash were given soil to bury but the current just decided not to they built this memorial and they hope that
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eventually they will have remains to barry. to the democratic republic of congo next for those living in this frogging town of goma and the country's east life isn't always easy seeds with ethnic conflicts political tensions and the threat of the deadly ebola disease but this isn't stopping one music from bringing together the best local talents to show what his city. even believes music can change the world the young activist is bringing together local musicians and going in the east of the democratic republic of the congo his shows eclipse shifts the spotlight on to the best that go has to offer. most with some john ised on it look for the dark side of goma but there is a lot of value here it's this positive side of go mother to want to present with no
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issue we want people who have always had negative things about to see wow how is something like this possible in the. political tensions are simmering all over the country and just outside of different rebel groups are fighting over mineral wealth and land it seems that is right because event is a welcome distraction one it's like a monument in this city. a nice finish and. first of all i like music so much and that's the reason why i come here to support out of goma i really like it because i saw the talent that our country has to offer. to music share relies on a major data team and a very limited budget. even as friends invest their own money into the project between three hundred to three hundred fifty dollars a month. and i've shown with them no dns that to quiet lights video cameras in
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a room all kinds of instruments you need also. of things even if you had to run directories generator it's not easy. there are other unexpected problems to deal with too one time just after the team was ambushed on the record all day people mentors taught in by armed men but hate always difficulties when you know how to overcome them that makes you stronger. the team almost gave up. but they couldn't ignore that desire to make a difference in the city. that is it music is a great weapon there are many ways to change our society for the bit to revolutionize i was society when a new revolutionary song comes out here in goma all the young people absorb its values and that's how i know that to music is an important weapon that can bring about real change. in. the team behind
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already to use this musical weapon for the good of the people of the game and. that's it for now from g.w. news africa you can catch our stories on our website and facebook levy now thinking of the sudanese celebrating the toppling. good but. your personal chain reaction this. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in foreign aid as many people became aware of their abilities and strengths and. there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mean that's the first.
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darkest hours to. the renaissance fair to. start you could be twenty second. w. hello and a warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm karen homestead and here's what's coming up. our house is everywhere and it may be one hundred years old but as one german furniture company shows its classic pieces are strikingly modern even today. as peaceful protest brings about change in algeria one of the country's leading intellectuals novelist and journalist. reflects on his latest novel and how it mirrors some of the social
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unrest in his country. and a brand new wooden high rise in norway has become the world's tallest timber tower we'll check it out. well it's hard to believe but the chair that you can see behind me here was created nearly one hundred years ago about how school of architecture and design may have only existed for fourteen years but its influence was far reaching as it sought to unite craftsmanship with art well for the bauhaus seventeen or e one german firm has in reinterpreted a line of classic furniture proof that it's modernist philosophy has lost none of its punch today. this is vaulted gropius is director's chair from the one nine hundred twenty two twenty three. and here's its twenty eighteen reinterpretations. this is the express.


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